tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTrueblood Tales: Sookie, Bill, Eric

Trueblood Tales: Sookie, Bill, Eric


Author Note: For all the fans who just can't quench their thirsts. This is the first in a series of Trueblood inspired literotica. Stay tuned and turned for more! (Also, I will accept comments and votes for which characters you'd like to see featured).

This story contains mmf relations- if this is not what you are in to, keep reading I may change your mind. But if it is illegal in whatever archaic backwoods you live, or if you are not of age, please leave now.

So much has happened these last few years... my life seems to be going strictly on overdrive, what with Bill, Eric, Alcide, Quin, Eric (again)—and my Viking and I have seem to hit that disastrous lull phase where the problems outweigh the sweat stained sheets. The sun had just went down and I spent a lazy Sunday lounging in my bikini watching and thinking of nothing. I sipped sugar free lemonade and felt myself recharging in the warmth and glow of the one of two things that separates my guy from me- the light of day and humanity. What Eric lacked in civility, decency, and common manners he sure made up for in the bedroom. He fucked like a man possessed; screaming out in his native tongue, grunting and lapping at the tiny holes against my neck while he came, buried deep inside. Vampires may be cold, but they can go as long as they please- which in Eric's case is almost always directly after he pleases me to the point of completion. Our sex life is amazing; it's the everyday logistics of our relationship that have me waiting for the other shoe to drop. I shake away those thoughts and immediately find myself thinking of the good times. I decided a nice long shower is just what I needed to firmly place these unanswered questions at the back of my mind.

Stepping out of my white and gold bikini, I let the water warm while I put on some music- I was in a Deanna Carter sort of mood, so I made a quick playlist of her happier selections (who wants to try and forget relationship problems while she whines about shaving her legs?). The water was a perfect temperature, two degrees below scolding as I stepped and let the pulses cascade down my shoulders and back. As I began applying the shampoo, my mind seemed to drift to Bill, my first vampire lover who had a slight fetish with my hair. Eric sometimes wants to brush it and dote on me in that way, but that act, just like my virginity, belongs to Mr. Bill Compton. Oh, I can think of other things that Eric can play with... oh boy can I, things that are his and his alone. Instinctively, my hands follow where my brain marks out Eric's territories. First, my hand lightly brushes my neck, mimicking Eric's soft kisses and the way he nuzzles his chin hairs at the base of my throat up to my ear and back down. My hand follows the path his mouth normally take, tracing the base of my throat to my collar bone and then down to my firm, supple breasts. I use some of my fancy body wash, the kind Eric bought for me because he says it smells of sunshine and feels like cashmere on my skin, and use it to lather my breast. I spend time messaging each one while gently pulling and twisting on my nipples- the only thing missing is the sharp, quick, intoxicating sting that comes from his bite. I leave my breasts and continue down, over my stomach straight to my freshly trimmed swath of blonde curls. The curls feel just like Eric describes and I spend a few seconds just admiring the luxurious feelings of the water and my hand. As I think of Eric and what he would do next, I cannot wait any longer. I start making slow then faster movement with my middle finger poised on my hood moving from side to side- it feels like a cheap knockoff of what Eric's tongue can do, but it feels glorious nonetheless. With my right hand busy, I use my left to grip and pull my hair back, then put my full attention back to my aching breasts. The tension is building and I feel as though my knees will give out at any moment- I may just topple over in the shower in pursuit of an orgasm, but at this point I really don't give a flying fuck! Its beyond building, I feel like a tension cable stretched two miles too long and right as the last thread was about to snap, the shower curtain flew open and there he was, my Viking. Deliciously naked, sporting both fang and wang.

"Aggggghhh" was all I could muster as a immediately stopped, my impending orgasm instantly forgotten.

"Eric, w- what the hell? You scared me half to death!"

"My dearest, I was going to surprise you, I could not go another night without being inside of you, without feeling you warm and welcoming beside me- I have Pam looking after the club. Imagine my plight when I arrive at the front door, ready to be received like a proper gentlemen, when I hear the shower running and you moaning."

All I could do was pull the shower curtain tighter around my body, though he has seen and explored every square inch or it, and stare at him like a doe on route 4.

