tagLoving WivesTrue Meaning Of Sacrifice Ch. 01

True Meaning Of Sacrifice Ch. 01


Authors Note: This is my first attempt at writing a story, so please read with a little latitude. It's a story about blackmail and revenge, so if that's not your particular interest, you probably shouldn't read it. There are also some non-consensual/reluctance scenes, so proceed with that in mind.

There has been a problem with the other two chapters getting completed despite my best efforts. I apologize to everyone who has asked me to finish it. I am doing my best, but there were issues beyond my control (not to mention beyond my skill). It should be completed very soon.

There have been a few small edits to this chapter to hopefully make it a little more clear, but they don't change any major storylines. If you've already read this chapter, nothing has been altered that would necessitate reading it again.


"Michael please, you can't do this!" Michelle begged.

"It's too late, it's already done," he replied without any apparent emotion.

"But if you go through with it, you won't be the man I married. I'll never be able to look at you the same again."

"It doesn't matter," he deadpanned, "This is what I had to do. Your feelings don't have anything to do with it." She looked at him with such pain, he wondered if he could keep this up.

"This was my decision to make and I'm willing to live with the consequences. I guess you could say it's my turn to sacrifice," he said ruefully.

She barely acknowledged his words as she thought about how much she had lost already. He watched sadly as the only woman he had ever loved, turned and slowly walked out the door, to wait for the police. He thought back to how everything started, hoping to give himself the strength to finish, no matter what the outcome.

...Michael was having a great time with his friends. Their band had been getting more popular in the area, and he was making some decent cash (for a 26 year old without a real career). It was close to Christmas and they were playing an upscale restaurant/bar that they had been trying to book for months. Midway through the first set, the band noticed him blow a change and looked over to see him staring blankly toward the door.

Four women had walked in, obviously ready to have a drink after work (judging from the way they were dressed). All seemed to be in their mid-twenties and looked like they were intent on having fun. Two were attractive brunettes with nice figures. One was a pleasant looking blonde who was a little overweight. The fourth was the one causing the problem. She was beautiful, had strawberry-blonde hair, stood about 5'7 and was thin with an amazing athletic body. However, what killed him were her eyes. She had the most devastating baby blue eyes he had ever seen. It made her look like an angel.

He recovered and mouthed an apology to the band. When they finished the set, he told the guys to wish him luck and took the band's sign-up sheet to where the women were seated. "Hi ladies, are you enjoying the show?"

The girls giggled, and Stacy (one of the brunettes) said, "Oh, we're definitely enjoying it." She paused, and then added "Some more than others."

Mike was a little curious about the answer, but continued. "Well, if you'd like to put your names and numbers on the list, we'd love to see you at another show."

The girls laughed again, and Stacy said, "I think that can be arranged." Mike wasn't sure if she was messing with him but she seemed to be good-natured, so he went along. She introduced the group, "I'm Stacy, these are my friends Pam (brunette), Sally (blonde) and Michelle."

He shook hands, made some small talk, and then excused himself to get ready for the next set. His band immediately gave him a hard time. His bass player laughed, chiding him for crashing and burning.

"No, you've got it all wrong. I got their names, a little info, but didn't want to be too pushy. Let's just see what happens." All his friends smiled. Even though Mike wasn't exactly a chick magnet, he did pretty well for himself. That said, they all thought Michelle was way out of his league, however they were looking forward to watching him try.

The show continued to go well and he watched as all four girls danced together a lot. They all danced with guys from the bar except Michelle. After watching her turn down one man after another, Michael worried that she might not be available so he made a mental note to keep things light until he knew more. Each break he made a point of talking to the girls and trying to pick up any information he could.

When the show ended, he offered to buy the girls a round. They sat for an hour talking, laughing and getting to know each other. He felt bad when Stacy said they had to leave. Although she hadn't given him enough signs to know what she was thinking, he knew that this might be his only chance with Michelle. "Mikki, I..."

"Oh she hates that" Pam interrupted.

