tagErotic CouplingsTrue Paradise Ch. 01

True Paradise Ch. 01


Elizabeth woke up slowly. Keeping her eyes closed, she indulged in her laziness...slowly stretching her sleep-stiffened limbs. It was the tantalizing aroma of fresh coffee that finally tempted her from the bed. She arose, running her fingers through her long blond hair and wrapping herself in the short robe that matched her small nightgown. The purple silk clung to her lithe body, giving her the gentlest of good morning caresses.

She smiled when she walked into the galley. It had been like this every morning since they had left the mainland for their island tour -- she would awaken from a peaceful sleep to find her breakfast awaiting her. On the table was the coffee urn, her favourite mug (with the cream and sugar already in it) and a light breakfast of mangos, strawberries and yogurt. Elizabeth marvelled at how Ben could prepare all this quietly while she slept nearby and couldn't believe that he would want to creep out of bed so early and do this simply to make her smile.

The gentle rocking of the boat under her feet and the hum of the motors told her they were already moving. Ben would be on the top deck of the large boat, leading her to another island paradise, planning a day of secret pleasures.

In the beginning, never knowing where they were going or what to expect when they arrived had been very unnerving. On their first day out, she had badgered him with questions, needing to have some control over what was happening. He would simply smile at her and say nothing until she was almost crazy. Then he finally wrapped her in his strong arms, kissed her deeply and whispered softly against her lips, "Hush, babe. Just let it go...I'm going to take care of you now." Knowing the bull-headed kind of man Ben was, she knew it would be impossible to get anything more from him. Elizabeth was forced to relent what little control she had imagined she had and simply.....be. It was, at first, a task easier said than done. For her, giving up control was equal to giving up breathing. But, after two or three days, she found herself unwinding, relaxing and smiling far more than she had ever done before.

Needing to feel the sweet kiss of the sea air, she popped a strawberry in her mouth and climbed the few steps up to the main deck. Elizabeth didn't need to look for Ben as she padded on bare feet to stand at the front of the yacht. She knew he would be up on the top deck, enjoying his solitude while steering them towards their next adventure. She closed her eyes as the sun kissed her skin and thought of the past week.

They had visited several islands already and, at each one, everything had been carefully planned out. There had been tours of Aruba and Barbados that had left her wondering how he had managed to organize it all. They had gone snorkelling in the Caymans and she had been hypnotized by the myriad of multi-coloured fish dancing in the water around her. They had frolicked naked in the water at Trunk Bay in Jamaica until, finally, while she floated on her back, he had tasted her and brought her to an incredible orgasm.

While on St. Kitts, he had hired a catamaran to take them to the little sister-island of Nevis -- the popular escape for the bourgeoisie. They held hands as they walked past some of Hollywood's elite lounging in the main area of the hotel. Elizabeth had been aware of the glances given her by the other women. She knew it was not her looks that attracted the stares but the look of sheer contentment on her face and that of the strong and gentle man beside her. She idly wondered if they thought her happiness was sheerly because of Ben's looks and almost pitied them their shallow views. He certainly was handsome, but it was also the way he treated her that made her so complete.

Elizabeth had been with others and had learned of the power she held over some men. She knew that often, when she was not with them, they were dreaming about her. She had seen them strain to get a glimpse of her as she entered a crowded room. She had been heady with the knowledge that with a word, a smile or a simple touch, she could change men's thoughts from the day-to-day to wondering what it would be like to make love to her.

But, with Ben, it was so different. It was the romance; it was the way he did things so selflessly -- things that he knew would make her happy. And it was the way he could take her power and turn it against her. It was how he could flirt and say something utterly erotic yet not sound crass. It was the way he whispered, "I love when you wear your hair down...the way it looks as if we just got out of bed," that turned her knees to rubber. It was seeing his blue eyes go stormy with blatant wanting; the way he said her name in the darkened bedroom. He could tease her with his soft whispers, hot glances and knowing smiles all day, until she was completely distracted and about to lose control. Then, with one simple touch, she was his completely.

