True Love Ch. 03



Being from Texas meant football was king. Football is a religion studied by close to all. Stadiums act as cathedrals where all who come pay homage to the sport. That is, atleast, what they tell you in the movies. In college, for the most part, football is an excuse to get drunk and party. Even when there isn't a game happening there are parties, pep-ralleys, hex ralleys, and rivalry events. All of these events involve drinking, dancing, and an all around good time.

The stadium was full of life even with hours before kick-off. The parking lots were filled with thousands of fans drinking and grilling by their vehicles. Sam and I skipped the excitement and quickly found our seats after buying our tickets. We were the only ones sitting in our section with hours before the game was even close to starting. Sam was dressed in a red t-shirt that she cut at the neck to show off her subtle cleavage. She was also wearing a pair of tight white jeans with the school logo on her right back pocket. She had straightened her hair and loosely coiled it into a bun. I was dressed in a pair of khakis and one of my red and white baseball shirts.

"These are pretty good seats considering we just bought the tickets just today."

"I guess we're lucky like that."

She was stroking my hair while sitting a row above me. She pulled my head back to rest between her legs against her thigh. That was the comfort of Sam. She was always motherly towards me.

"I love the feel of your nails on my scalp."

Sam always kept her nails french manicured. Whenever I needed to calm down she would come up behind me and run them along my back and I felt fine again.

"I never asked you Alex, are you truly okay with all of this?" Her voice was calm as she continued to run her fake nails across my scalp. "I don't want you to feel any pressure to do this Alex. I value our friendship more than anything and I don't anything we do to ruin it."

"Yes Sammie, I am completely okay with all of you. Is it alright if I ask you something though?"

"Anything sweetie."

"You are ungodly massive, like, you could be in porn massive."

"I don't hear the question." She laughed.

"How big are you exactly?"

"Hmmm, the last time I actually measured I was right around 9.1 inches long and 1.8 across." She spoke with a chuckle in her voice. "Now you can see why Bobby Turner was scared. I was still growing back then too."

"Yeah." My mind trailed to the video and my eyes clenched. I was still a virgin and her porn sized member was to be my first.

"Don't fret Alex. I'll take good care of you. I'll be gentle and if you still can't do it, we simply won't."

"I trust you Sam."

"As I strust you Alex."

"Thanks Sam."


The crowd started to shuffle in shortly after our talk and Sam and I simply enjoyed eachother's company during the hours prior. We talked with the crowd around us about certain players and the team's chance of winning this season. Sam actually seemed to know what she was talking about and immediately garnered the attention of every guy in a 20 seat radius with her charm.

Despite the attention she had, Sam would always find a way to bring me into the conversation. Some of the guys tried hitting on her even after several introductions of me as her boyfriend. They were quickly, but kindly, dismissed right away with no attempt of flaterry.

Once the game actually started the group we were in started a cheering section. We started chanting and soon enough the entire stadium would follow, with Sam as the charasmatic leader. Sam's draw went from a 20 seat radius to a more than 100 seat radius. The attention wasn't all on her though. It seems the general population of guys wanted to know how the hell I managed to get a girl who was so amazing.

By halftime, Sam and I had been invited to almost every single house party on campus that night. Sam, being the social butterfly she was, started to make friends and get numbers from people who had houses to throw parties at. I think she was doing it mostly out of kindness. Sam put her grades before celebration nine times out of ten. I saw her do the same thing in high school atleast a dozen times, but she would end up coming over to my house to study while I played a game. Something told me she only didn't go sometimes because I never wanted to. That thought depressed me for some reason.

"We don't have to go if you don't want to Alex." She whispered into my ear. "We can just relax in the dorm together."

"Nah, let's do it. We're in college now, we should go." I tried to give a convincing smile.

"Really?" She beamed.

"Yeah, why not, we both don't have any classes tomorrow."

