tagLoving WivesTrust in Fate, with a Bit of Help

Trust in Fate, with a Bit of Help


Jackie bit her lower lip, her eyes searching the crowd for the Englishman. She and her husband Don had been emailing him for sometime, almost a year. Now as she waited for him to arrive, her palms were once again hot and sweaty. She rubbed them down her thighs, wiping the offensive moisture onto the soft denim fabric. Don sat there with her. He too was nervous. He wondered if he could let Jackie do this or not. He wanted her too and he didn't want her too. She was the same way, they both were really, it was why they were doing it together. Neither one knew for sure why they sensed his presence, but they did. Together Don and Jackie Wright turned and looked at the handsome man walking toward them.

William Ambrose the Third recognized them immediately. They were the exact image he'd been looking at the entire flight over to the states, give or take a few hours when he was engaged in sleeping or light hearted banter with the pretty blonde passenger next to him. He made his way to them and shook Don's hand. Jackie stood and he pulled her to him, kissed her cheek and pressed his hand along the small of her back. He watched both their reactions, waiting to see what they would do.

Don took a deep breath, trying to ignore the roll of his stomach as he watched William touch his wife. He thought about why William was here and took several more breaths. William was a professional and so Don would act like the business man he was. He glanced at Jackie and smiled softly, he could tell she was nervous. They both were.

Jackie felt the warm lips of William touch her cheek and she closed her eyes on the shivering of fear that ripped through her. "One weekend...one weekend..." she told herself over and over as William touched her.

The three moved through the airport, William making sure to continually touch Jackie hoping to set her mind and her body at ease with him. Once they all reached the car, Don got in to drive and William and Jackie climbed into the back seat. Don angled the rearview mirror away so he wouldn't see the couple, just in case they wanted to get to know each other better.

Jackie sat next to William and felt his arm resting on the seat behind her. She smiled up at him and wasn't sure how to break the ice. For the first fifteen minutes no one spoke, eventually William did.

"I understand we're going to be staying at a cabin this weekend?" he asked Don. His fingers ran lazy circles over Jackie's skin. "I hope the weather cooperates with us and we can enjoy some of the scenery."

Jackie shifted nervously, but did nothing to move away from William. As her husband and William spoke her memories came back to her in rapid succession. She and Don had been married fifteen years. She was now thirty-three and he was thirty-five. They had everything a happy husband and wife could ask for. Their home was paid for. Their savings thick with money. Their cars were theirs. They even owned a lake cottage, though for this particular weekend they were renting one on a different lake, in a different state.

It was apparent a few years into their marriage that they weren't able to have children. They had thought of adoption and that option was great until they were given the child and two weeks later the mother changed her mind. They lost the little girl. The pain had almost killed Jackie. She never knew that she would develop a love so quickly until that baby was placed in her arms. But when she had to give it up, her world collapsed and it had taken many months before she was able to wake up in the morning and not look at the picture of the baby she'd lost.

They knew it wasn't anyone's fault. Don't sperm count was low. It wasn't something he could have fixed, or he would have. His sperm was healthy. There were just to few of the little mites to make a good enough show when Jackie's body was ready for them. So for several more years they threw themselves into loving their nieces and nephews as well as establishing the nest eggs they would need for retirement. Jackie recalled the day she had sat down and just on a whim typed in "sperm donors" and a slew of sites came up. She realized she didn't want to use a big company. She didn't want to be poked and prodded by doctors, both her and Don had done that so much she was sick of it, so was Don. Doctors were clinical and impersonal. They wanted their baby to be conceived by love, and if they couldn't have love, they wanted it to be something memorable and pleasing.

It was a month later that Jackie went to Don with her small list of "candidates." She'd chewed on the inside of her lip as he contemplated what she was suggesting. The conversation played in her mind.

"You want to sleep with one of these men?" he asked her, unsure if she was wanting a kid or a kinky sex escapade. He lifted his brow and studied his wife.

"I don't want any more cold-fingered doctor's playing with me," she told him. Her eyes were full of both sorrow and indecision. "I just think we should consider it. I wouldn't do this without you. Your sperm isn't dead, hon. It's just not strong. It could still get me pregnant."