"If its any consolation, you're the reason I'm in here Eric- I missed you, my body missed you, I was doing a pretty lackluster job of trying to imitate your kisses and touch" I said while brazenly but innocently releasing the shower curtain, exposing my enlarged nipples and glistening body for his inspection.

Without saying a word he steps into the shower and picks me up, putting his hands under my arms and carrying me as if I am weightless back to my bedroom. Before I can make heads or tails of the situation, I am thrown onto my bed and he is wedge between my thighs. His strong legs positioning my thighs apart, yet he does not enter me. I wrap my legs around his hips and try to make him move forward, but it is like trying to move a house. I know he wants to be in control, so I stop and look up at his gorgeous face.

"You are like a siren's song- I could feel you, aroused, it was completely distracting"

He leans down and kisses me. First the movements of his lips are soft, but in the very next instant he is insistent. His tongue devouring me as though I hold his life force locked within. I return his kisses in earnest. Though it has only been a week, it feels like an eternity since we have gotten to be alone together as man and woman. I cant believe I went over 25 years without sex, and now a week has me bursting at the seems.

"I don't have the patience for slow and gentle right now my lover, that will have to be round two"

"Or three?" I ask while he nibbles on my earlobe.

That's it, I cannot wait any longer and neither can he- in one swift motion he buries his thick nine inches into me and I gasp at the fantastically full feeling radiating through my body. He starts moving faster and faster, each time, his lean and muscular body collides with mine, the contact on his pelvis to mine only adds to the ecstasy he is including. Suddenly he adds his thumb to the mix, moving in circles on the hood of my clit- I think my eyes are rolling back in my head and all I am is a bundle of sensations. The tension cable from the shower is back with a vengeance and before I know it I am on the precipice of my orgasm wants again. I pull Eric's face to mine and I kiss him with every ounce of passion I have, even with the height difference and our awkward position it is the best kiss I've ever had and he never stops what his thumb and cock are doing to me. His thrust get even faster and then he clamps down on my nipple and I feel that sudden little sting. My pleasure a giant balloon and his fangs just popped me into pieces. My breathing is labored as I come down from my post coming high, only Eric shows no sign of stopping any time soon. He flips me over on my stomach and brings my legs up and out, I look like a frog, but I don't give a shit, this new position is making me delirious. His thrusts get longer and he moves his hips from side to side as he enters and exits- the feeling is so deep and fantastic.

I cant believe it is possible, but he is building me up again, and as he gently sweeps the hair from the side of my neck with his fingertips, I know exactly what is about to happen and I use my inner most muscles to clamp tightly around his girth. As his fangs puncture my skin he rasps out a version of my name and I find my completion again.

He spins me around so that my legs are wrapped around his waist and he seals of his bite marks while looking into my eyes. In this position my face is towards the window and I see a strange flash of movement. Concentrating, I focus on the form and realize with a start, that it is Bill- he was watching the whole thing. From the furious pace at which his hand was moving, I say he quite enjoyed the show as well. His eyes lock onto mine and without evening thinking, I hook my finger and beckon tom him seductively. I was on autopilot, my body doing what it always had when I would see Bill across the field looking in my window, my body betrayed me before my brain could shout out "Stop you dumbass, he doesn't belong to you- your guy is looking at you right fucking now, wondering who the hell you're looking at." In an instant he is in the house, up the stairs, and standing in my bedroom doorframe. Eric of course gives him a "are you fucking nuts" sneer while I fluster about like a floundering fourth graded caught without her homework.

"Eric, Eric wait- I'm sorry it was my fault. I saw Bill, um, watching us, and well, when he used to do that I would do this" I say as I repeat the motion I gave Bill- only this time faster and way less seductively "and he would come. It's of the past Eric, just stored in my memory banks. Baby, please I'm sorry".

I flinch back, thinking Eric is about to strike either Bill, or maybe even me. He has a look of pure rage on his face and his hands are gripped so tight I can see every muscle in his arms and solders straining.

"Compton, why in Lilith's name are you watching me a Sookie making love?"

"Eric, she was mine first, and she will be mine again, watching you tonight was just a appetizer before the feast truly begins" his words travel straight from my ears to my cervix and I feel myself heating up in all the wrong ways fro trying to appease my boyfriend while my ex lover is looking me dead in the eye like he wants to devour me in every way possible.

