By now I should have known better, slipping home early to surprise my wife usually turned out badly. Over the years there have been so many strange vehicles parked in my driveway that I should have kept a valet on staff. Of course if only parking were the issue things might have been fine, but as it turned out I would have needed another valet for all the men visiting the master bedroom. Hell if I had a valet he'd have probably been slipping in for some free parking too.

Understanding that, on a certain level, I'm at fault for coming home and discovering the extra marital parking in my driveway and escapades in my bedroom, I guess I should have just stayed at work. I mean does it really happen if I'm not there to find it? Well, if you ask my wife you get a different story than if you ask me.

Okay, okay, so I'm to blame because I slip home early occasionally, so does that mean I get to take the credit if what I come home to is a boon, not a bust? I mean as Donald Trump has said, "You have to think anyway, so why not think big?"

So coming home early that Wednesday morning I once again had to park on the street because I found a large white limousine parked in my driveway. Cutting across the grass I nodded to the limo driver, who as wiping away a bird spot on the hood of his vehicle. The driver nodded to me and smiled. I'm sure he thought, "There goes a lucky bastard."

Anyway, I wasn't surprised when I stepped in the door to hear my wife's moans from the bedroom and I have to admit I did get a little nostalgic when I peeked in the door and saw her toes perfectly pointed to the ceiling, just like she did way back when I walked in on her and a strange man those many years ago. This time of course it was no stranger's ass that was flexing, thrusting his cock into my wife.

Yes, I could tell by the way his blondish toupee was flopping on his head and on the powerful way he held his body as he plunged in and out of my wife's pussy. Sure enough, I could see he was a proud and powerful man just by they way his cock glistened. Funny thing, you'd think it might have been bigger, but no, I'd bet mine was a good inch longer and a bit thicker too.

Of course with him you didn't need a big cock, it all has to do with the passion. As Donald himself used to say, "With out passion you don't have energy, with out energy you have nothing." Well he certainly had passion and energy as I watched him quicken his pace, his ass flexing as he withdrew and then thrust again and again.

My wife was just coming for what appeared to be the first time, so I pulled up a chair to the bedroom doorway so I could watch without really disturbing the activity inside. Yes, it was my wife's first orgasm, I could tell by the intensity of her moaning and the way her legs trembled when she wrapped them around his waist.

I continued watching, nodding to myself as her each subsequent orgasm was just a bit less intense. I must admit Donald had stamina, making my wife come four, maybe five times before he finally groaned, arched his back and judging by the way his balls constricted and released, pumped spurt after spurt of cum into my wife's pussy.

He remained on top of her until I could see his cock slip out of her pussy, he then rolled over beside her, seeing me for the first time. Donald looked at my wife, then at me, then back at her and asked, "Are you married?"

"Of course I'm married."

"Oh good, I thought he might be someone stalking me because I fired him."

"No, that's my husband," she said, waving to me.

I waited until Donald got dressed and was heading out the door before I got up from my chair. As he passed me in the doorway he leaned over and whispered, "Everything in life is luck." He then walked across the living room, slipped through the door and walked to his limo.

I quickly pulled off my clothes and climbed into bed, slid my cock into her cum filled pussy. It slid easily and as I thought to myself, "Well, Donald came first, but now I'm Trumping him," I felt the pleasure shoot through my cock. Arching my back I came, adding my cum to my wife's pussy.

Hopping up from the bed, I got dressed, rushed out, bought a new car and waited. In just over two weeks I got a notification that my car had been paid for and at the end of the month the mortgage company notified me my mortgage had been paid off. Donald was right, "Everything in life is luck," and I was a lucky guy to find his limo parked in my driveway that day.

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