Hello! No editor for this one. Sorry for any and all errors! Just wrote it in two hours *phew* It's a one-shot but I can't say I might not follow up on this in the future with an erotic tale (but I can't say I will, either!) Enjoy anyway. All comments welcome; rate if you wish :)


Marianna sucked dick like every good bitch should. She kept her pussy waxed, legs shaved, hair done, nails manicured, makeup flawless, kitchen skills up-to-date, and other men out of her mind. She would do anything to please the man that made her smile every day and begging for mercy every night. She thought it was a pain having to go through so much prepping just to look nice, but she did it for her man. She would happily miss an important meeting to get her perm in on time; she would skip lunch to get a chipped nail fixed; she would even miss a day of work to go the spa for hot oil treatments and exfoliating body scrubs. Yet, she still found herself as a victim of a no-good player.

She gracefully stepped down from the driver's side of her new Range Rover, mindful of her delicate Prada heels, and gently closed the door. Every click of her heels against the asphalt triggered another memory. The nights she slaved over the stove pulling together his dinner so it would be hot and ready when he got in, only to get a call saying he couldn't make it and she would have to eat alone.

He was out with that bitch.

Every time she called him late on Sunday nights because she couldn't sleep and was lonely and was greeted by his answering machine.

He was out with that bitch.

Whenever she wanted to have lunch with him during a workday and he said he was too busy to take a break.

He was out with that Spanish bitch!

Marianna was almost the same shade of red as her Louis Vuitton clutch. Her dark skin hid most of her anger, but what wasn't revealed by her skin, was burning in her eyes. She slowed her steps and came to a halt. What she needed to do was calm down and take a breath. She had a plan, and showing up angry at the reception desk would only jeopardize her chances of getting in. Instead of turning around and slashing his tires, Marianna closed her eyes and allowed the sun's energy to fuel her desire for payback. Not revenge. Payback.

Revenge was much too simple. Someone kills your favorite pet, you kill theirs. That's revenge. What Marianna wanted went much deeper than an eye for an eye. She wanted his whole fucking head. So she kicked back up to a casual pace, threw her long, midnight curls behind her back, and plastered on a smile. She was about to perform number one on her list to keep from becoming shrewd and bitter.

Number one: Get off your knees and wipe the cum from your mouth with a pleasant smile.

Number two: Give proper thanks to the hand that fed you.

Number three: Walk away like it never happened.

The interior of the building was ice cold in contrast to the sweltering ninety degree summer weather outside. The office was comprised of whites, silvers, and blacks. Marianna would have rolled her eyes at the sterile, lifeless color scheme if her mission didn't count on it. She approached the blonde—who appeared to be the same twenty-five years as she—and broadened her smile.

"Hello. I'm here to do pre-setup for Mr. Takahashi," she said, motioning to black crate sitting atop a steel cart. The blonde smiled back.

"Oh, yes. I just need you to scan your ID badge right here, please." Marianna laughed in her head at how easy it was to deceive these people.

Number one, complete.

It had been deliciously easy to hack into Takahashi's log system and enter herself as an employee. It had been even easier to call into her boyfriend's workplace and schedule a time to set up before Mr. Takahashi's arrival. The easiest part of all was getting a crate containing only a solitary disk delivered to wait her arrival.

After the beep signifying the fake ID worked, the receptionist rolled the cart from behind the desk and gave Marianna instructions to get to the correct conference room.

Mr. Takahashi was coming, but Marianna's presence wasn't necessary. It wasn't even expected. The excitement of the events that were about to unfold made her heart rate increase, releasing endorphins similar to those she felt at the height of ecstasy. She thought she would stroke-out from excitement before she got her plan to work. She quickly calmed herself down and entered the designated room.

The lights flickered on and the smell of mahogany furniture assaulted her nostrils. The large, wide table was as long as the room which made Marianna smile. Almost every person in his office would be there for this. She walked the cart over to the projector and pulled the disk labeled "Percentages and Estimations" from the crate and popped it in.

She knew he had spent all of last night testing it with the projector for his presentation today. Last night while he slept, she snuck it from his briefcase. She knew the projector would be the last place he looked for it, which was to her advantage. He wouldn't have time to see the edits she made.

Satisfied that her plan was working, she left the office after a small victory dance and ran into the very man she was off to see: his boss, Luke Baskens. He was a tall, older gentleman with salt and pepper hair, grey eyes, and a panty-melting smile.

"Hello, Mr. Baskens. I'm Karen, Mr. Takahashi's technical go-to girl," she said with a soft voice and a bashful smile. He took the bait, putting on a seducing smile.

"Hello, Karen. Pleasure to meet you. I'm sure you do an amazing job," he said suggestively. Marianna faked embarrassment and changed the subject.

"Well, Mr. Takahashi has said great things about your business. I know he said today will be the deciding factor in you two doing business together. I would personally offer him a gift today. Gift exchanging is a huge part of Japanese culture." Mr. Baskens looked at me with amusement.

"I'm actually aware of that. Don't worry. I have a gift he'll enjoy and my best man on the job."

Best man, my ass.

