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Truth and Dare


Tally knew what she was doing when she was asking me about my experiences with other women. Although they were limited to a fondle here and maybe a lick or two there, they made my fantasies fill with women more then men these days. They also got me very excited talking about them.

"Come on Nevada, tell me, you know it always gets me curious after you talk to me about it."

Nevada tried to change the subject, knowing Tally was just teasing her. Tally wasn't really interested in hearing her stories; she just got amusement from watching Nevada squirm. This making Nevada hesitant about sharing her sexual stories with her friend.

"So what are we to do tonight while you wait for Steven to call?" Nevada asked.

"Who cares when Steven calls." Tally stated, laughing as she moved to get more comfortable on the couch.

"I thought that was why you came over tonight?" Nevada asked confused as she also moved to snuggle into the couch across from her friend.

Tally didn't have long distance any more on her phone. She had realized after getting over a thousand dollar phone bill that she was way to addicted to her conversations with Steven when he was out of town.

Even though she paid the bill, she turned the long distance off, keeping temptation away. Tonight she had called Nevada wanting to stay over, cause Steven had bought a phone card and was planning on calling her at Nevada's house. Letting her know when he would be back in town. Nevada hadn't hesitated in saying yes to help her friend.

"Well sort of, but I also came by to see you silly" Tally answered then slowly lifting up her glass to take another sip of her wine.

Nevada also took another sip of her wine, a moment of silence filling up the room.

"Well you going tell me or what?" Tally asked impatiently as she moved her legs under her on the couch.

Nevada sighed as she again took another sip of wine. Resigning herself to telling Tally again her limited experience with women. Why her friend wanted to hear again these stories, Nevada could only assume, but what they did to Nevada herself she didn't have to assume anything. She knew she would get aroused and want to get some sort of release.

Nevada knew she was already feeling the affects of the wine. Her and Tally had busted open the first bottle as soon as Tally had showed up. They were now toward the end of their second.

Her hesitation again must have woken up Tally of her unease of telling her stories, because Tally said something that really surprised her.

"I tell you what.... Let's forget about that and play a game"

"What sort of a game?" Nevada asked as she sat up a little relieved and confused by her friend's quick change of plans.

"Truth or Dare" Tally said giggling at the face her friend made at her idea.

"What?" Nevada said stunned.

"Why not... it will be fun and besides there is nothing else to do" Tally said a little defensively as she took another sip of her wine before leaning over to set it on the coffee table.

Nevada noticed for the first time how sheer her friends shirt was as she saw the outline of her breasts. The lamp behind her on the end of the couch really outlined her nipple and fullness. Nevada took another quick swig of her wine as she watched those breasts move with her friends body movements.

Tally looked up and caught Nevada staring at her breasts. She quickly looked down to see what had her friend so mesmerized. Although a few buttons were undone nothing was out of the ordinary. Tally looked back at her friend, noticing that Nevada was still staring. Her nipples grew hard as she began to get aroused by her friend's attention.

Steven had been gone about a month and to say that Tally was easily aroused was an understatement. The thoughts going through her head about her friend staring at her breast made her wonder for a moment as she thought of teasing her friend. She was surprised at herself but then again she was very horny. Almost immediately she made her mind up to tease Nevada to see what she would do.

Tally licked her lips in anticipation as she thought of things that would draw Nevada out of her sexual sell. She knew she shouldn't do this to her friend, but right now all she saw Nevada as was a sexual object who might tease her enough to get her off when they went to their separate rooms. Tally knew she would be masturbating hard, and the thought of what teasing might do to Nevada made her wet.

Tally wasn't planning on having sex with her friend; she just wanted to play with her mind a little to bring herself off when she was alone.

Leaning back on the couch Tally sat back to bring her breast out more, noticing that Nevada's eyes followed her breast each inch of the way.

To be quite honest she had always wondered what Nevada saw in having sex with another woman. There was a time or two she had, had a thought pop in her mind, but making her uncomfortable she would quickly dismiss it.