"Bill, I'm sorry, I should have never done that- I don't know what came over me. But you know I am with Eric, and the possibility of us ever dating again is nonexistent."

"Sookie. Who said anything about dating? One day, I will have you again, if only for a few hours. You and I both know that your first shall always hold a special place in your vagina, if not in your heart"

I've never heard Bill talk so candidly before- and I cannot help my bodies reaction. I am staring back at him now, my lips slightly parted and my hands clasping against the bed sheets to keep from reaching out to him. All it takes, however, is one look into Eric's face and I know I could never cheat on him. I place my hands on his chest as a way to show him I am still here- but his eyes are miles away. I trail light kisses up his throat, chin, and forehead- only then does he come back into focus.

"Bill, you are my subject, and as such you are required to do as I ask, are you not?" Eric asks in his 'regal' voice.

"I am of course at your mercy, my liege" Bill counters with his condescending go fuck yourself tone.

"Well then, I command you, share with me of this woman"


"Excuse me, share what with who, Eric have you lost your mind? Do I look like a steak to you? Wait, don't answer that one, but seriously- did you cum out your brains?" I was bewildered, flabbergasted.

"Sookie, it is my hope that you and I are meant to spend the rest of your lifetime together. As such, I hope to make you my wife- in every possible legal way. There is a custom among my people that is a woman has had a man before that which whom she will marry, those men must share of the woman so that there is only one bed amongst the married couple. Bedding with your lover's lover wipes her slate clean. It is stupid and archaic, but then again, maybe it has some validity, given your "bodies response" to Bill tonight" He says perfectly calm and rationally.

"First off, don't air quote me buddy, I told you I was sorry, second, what makes your ass think I would marry you anyway, and third, don't you think you should ask m before you command him?" Yes, at the beginning I thought Eric would be pissed at me, but I am beyond pissed at him at the moment. I am not a stock to be traded on Wall Street nor cab to be split after a wild night on Bourbon Street.

Bill, longingly looks at me and dreamingly says, "Sookie, trust me, this is for the best."

Slowly, he approaches, like a trainer coming towards a wounded grizzly. Bill uses his feather light touch to start at the crown of my head and trace his way down the outline of my body. In that moment whatever rational thoughts I could muster flew out the window. Everything will most likely fall apart tomorrow, but my greedy body has held my rational brain hostage until the sun comes up.

Eric sits on my left side, perched on his knees. Bill takes the exact same position while I sit upright, legs off the edge and feet still firmly planted on the floor. I look at first Eric, searching his face, and then Bill's. My two lover's past and present are staring at each other over the top of my head. Eric reaches out and takes Bill's hand and places it on my clavicle. He and Bill have the same pace, the same destinations, the same body temperature and I'm on sensory overload once again. I kiss Eric, and during our kiss, he pulls Bill's head down toward ours, now Bill and I are picking up in the exact spot we left it so long ago. He is pouring all the love and care into his kiss and he can and I am just struggling to keep up. Bill has his hand through Eric's blonde hair and as he breaks his kiss with me, to my utter surprise, he collides with Eric in one of the most erotic tongue twisters I have ever seen. After a moment, their hands still exploring the contours of my body, the break apart and look at me. I stare back bewildered. Blinking fast as though to clear the fantasy from my reality.

"Sookie, the tradition is to share of this woman, to become equals in her eyes. For that to happen, we have to share, the three of us, altogether. Understand?" Eric says as he traces a line from the corner of my eyebrow to my bottom lip with his middle knuckle. It is incredibly serene and romantic, but all I can do is.... Snort.

"You, my boyfriend, and my previous love, must not only share the duties of fucking me, but you also have to fuck each other?"

"Well, to put it crudely, yes" Bill's voice is light and I can hear his smile through his words.

"Why didn't you start this sell with that piece of information? I'm all kinds of in for seeing you two, together. But this is a one time thing right? Its not really wrong because I have loved each of you- right? " I cannot believe I am saying this, my arousal stealing my sense of reason.

Of course both men shake their heads in earnest, like little boys asked if they want to go pick out a new puppy.