"That's great," she replied.

"If you stick around until after the meeting, I'll be sure to reward you for your hard work." Marianna didn't have to fake the hot flash that hit her. The man was oozing the sweet aroma of promised pleasure. She stayed strong in her desire to keep away from men for the moment and threw out the idea of a roll in the hay with the older man.

"Then I'll have to stick around," she lied. With a final smile, Marianna thought, Number two, check!

She left for her Range Rover, only stopping to notify the receptionist that she would be right back. She started the engine and drove off to a new beginning, awaiting the phone call she knew she would soon get. That would signal completion of "Number 3" on her list. Deny all involvement and start new. She was going to sleep good that night.

In the conference room, Trevor was sweating. He couldn't find his presentation disk anywhere. Even his backup was missing. People were filing into the room and he had just gotten word that Mr. Takahashi was ten minutes away. He ran a hand through his black hair as his blue eyes settled on the projector.

I took it out last night. It won't be there...but maybe...

He strode over to the machine and popped it open. The relief coursing through him caused his muscles to ache from the sudden release of tension.

Marianna would kill me if I fucked this up and got fired. She wouldn't move in with me then!

Trevor smiled at how he had gone out and went house hunting behind Marianna's back. He was usually busy, so he had to skip lunches and dinners to do it. He even sacrificed a few nights in bed with her to look at a property if that was the only time he had to do it. His agent, Linda, was a blessing. She was a beautiful Dominican woman of thirty-two who was tall and curvy and everyman's fantasy; but whenever he saw her, he only thought of how happy he was going to make Marianna when she found them the perfect home.

He had gotten paranoid one day that he saw Marianna's car tailing him, but he dismissed it as fear of the secret getting out. There was no way she would follow him. He had been careful to not seem too suspicious by canceling too many plans with her. After closing this deal, he would be able to sign the closing papers with pride. He couldn't wait to show her around then ask her to marry him when the tour was over.

On the road, Marianna couldn't believe her eyes. It was the Spanish looking woman she had seen Trevor with a week ago. Beyond using her better judgment, she pulled over in front of the house and jumped out of the SUV. She was walking to fast she practically glided across the driveway pavement.

"Hey! You!" she yelled. The woman turned around from her inspection of the bushes with a confused look plastered on her face.

"Yes?" she asked, not back down from the crazed woman running up to her. Linda was at least six inches taller than her when they were both in heels, but her size obviously didn't intimidate the woman.

"Are you here to meet someone else's man?" she spat. It was juvenile, but her anger had clearly gotten the best of her.

"Excuse me? I am a married woman!" she replied with just as much fire as Marianna threw at her.

"Bullshit! You had no problem sneaking around with my Trevor! You ought to be ashamed of yourself. You're a married woman," Marianna replied.

"Trevor!" Linda yelled, appalled. He was a wealthy, handsome man, but she was happily married and wouldn't trade her husband in for any amount of wealth.

"I'm his agent! I've never slept with him. If you're Marianna, he's been seeing me privately to view houses for you." The color faded from Marianna's face. She needed to get back to his office as fast as she could. Now was no time for proper apologies.

She turned and took off to her SUV, a confused Linda calling after her to ask what was going on. Marianna never drove so fast in her life. She was thankful that she stashed Trevor's spare disk in her glove compartment. She knew for a fact that Mr. Takahashi would be there by now and that the gift exchange would buy her some time, but she didn't have a second to spare.

The car was barely off before Marianna was ripping the disk from the glove compartment and jumping out the car, racing to the office. Her heart was hammering in her chest. She felt foolish for jumping to conclusions. She was about to ruin the man of her dream's life because she wanted to be vengeful. She pushed open the doors to his office building and gave the blonde receptionist a quick, "Sorry, gotta hurry!" before sprinting down the hallway like an Olympic gold medalist in heels.

Marianna could see through the glass windows that the presentation hadn't started yet and she almost collapsed in tears from relief. Instead, she continued to walk on shaky legs to the window. She waited until she got Trevor's attention before motioning him out of the room. She saw him mumble an apology before excusing himself to meet her. He hurriedly walked to her and took her into his arms.

"What's wrong, baby?" he asked into her hair after giving her head a kiss. Marianna couldn't stop the tears pouring from her eyes, but she made sure not to get mascara on his suit.

"I'm so sorry," she whispered. "I almost ruined everything. Please forgive me!" she cried. Trevor took his trembling woman away from the window and hugged her tighter.

"Look, whatever it is, we can get through it," he promised. He kissed her tear-streaked face and she calmed enough to give him the disk. He looked down at the disk in her hand with his eyebrows drawn in.

"You need to use this disk. Not the other one. I'll explain later." Trevor took the disk tentatively, and gave Marianna another look that said she had a LOT of explaining to do. He gave her one more kiss before telling her to go home and rest and that he would meet her later.

Marianna happily agreed and gave him a sheepish smile that showed both her embarrassment and love. She knew he would yell at her and then he would be hurt by her accusations and actions; but at the end of the day, they would still have each other's love and devotion, and that was all that mattered. She would be sure to suck his dick extra good that night.

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