Their lovemaking was sometimes quick, almost animalistic in their lust for each other. Fucking, pure and simple. But sometimes they made love slowly – almost painstakingly so – until she was ready to cry with the agonizing pleasure of it. Last night had been such a night.

While she had showered, Ben lit candles in the little cabin and then lovingly dried her off, letting the soft towel drop to the floor and replacing it with his even softer caresses. He laid Elizabeth on the bed and explored her body -- admiring it as if it was a piece of fine art. His studious gaze had her squirming -- it was almost embarrassing as he stared, then touched, then tasted her whole body. She tried to touch him, but he gently put her hands down at her sides and said, "Stay still, babe, I want to look at you." He let his fingers graze her palms and travel up her arms to the soft crease of her elbow and up to her shoulder. His delicate kisses followed the trail blazed on her skin as his fingers trailed against her collarbone and down into her cleavage. He watched her nipples grow hard as his hands traced the shape of her breasts. The strength of his kisses never increased....it was always a delicate brush of his lips. The gentle caresses and soft kisses ignited a passion in her that was all-encompassing. When Ben's hand finally touched her lightly between the legs, Elizabeth's eyes closed and she lifted her hips to press against his hand. Ben sucked in his breath at the slickness he discovered there. He called to her "Elizabeth, open your eyes, I'm not finished looking at you." She reluctantly opened her eyes and was caught by his intent look. He began to play with her, gently rubbing her swollen lips, willing them to part. She slowly opened her legs, silently pleading with him to touch her, to caress her pussy where her desire burned with a sweet ache.

Ben slid a finger inside her and her eyes closed again at the sheer pleasure he was giving her. "Babe, open your eyes. I want to see you when you explode." Elizabeth forced her eyes open and tried to focus on him, but it was so difficult when his finger was sliding in and out of her pussy and his thumb was pressing gently against her clit, rubbing it in a steady, controlled manner. A low moan escaped her throat as she felt her orgasm building low in her belly. Her hips rose again to push against him and her hands gripped the sheets. He continued his manipulations at the same steady pace; giving her pleasure time to build. She could feel the orgasm growing larger and was almost afraid at the tremendous strength it held. Her breathing became shallow and her cheeks flushed. He could feel her muscles twitch against his finger, her already tight pussy holding his finger snug inside her. Finally, she arched her back, and with a gasp, came.

Elizabeth could only whimper at the sweet but tortuous release as her body seized with the exquisite pleasure. She tried to hold his gaze as lights exploded in front of her eyes. Ben watched her with a small smile on his face. A smile that told her how pleased he was that he was able to bring her such incredible pleasure; a smile that said he knew that he owned this part of her. She had given it to him willingly and it was his entirely. When she was done, he slowly removed his finger from her and moved himself between her legs. He didn't enter her...not right away....he simply lay over her, holding himself up on his arms, resting his cock at her entrance and watched her ride the final wave of her pleasure back to him. Her gaze cleared and she smiled at him. "May I move now?" she asked.

He smiled, "Please."

She wrapped her arms around his neck and brought his face down for an incredibly deep and passionate kiss. Her legs wound around the small of his back and pulled him into her. He moaned against her lips as her soft heat surrounded him and he slowly began to move. She pulled him deeply into her, raising her hips to meet him thrust for thrust. His speed quickened...watching her had been almost too much and with the sensations of her breasts grazing his chest and the softness of her pussy he knew he wouldn't last long. Soon, she heard him gasp as he thrust powerfully into her and she could feel his muscles strain as he throbbed inside of her.

Ben lay exhausted on her. She loved feeling the weight of his body on hers and gently scratched his back as he caught his breath. Without removing himself from her, he rolled over until she lay on top of him. He ran his hands down her back and over her bottom as they lay there silently enjoying the afterglow of their lovemaking. They had fallen asleep like that, still joined and at perfect peace.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Ben's voice brought her back from her sweet reverie to the prow of the boat as his arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her back against him.

"Mmmm," she murmured, resting her head against his shoulder, "just remembering something wonderful." They stood there for a moment and then he softly chuckled. She turned her head to look at him and smiled, raising an eyebrow. "Something funny?"