"Ah...sorry" Mike apologized, kicking himself for starting badly.

"It's OK," Michelle said, "Nobody calls me that but I kind of like it." The girls looked at each other and smiled.

"Well Mikki, I know it's late but I was wondering if you'd like to grab something to eat?"

"Well, my friends drove," she said. Her friend Stacy protested, saying it was OK with them. Stacy never lost that smile which made Mike wonder if he was the butt of some joke.

"Well, what do you say?" Mike said hopefully.

Michelle considered him for a moment, "OK, I guess that would be fun."

They left the club and started toward a nearby 24-hour restaurant when Mike decided to go for broke "If you'd like, I could make you something at my place."

She took a second to think and said, "Sure, as long as you promise to take me home when I ask." With Mike's agreement, they headed to his place.

When they arrived, he was sure this was going to be a superb night. They started with some snacks and wine as they talked. After a while, they moved to the couch, and then Mike made his move. He put on soft music and asked her to dance.

He couldn't get over how soft she felt. Although he wasn't much of a dancer, she was so light on her feet it made him feel masterful. She had a quality about her that made him feel like he could do anything. He wondered if it was just the high of a great show or was she that magical.

He knew that this would be the best time to press his luck. He began lightly caressing her back while softly kissing her lips and face.

She pulled back for a second, "Mike, I don't want to mislead you. This isn't going any further tonight and I need you to know that."

Mike nodded, but didn't buy it. He thought of the number of women who had said just that, then were picking up their clothes off his floor the next morning. Oddly, as soon as that thought crossed his mind, he felt an uncomfortable twinge. It was almost like listening to someone insult a close friend.

He soon found out she wasn't kidding. Every time he made any move, she shut him down cold. He kissed her lips, ears and neck, but couldn't get an inch farther. He finally gave up, choosing to at least enjoy her company.

The sun started coming out and they were both tired so he asked if she wanted to go home.

She gave him a look that he couldn't place. "If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to stay here the rest of the night."

Mike couldn't believe she had changed her mind. They went to the bedroom and he got her some sweat pants and a shirt to wear to bed. When she came out of the bathroom he knew he would remember that image for the rest of his life; hair pulled back into a ponytail, make-up washed off and wearing his old clothes. She actually looked better than before.

"You are beautiful," he said admiringly.

"Thank you" she blushed. She got under the covers with him, gave him a kiss on the cheek and rolled over to go to sleep.

"Fuck me!" his mind screamed. How the hell am I going to sleep with her lying next to me like this? After a minute of quiet suffering, he laughed to himself. She was clear from the beginning that he wasn't getting anywhere and he really did enjoy being with her. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he found it refreshing that she wasn't just looking to get laid. Eventually he dozed off and had interesting (and frustrating) dreams.

He woke at noon. A quick look around the house verified that she was gone. He was beginning to wonder if he screwed up somehow. He sat down to figure out what he might have done wrong when the doorbell rang.

"Good morning sleepyhead, I've got breakfast," she said as he let her in. She had picked up coffee and bagels and they shared them as they continued to get to know each other. She stayed with him all weekend. When he finally took her home Sunday night, neither of them had any doubt something special was going on.

As the weeks went on, they spent as much time together as possible. She spent the night a number of times, but always with the understanding that it wasn't going beyond what she felt comfortable with. When he finally asked about her reluctance to advance their physical relationship, she was direct. "I've only been with a couple of men in my life, and it has to be the right relationship. It's how I was raised."

He respected that and never pushed her. He met her friends and then finally, her family. He knew her mom and dad were very important to her, so he really tried making a good impression. They were very friendly and he could easily see where she got her amazing personality. Her dad gave him a rough going over at first but in the end, treated him like one of his family.

By the fifth month, he was sure she was the one he wanted to marry. He bought a nice ring and surprised her one evening at home.

Unfortunately, she surprised him too. "Mike, I'm sorry but we just don't know each other well enough. I am planning on one wedding in my life and have to be sure that it is with the man who would sacrifice everything for me. I do love you, but I have to say no for now."

