Trust Ch. 03


"Your turn," he said, walking backwards until the lowest section of his body was covered.

"I cannot be seduced by the clearness of those blue eyes," Iona finally said, trying to convince herself. "I'm afraid that I know the whore in you and your tricks. Unlike yours, my eyes do not lie with false virtue."

Russ roared with laughter.

"I shall make no mention of your worldliness and you shall make no mention of mine. Let's enjoy the day, the water and the company."

"I believe I will just sit here and witness your enjoyment Sir."

"What is there to fear Mistress Iona? Disrobe and join me in the water. It is cool and refreshing."

"I am cool and refreshed right where I sit."

"You fear me or you fear the water, which one is it?

"I fear nothing, which includes you," Iona hissed.

"Prove it."

"Your motives are quite transparent. I shall not be moved by your challenges." Iona laughed this time.

"You have nothing I have not seen before. You can attest to that." Russ began to float on his back. "My appetites do not include you."

Iona watched. She was unsure but thought she could see his cock rising out of the water.

"Hmm..." Russ continued to look at the sky. "Could it possibly be that it is yourself that you do not trust?"

"You have never been a threat to me." Iona snorted in disgust.

"It must be so. You watch me with interest and yet feign...what was that...yes, virtue."

"I feign nothing. If so, who are you to judge me?

"I do not judge," Russ returned while still looking at the sky. "Your words and actions reveal much."

"Words and especially my actions prove nothing but self-respect."

"Then let us debate no more. You must remove your clothing and enjoy the water—with your self-respect in hand."

"I see no need to remove my clothing to enjoy the water." Iona rose to her feet.

Russ laughed.

"You cannot swim in that attire. You would sink to the bottom."

Iona considered his words carefully. Then she began to disrobe.

The water was cooler than what she had thought and her descent was slow as she adjusted. When she looked up, Russ was upright and staring at her with those blue eyes. His face revealed no humor. As he moved closer, Iona thought of going back to her clothes and ending this madness. The water was only to her knees. She could move swiftly, grabbing her clothes before he reached her—but she did not.

"You are truly beautiful," Russ said in earnest. "I see now what has perplexed my brother so. I would find you irresistible too."

Iona covered her breasts and turned her back to him. She was beyond nervousness, she was scared.

Russ stood behind her for just a moment before the meeting of their bodies. He was warm against her skin. She was soft and stirring against his.

"You have nothing to fear." His voice was low and assuring. "Neither I or the waters will harm you."

"I fear nothing."

He placed his hands on the curve of her shoulders and fought the desire to cup her breasts and pull her closer.

"Maybe that is why you shiver beneath my touch."

"The water is cold; that is the cause."

"I can teach you to swim," he whispered in her hair, just above her ear.

"How is it that you know I cannot swim?"

"Must I repeat myself?" he continued to whisper. "I am a man of many talents."

Russ loved the smell of her dark hair. He was the one to choose the perfumed oil that Kieren had gifted her. He was the one that made sure that more was placed in her room.

"Does that include reading minds?"


Iona felt something stirring inside of her.

"Turn to me."

For just a moment, she felt a pull in his voice that only Kieren triggered. It left her unable to deny him.

Iona turned slowly.

Russ took her hands. He pulled her gently forward. As the water began to rise, he could see the distress in her brown eyes.

"I have you," he assured.

When the water covered the tops of her breasts, he cupped one side of her face. The other arm wrapped around her body.

"Wrap your legs around me," he commanded as he raised her and pressed her against his body.

Iona obeyed while also wrapping her arms around him tightly. She rested her head at the crook of his neck

Russ moved further into the water with both arms wrapped securely around her.

"Never trust the water, but show it love as well," he warned.

"You are like water," Iona spoke without thinking; then she immediately regretted her words.

She had felt his cock hard against her before wrapping her legs around him. If she dared loosen her hold, she could possibly feel it between her legs or possibly feel it inside of her.

Iona realized that the water was too deep for her to stand safely now. She also realized that she was in a compromising position.

"Maybe you are right," pulling his head back a little.

Iona pulled back a little as well. They looked into each other's eyes.

"Can you trust me?" Russ whispered against her lips.

"I think not."

Iona placed her lips on his. The motion was natural.

With that, Russ cupped the back of her head with his hand and pressed her lips into his as his tongue discovered her sweetness.

His next movements were smooth. Iona hardly noticed, with her tongue hungrily discovering his sweetness. Russ laid her gently on the blanket. Her legs were still splayed open as he slid his hand down her body and between her legs. He dipped his finger into her wetness and smoothed what he found there across her firm nub.

Iona moaned.

When he knew that he had hit that spot, Russ began to manipulate her with expertise. He could feel her body's reaction. When Iona began to move herself into his hand, Russ knew that he had her. Her moans became desperate.

He squeezed her breasts. It was he that moaned with pleasure this time; it was all he could manage as their fullness fulfilled every fantasy. He could not stop at this point if he wanted to, and he did not.

He sucked on her hard and tight nipple, flicking them with the tip of his tongue as he did. He nipped at them with his teeth—careful not to show any favoritism between the two. Their darkness both amazed him and made him hunger for more. Not just the contrast of her skin against his, but the contrast between her skin and the dark circular areolas fascinated him. Her nipples were even darker. He drew from them. She was a delectable desert he had been denying himself and now surrendered to its call. Her body immediately replied to every lick, every pull, and every nip.

Then he moved down her body with his tongue. That same tongue parted her pussy's lips as his fingers parted her outer lips. The pinkness of her pussy was mind-altering. He dug deep inside her and then drew the flat of his tongue up her wet path to the head of her sensitive nub. Her taste was intoxicating. He moaned once more as he indulged himself several times. The last time came with its own reward. He sucked that sensitive nub between his lips and flicked it. He continued by starting at the base and dragging his lips upward as his tongue dance.

The direct stimulation was more than she could bear. Iona's moans were accompanied with a shortness of breath. Never before had she felt so sexually overwhelmed. This feeling was new and altered any envisaged thoughts of what it was to be truly pleased. Her entire body felt unable to be contained by her skin. Even after the first detonation, Russ continued his attack. She pulled at his hair but he was relentless. Her clit was too sensitive at this point. The finally was a climax that shattered her body into a million iridescent pieces. It hit her harder than the first. She pulled tightly on his hair. Arching her back, she cried out.


Russ froze.

Iona did not notice; she was so lost in what she felt. Her descent from the heavens gradually receded.

They never touched the Skyr (a buttery cheese), griddled bread and shelled walnuts in the basket Russ had commandeered.

Iona's legs felt weak and unstable as they walked back to the village in silence. Long Sword claimed that he had duties he must attend to.

To be continued...

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Come back!

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Nothing that we had learned about Kieran's character lines up with his actions upon his return. Plus, why would he even pay heed to Brenna's message and return for Iona only to sleep with Astrid?


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