"Its not likely though. You sure you'd want to do this? I mean, we don't know these guys. How do we know they aren't diseased?" he asked.

"They are screened. I've done my homework and spoken with my doctor and she's contacted the groups I've listed here. They are reputable and legit. Honey, they are some here in the US and some overseas."

"You really want to do this?" Don asked. He knew how badly Jackie wanted a child. He did too. Was it fair to have his wife fuck someone she didn't know, even if she wanted to? He wasn't sure. What if she liked it? What if he wasn't good enough for her anymore? "I have to think about this hon. But...right now. You decide which one you'd go with and narrow it down to three and then IF... and that is a big IF... if I agree I'll look over them."

"Thank you Don. I love you. I hope you know that," she told him. "And I won't do this without you being a part of it. I want you there with me. . ."

"Let me have some time and space, okay."

"There is no hurry, love," Jackie told him.

The car pulling into a gravel drive brought Jackie out of the self-induced trance she was in. Her memories faded and she glanced over to William taking in his features and wondering if she did become pregnant what would her child look like. She then looked up at Don and found herself comparing the two men and found them both handsome. Don was everything she'd ever wanted in a man. He was sexy and caring, handsome and vibrate. She loved him and in the end if he told her he couldn't let her do this then she would say, "okay" and they would allow William to enjoy a quiet vacation on a lake, while they went home.

William exited the car and helped Jackie out. Don drove and parked it in the garage.

"This is beautiful," William told the small woman at his side. He looked down on her petite figure. He'd accepted the "assignment" because she resembled his wife back in England. He wondered how Chrissy was doing and he looked forward to calling her and the kids later that evening.

"Don and I came up here a month ago and checked the place out. Its clean and welcoming. There are two bedrooms..." the words fell quietly from her lips.

"I'm glad. I'm not here to sleep in your bed Jackie. This will not be impersonal, but it won't be like making love to your husband. It's important for us all to realize I'm here to help you both. It is something that I enjoy doing... sure the physical pleasure is outstanding, but Chrissy and I are blessed with four beautiful kids and well...I'm not going to lie, this pays the bills."

Jackie chuckled. "I know. I think that is why Don eventually narrowed it down to you. In your and your wife's bios., you both speak like this is a job."

"It is."

"I know," she smiled.

"It's a fun one too," he winked and chuckled.

Jackie laughed too. The tension seemed to break between the man and the woman and when Don appeared it only resurfaced for a few minutes, but quietly settled when Don was included in the conversation. The group moved into the cabin and Jackie headed to the Master Bedroom and Bath to empty out the suitcases, before heading to the kitchen to begin supper. They had hired a local college girl to come in and ready the cabin for them and she was thrilled to see it had been done properly.

As Jackie prepared supper, Don took William to the other bedroom, where he'd left the man's suitcase. They were both a bit stiff toward each other. Don wasn't meaning to be, but he was. William was standoffish, but he knew in time they'd relax again, perhaps when Jackie was around. As he opened up his suitcase he looked to Don and extended his hand again. "I can leave now, you know."

Don smirked and sighed. "That obvious am I?" he asked.

"You're not any different then any man would be. This isn't easy. Really it isn't meant to be. If it was, then what would that say about you and Jackie?" William asked.

"You're right. I'll be okay. I just...it is hard, now that you're here. It's more real," he told the other man.

"I understand."

Don left William to take care of his needs and moved off to find his wife. He found her in the kitchen standing over a warm stove. Don watched her sway to the music that played from the radio. His eyes never left her trim, little form. Her hips were perfect and flowed gracefully up to her torso and down to her slim legs. He took the steps that were needed to reach her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Hello beautiful," he whispered against her neck.

She leaned back and angled her neck for his tender kiss. "Hi, sexy."

"Smells good," he said, after breathing in the scent of woman and food. "Spaghetti?" he asked, his fingers sliding up to cup her breasts.

"Mmm..." Jackie sighed. She wiggled her ass against his pending erection. "Yes. I hope you don't mind such a "city" meal out here in the 'wild'."

