tagLesbian SexTruly Perverted Mommy Ch. 03

Truly Perverted Mommy Ch. 03


Jordan hung up the phone, happy to hear that her friend-turned-lover was enjoying her visit with her daughter and grandchildren, but still missing Lara's sensual lips and soft touch. She was glad to hear that Lara would be home in a few days and they could resume the heated affair that got her through the lonely days.

A few minutes later, Mandy stormed into her mother's kitchen, her face streaked with tears and her face red. Mandy was normally a very calm girl, so this startled Jordan very much. She turned around on her stool and waited for her daughter to calm down.

That wasn't going to happen any time soon. The strawberry blonde huffed and puffed and tried to choke out her story. It just wasn't happening, so Jordan made a cup of tea for them both and tried to get her daughter to pour out her story. The two women were as close as sisters, Jordan having had her daughter at only 18. She had married Neal, Jordan's stepfather, only 8 years prior. She adored her husband, but he was away too much, so naughty women filled in for him whenever necessary.

"He ... that bastard, that rat ... he ..." Mandy fumed. Jordan had to stop herself from giggling, she knew her daughter was upset, but she was almost funny in her obvious rage.

"Sweetie, you do know you're not making a lick of sense?" Jordan chuckled, still trying to calm Mandy down. Mandy took a mouthful of tea and then took a deep breath.

"Trevor ..." Trevor was Mandy's current paramour and Jordan couldn't stand him "... is screwing another woman! When I found out and confronted him, he said he liked 'the young stuff'! That fucker! I'm only 19!" Mandy fumed.

"You do know what I think of Trevor and about men his age, right?" Jordan smiled, wiping a stray wisp of blonde hair from her eyes. It was a beautiful warm day, so Jordan had worn only a plaid shirt that she had tied under her breasts and a pair of denim shortie-shorts. She was barefoot and tanned, her blonde hair tied in twin ponytails with red ribbons. Jordan was always thrilled that at 37, her body could still draw stares and knock 'em dead when she got their attention. If she looked at you with her green eyes, you were g-o-n-e. Jordan had sex appeal and knew how to use it, she had desperately tried to impart those lessons to her equally-pretty daughter, but they hadn't stuck as of yet.

Mandy still defined herself by her boyfriends, she simply did not like being alone. There were two problems with that. The first problem was that Mandy tended to pick idiots; she often went for style over substance. Trevor was another in a long line of brain-dead pretty boys her daughter had dated. The second problem was that Mandy was a follower and she let the men control her destiny. It was time for that to stop and Jordan thought about how she could make that happen. A very mischievous idea came into her head and she thought she could likely pull it off.

"Sweetheart, do you remember that spa that I like?" Jordan asked her daughter.

"You mean the one that Neal teases you costs him half a year's salary?" Mandy said, finally grinning for the first time since her arrival.

"Yes, that one." Jordan laughed. "I think you could use a visit to that spa, a bit of rejuvenation. Go this afternoon, I'll make all the arrangements and it will be my treat. Have a wonderful time, I always come back to Neal in the best mood," Jordan smiled. She and Neal usually fucked like bunnies for about 3 days after her return. She hoped dearly that Mandy's visit would bring her some relaxation and tranquility and the realization that life could be so, so much better. Jordan eyed her daughter and thought there might be other side benefits as well.

Mandy got in her Mom's sporty little MG later that afternoon; her mother had packed a small overnight bag for her. "You won't need very much, the spa provides everything," Jordan had told her. "Stay as long as you want and I'll see you when you get back."

Sunnydale Spa was in a very isolated area, although as she pulled up, Mandy could see it was beautiful, lush woods in the back, a beautiful lake nearby, a tennis court and the spa itself was huge. Mandy's mood was already brighter; she was on a break from University and thought she might just be taking a long break from Trevor as well. She got her bag out of the trunk and walked inside. It was breathtaking, the floors were Italian marble, the banisters on the staircases were real oak and all of the furnishings were exquisite. Mandy didn't want to know what this was costing her mother, but as Jordan's business was very successful and she had inherited money 10 years ago, she could easily afford it. Better not to question her mom's generosity, just enjoy it. A very attractive blonde who appeared to be in her mid-30's walked over to her as she approached the front desk. She held out her hand.

"Hi, are you Mandy? I'm Angelina, your mother phoned to let me know you were coming, welcome, we're glad to have you," The woman smiled.