He was crushed. He tried to take solace from her explanation but it left him wondering if she really felt as strongly for him.

They didn't see each other all week. He made the excuse of being busy with work and the band but it was more about hurt feelings.

Saturday afternoon he was moping around the house when the doorbell rang. He was a little surprised to see her and she asked to come in and talk. She tried to kiss him, but he pulled back at the last second. He saw the hurt register on her face, and immediately regretted the unintentional slight. She studied his face for a few seconds, and then took a deep breath.

"Mike, I know my answer hurt you and I'm sorry. I want you to understand that I love you and this has been the most comfortable I've ever felt with anyone. However, I need you to be patient with me while we get to know all the little things about each other. These things make or break a marriage and it's important to me that we take our time and learn them fully."

Mike nodded as he listened. He couldn't argue with her logic. He desperately wanted to believe that she felt just as strongly as he did.

She continued, "It doesn't mean I don't feel strongly enough about you to consider it, I've been very torn about my decision. It's just that I don't feel like we're ready to make a lifetime commitment yet. Once we have, you'll never have to worry about me or what I might do. I want to feel the same about you."

She paused as she flashed him her sexiest smile.

"Another problem is sex," she began.

Mike groaned as the major sore spot between them was brought up.

"How can I know you're the right one if you won't make love to me?" She smiled from ear to ear as she watched his shocked expression.

It took him a second to get his jaw off the floor. "Are you saying you're ready?"

She gave him a lustful look. "Yes. I want you and I mean right now, Mister."

Mike embraced her and they began to kiss deeply. As he ran his hands up and down her back, then moving to her breasts, he realized she was squeezing his ass with one hand and reaching into his pants with the other. He was surprised by her urgency. For someone who had the brakes on all this time, she had given herself to him completely without reservations.

She took down his pants and began jerking him off as he got his hands under her sweater to touch her beautiful breasts for the first time. She let him go for a second and worked her sweater over her head, then resumed massaging his prick.

He looked at her breasts and tried to take in how perfect she was before resuming his exploration. Her breasts were medium sized (he guessed a C cup), upturned without a hint of sagging, and sat perfectly centered as if a master surgeon placed them there. There wasn't an ounce of fat on her body. She was so amazing; he thought she could have been a model if she had chosen. He lowered his head and began nibbling on her nipples, alternating from the left to the right.

She finally let go of his cock as he pushed her gently down to the couch. He undid her jeans and belt, then began tugging them down her hips. She tried to help him by hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her panties, but he stopped her. This was their first time and he wanted to savor every second.

Once he slid her jeans off, he dropped them on the floor and looked again at the body he had been waiting for since the night he met her in the bar. He leaned on one knee between her legs as he ran his hands up and down the outside of her thighs as he began kissing around her flat stomach and incredibly cute belly button. As he continued kissing her stomach, he brought his hands up her sides to both breasts, never losing contact with her soft skin. Then he dropped his lips down to her legs and starting at the knees, slowly worked his way back up.

Michelle was being worked into a frenzy. She would have loved this even if it wasn't great. It would hardly be his fault if he was too eager. She had made him wait so long she was ready to tear off his clothes, he must be insane by now. However, to her delight, he was doing everything perfectly. She was already excited and wet before he had even touched her pussy. He wouldn't take off her panties and it was driving her crazy to know he was going to take his time no matter what. His kissing and light licking of her erogenous zones was superb.

He began to caress her lightly over the panties. He dragged his fingers over her clit, straight down her labia, then tantalizingly close to her anus, then back. He had worked his mouth up to the top of her thighs and began to lightly lick over the fabric feeling how wet she was. As he was doing that, he ran his index finger just under the elastic on the side, moving up and down, touching her flesh softly. He moved his mouth to her clit and stayed there, while pulling the panties to the side and inserting the tip of his finger inside her.

