tagFirst TimeTruth or Dare

Truth or Dare


Words inside { and } are thoughts that come from Tricia.

Cherry, Becca, Tricia, Peter, and Sean were at Ken's house for a get to know one another a little better party. They had all been drinking and were a bit tipsy.

Tricia was on a table dancing without her shirt or bra when she realized what she was doing and went looking for her shirt. Having no luck in finding it or her bra she sat on the corner of the love seat with her knees pulled up to try to conceal herself. She looked around at everyone else, Cherry was sitting on another love seat with Becca, Peter, Sean, and Ken were all sitting in separate chairs.

"Hey, I have an idea!" Ken said, breaking into her thoughts. "Let's play a game of truth or dare."

"Dude, that's from like high school." Sean replied.

Ken thought for a second, "We could play an all sexual truth or dare?"

"OK!" Cherry answered while Becca and Tricia were nodding.

{Maybe I'll get to make out with Cherry} thought Tricia. She had known that Cherry was bi sexual. {I wonder if Becca is too. She does hang out with Cherry.} I guess you could consider Tricia bi curious. She'd never done anything with a woman before but she daydreamed about it and sometimes masturbated to it.

"OK, Who goes first?" Tricia asked.

"Well, since it's my party, I think I should go and since you're already half undressed, truth or dare?"

"Truth" She didn't want to be the first to have to do a dare.

"How many times have you had sex?" Ken didn't even need to think about what to ask. He'd always wondered, even since high school.

"20 or so" Tricia replied.

"With just one person or with multiple people?"

"Hey! Your questions over it's my turn. Sean, truth or dare?"

"Dare" He didn't even bat an eye.

{hmm...I have to think of something good now} "OK. Jack off in front of us."

"For how long?" he asked.

"Until you cum." {Damn I should have said five minutes. That would have been torture. Oh well can't change my mind now}

Sean's face started to turn red while he unbuttoned his pants and slid the zipper down. With a little more enthusiasm he pulled out his half hard cock. He began to stroke it slowly.

"Wait!" Becca said, "Let's keep the game going."

"I'm going to get some more beer." Peter said as he got up and headed to the kitchen.

{I guess this is all making Peter a little nervous} Tricia thought.

Sean continued to stroke his now fully hard eight inch cock as he looked at Cherry. "I dare you and Becca to make out for me." He didn't even bother to ask if she wanted truth or dare.

Cherry looked at Sean, "You just had to make it my best friend. Why can't I make out with Ken?"

"Oh come on Cherry we're both pretty drunk and I'm horny." Becca commented.

Cherry looked at Becca with a look of surprise but leaned in the kiss her anyway.

{Wow. Maybe Becca is bi sexual} Tricia thought.

Soon the two girls were really getting into it. They each had there mouth to the others and their tongues were battling. Cherry was playing with Becca's nipples through her shirt. Peter returned from the kitchen and as he came into the room his eyes wondered to the girls making out. His face flushed a brilliant color of red as he sat down.

{Hm...He doesn't seem to be interested in girls making out either, maybe he's gay.} Tricia thought to herself.

A moan escaped Sean's lips as spurt after spurt shot out of his cock and onto his chest and down onto the floor.

"Man, why didn't you say you were gonna cum I would have gotten you a towel or something." Ken yelled playfully. If anyone would have looked closer at him they would have seen that the front of his pants were straining to hold his erection in. The game continued where it had left off.

It was now Cherry's turn and without blinking she looked at Ken and noticed his erection and felt somewhat bad for him so she turned her attention to Peter.

"Come on Cherry. Maybe since Tricia is already half undressed you could get her to suck me off."

{Horny dog} thought Tricia.

"No, I think I can do better than that. I dare Peter to give you a blow job."

"Hey! I'm no fag!" Ken practically yelled.

"Well, it wouldn't make you one if you're not the one giving it." Becca announced.

"OK. What do you say Peter?" Ken asked.

Peter's face flushed alittle but he turned to Ken and scooted over to him to kneel in front of him.

{Yep} thought Tricia {He's gay}

Soon Ken's pants were around his ankles and his cock was pointed right at Peter. Peter tentatively took it into his hands and licked the tip sending a shudder through Ken. He continued to lick it as Ken said, "Keep the game going. Since Peter's a little busy I dare Tricia to eat out Becca."

{Oh shit} Tricia thought {Come on Becca say something so I don't look like a fool.}

"OK. I'm really horny after making out with Cherry, so why not." Becca said.

With one last look at Peter who now had his head buried in Ken's pubic hair she lowered herself in front of Becca. Becca slipped down her shorts and panties and put her legs up on the edge of the love seat. Tricia leaned down until her nose almost touched Becca's already wet pussy. She inhaled the sweet, musky scent and hesitantly stuck her tongue out until it touched her outer lips. She moved her hands up and spread her lips open and ran her tongue from her wet little hole to her clit. She circled Becca's clit with her tongue while she slipped a finger inside her. She heard Becca moan at this and pulled her finger back out. Becca whimpered, feeling empty until Tricia jammed her finger back in. She got a rhythm going with licking Becca's clit as fast as she could. Soon she felt Becca's pussy contracting around her finger and Becca let out a load scream. Tricia felt Becca cum around her finger and pulled it out leaning down to lap up all her juices. She pulled her head up and looked at Becca who had her eyes closed and her head tossed back against the love seat. Her eyes flickered open and she looked at Tricia.

"That was great! I've never even had a guy eat me out like that before."

When Tricia got her senses back she looked around the room and noticed that Peter was still giving Ken a blow job so she leaned back against the love seat and watched. Becca sat up and wrapped her arms around her and they sat there cuddling. She looked for Cherry and noticed that she was in the corner making out with Sean. {Wow. They're the only straight couple here.} she thought with a laugh.

Very soon she heard Ken grunt and saw that his muscles tightened and she wondered if Peter would actually swallow it. Ken didn't even move to pull away and neither did Peter.

When Ken came it went right down Peter's throat and he continued to swallow until Ken pulled away.

Peter scurried back to his chair and sat down. Tricia could see a blush starting at his neck and working its way up. Ken noticed to and said, "Dude, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. You just gave me the best blow job of my life." Peter's eyes got as big as saucers and he got a big grin on his face.

{Maybe things will work out for Peter. Hey, maybe things will even work out for me.}

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