Maybe that's why she always wanted to hear Nevada's stories. In her mind it was okay to hear about them, but not think them herself. The surprising thing was, they made her extremely wet when the stories were told to her. Making her confused but demanding to hear more. Even now with her mind full of wine she was wet with thoughts of Nevada staring at her and maybe wanting her. This making her less cautious in her judgment on how far to tease.

"So do you want to play or not? " Tally asked Nevada, concentrating on her friend. Redirecting her stare to her face, Nevada thought about it a moment and decided what could it hurt. She knew Tally wouldn't have her do anything sexual or embarrassing, so it might be something entertaining. Swallowing the rest of her wine and also leaning over to set it on the coffee table. Nevada straightened back up and looked at her friend.

"Sure.... Why not" she told her as she also set back in the cushions of the couch to get comfortable.

Nevada could feel the affects of the wine as she watched her friend concentrate a moment before speaking.

"Okay I will ask first...Truth... or dare?" Tally said as she looked at her friend smiling.

"Truth" Nevada responded.

Tally laughed as she witnessed her friend trying to get the easy way out. She sat and thought a moment of a question to ask her.

"Okay truth... when was the last time you slept with a woman?" she asked finally

Nevada rolled her eyes as she sighed. Wondering why her friend kept bringing up the subject of other women. Nevada finally looked at her friend with a bored looked, before answering.

"A couple of months ago" she answered dryly

"Oh!" Tally said a little surprised that it had been so soon. Tally sorta figured it was something that happened a few years ago. Moving her ass a little around on the sofa as an uncomfortable thought passed through her head that maybe she would be playing with fire teasing Nevada, she swallowed in nervousness.

But also feeling the affects of the wine, Tally quickly let the feeling pass as she felt there was no danger in pushing her friend. " What could she do to me anyways?" she thought in her head before telling Nevada " Your turn".

"Hmmmmm" Nevada muttered as she crossed her feet in front of her on the coffee table, fully stretching out her legs.

"Truth or dare" she asked

Tally gave Nevada a smirk as if to say she didn't think what ever she chose would affect her, making Nevada a little aggravated with her friend. She didn't like feeling as if Tally had something over her head. She made the decision right then and there that this game would be a challenge to make her friend nervous. Tally's "know it all attitude" and teasing tonight had obviously made Nevada a little pissed at her.

"Dare" Tally said smiling as if she was the cat that had swallowed the canary.

Nevada looked at her for a moment before a thought crossed her mind making her smile smugly.

"Okay one question first.. Is there any limitations?" Nevada asked before giving up her dare.

Tally thought for a moment and shrugged her shoulders before responding as if she didn't have a care in the world.

"Nah... I don't think there is anything I wouldn't do" Tally responded leaning over to pick up her last sip of wine and drinking it.

"Okay... my dare to you is..." Nevada waited a second or two before continuing " you have to take your shirt off and sit through the whole game half naked "

Nevada almost busted out laughing as she watched her friend's hands tremble and knock over the empty glass.

Tally was shocked. She never thought her friend would ask her to do something so wild. Picking up the glass quickly and setting it up she looked over at her friend noticing Nevada was smiling huge. Another doubt crossed her mind about pushing her friend to hard, but the smile on Nevada's face aggravated her enough to throw caution to the wind and take charge of the situation.

This making Tally lift her chin up and surprise her friend that she would accept the challenge by saying " okay". Tally wasn't going to let her friend beat her in this game. She was determined.

Although she was in her mind ready to do what her friend said, her fingers still shook as she sat straight up and unbuttoned her shirt.

Looking over at her friend, Tally noticed the smile was slowly disappearing while Nevada watched Tally become undress. She smiled a little knowing she was getting to Nevada and felt herself lift up in courage again with teasing her.

She slowly moved the shirt over each shoulder taking it off as she pushed her chest out a little, her naked breast lifting for Nevada to see.

Finally getting the shirt off her and tossing it on the floor, she leaned back and looked at Tally again.

Nevada was in awe, Tally's breast were perfect. Although not huge they were big. She could tell they were firm as they sat on her chest so perky. Her nipples were a little tight from the cool air in the house that surrounded her.