"I'm glad to be here, this place is absolutely beautiful," Mandy smiled.

"Thank you, it's a family business, currently, my mother and I run the place," Angelina smiled. "She and your mom go back quite some years and when Jordan called to say you were coming, we were glad to have you. We only take referrals, you see, we're very exclusive. Let's get you checked in and settled, shall we?"

Angelina's smile was very warm and inviting, Mandy felt her tensions ebbing already. She thought she could easily live here if it wasn't likely expensive as all get-out.

Mandy's room was almost as big as her apartment on campus at university and the bed was huge and very comfortable. There was a lovely large shower with glass doors, a sunken tub, large TV and even a stereo. Angelina smiled and told Mandy to enjoy herself. A few minutes later, a very pretty ash-blonde close to her own age appeared in her room.

"Hi, you're Mandy?" Mandy nodded and the girl held out her hand. "My name is Rita and I'll be your personal attendant."

"Personal attendant?"

"Yes. Each of our guests gets her own attendant. We do whatever you need, massage, facials, pedicures, some of us are licensed hairstylists, we do grooming, we'll even keep you company and swim with you, play tennis, take you dancing ... whatever you like, we're here for you," Rita smiled. The girl was lovely, with the vaguest hint of some European accent and a lush, curvy body. She had beautiful breasts and in the short, white jersey dress she was wearing, was very attractive.

"You certainly do indulge your guests, don't you?" Mandy smiled.

"We try our best," Rita smiled, her voice soft and lilting. "Is there anything I can do for you now? A massage, a facial, draw you a bath?"

Mandy shook her head. "No, right now I'd like some food. How does that work around here, do I call someone or ...?"

"Food is included and you tell me and I go to the kitchen and have it prepared. What do you fancy?" Rita asked.

"God, I'd kill for a cheeseburger!" Mandy groaned. "I know it's fattening, but I haven't eaten today ... big fight with the boyfriend ... and I'm starving!"

"One cheeseburger coming up," Rita smiled. "With the works?" Mandy nodded and as Rita left, she said "You don't have to worry about your figure Mandy, you're beautiful. Besides, while you're here, you'll more than likely work it off."

"Oh, do you have a gym?"

"No," Rita said mysteriously as she left the room. She was back in 30 minutes with a gigantic cheeseburger, fries and a chocolate shake. "I took the liberty," Rita grinned again.

"Thank you," Mandy said as she took the tray of food. She bit into the burger and sighed. "Oh God, that's heaven," She sighed. Rita smiled back and went to leave, but Mandy grabbed her arm. "Please stay and talk with me a while, I might as well get to know you."

"All right," Rita said, sitting beside Mandy as she hungrily wolfed down her food. "What would you like to know?"

"Where are you from?"

"I was born in Budapest, Hungary. I've been here since I was 18." Rita answered.

"Here in this country?"

"Here at the Spa. Mrs. Krysti ... that's Miss Angelina's mother ... she's an old friend of my mother, they grew up together. When Mrs. Krysti was visiting my mother, she took a liking to me and told my mother that if I ever wanted to come here, she would have a job for me. When I turned eighteen, I accepted her offer and I've been here ever since," Rita told her.

"Do you like your job?" Mandy asked.

Rita smiled and said with a dreamy sigh. "Oh yes, very much. I get to spend time with beautiful women every day, what's not to like?"

"And men."

Rita shook her head. "No, no men. Men are not permitted at the spa; we don't even have them on staff. Mrs. Krysti and Miss Angelina believe they're an unwelcome distraction."

"Why would they think that?"

Rita's pretty blue eyes opened wide. "You don't know! I thought for sure you knew, oh, this is so embarrassing. Sunnydale Spa caters exclusively to the bi-sexual and lesbian community."

Now it was Mandy's turn to be shocked. Her mother had sent her here, which meant ... Mandy's mind just couldn't comprehend that, but it would explain why Jordan had never worried about having a man in her life all those years and why she kept coming back.

"So, when you told me earlier that I could have whatever I need and you would do anything, you meant ...?" Mandy asked.

Rita smiled and nodded. "Yes. If you want to go to bed with me, I'm here for you. I'm trained to be submissive, but there are Doms on staff if that is your preference. If you find another client to your liking, I can approach her on your behalf. If you want to share me with another staff member or even have a small orgy, that can be arranged. Nothing is off-limits here, we cater to fetishes and kinks for women of means," Rita smiled.