"Tell me, does this remind you of anything?" He took her hands in his and lifted her arms out to her sides....she had to lean against him to keep her balance on the rocking boat and the feeling of her body pressed against him was so very nice. He nibbled on the base of her neck and quietly said, "I'm king of the world!!"

The comparison was too much for her -- Elizabeth started to laugh. "Oooh, it DOES reminds me of another boat -- ship, rather -- but I hope that this trip has a better ending?" She arched her back and lifted her hands behind her to play with the hair at the nape of his neck, her breasts pushing forward against the robe in the most tantalizing manner. "Tell me, Captain Ben, do you see any icebergs out there?"

His hands roamed over her body, unable to stop from caressing her through the thin silk and she sighed. He finally pulled his stare away from her body and looked out over the water. He pointed out a small island appearing over the horizon, "No, but I see today's destination." He reluctantly let go of her and turned her toward the cabin, "And much as I'd like to keep you in that outfit, "Ben grinned at her, "Or take you out of it, you had better go get dressed. I think you'd be too much for the natives dressed like that." He gave Elizabeth a quick kiss and a soft swat on the bottom to send her back down to the cabin as he started back up to the top deck to take the boat off auto-pilot.

As they were mooring the boat, a handsome coffee-coloured gentleman in a crisp white uniform smiled at them from the dock. "Monsieur et Mademoiselle, bienvenue à St. Martin. Je m'appelle Francois -- or Frank, if you prefer. Would you follow me, please?" Her lover stepped off the boat and gallantly raised his hand to help her onto the dock -- as she stepped down from the boat, his arm went around her waist. "Have I told you how beautiful you look today, Beth? The blue of your dress looks so gorgeous against your skin." She blushed and smiled. She had blushed more since knowing him than she had in her entire life.

They spent much of the morning on St. Maarten -- the Dutch side of the island -- walking down the main thoroughfare of Philipsburg and touring the shops. They went into nearly every store, simply enjoying the atmosphere. It amazed Elizabeth that on a little island so far from everything, one could find small boutiques that catered to the very wealthy -- jewellery, perfumes, electronics, porcelains....all from Europe and all there simply to tempt the thousands of tourists. They had a lovely lunch in a streetside cafe and she felt a little tipsy as they climbed back in the car for the drive back to the french side of the island.

Elizabeth looked quizzically at Ben when Francois pulled the car over at the side of the main road. There was a small parking area with two or three cars and a path leading behind the lush foliage.

Ben smiled at her "Let's go for a walk on the beach." She smiled and nodded -- this was one of her favourite things to do with him.

"I'm even wearing my bathing suit." She told him eagerly, but was puzzled by the smile that crept across his face. He chuckled and helped her out of the car. Francois had removed a blanket, beach umbrella and small cooler from the trunk of the car. He handed these things to her lover. Before he left, the driver promised to return for them in a couple of hours.

She followed her lover as he wove through the trees, following the small pathway worn through the grasses. Elizabeth gasped as she saw the beach open up before her. The sparkling white sand went on for miles in either direction, the tall grass tufting the large sand dunes and blowing gently in the tropical breeze. He placed the umbrella against a large sand dune and unfolded the blanket. She unbuttoned her dress and pulled it over her head -- happy that she had thought to slip on her white bikini underneath her dress. She smiled smugly as he watched her undress, "Guess I'm finally catching on to you, baby," she said, motioning to her suit, "I knew we'd end up on a beach at some point today and there's no way you were going to get me to change out in the open!!" Ben simply shook his head and laughed. Elizabeth knew she had missed something..something important, but assumed it was the wine making her a tad slow.

As Ben set up the umbrella over the blanket and opened the cooler, she looked longingly at the warm ocean lapping almost lovingly at the soft sand...she was aching to go for a swim in the warm waters. "D'you want to go for a dip?" she asked.

"No, I'm going to relax right here," Ben said, still smiling, "You go ahead, though." She shrugged her shoulders and walked to the surf without looking back. Elizabeth waded out until she was waist-deep and then dove into the clear water. She floated on her back for a few moments, watching the clouds float past in the brilliant blue sky. This was, truly, paradise.