He already knew she was wet, but couldn't believe how drenched she was! His finger started to slide in easily, but he quickly found she was very tight and he'd need to take his time. She responded to this double attack by lifting her hips to meet him and moaning, "Please Mike, I'm ready."

"Oh no," he said to himself. "You've made me wait so long. Trust me, I'm going to make this something you'll remember forever." He used his free hand to slide her panties over a little more and then stuck his tongue just inside her and began moving up and down, teasing her slit.

"Yes!" she cried. "Right there, please just a little more."

Mike knew that it was time to turn up the heat. He grabbed one side of her panties with both hands and ripped, quickly repeating it on the other side. With unrestricted access, he stuck his tongue deeply into her while going back to her breast with one hand. She began thrusting at him in a constant motion while her breathing became erratic.

"That's it, I'm cumming!" she yelled.

He thrust a finger deep inside her while sucking on her clit.

"Yes...Mike...Fuck...Yes!" Then she began to spasm wildly.

He let her wind down for a few seconds before moving up to kiss her. When he started to rub his cock across the lips of her pussy to find the entrance, she stopped him.

"Oh no baby, I want to give you a little payback first."

He grinned, "Well, if that's what you want, who am I to argue?"

He laid back as she climbed on top. She kissed and licked every inch of his body, trying to get him as frenzied as he had her. When she reached his penis, she briefly took him into her mouth, and then moved to his balls. She licked and nibbled everywhere she could reach, then put him back in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the tip of his penis and used one hand to masturbate him. As she continued her amazing technique, she upped the ante by removing her hand and taking him deeper. When she felt his pubic hair on her lips, she paused, savoring her moment. This was her first try at doing this with a man and she pulled it off flawlessly. She knew he must be in ecstasy (or maybe agony, in a good way).

Mike couldn't believe the woman who wouldn't sleep with him (hell, wouldn't let him touch her breasts) was deep-throating him. He had an 8" dick that was fairly thick and had always brought him compliments from the women he had dated. She took it as if it was nothing and it felt insanely good.

She pulled back and started using the combination of her hand and mouth again while staring into his eyes. Once he saw those amazing blue eyes looking back at him at the same time she had him in her mouth, he lost all control.

"That's it Mikki, I'm cumming!"

He expected her to pull back but she surprised him again by staying right there and moaning loudly. He began cumming harder then he could ever remember.

Thank goodness she had her hand on him or he might have choked her as his hips pumped wildly. She continued staring into his eyes as she sucked as hard as possible to give him every ounce of pleasure she could. When finished, she let him slide out of her mouth and began kissing her way back up his body.

After taking a minute to recover, he smiled at her. "Where did you learn that?"

"What, do you think that just because I don't sleep around a lot I forgot how to do it?" she teased. "When you go without for a long time, you do a lot of reading, thinking and talking about it. I also have understanding girlfriends who fill me in on all the good stuff."

He just couldn't seem to stop grinning. "Well, please remind me to thank the one who filled you in on that little tidbit you just shared."

"Stacy will be honored at your praise," she giggled. They leisurely kissed for a few minutes while catching their breath before Mikki asked, "Now how long before we can make love? I really need you inside of me."

Mike laughed, "Obviously you have a lot to learn about how men behave after five months of foreplay. Here, maybe this will give you a clue."

He turned her to her back and moved his already firm prick to her soft, wet folds. "Now let's see what else you've learned...."

They continued until deep into the night, making up for lost time. By the next month, he began to have an even greater appreciation for her. He realized how good he felt making her feel safe and loved. He stopped trying to win her like a prize, and started trying to know her like a partner. When he felt the time was right he went to see her parents. After a long talk, he got their blessing and was ready to do it right this time.

It was her parent's 30th wedding anniversary party. All her family and friends were there. About two hours into it, he spoke quietly with her mom and dad. Everyone agreed it was time. Michael went to the stage and borrowed the DJ's mic.

"I'd like to make a toast to Jim and Mary" he started. "When Mikki and I started dating, they took me in like one of the family. Other than him threatening to kick my ass if I didn't leave his daughter alone, it was great."

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