Tally smiled as she watched Nevada swallow in unease. This making Tally more aroused as she knew her friend was excited seeing her breast.

"Its a little cold in here don't you think?" Tally asked as she ran her hands softly over her breasts, watching Nevada shift uncomfortably on the other end of the couch.

Nevada couldn't take her eyes off her friend's hands as they caressed her breasts. Noticing that even with rubbing the nipples to try to bring them down, they seemed to get harder with the attention they were getting. This making Nevada's mouth grow dry and her pussy start to get wet.

Nevada quickly looked away, looking for her wineglass. Disappointed when seeing it that it was empty. She thought fast in her mind if there was another glass of wine in the fridge and remembered there wasn't. She was getting desperate to think of something to drink.

Getting up from the couch, knowing Tally was watching her she walked toward the kitchen, when a thought popped in her head that she had a bottle of Gin.

"Be right back." She told Tally as she walked in her small kitchen and looked in the fridge to see if there was orange juice. To her delight there was. Getting the orange juice then moving to get the Gin out of the cabinet, Nevada made herself a drink.

"What are you doing?" Tally asked from the living room.

"Making myself..." Nevada made a sound to clear her throat, as her voice was high-strung.

"Making myself a drink."

"Could you make me one too?" Tally asked

"Sure" Nevada said as she started on making her friend drink.

Her mind was in turmoil as she realized that she was getting excited about this game. She also knew she didn't want to do anything, no matter how much Tally aggravated her with her attitude, to ruin their friendship.

She started to think maybe she went a little far for her and Tally. Maybe she shouldn't have dared her to be half-naked. The visual of her friend's breasts sticking out made a jolt of electricity go right to her pussy as she groaned softly to herself. Maybe she had gone too far.

Nevada finished up the drinks. Her mind was spinning with these questions, when she heard her friend make a comment that both made her mad and determined to proceed with the game at any cost.

"See I told you there wasn't nothing I wouldn't do. You can't win this game Nevada." Tally told her from the other room, laughing. Nevada felt her anger spread over her at her friend's smug attitude.

"Wanna bet" Nevada whispered to herself as she lifted the drinks and walked in the living room with determination and anger.

Handing Tally her drink she moved to settle herself on the couch, noticing again her friends wonderful breast sticking out, begging to be played with. A secret smile played on her face as she quickly lifted the glass to take a sip so Tally wouldn't notice. She knew in her head she would be the one playing with them tonight.

"Okay My turn... truth or dare?" Tally asked

Nevada looked at her friend and knew she would get her back for her little trick if she said dare. Knowing this though she felt she should go ahead and accept whatever is thrown at her so she could get her turn to dare Tally something even worse. Her aggravation with her friend making her not care any more about caution.

"Dare" Nevada said before taking a rather large swallow of her mixed drink.

Tally was surprised but quickly moved her head so Nevada wouldn't see it on her face.

Thinking quickly of a dare to make her friend embarrassed she looked back at her friend seeing Nevada not even affected by her fate being chosen. This made Tally think hard of something that would make Nevada squirm.

"My dare to you is..." giving herself a few seconds to think quick before finishing her sentence" ... you have to take your bottom cloths off till your naked till the end of the game."

Tally took a sip of her mixed drink as she watched her friend closer.

Nevada didn't even blink an eye, which surprised Tally more. Nevada just moved, set her drink on the coffee table and stood up.

Tally watched as her friend reached down to the top of her shorts and started to unbutton them. Tally was mesmerized.

Nevada didn't even feel worried, she was to determined now to play with fire as she unbuttoned her shorts and unzipped them, moving them down a little to let them slide quickly to the floor. Then hooked her fingers in her panties and slid them down also, bending some to let them follow the shorts.

Moving her feet she slipped out of them and moved back to sit on the couch as if all she did was turn on the TV or something.

Nevada started laughing as she reached over to lift her drink

"Is THAT all you could think of?" Nevada asked before taking another swallow of her gin.

