Ambrose and I had been dating for about a year. He was wonderful, five years my senior, experienced, unlike myself. He was a typical tall, dark and handsome that I immediately felt safe with. I could trust him.

Ambrose knew I had wanted to stay a virgin until I got married. Old fashion nonsense I guess. Don't get me wrong, we did stuff. He introduced me to orgasms and anal fairly quick. I learned that I loved having my breasts suckled and bit. He liked it when I scraped my teeth over his head while deep throating him. My clit was so sensitive and he could keep me orgasming as long as he played with it. We knew each other intimately, just not that intimately.

Well, one night we had decided to go out to dinner. He took me to a very expensive place. You know, the type you have to be dressed up to get in the door. Ambrose ordered a bottle of wine with dinner. I guess I had most of it. When we finished dinner, I was feeling more than a little hot and we decided to go back to his place.

We couldn't keep our hands of each other in the car. He was driving and every so often would almost hit the shoulder before recovering control. I had his pants unzipped and was devouring his luscious cock. He had the top of my dress off and was squeezing my nipples into hard peaks.

We had barely made it into his house when he became serious. I was practically devouring him when he pulled me away and holding my face in his hands asked me the all important,

"Do you trust me?"

"Of course I trust you. Why did you choose now to ask?"

He just smiled and began pulling me to his bedroom. By the time we got there, I was completely naked. He was still fully dressed if a little askew. We got in the door and he turned around and held me against it, kissing me.

"Are you sure you trust me?"

"Ambrose, what are you talking about? Of course I trust you."

"Prove it."

I looked at him stunned. His face was a little bit harder. His eyes looked black, almost like cold steel. I felt his muscles ripple beneath my touch and knew I was trembling.


"Let me do whatever I want to you."

I figured he would remember his promise to me that I stay a virgin so I slowly nodded my head. I didn't even realize what happened before I was on his bed, his body pinning me down. He was attacking my breasts, capturing the nipples and suckling. It wasn't until I tried to hold his head did I realize that my right hand was now in a restraint against the corner of the headboard. Before I could say anything, I was being kissed and then my left hand was restrained in the same fashion.

"Do you trust me?"

I was scared, trembling. I knew he could feel it. But I was also so hot, so wet. I wanted him...bad. My head nodded.

"Say it."

"I trust you."

"Tell me I can do anything I want to you."

"Ambrose, you can do anything you want to me."

"I want to wax you."

I stared at him in shock. Wax me?

"What? Like get rid of my hair?"

He nodded and began playing with the dark curls that surrounded my sex.

"I want to wax you."

He got up off the bed and left me, confused and bewildered.

"Ambrose, won't that hurt?"

"Sure a little."

"Please, I don't want to be hurt. Please don't."

"Too late. You said I could do anything I wanted."

"But Ambrose..."

"But nothing! You either trust me or you don't."

"I trust you." My voice was barely a whisper. I was scared, but I did trust him. I realized he had been gathering things as he moved. He had a jar of wax, some towels, cloth strips, scissors...and one of those ball gags. I shook my head as he came closer with it. He just smiled and told me to open up.

"This way when I pull the wax off you won't scream."

I again shook my head. He grabbed my face.

"I said take it bitch!"

I was scared. I did what he said and he shoved the ball into my mouth. It tore the skin at the corners of my lips. He lifted my head by the neck and tightened the gag into place.

"I'll be right back. I have to go heat the wax."

He left the room and I pulled at my restraints. I twisted, trying to see how they were fastened. Hanging limp next to my wrists were another set of restraints. For a second person? But why?

Ambrose came back in, whistling to himself. He set the wax down and grabbed my ankles. He lifted them up and pushed them back to my wrists. Leaning on them to hold them, he quickly shackled my legs. It was a good thing I was flexible. I was spread apart with my pussy and ass fully visible to him. My legs were in such a way that I couldn't move and no part of my curls would be missed. He smiled and slid a towel under my butt.

"Now, first, we trim."

He brought the scissors over and began to trim my tufts. I jsut lay back, feeling the cold metal told my skin, feeling his hot hands rubbing. I was getting wet again. I heard him chuckle just before his finger dipped into me. I moaned as he wiggled it around. Then, it was gone. I felt so empty!