I reach for both of my men, one light and one dark, yet both twisted; and pull them down on the bed so that we are all lying facing the ceiling on our backs. I put their heads together and watch them kiss as I move my hands, and one of each of theirs, back down my body to my now aching and needing pussy. Together, the three of our hands start exploring, the clit, the lips, the—everywhere and I am in heaven. Watching the masculine display of passion above me, feeling all of our hands intertwining deliciously below my waist- I needed to be fucked- now.

I whimper with need and both men break their kiss to gaze down on me. To my surprise Eric sits up and pulls me into his lap. His back on the headboard, my back to his chest and Bill poised between my thighs.

"Oh, Sookie." Bill breathes. I shiver, the way he says my name always make a mini shockwave go through me and settle deep within.

In a flash his tongue is on my clit. He's licking and sucking while Eric is doing the same thing to the side of my neck. If there was a sensation above climax, I would assume that's what I was ascending to- but before their ministrations could bring me to completion, Bill stops and without warning slides his seven inches into me until we are skin to skin. Eric is still doing wonders on my neck, and now Bill is driving himself in and out of me, resting his weight on his elbow and his mouth on the other side of my neck. Every few strokes Eric and Bill would break their contact with my skin to kiss one another. Every time they did this I moaned a little more- the tabooness of their act, the pure guilty pleasure I was getting out of it. Yes, most assuredly the hottest sight of my life.

Eric hears my moans and gets up from behind my back, he says he decided he cannot wait to find his own release. He must claim Bill, must fuck away any past he and I shared. This is the only way I can ever be truly his. Bill adjusts me so that my head is now resting on some pillows; more were placed underneath my lower back, and my ankles are up by his ears, held in place by his strong and capable hands. Eric stands behind Bill, but I fear that from this angle, I wont get to see what I really, really want to- so I decide to throw caution to the wind and dictate how I want this "sharing" to commence. I rearrange the three of us so that Bill is lying on the bed, and I am sitting, for now, on his waist. His penis is standing at attention, begging for attention. Eric is standing on the floor; he grabs Bill and pulls the both of us down so now Eric is in a prime location to seamlessly enter the first man who ever entered me. At the start of this little tryst, I thought it all bullshit, but seeing Eric, about to stake a claim to my first love- it made him more powerful, my love for him more fierce.

Eric pushes me backwards so that my back is flush with Bill's chest. Hands reach up from underneath me, one grasping my right nipple with the other starts making circles on my clit. Bill caresses me so gently, earnestly- bringing back all the feelings from our past. It is delectable. Eric is there in an instant, filling me- I thought he was about to starting fucking Bill, so color me surprised. It only takes a few long strokes before I realize what he is doing—using my natural lubricant to help ease the process for Bill.

Eric pulls out of me and Bill turns my head to the side, burying his face in the soft flesh at the base of my throat- as Eric enters Bill, his fangs enter me. The contact he has on my skin muffles his grunt of pain as the wide girth of my guy enters into his tight private passage. Bill forgets about my neck, as he gets accustomed to the invader. I decide to give him something else to think about, so I bring myself back up- now nose to nose with Eric, and lower myself on Bill's ever-needy shaft. Eric kisses me with so much fire I am afraid we may all combust, and then he molds each of us into a synchronized rhythm. Eric and I kiss while I pull myself up and he back, and at the same time I lower myself and he pushes forward, in effect creating a tidal pool of desire for Bill. He can't last long at this rate. I break my kiss with Eric throwing my head back, grabbing on to his shoulders to give myself the strength to keep going. Like a striking snake, Bill is there to pick up the slack. He puts his hands under my ass and starts moving me up and down his shaft at a quickening pace, trying to match Eric move for move. Now I am the one being over stimulated. Eric is moving so fast into Bill that he is brushing up against my clit; Bill hands are barely discernable as he is moving lightening fast. I'm being fucked like a jackhammer and spiraling up for the countless time this evening. I am the first to loose control. Calling out a string of meaningless words while I bite down on Eric's shoulder. He returns the favor, clamping down on one wrist while Bill takes the other and in unison, they drink of me. Eric squints and makes his face, so I know Bill is experiencing the odd yet wonderful feeling of hot liquid shooting out of Eric's magnificent cock. It's a train reaction that no one can or would stop. Me, Eric, and now Bill- short jabs elicit short spurts of cum, over and over deep within me. Finally he releases his hands from under my ass and pulls me to the side.

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