"That must cost a pretty penny," Mandy said, still stunned that her mother had sent her here and all that implied.

"It's not cheap, but when you consider everything you get and are allowed to do, it's not expensive either. We offer total discretion, we feed you and bathe you and other things, you will have the best sex of your life, guaranteed. None of our clients leave unhappy, ever. I'm trained in massage, including Shiatsu and erotic as well. I make a nice income, but all of the women here would work here for much less, as we're all lesbians or bi-sexuals as well. Our clients are sensual, intellectual, erotically-minded women. They pay for a privilege we all enjoy for free," Rita smiled as she held Mandy's hand.

"I've never had sex with another woman, I've never even considered it," Mandy said.

Rita was still smiling. "I sincerely hope you will consider it, but if it's not for you, it isn't required. You may still enjoy the regular amenities of the spa, which are numerous. Let me draw you a bath and I'll let you rest for a while." Mandy nodded and Rita did just that, leaving Mandy to sink in the huge tub and be alone with her thoughts.

Mandy enjoyed the luxurious bath and the bath salts felt exquisite on her skin. Were she to sleep with a woman, she couldn't have picked one who was any sexier than Rita, who exuded warmth and a subtle sensuality. Mandy had to admit she was intrigued by the prospect and it would change her options. She would no longer have to rely on men for her pleasures and she herself had a lot of sexy friends. It would serve Trevor right if she seduced his little cutie away, Mandy smiled.

Oh, she was being ridiculous! Mandy had never slept with another woman and she wasn't into girls. So why were her nipples hard as she thought about it? Why did the irresistible urge to see Rita naked keep on creeping back into her subconscious? Her hands roamed all over her body and her fingers found her pussy as the sensual thought of having Rita in here with her, bathing her and sharing sex warmed her entirety. She remembered what Rita had said about discretion and drew a towel around her body and went to the phone in her room. She called down to the desk and asked if Rita could be sent to her room immediately. Her next move was to drain the tub.

Rita arrived a few minutes later to find Mandy sitting there with the towel wrapped around her. "Was the bath not to your liking?" She asked.

"I found the water a bit cold, could you draw me another one?" Mandy asked sweetly.

"Of course," Rita said, willing to accommodate her guest's request, although she was sure she'd checked the water's temperature and it had been lovely and warm. Still, she ran another bath and when it was ready, called out to Mandy. Mandy walked into the bathroom and dropped the towel, noting Rita's reaction to her supple body. She got into the tub and smiled.

"Now Rita, would you care to join me, darling?" Mandy grinned playfully.

Rita grinned happily. "Are you going to allow me the privilege of ...?"

Mandy nodded. "Yes. I'm a little nervous and you'll have to show me what to do, but I couldn't stop thinking about you after you had left. You're very sensual and I wondered what it would be like to touch you, to hold you and to kiss you."

"Let's find out then, shall we?" Rita smiled, letting her clothing fall away. She slipped into the tub beside Mandy and came behind her. She reached around and cupped Mandy's breasts in her hands and then ran her hands along Mandy's torso while her lips grazed Mandy's neck. Mandy sighed with pleasure at Rita's exquisite caress.

"Oh darling, that's so wonderful, your hands feel so good," Mandy sighed.

"Turn around and feel my lips," Rita told her. Facing each other, they kissed and Rita sucked on Mandy's tongue as she soaped her body and stroked the small of her back. It was perhaps the most loving, sensual touch Mandy had ever felt and she didn't want to break their kiss. Her own hands reached out and cupped Rita's large breasts, much heavier and fuller than her own. She thought they were likely around a 36D and they had the pinkest, fattest nipples. Mandy leaned forward and took one in her mouth, anxious to taste one. She was sucking another woman's tits and didn't feel at all uncomfortable doing so!

"You're making me feel very good too Mandy, are you enjoying yourself?" Rita asked as Mandy fondled and caressed her.

"Uh-huh," Mandy said breathlessly as the water splashed and swirled around them.

"I'm glad sweetheart, I was really hoping you'd come around, you're one of the loveliest guests we've had in a long time," Rita purred.

"I am?"

"Certainly, you're a stunning woman. Come darling; let's get out of this tub and into a nice, warm bed. I want to massage you all over and taste your beautiful body. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want or to be graphic, I won't be offended, it will likely turn me on," Rita chuckled.