The wax hit me and I jumped. It was so hot! I started moving, trying to escape it. God, it was burning! Tears started down my cheeks as the wax slid across my mound, down over my clit and between my lips. It even went back over my asshole adnd the valley between my cheeks. I felt him pressing the strips on and shook my head, knowing what was next.

One of his hands pulled my skin tight and the other ripped the strip off. I felt like I was being torn. It stung!

"Oh YES."

I looked at Ambrose scared. I knew that look. He was close to cumming. He ripped another strip off of me and closed his eyes, as if he was savoring the moment.

When he was finished, he started rubbing oil on my tortured skin. The oil was cool, but quickly warmed to almost unbearable. But his hands! Oh his hands were so good, rubbing just the right places, between my lips, my holes. He touched my clit and I jumped. It felt so good. Everything was heightened, new sensations from the smooth skin. His hands pinched and rubbed my lips, until I covered him with my juice.

"My little pet, you realize you know belong to me. You are mine. You have been since you told me I could do anything I wanted to you."

The thoughts penetrated my euphoria. He was serious! He actually thought he owned me! I don't know which was worse, the fact that he thought that or that I wanted him to. I wanted him to own me, to do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. He must of seen the confusion in my eyes.

"Admit it to yourself. You want this, my pet. To be owned. To not have to make any decisions. To know that your every need, my every desire will be fullfilled. You want to know every desire I can give you. You want to know and not take any responsibility for what I do to you. Not think about consequences, just enjoy the moment. Admit it, you want it and me."

I did. I wanted it so much. I was shaking, not with fear any more, but with desire. Maybe it was his hands, still playing with me, maybe it was his voice, intoxicating. But I wanted it, not just now, but forever.

He lifted my head and removed the gag.

"Tell me. Tell me you want it."

"Please, Ambrose. Please, make me yours."

A hard slap on my ass made me squirm and cry out.

"No, not like that. You should know."

I nodded my head. I knew. Was I ready for that step? With a deep breath, I said it.

"Master, please. Master me. Make me yours. I trust you with my body completely and absolutely."


He left me. Oh how could he leave me!? But he was coming back. He had something. Ambrose knelt on the bed, his cock gently pressing my pussy, teasing me. Carefully, he held it so I could see.

It was exquisite. Black leather, soft with five metal rings. Two were attached at the ends, the other three evenly spaced around it. It was lined with red satin. He lifted my head again and placed it around my neck. A little gold padlock was produced and clicked into place, locking the collar on me. It was a snug fit, but so comforting.

"You're mine." Then he stopped teasing. Ambrose moved forward, plunging his cock into me. In one swift stroke, my cherry popped. I cried out. He was filling me. OH GOD! He was filling me so completely. I was his. Full possession had been taken. Slowly, exquisitely, he began moving, playing, teasing. He groaned as he moved. I matched his groans.

My mouth was captured by his and our tongues began duelling while he sword slid into my sheath. I was held prisoner by him, unable to think beyond the feelings he was giving me. I didn't even want to. Nothing mattered, except here and now.

I felt myself building, the familiar tingle, yet different. This was not like the other orgasms I had experienced. It was more. It built and built. I couldn't stand it and yet it built more. It was almost painful in my sweet ecstasy. Too much and still not enough.

Ambrose groaned and threw his head back, an animal yell escaping him. I felt him stiffen, and pulse as he spilled his seed into my depths. I felt it push against my womb, invading me, claiming me, marking me.

And then I was lost. I erupted in a chaotic movement of liquids and spasms. My body shook and I cried out his name. AMBROSE! MASTER! I could not handle it, yet I wanted more. Needed it. I spasmed around him and felt him pour more of himself into me. Crying and laughing, I thrashed, finally knowing the ecstasy I had long denied us.

He collapsed on me, even as I trembled. I couldn't focus on anything besides my own breathing. Somehow, my legs and hands were free. I wrapped myself around him and held him. Yes, I belonged to him. But more importantly, he belonged to me. Ambrose is my Master.

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