Beth raised her head at the sound of laughter coming from around another sand dune. As she tread water, she saw two couples walking down the beach towards her, all arm in arm. Their skin was so dark that it took her a moment to realize that they were completely naked. She tried not to gape as they walked unabashedly past her, waving and wishing her a good afternoon and then waving to Ben who, she now noticed, was laying naked upon the blanket! The two couples continued to a sand dune a little further down the beach and sat down, enjoying the warm sun.

She dove into the water trying to cool her blushing face. That bastard!! He always knew how to keep her off guard. Elizabeth knew he was assuming that she wouldn't want to come out of the water -- now embarrassed that she was the only one *wearing* a bathing suit! Was Ben looking forward to undressing her right here in the water, maybe repeating what they had done in Jamaica? She remembered the earth-shattering climax she had in the waters of Trunk Bay. She could still taste the salt water mixed with her own sweetness when he had kissed her afterwards. She smiled to herself as she came up for air, maybe this time she'd surprise him.

Her head broke the surface and she turned to face Ben. He was laughing and waving at her...she smiled and waggled a finger at him -- shame on you! He pointed at himself and then the water -- did she want him to come in? Elizabeth shook her head no. He motioned towards the sand dune beside him -- he thought she didn't want him to come in because of their new neighbours -- they were blocked from his view because of the dune, but she could see them quite clearly. Oh yes, it was time to surprise him....

Ben watched his Beth dive back under the water and laughed again. It had been sneaky to bring her to the beaches on the french side of the island...he knew that she hadn't realized that nudity was not only permitted but accepted on this tiny piece of France. He had almost given it away when she had smugly showed him that she had worn her bathing suit, but was glad now that he hadn't. The look on her face -- the utter shock -- when those people walked past.....well, he could not have planned it better. It still amazed him that she could be so shy about her body. In Trunk Bay, she had checked several times to ensure they were alone before stripping out of her suit, and then she had made a run for the water. Ben decided would wait a few minutes and perhaps the people "next door" would leave, then he would get in the water and make love to her until she screamed. He saw her break the surface again and, to his surprise, she began to swim toward shore. Elizabeth touched bottom and began to walk out of the ocean. It took Ben only a moment to realize that her shoulders were bare....no bathing suit straps. She was staring at him -- willing him to watch as she waded out of the water, slowly baring her body for everyone to see. Beth walked slowly, raising her hands and combing her fingers through her hair. Her breasts were white against her tanned skin, water dropping delicately from her hard nipples. He heard the men hush on the other side of the dune as she walked from the water -- the sun reflecting off of her smooth wet skin as she walked towards him, a Venus rising from the sea.

Beth's heart was pounding. Her lover was laying on his side, propped up on his elbow. She could see Ben's cock stiffen as she brazenly emerged from the water. From the corner of her eye she could see the other two men staring at her as she left the ocean and she felt so very sexy....her desire prickling inside her thighs...

As she knelt down beside him on the blanket he could see the goosebumps on her skin. Her nipples were so tight that his mouth watered to taste them. Without thinking, Ben brushed his fingertips against the aching buds. Beth closed her eyes for a moment and shuddered as a spear of heat shot from her breasts to her pussy. She leaned forward and kissed Ben deeply, pushing against his chest with her hands. He lay down and she straddled his hips. His hardness lay against his stomach and she pressed her pussy against him. They both gasped as their bodies met, hers so cold from the water and his so warm from the sun. She rocked her hips back and forth, rubbing her clit along his shaft. Her pussy was hot and he felt her juices start to flow.

She vaguely noted that she could still hear the voices from the couples nearby, but she no longer cared...in fact, she found it was exciting her even more. She pictured what they would see, should they walk past again, and a small moan escaped her throat.

He sat up and took one very tight nipple into his mouth. Her breast was still cool and the searing heat from his mouth as he nibbled on her hard nipple flooded her body with exquisite sensations. Elizabeth was so close....she ached to just give in, slide him into her and ride him to her orgasm... but she wanted to pleasure him first.

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