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Truth of the Matter


Connie was driving home. It was almost noon Saturday. She knew full well Martin would be waiting for her. That was what she wanted. She took a deep breath. In a way it was over, but there was still one small part that needed to be played. She smiled when she thought of how it would be. Yes she had gotten her pound of flesh and she would display it like a trophy.

In the bag beside her was the green dress she had worn the night before. In fact all her ensemble was there along with her clothes from work Friday. The evidence was there and it would leave little doubt as to just what had happened. She smiled. Oh she felt so good.

Her phone rang. It was Ann Barton. "Hi, how was your night Ann?"

"Bout so so...he was kind of a dud. How was your date? Over yet?"

"Yes and I'm heading home now. I'm sure Martin will be there."

"Connie he's going to be pissed deluxe!" Ann offered.

"Oh I know he'll be mad, but that's why I did it. I want him to know just what it feels like." Connie quipped.

"You might be playing with fire."

"I can handle Martin, his conscience will get the best of him."

"I don't know about that, he might be too mad to think about much else," Ann cautioned.

"Yes. but if I know him he'll finally confess when he sees how serious I am."

"Be careful, he might get violent before the thinks."

"Don't worry Ann, I know Martin. We've been married over 8 years."

"But what you did..."

"Yes I know that, but I know the buttons to push. All men are the same, us women have to stick together." Connie said with a less than sincere laugh.

"Be careful. This could turn serious. Sure you don't want to give him time to cool off?"

"I'm sure, and besides he deserves it with what he did to me and to you." Connie's anger was flaring.

"Look, I'm sorry it happened and I wish I hadn't told you. I never imagined it could happen and it wasn't my fault." Ann was feeling a little guilty.

"Yes I know it wasn't your fault."

"I can be a flirt but I just didn't mean for it to get carried as far as it did." Ann said in her own defense.

"OK but he should have stopped. Some men think with the wrong head."

"Sometimes I don't think either...well I mean what all might happen. But you're not mad at me?"

"No I'm not mad at you, it was him that should have stopped." Connie stated as her ire grew thinking of her husband's actions.

"But we had been drinking. Me a lot more then him," Ann conceded.

"I know you can be a flirt, and you were both drinking, but that didn't give him the right."

"Call me if you have any real trouble. If you need a place to stay while he cools off."

"I'll be alright. I can handle my husband. Got to run am almost at the house."

Connie turned into the drive with confidence. She was more than ready to make the announcement.

She pulled in the garage and parked. His truck was there. She knew it would be. Walking into the kitchen she didn't find him waiting there but he was in the house somewhere. On into the master bedroom she marched throwing her bag on the bed as she passed. Just as she went into the bathroom he appeared.

"Where have you been?" he asked sharply.

She smiled. "I had things I needed to do. Now I need to shower. I'll see you in a while." She closed and locked the door. She did that for spite. Martin could pick the lock, for it was only for privacy and had no real key. But as she guessed he didn't. He allowed her the time alone. And if she knew him, he was searching her bag at that very moment. She smiled thinking of his reaction to the contents.

After the shower she put on her makeup. She wanted to look her best. Then it was time to dress. She picked a push up bra and French panties. Over that she wore shorts and a light blouse. On her feet she had platform sandals. Now it was time to complete the last of her plan.

Connie walked out of the bathroom to see the contents of her bag spread on the bed, just as she had imagined. That inspired confidence the rest would go as she had planed. She walked into the kitchen. Martin sat at the table, a coffee mug nearby. He looked tired and nervous. In fact he was spinning his phone on the table much like one might spin a domino. Serves him right she thought.

With a cup of coffee in hand she faced him. She was ready.

"Where in the hell have you been?"

"Well to tell you the truth I had a date." She took a sip of her coffee and let her statement sink in.

"A date? What do you mean a date?" he demanded.

"I told you, I had a date. I went out with a man. I see you helped me unpack my bag. Want to thank you for that."

"You had a date?" he screamed.

"Yes and I won't lie about it like you. I want to be open and honest."