"Not at all," Don answered. He pinched both nipples, bringing another moan from his wife's lips.

A cough came from the hall and the two separated and Jackie blushed.

William chuckled and opened the fridge, pulled out a jug of ice tea and filled the three glasses that had been set at the table. They all sat down after Jackie pulled the garlic bread from the oven and declared the meal ready.

Conversation revolved around England and William. He shared with the couple how he and Chrissy came to the decision to do what he does. They had their misgivings, but when she was included in many of the couplings, allowed to watch or participate if the couple desired, she relaxed, knowing that to William it was business. There was bad customer service and there was good customer service. William's was good. After the weekend was over the clients never spoke again. William provided the hospital, Jackie's Doctor, and the Wright's themselves with all his medical history and a biography of his life as well as his maternal and paternal parents' lives.

There were no medical or sexual secrets between them. The women he'd been with had all been screened as had their husbands, just like Jackie and Don had been. The hardest thing that a couple had to give up in this "transaction" was the ability to relax, that was an important part of getting pregnant in the first place.

As the meal concluded it became apparent that things were going to change for the group. They moved into the living room and music was playing again, this time it was quiet and melodious. Jackie smiled up at her husband when he took her hand and led her to the center of the room and began dancing with her. He held her close, loving the smell of her as well as the feel of her against him. He pressed her to him, his fingers played with her hips and cupped her ass. "I love you," he told her. "I want you to do this." He kissed her lips, eyes and chin, before releasing her and placing her small hand in the larger one of the Englishman.

William squeezed the soft fingers, raised them to his lips and took over the dance that Don had started. He too pressed Jackie to him, but his lips slid to her ears and nipped at the soft lobe. He felt her stiffen against him and he increased his seduction of the timid doe he held in his strong hands.

Don watched for a moment. His eyes beholding the woman he loved in the arms of another and he knew that all was well. He could tell the difference in how she held herself against William. She melted into Don. She danced with William. He smiled and thought to himself, "If nothing else comes of this, I will never doubt her love for me." He made the promise to himself as well as to Jackie and slipped out of the room.

Jackie felt William slowly tickle her neck with his lips and tongue. She bit her lower lip when he nuzzled the flesh hidden under the strap of her shirt. His fingers slipped up and down her spine, tickling the flesh under her shirt. He danced gracefully with her, small circles about the room added to the familiarity they were experiencing. Jackie moaned when he licked her shoulder and she smiled into his neck, knowing William and Don had talked about things she liked. She was glad to know her husband had told him of her pleasure points, knowing that he wanted her to enjoy this moment as much as she could.

She stepped back when the song ended and looked up at the man she was paying to sire a child for her. She swallowed her nervousness and took his hand in hers. "I'm ready," she told him. William smiled down at her and led her to his bedroom.

She followed him, knowing that she would only be here for the act of intercourse, but when she left and went to her bedroom and loved her husband it would be the act of love.

William had long ago turned all the lights off but one; the one in the furthest corner of the room was the only light that cascaded around the country decor. He stayed behind Jackie, his fingers moving slowly over her shoulders. He pulled one strap of her shirt down and pressed a kiss upon her skin. "You have freckles," he said with a surprise. He ran his tongue over several of them.

"Yes...I thought you'd know that though. I'm a redhead after all," she giggled. Her fingers released the button of her jeans and she slipped out of her shoes. She pulled her zipper down and then waited, unsure of what to do next.

"I never thought about it really." He told her, before sliding his hands around her and cupping her breasts. His fingers brushed across her nipples, before gliding down to slide up under the soft material.

Jackie moaned, the initial contact of flesh against flesh brought a tingle to her stomach. She closed her eyes and brought the image of her husband to her mind. As she stepped up she saw Don pulling her shirt up over her head. When the kiss that trailed down her spine to the clasp of her bra, it was her husband's tongue that seared her skin.

William however looked in the mirror before them and pressed his palm against her stomach. "You can't hide from this. You can't let yourself imagine him. Because then you cheat him of the act. Open your eyes Jackie. It is business and pleasure when you open your eyes. It is me and him. We are separate. Don't put us together."

