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Trumpet Flower


The forest guardian forced me on my knees.

I had been spying on him from above, in the branches he knew so well. He was a teenager with a nice set of abs. I couldn't help it if I was a peeping Tom. He was gorgeous and his every touch, no matter how rough, sent electric sparks across my skin.

He had found me, caught me, and kneeled me before him. He knew I was there the whole time, just chose not to say anything, but let me enjoy the show. Now as he was trying to decide how to punish me, my crotch grew wet with arousal.

He took notice, "I have the perfect thing. Unfortunately I have some nymphs to go rape, but I'll come back for you after my flowers finish."

I was confused. He wasnt going to stay here?

Of course he assuaged my confusion when he beckoned forth his flowers. "Enjoy!" He called back, over his shoulder, walking silently away into the brush to go chase some lucky nymph.

As soon as he left, a tree snapped me up in its branches. It passed me along through the other trees until they ejected me out of the forest. A large trumpet flower caught me. I tried to climb out but it was a mammoth flower, easily five times my size and the petals were thick and stiff, leaving no escape.

So I sat down on the pollen covered stamen. I was completely naked and the pollen stuck to my crotch from my arousal. Immediately, I realized what pollen was and what a stamen was. The flower must have also realized that I was a female at this point for the pollen became wet and sticky, as if it was emitting its own arousal. It's stamen moved and entered my vagina, leaving me gasping for breath because it was quite large. However, I couldn't maneuver out of it since the sticky pollen held me in place. At this point, I wasn't even sure I wanted out.

After several orgasms, the wet pollen began to harden. As it did, it was like dried glue, holding me in place. Then, the trumpet flower began rocking back and forth. I was at the mercy of the stamen and the hardened pollen to keep me in place. I assumed the flower moved like it did to send me spiraling orgasms, which it did. The stamen moved inside me with every back and forth motion and I felt myself jerked back and forth.

When I finally climaxed, the flower stopped and the hardened pollen began to crack and fall away. I was allowed to pull myself off the large stamen, and did so with a gasp and quite a bit of moaning.

Somehow, the stamen receded into the flower and left me on a bristly surface that I could just stand upon. Soon, something peeked out at the edges of the bristled surface. They reminded me of garden hoses with suction cups on the end. More than a dozen snaked their way to me and attached themselves to my fingers and toes, one for each. They sucked on my extremities until they had reached down to the nib and my extremities were theirs to control.

A tube came out from in front of me and attached itself to my belly button. It sucked, and sucked, then I felt a sharp pain and saw blood coming out. My arms were stretched out at my sides by the other tubes so all I could do was writhe as it burrowed into me. I felt the hose force its way in through my bellybutton like it was an umbilical cord. After it settled, the pain numbed and went away.

Two other, much larger hoses came and slithered around my wrists and up my arms. They paused at my neck and seemed (if they had eyes) to look me up and down. Then they expanded their girth and each encompassed one of my breasts. After encasing my breasts, they contracted, tightening around them until it hurt.

Inside the hoses, I felt another, smaller tube poking around, like a tongue. Each hose holding my breasts had one and I felt the tongues caress my nipples. I shivered at the tingling sensation. Then, they attached themselves to my nipples much like those on my extremities had attached themselves.

The smaller hoses sucked while the larger hoses contracted, as if they were pumping me. I didn't mind. It felt nice. My breasts hardened in the arousal.

In my bliss, I barely noticed another tube coming out in front of me. It was shaped oddly, like an oval. It opened its hole up and another just like it emerged. I had no idea what it was, then the innermost tube shoved its way down my throat and the outer tube compressed around my lips. I tried to fight it, but I was already restrained and any struggling brought harsh sensations of pain.

While struggling, I hadn't noticed another tube coming from behind me, slithering between my legs, until it brushed against my clit. I never got to look at this one, but it was two-pronged, each having an inner tube. They split up, one entering my vagina, the other my anus. Then the outer tubes expanded and compressed around the areas the inner tubes had entered, a powerful suction keeping them attached.

The one in my anus was quite uncomfortable, especially when it began sucking. The one in my vagina was much more readily accepted. As it went in, it seemed to expand, filling every inch of my cavity. If I could've, I would've moaned in pure bliss at the way it pressed against my walls. In this prong though, only the outer tube sucked. Needless to say, the orgasms spiraled through my body once again.

The trumpet flower was almost done hooking its tubes up to me. Next, the tube on my mouth grew stems that reached up into my nostrils. I squirmed, not liking the feeling, but the tubes that held my other body parts caused pain if I struggled, so I tried to remain still, except for the jerking of my hips.

The nose tubes went far back until I couldn't feel their presence invading my throat anymore. Then the trumpet flower was finished and content to play with me. But I was wrong, it wasnt finished yet.

The trumpet flower's petals began closing, tightening, wrapping my body in a constricting vise. I felt a honey-like substance seep across my skin. It only served to assist the trumpet flower to wrap its petals even tighter, like a second mesh skin.

My eyes were glued shut by the honey substance and I understood what the mouth and nose tubes were for now. At least I had a steady supply of air.

I felt the petals meld to my skin, like a form-fitting suit. I was unable to move, the petals were so strong, they held me erect and the honey substance hardened, contributing to the stiffness. The only movement now was the sucking of the tubes and the compressing of my breasts while it tried to milk me.

It was only until I had grown used to the heady orgasms and erotic sensations that I realized the flower had raped me and now it was preparing me to be its surrogate. But I didn't mind, as long as the pleasure continued indefinitely.

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