"What in your crazy assed mind are you talking about!"

"You just won't admit you....you....you fucked my best friend. You continue to deny it."

"I did not! I've never touched Ann or any other woman!"

"Oh come on, I know what happened. You gave Ann a ride home; you followed her up to her door." Connie was getting mad and losing her temper. She hadn't wanted that but couldn't help it. "You just barged in and want 'payment' as you put it. You just raped her. You took what you wanted!"

"I didn't do anything of the sorts....Ann is a lying bitch!"

"You can continue with your story but I know the truth and I got even."

He just glared at her in disbelief.

"Yes I got even! I had a date and he was a gentleman. He took me to dinner, then dancing. You haven't taken me dancing in years. And I want you to know he is a much better dancer then you."

"A date?" he repeated in anger.

"Yes and dancing is not all he can do better then you. He is quite the lover. He took me back to his place. He took his time and made slow gentle love to me. And he gave me several powerful orgasms orally. You might want some tips in that department too."

"A date, a gentleman, orgasms? I don't want to hear this."

"Well you might as well know all. I won't lie like you. He made love to me and he is....shall we say better endowed. He filled me; he touched places inside me you have never come close to."

"You fucked another man?" Martin shouted but it was in pain.

"Yes and he filled me full more than once. Let me tell you that man can put out a string of pearls. I felt them in me and I swallowed some. It was the least I could do. So you see I can do just the same as you, but I won't hide it or lie about it."

Martin was angry and hurt. He would have never imagined his wife could be so cruel and callused. She was actually confessing to an affair and she still had the notion he had screwed Ann. No she said 'raped' Ann. He was in shock. He did pick up his phone and put it in his pocket before he headed toward the master. He walked in and was greeted by the green dress lying on the bed. He shook his head and felt his eyes fill with tears.

Connie didn't follow immediately but did enter the room as he started out with a hand full of clothing. She was a little shocked. She felt he would realize that he couldn't get away with adultery, that she would make him pay. But she wasn't prepared for this reaction. She followed him to the spare bedroom where he had been sleeping for the past few weeks. Sleeping there yes but his clothes were still in there room. And he still used their shower.

She hadn't invited him back to their bed but was now ready to. That is what she felt would happen when she told Martin of the 'date'. He would realize how close he came to losing her and take her to bed. Prove to her his love and promise never to stray again. Seeing him remove his items from the bath she saw that too as just a minor setback. She would let him cool down and come back to his senses.

Connie gave him space that afternoon. She did call Ann to report the confrontation and expressed her disappointment that he hadn't confessed. But she knew he would and it would be all better tomorrow.

Ann listened and cautioned that it might not go as she had planned. "Why not? He cheated, I know you wouldn't lie about that. He might have convinced himself it was your fault so he doesn't have to face it. But he will know I won't stand for it."

"But some men are stubborn. He might never admit it." Ann stated knowing it was all her lie.

"That's doesn't matter. I'll have him back by morning. I know we'll patch it up this evening."

Later in the afternoon she went looking for her husband. He was setting on the back deck with a beer. She poured herself a glass of wine and joined him. He was so deep in thought he didn't seem to notice or he was ignoring her. Connie played along for a while then spoke. "Isn't it a beautiful sunset?" When she said that, she saw him jump. 'Well at least he wasn't ignoring me' she smiled.

"Guess so...sad in a way," he said

"Really, to me the sun setting brings the end of one day and the promise of a new day tomorrow."

"If you say so."

"Yes it does and it can be a new day for us. We can go to bed tonight make new vows and start our life over tomorrow."

He turned and looked at her. She didn't like the look in his eyes. "Woman you're crazy. Why make new vows you didn't keep the old one."

Connie was getting mad, she hated to be called 'woman'. How dare him. "Listen to me Martin Raymond Jamison, you go dip your wick in any woman you want and come back to me. I'm just to spread my legs and welcome you as if nothing had happened. But now that I have had another lover....I'm a tainted woman, damaged goods, is that it?"

"No I think the word is whore!"