William's words reached her and Jackie opened her eyes. "I'm sorry," she told him.

He turned her toward his chest and kissed her neck. "No apologies... don't ever apologize for wanting a child and not wanting to feel like your only way is to have a doctor do it. You should enjoy the act and you will, even if I'm only providing the seed. The evening is what you create."

His fingers slipped off her bra and he gazed at her breasts. He kissed one then the other, before sliding to his knees and pulling her slacks down her frame. He kissed her belly on the way back up and smiled down on her. "Don is a lucky man."

"Chrissy is a lucky woman," Jackie told him. She pulled his shirt from his pants and released the buttons that kept his chest hidden from her. Her fingers pushed the material away and it fell quietly to the floor.

William stepped back and unhooked his belt and slacks. Soon he was standing in front of Jackie and caressing her cheek, their bodies both naked and on display for each other. He took her hand and led her to the bed. He watched her sit down and then lay down as if she were there for an exam. He said nothing though. He knew she was again nervous and it was his job to set her mind at ease. William crawled in beside her and felt her jerk just a little, before she took several calming deep breaths. His hand moved down her torso and he pressed a kiss to her neck.

Jackie moved one hand to his shoulder and then down his arm. They touched each other. Each one slowly learning the curves of the other, before William slipped his hand over her warm mound. She was aroused. He was pleased knowing she had relaxed enough that her mind allowed her to be the woman inside the wife. He kissed her left breast, nuzzled the nipple as his finger slipped along her slit.

"Oh...," Jackie whimpered, her legs relaxing and fell open. She felt him smile against her breast and she smirked. He kissed her nipple again, adding a small bite to the teasing pleasure. She shifted. Her body welcoming his touch. His seduction.

"Don is your husband," he told her. His body moving over hers. His eyes never connected with hers. He stroked his cock while she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. "Whose your husband?" he asked her.

"Don," she whispered as her back arched. Her nipples were hard.

"Right," he told her. "Who am I?" he asked.

She swallowed the moan that threatened to escape. He pressed the head of his cock against her slick opening. "William...a man from England."

"Right," he told her. He entered her swiftly and felt the heat of her sex surround him. "I'm just a man, who is helping you make a baby." William began to move inside her. His cock angled up and scrapped the top of her pussy. The sides of her sex clasped around him and he groaned as he pumped into her.

Jackie's fingers tightened on William's arms as she felt his cock sliding in and out of her. She kept her eyes open through most of their mating, and when she felt his seed explode inside her, she found herself thankful that he'd gotten pleasure, or so she hoped. Another thing occurred to her. She hadn't come. He hadn't tried to make her either. Was it his policy? Was her come only her husband's? She liked the idea and when he pulled from her, he kissed her forehead and whispered a quiet "You're beautiful" in her ear.

Jackie smiled as she watched him leave. She heard him start the shower and she slipped on a robe that someone, either Don or William had left for her. She left his bed and went to the Master Bathroom. While she showered she prayed that the seeds of the stranger took root. After she was washed and dried she slipped into a pair of pajama shorts and shirt. Her fingers shook as she lit the candle and placed it in the bedroom window.

Don saw the light. He knew when she lit it. He'd been outside staring at the bedroom window for the last twenty minutes. He'd grabbed a soda from the fridge and left the cabin. He thought of waiting for her in their bedroom, but he had instead chosen to come out and sit at the picnic table in the front yard... and wait. It was ten more minutes before Don came up to the bedroom where his wife of fifteen years sat on the edge of the bed.

"Hi," she whispered, unsure if she should look at him or not. It was a difficult moment, one that they had talked about, but not one either had experienced before.

Don looked at her, her head bent as if she'd done something wrong and in that moment, just like the other moments before them, he melted for her. He moved to her side. Thoughts of holding her and connecting with her again were the only things on his mind. His fingers lifted her chin and he fell to his knees. He pressed a kiss to her stomach and though it was covered in cloth, he could smell the scent of her lavender soap. She was still his. She was his Jackie. His wife. His high school sweetheart and now with the gift of another, she very well could be the mother of his children.

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