All she did was kiss me, much to the surprise of myself and a handful of the guys around me. Her lips were sweet and moist. I felt peaceful when her lips were one with mine. It was as if past, present, and future met at once and time stood still. Then reality pulls me back when we seperate and I want nothing more than to be kissing her once more.

The rest of the game was a blur. The score at the end told me that we won, but all I could think about was Sam. We walked hand in hand all the way out of the stadium. We ended up catching a ride on a bus back to the quad. Sam was beaming at the thought of her first college party and went on and on about how much fun we were going to have. I simply agreed and listened like I had for years. I could listen to the melody of her voice all day and be perfectly content.

"Hey Alex?"

"Hmmm, what?" She broke my admiring concentration from my seat on the edge of the bed.

"I know I've asked this question already, but are we really ready to do this?" She asked while going through her clothes for the party.

"Sammie, you and me have been friends our whole life. For as long as I can remember you've been in my life. The way I see it, no matter what happens you'll continue to be in my life forever. We've lasted this long as best friends because we'll do anything for one another. I would do anything to bring that smile to your face and never dream of doing anything to see you sad. If any man would try harder for you, then they should have you, but I don't think a man like that exists." My hands were shaking from having spoken my mind like that.

"Oh Alex..." She collapsed on top of me. "Kiss me."

I couldn't refuse her. My hands slipped to her back. She was soft in my arms, gentle and feminine. The hair flowing past her shoulders brushed and tickled my hands. Her tongue twirled around my own while my hands gripped for the clasp of her bra. Unfortunately my fingers weren't dexterious enough and she had to break our kiss to offer me help.

"There you go. Pull in, then apart."

I was still sitting on the edge of the bed with her straddling me. Her hands were clasped around my neck while mine were locked onto her hips. Her ass sent shivers through my body. The relatively new sensation of gripping her intimately sent excited shivers through me.

"We're not going to get anywhere wearing these jeans Alex."

"Ok." My breath carried the word weakly.

She stood prompting me to remove my clothes from my seat. I could see from glimpses that she was seclecting a song from her iPod. My ears were filled with an unfamiliar RnB song while my eyes were filled with the sight of her ass. She was now grinding her hips against an invisible partner. The way her ass swayed in the air was intoxicating. My head began to swim as she lowered her jeans to reveal her black lacy underwear. She continued to trace backwards, bringing her hips closer to mine. When our hips finally met I was already at full attention.

"Oh Alex, is that for me?"


She chuckled at my inability to speak as her ass ground into me. She turned, bringing her exposed breasts to my face. Every time her nipples came close to my lips I involuntarily lunged to kiss them, but was denied. She was teasing me, much to my blissful discomfort. She brought her knees onto the bed and planted her chest into my face.

"Kiss them."

I didn't have to be told. Her nipples were small and pink. They stuck out from her chest and were begging to be kissed. I planted the first kiss on her left one. Just a simple kiss, but it was enough to cause her to gasp. She was clutching onto my head with both arms and nestled her cheek into my hair. The next kiss was wetter, tasting her. Her skin was sweet on my tongue. My teeth now pulled at her nipple. Light nips drew more flesh into my mouth. She was now audibly moaning into my ear.

"Yes Alex..."

I was by no means experienced and every action was compelled by instict. My mind was in a haze from the lust. I felt that I was losing myself to my primal desires. I now hungered for her, she needed to be mine. My hands gripped at pieces of naked skin all over her body. My mouth, my tongue, tasted every inch within reach, but it wasn't enough.

"Lay down..." My voice sounded foriegn to me.

She was now on her back, laying out before me. Her eyes were as lust filled as my own, begging me to please her, fulfill her. My arms supported me as I dove down to kiss at her breasts. Her nails dug into my back. I planted a trail of wet kisses down her toned stomach. Each kiss in the chilled room sent a visible tremor through her muscles. Abandoned to the cold, she was now playing with her breasts and nipples. I could feel the rising heat pouring from her crotch. The lace tickled my chin before meeting a pulsing bulge. My hands were hooked into her panties, pulling just a little. I placed a delicate kiss at the shaft of her covered member. It was just enough to cause her hips to twist. I continued with my journey and tease by planting kisses on her inner thighs. The torture was becoming too much as she started to grind into the air in search of relief. I moved back up to her large pulsing member and breathed a warm breath onto it.