That shocked and angered her to frustration. "What does that mean you son of a bitch!"

He didn't say a word he just got up and left. He slept in the spare room and was glad she hadn't come in that night. It would not have been pretty. Sunday they avoided one another. Him from hurt and pain, her from anger and frustration.

Connie got up and went to work on Monday without a word to her husband. On her way in she retraced the step that had led up to the weekend. It had been just over a month since she had learned that her husband has slept with her friend. She and Ann Barton had been best friends since grade school. They had gone through so much together. Discovering boys, their first broken hearts, becoming women, and all the up and downs friendship brings.

Connie had to go out of town about 7 months earlier for several days. It was needed to advance her career. She worked in marketing and every contact was of value. It didn't hurt that she was very attractive. She smiled thinking of how she could manipulate men. Just a smile or a wink would get her about anything she wanted. She took good care of herself with exercise and diet. She was just over 5 ½ feet and able to wear heals without towering over the men in the office. She had coal black hair that shined and was her pride. She had dark eyes with a pretty face. And her breasts were always prominently displayed. They were even more enticing with her 25" waist and her 35" hips. And she knew how to use all her assets.

True she had never been unfaithful to her husband but she did hint to men sometimes. She did it to close a deal or to get her foot in the door. She knew it was perhaps more than Martin would have approved of but she never crossed the line until.

Never crossed the line until she learned of his indiscretion. Ann had confessed. She had told the story in the best of light for herself but still Martin had crossed the line. Ann had needed a ride home and had asked Martin. With her out of town he suggested they stop for a drink. He didn't want to go home to an empty house he said. Ann admitted she drank more than one but insisted it was all his doing. Then after they left and got to her apartment, he followed her in. With the alcohol and all he swept her off to the bedroom. She knew it was wrong but didn't know what to do she said. They were already in bed and he was on top of her. She thought about screaming but that would bring the police and problems. So to save all of them a lot of embarrassment she conceded. What a story she had told.

Connie knew her friend. She knew her ways. She was a flirt and she loved to tease men. Ann had been that way since she was left at the altar. That too was partly her fault. She had enticed the best man into bed the night before the wedding. She felt it was her last chance as a free woman. When the groom was informed early the next morning he came to the wedding. When asked if he would take Ann as his wife he said no. He wanted no part of a whore that would fuck another man the night before her wedding. He took her rings off the pillow and walked out.

All were stunned to say the least, especially both sets of parents. It turned into a real scene and would have been best handled in a different way. It let her totally humiliated. After then Ann seemed to take it out on all men. She would use and discard them at her leisure. She had probably led Martin on but he should have been strong enough to say 'no'. He was the married! He should have never broken his vow.

But now she had extracted her revenge. It was not as wonderful as she had imagined but it wasn't horrid. Roger was a good lover but he had insisted on a blow job. And he did fill her mouth. She had swallowed it all, a thing she hated to do. But he did take his time and make her feel wanted and desired. He give her two orgasms orally and then several more during their intercourse. She had wanted him to wear a condom but he wouldn't. It had felt strange to have another man's semen deep inside her. When she got home she used not only soap and water but douche trying to remove the feeling.

The line about him being bigger was a lie. He was no larger than her husband but it just wasn't the same. And he took her to a hotel not his place, because he was married too. That didn't bother Connie for she didn't want it to be any more than a one time thing. A married man wouldn't be likely to want to try to continue the affair if the female refused for fear it might get back to his wife.

So all in all it had worked well till Martin moved his things out of the master. True they hadn't slept together for the past two weeks but he hadn't moved his clothes. And even with her offer to patch it up he didn't want to come to bed with her. What should she do next? She loved her husband but she had to make sure he would never stray again.

At lunch she met Ann. "He moved out of the master," she informed her friend.

"He did, but he's still in the house, right?"

"Yes but ever since you told me...I wanted him to confess but he just didn't. I wanted him to beg for forgiveness. I wanted to know he will never do it again. But all I got was him sleeping in the spare room."

"But you said he moved out over the weekend?"

"Yes he just slept there but now he lives in the other room. What should I do?"