Tally was shocked, first by her friend doing what she said so quickly then by her own reaction to watching her friend strip. Her pussy had gushed with juices as she had watched her friend's pussy come to view. It was surprising how she had been so aroused by seeing her friend. She had noticed that her friend was clean shaved showing those soft, slightly puffy pink lips. Tally had licked her lips; aroused, excited, and curious of all the sexual feelings she was getting, when quickly her feelings turned to anger at her friend's question.

Tally looked at her friend and knew as anger boiled deep down in her that she would think of something better next time to wipe that silly smirk off her friends face.

"Don't get to comfortable Nevada, I was just being nice." she stated before taking a sip of her juice, wondering for a brief second why her mouth was so dry.

Nevada just looked at her a second before starting the game again.

"Truth or dare?" she asked as she spread her legs slightly in front of Tally letting her get a peek again of her pink pussy. Nevada almost snorted with laughter as she noticed right off her friends gaze dropped down to look.

Tally noticed that the lips although still slightly together were begging to be opened wider. Her heart raced one with anger at the game the other with her arousal. Her confusion bothering her as she twitched a little on the couch, feeling the moisture between her legs.

"Dare." she stated her anger showing it in her voice.

Nevada just smiled as she asked her friend.

"Want to stop playing?"

Nevada also noticed her friend's breasts heaving up and down as she tried to control her anger. This making her nipples hard as she spread her legs just a bit more, the pink lips finally opening just a bit to tease.

Tally watched as her breathing came fast. The thought quickly passing through her mind that she wanted to touch her friend's pussy. This shocked her to where she couldn't speak for a few seconds. She was stunned at her wants but the wine and gin was clouding her mind so much her confusion didn't last long as she relied on her basic animal needs. She wanted to feel her friend's pussy and she would no matter what before this game was through.

"No I want to play. I want to win." she stated to her friend as she still looked down at Nevada's pussy

Nevada smiled wider, knowing her friend didn't notice cause she was to distracted elsewhere. Nevada knew her pussy was getting moist for Tally to see.

"Okay then... My dare to you is.. You have to take off the rest of your cloths..." Nevada started as she looked at Tally's breasts" ... Straddle the arm of the couch and masturbate on it till I tell you when to stop."

Nevada wanted so bad to suck on those pink nipples she didn't know what to do. She moved her ass into the couch more, this rubbing her lips together over her clit to give her a little jolt through her pussy while she watched her friend watch the whole time.

"Fine." Tally said as she jumped off the couch determined to do whatever her friend told her, showing her she wouldn't let her get the best of her.

Quickly she took off her shorts and stood naked as she glanced over to the end of the couch.

Nevada was transfixed as she looked at her friend's pussy. Seeing her friend's pussy with just a slight bit of hair on it made her want to reach over, grab Tally by the ass and pull her over to her to suck on it. She had never been this turned on by a woman before. She almost reached out till she stopped herself, looking quickly at Tally's face to make sure she hadn't noticed.

Tally hadn't, she had been looking at the arm of the couch before walking over to it and lifting her leg to start straddling it. Giving Nevada a great view of her open pussy. Nevada was so excited she almost reached down to play with her clit but stopped herself again as she watched every move her friend made.

Tally continued, never noticing her friend, just determined to get her dare over so that she could get Nevada back even better.

Finally getting her leg over to the other side, she let herself down on the end of the couch. The arm was wide, making her pussy lips spread apart over it. Her clit in direct contact with the material. Tally closed her eyes as she shifted on the arm to get comfortable. Already feeling small jolts of excitement going to her pussy and up to her stomach.

She grabbed onto the back of the couch and slowly started to move. Making sure her body moved in slight different directions. She was in heaven as she felt the material fuck her clit. Her eyes still closed as a slight moan fell from her lips. She soon forgot about the game, as all she could concentrate on was her selfish pleasure. She started to move faster, forgetting her friend and grabbing on tighter to the back of the couch.

She knew she was getting the arm wet with her juices but she didn't care. She wanted to feel this exciting, wrong thing she was doing in front of another woman. She could feel the lips of her pussy being pressed down hard with no room to move as her clit moved in-between them getting hard. Grinding harder made her more wet and she couldn't help herself.

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