Mandy found Rita's openness about her sexuality very arousing and was soon on her back. Rita rubbed some oil into her hands and then rubbed Mandy all over, starting with her feet and working her way up, fondling Mandy's tits and licking them. She told Mandy that the oil was edible and shared a kiss with Mandy that tasted of cinnamon. When her mouth began to trail down Mandy's torso, Mandy shivered in anticipation. A woman was going to eat her pussy, to lick her there.

"Oh God Rita, please eat my pussy. Please, lick my CUNT!" Mandy howled, remembering what Rita had said about being graphic. Nothing she had ever been through prepared her for the experience of Rita's knowing mouth and tongue on her pussy. She came and her honey flowed copiously, Rita didn't stop until she had come again. Rita moved up on the bed and settled beside Mandy.

"Having a woman make love to you was enjoyable, wasn't it?" Rita cooed.

"Oh my yes, but I haven't made love to you yet," Mandy wailed.

"You don't have to dearest, you're the client," Rita told her, grazing a finger along Mandy's leg.

"But I want to, I think just kissing your body will make me cum again," Mandy sighed. "I want the full-on lesbian experience."

"Certainly sweetheart, it's entirely up to you," Rita smiled. "I suggest you just kiss me as I kissed you and then explore my body with your mouth and your hands. Don't be afraid of hurting me, I'm a big girl and I can take it. A little rough is fine. Fondle me, bite my nipples and kiss me all over, oh God Mandy, that's it, that's IT!" Rita moaned as Mandy worked her way through her body. Mandy's mouth was now hovering over Rita's cunt, the final hurdle. She jumped that hurdle easily seconds later and went down on her first pussy, loving the taste immediately. She lapped away like a cat licking up cream.

"You were wonderful, I can't believe that was your first time," Rita panted after Mandy made her cum.

"It was, but it won't be my last," Mandy sighed. "I think I'm through with men for a while, who needs them? I've never cum like that with anyone! I don't need to be fucked if I can cum like that."

"A woman can still fuck you, they make toys for that and we have a vast array, although I don't use them in my personal life," Rita told her. "I enjoy the softness of woman-to-woman sex, the feeling of lips and breasts against mine."

"I agree," Mandy snuggled in close. "What's next?"

"You're ready for more?"

"I'm ready for more."

Rita showed her pupil how to do a '69' and they both experienced a toe-curling orgasm. Noting the hour, Rita suggested they call it a night and she could leave.

"No please, can't you stay? I'd love to sleep with you beside me." Mandy told her.

"I told you earlier today, you get whatever you want. I'd love to stay her and sleep beside you," Rita said, her voice soft and full of affection. Mandy's heart was fluttering a bit, she felt emotions for Rita. Was she falling in love or was this just gratitude to this beautiful young woman who had shown her a new path?

She stayed for a few more days, sharing time with Rita, swimming and making love, playing tennis and making love and indulging in a few threesomes. She saw another client, a lovely black girl named Marita that made her mouth water. Making love to a black woman would be another new experience so she asked Rita to approach the girl. An hour later, they were in Mandy's suite doing very naughty things to each other. She was also asked to join Miss Angelina for a private dinner to which only she and Rita would be invited. After dinner, dessert was served ... on top of Rita's naked body. Miss Angelina had an amazing tongue and it went as deep into Mandy's cunt as any cock ever had.

At the end of her visit, Mandy knew she should leave as she didn't want to bankrupt her mother. She felt sad as she knew she would miss Rita, her affection had not dissipated. "Are you allowed to date outside of work?" Mandy asked hopefully.

Rita shook her head. "It is frowned upon, although it does happen. However, one of our girls is leaving to move to Toronto and marry her partner in a few months. I could put in a good work with Miss Angelina on your behalf, she usually auditions all the new staff, but I think you passed that the other night. Would you be interested?"

Mandy almost squealed and hugged Rita and begged her to do that. The thrill of knowing she might get to spend more time with her sexy new lover didn't abate for the entire drive home. Her mind was also spinning, she had a few girlfriends she planned to seduce and she was most definitely going after Trevor's new playmate as well. She didn't care about revenge, the girl was a flame-haired cutie and Mandy wanted to fuck the little bitch.

Jordan was sitting on the couch when her daughter arrived. She was wearing a gauzy blue negligee and watching a porno movie. "I guess you had a good time, my Credit Card sure sees that. If it made you happy, it was worth it darling." Jordan chuckled.

"Thanks Mom," Mandy smiled, sitting down beside her mother. "I guess the two of us have a lot to talk about," Mandy said.

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