Ann thought. What advice should she give? She was in it pretty deep and she knew it. The story about her and Martin was a lie. She had offered and he had refused. She even questioned why she told the lie to her best friend, but it was too late to analyze it now. "Men can be stubborn. It's a test of wills. If he can break you and make you beg him to come back into the master he as won. And he will never have to admit what he's done. It's up to you but I wouldn't let him get away with it. I stick to my guns."

"But what if....I love Martin. I know that he shouldn't have done it and your drinking didn't help. But he did it and I have to live with that."

"We both do," Ann said but she was thinking of her lie.

Things didn't improve at their home. In fact it became worse. There was angry words when they passed in the hall. Both seemed to keep longer hours away from home. And on the weekends each tired to stay out later then the other. It was coming to a head.

Connie had talked to her mother. She didn't go into the full details but described the problems. Her mother was a wise woman and had been married for 40 years. She told her daughter she had best sit down with her husband and try to work it out. If not she had best prepare for one of two things, a divorce or a long unhappy marriage.

Connie thought about that for two days. She had made up her mind. She was going to talk to Martin that evening. It was a Friday so they would have two days to put it behind them. I didn't matter any longer that she hear a confession, she just wanted her marriage back.

She got home a little early. She did that to catch him before he headed out for the evening. She walked in calling his name. She froze in her tracts when she saw the suitcases. "Where are you going?" She was angry. She thought he was headed out for a weekend.

"I leaving," he said calmly.

"Leaving for where?" she demanded.

He just looked at her. She suddenly felt cold.

He picked up the bags and walked to the garage. He placed them in the back seat of his truck. As he did she saw he had several boxes and bags already loaded. She followed him back into the house. He got one last box.

She looked at him. "What are you doing?"

"I told you, I'm leaving?"

"You don't need to take everything do you. You are coming back? This is just a weekend trip with some..." but she didn't finish the statement. It was the look in his eyes that stopped her words.

"I'm tired of all of this Connie. I need to get away. It's best." He stopped before his voice broke.

"But when will you be back?"

He couldn't answer, her just walked past her. She followed asking him to stay and at least talk about it. He didn't seem to hear. He put the box in the cab and walked to the drivers door. He got in started the motor and back out. He paid no attention to her words as he backed down the drive. Then he was gone.

Connie went to pieces. After an hour of crying she called her friend. Ann tried to comfort her and assure her Martin would be back. He was just angry but he would realize he had too much to lose. They had been together for 8 years, that wasn't easily abandoned. It was a long weekend for the two. Connie upset about her husband leaving and Ann with worry the truth would come out.

Monday Connie called in sick and began trying to locate her husband. She called his cell but it went to voice mail after two rings. Sitting in the kitchen she though she heard it ring in the house but decided it was just an echo. By the end of the day she found a phone under the sofa in the den. It wasn't Martin's I-Phone, but it responded to his number.

Tuesday she tried his office. She found he had been transferred. The receptionist didn't have any further information so Connie asked to speak to his boss. After a moment she was told the man was busy but if it was important he would return her call. He didn't.

Wednesday at work she was served divorce papers. She cried and left early. The papers were only a surprise to her. Although her co-workers had no idea of the divorce they did know something was seriously wrong the serving only confirmed it.

Connie called Ann. She was hysterical. "What have I done?" she moaned. After she had cried herself to sleep Ann tied to call Martin but found the number no longer worked.

The next day Connie changed. It was like Jekyll and Hyde. That Thursday morning she as furious. "How dare that asshole divorce me! It was him that all but 'raped' you. It should have been me that filed and I should have done it the day you told me. Why would I want to live with a rapist?"

"Connie calm down. You both have let your stubborn pride get you to this point. Martin loves you and you love him. If you can find him, the two of you can work this out."

"Work it out? Work it out? Could you love a man that raped me?"

Ann was on the spot. "We had been drinking. I am a flirt. I just didn't think. I mean it shouldn't have happened. It was kind of my fault too." Ann admitted to defuse the situation.

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