True Lovers


She rode him very slowly and he grabbed onto her bum from each side, just to support her not to move her. She was tiny compared to him and he allowed her to have complete control. This pairing was perfect and delicate so he was doing everything in his power to keep her comfortable and to allow her to continue the ecstasy she was in.

Her back arched and she raised herself to straddle him. Instead of the up and down motion, she was grinding her pubis into him. He was fully inside her, deeply and stretching her opening to very near its limit. And She was moving back and forth grinding herself on him.

He reached up for her breasts with each hand and she covered his hands with hers and pressed them hard into her.

And from that, the first contraction of climax hit her with surprise.

and the second.. and third...and...

She was leaking all over him. He loved it. He could feel her contractions with each of her grinds on him. For the first time in her entire life, in any kind of sexual act be it with herself or with a partner, she became vocal. The sound of her own voice turned her on. This decadence had overtaken her. She was so impressed with herself. She was enjoying such shameless ecstasy with the man of her dreams deep inside her, holding her tits, and letting her ride his glorious huge hard cock.

Besides the birth of her son, this was the most memorable and remarkable experience of her life.

Finally the contractions stopped and she collapsed on him, crying in joy and slight laughter. Saying "thank you, thank you for this, thank you for letting me finally be a woman."

Her tears fell on his chest, on his neck and his cheek. Her tears validated her happiness and her completion to him and to herself. She was purely happy, joyful and at such peace with her womanhood and with her soul.

she rose up off his chest and climbed off of him. He was rigid, like stone, like steel. He was as hard as the hardest thing in the world.

She laid on her back before him spreading her legs, her toes pointed, and legs raised and she showed him the huge void where his cock had been. Smiling she said with her arms out to him: " now come to me and have me as you will. Breed me, and mate with me. I am your woman, so take me and have me completely. Please let me feel you inside me and let me feel how you want me by how you fuck me. I need this from you. I need you."

He moved to mount her, and this time he slid in easily. She was stretched, so wet and so sweet with dripping juice.

He pulled his foreskin back and held himself before her opening and in a steady but direct even push forward, he buried himself in her up to his pubic bone. The second when he was fully inside her when their groins bumped, he kissed her mouth and she felt his cock pulse in her. She felt the hot cum shoot strongly from it, shooting even past her cervix into her uterus. She could feel a sensation of heat in a place that she had never ever felt before.

After the first pulse he withdrew about 2 of his inches and forward again, intensely for the next spurt of his cum. She spread her legs as wide as she ever had to have him empty himself deeply into her. To mate with her, to breed her. She smiled and broke his kiss. Again with tears of joy in her eyes, smiling at him, petting his cheek and enjoying the expression of ecstasy on his face. She felt like a complete woman. His woman.

Pulse after pulse after pulse until he collapsed on her in her arms, still inside of her. She rolled him off of her, being careful to keep him fully inside of her and mounted him again. Her sex full of his semen and her pussy still stretched with him. She reached for a light blanket at the side of the bed and covered herself on top of him. She nuzzled her cheek into his chest, and placed her hands on his shoulders.

They fell asleep, him inside her, his semen inside of her. She slept on her giant of a man.

They at that moment fell asleep together, both content and satisfied. They knew what they were for the very first time in their lives.

They were lovers.

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