"Please..." She breathed.

With a quick yank of her panties her dick was now free and settled along her stomach. It was the first time I saw the monster and truly sized it up. The head was smaller than the rest, and she was thicker at her base than the top. Her shaft was smooth and free of blemish. The smooth and unveined appearance of it all gave it a surprisingly feminine quality, despite her immense size. Her balls looked swollen and aching with need. The skin of her sack was stretched tight, devoid of wrinkles and hair. True to my assesment earlier, they looked very similar to large eggs.

It was the moment of truth. I held her dick in my hands. It filled them both with fullness. Her base stretched my grip. My mouth lowered to kiss the tip. It was smooth and warm. It wasn't disgusting. It wasn't weird. It was just another piece of the woman I loved. My mouth plunged once again, but this time I took her head into my mouth. My mouth felt full, and yet my tongue could still move around the soft spongy flesh. So I did what I could and started to swirl my tongue around what it could.

"That's it baby, suck my dick. Mmmm, you're doing great." Her hand now found the back of my head.

I took more of her length under her guidance. I couldn't take much, the girth started to stretch my jaw. I could only go down a few inches before I felt myself start to gag. Since I couldn't go very far I focused my efforts on her tip. She was starting to buck her hips in unison with my sucking. Her shaft was slick with my spit and I decided to stroke her in time with her thrusts. The taste of what must be pre-cum filled my mouth. It tasted sweet and wasn't unpleasant like her actual cum.

"If you keep that up I'm gonna cum Alex."

I doubled my efforts in an attempt to make her finish. I knew she was close because her previously relatively small tip started to expand greatly in my mouth. I feared I wouldn't be able to pull her out without scraping her with my teeth. My fears were right and confirmed with a painful wince as I pulled.

"I'm cumming Alex!"

Her warning was useless because I couldn't do anything but wait for the flood. The first blast filled the remaining room in my mouth completely. The taste was slightly more bearable than last time, but the thickness was still troublesome. She continued to shoot her thick cream into my mouth and I had no choice but to swallow. She was moaning loudly as her nails dug into my scalp. Soon her flow came to a stop and her head deflated.

"Oh god" I coughed. "Do you always cum so much?"

"You should see how much after a few days." She spoke in complete bliss.

"I don't think you'll ever go that long. Atleast as long as I can help it."

"I love you Alex. Make love to me."

"Are you sure?" My hands started to shake again as I rubbed her thighs.


We were both shocked by the loud knocking at the door. Looking at Sam, I could see that we both were scared. I moved to put on some shorts while Sam simply hopped under her covers on the top bunk.

"I know you're in there dude." It was a voice from one of the dorm guys next door to us.

"Yeah, what's up."

"Could you keep the porn down, we can hear it in the hall man." Sam looked mortified.

"Sorry dude, just wanted to take advantage of Sam being out."

"I gethcha dude, can you just use earphones or something next time."

"No problem."

Sam was a ball of embarrassment under her covers and was turning redder by the minute. I walked over to where her head was on the pillow and she turned away, unable to face me.

"It's okay Sam, I'm the porn addict to the dorm now. How's it feel to be rooming with a pervert?" She turned back laughing lightly to herself.

"Whatever will I do with a pervert?"

"I think we should wait and take things slow as far as "sex" sex is concerned, what do you think?" I spoke while stroking her hair.

"We've waited this long, why not?"

"We should wait until we can do things right and the moment is perfect."

"Okay Alex. That sounds good to me." She flashed me her beaming smile at me and all was right again.

"Let's get some chow and then head to the party."

"Food sounds amazing, I love you Alex."

"And I love you Sam."

We kissed.

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