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Truth or Dare


My name is Ivy. My mother named me this because she always so adored the way ivy crept up along the side of our house, as though it wanted inside. Me? I feel as though I am constantly looking for a way out. Looking for a way to just go crazy, something that I admit I never do. I'm what you would call a safe girl. I head off to school in the morning (usually in the rain since I'm attending the University of Seattle). The day seems to drift by uneventful until I make my way to my job as a server at Lilly's. It's the hottest eatery in Seattle right now and mind you I still can't seem to get a date. But lately I haven't been looking at the men there anyways.

So many beautiful, exotic and powerful women seem to come into eat at Lilly's. They're either on their lunch break from work or having a drink with friends at the end of a long day. I've been catching myself eyeing at these women more and more and I have to admit it scares me. This all coming from a "safe girl" as I stated earlier. Though the more I notice them, the more I see them noticing me too.

I may not go to the gym everyday but I do take care of myself. I'm about 5'5 with honey colored skin, piercing green eyes (as I've been told before) and long dark hair. I'm an average girl weight wise with perky breasts and long legs. My servers uniform may leave a lot to the imagination but when I cocktail my tight fitting shirt shows just enough cleavage to earn me 20% tips.

I know I'm not ugly by any means but these women that I see are so gorgeous, so regal even. I thought that even if I struck up a conversation with a woman there I would chicken out right at the moment where I could really experience something exciting and new. So I never did, until a lonely night after work last week when a woman struck up her own conversation with me.

It was a busy Thursday night for us at Lilly's. We have half priced martinis on Thursdays and that seems to attract all after a day's work. I had just worked a double and was about to get off when for some reason I decided to stay and have one drink. A drink just to relax and talk to my friend Blake who is the bartender there. I ordered my apple martini and began to chat it up with Blake talking about the usual gossip in the workplace when he noticed a woman at the end of the bar staring at me.

"Ivy, that gorgeous girl over there has been eyeing you for the last fifteen minutes, are you blind or something honey?"

"What are you talking about, she's probably looking at you," I said.

"Baby she knows I'm gay and trust me she is staring at you...oh, look over there, she's smiling in your direction."

Blake walked away calmly as he always does and I looked over to my right and I couldn't believe it but there was a beautiful woman smiling at me. I smiled back but then became nervous and looked away. I felt as though I had to get out of there and just as I was about to leave she was standing right in front of me.

"I noticed your drink was empty, I was wondering if I could buy you another one and convince you into staying at bit?"

I was silent for a moment but then I looked over in Blake's direction and he was giving me the go for it look.

"Sure," I said. "That would be great."

She proceeded to sit next to me and order me, as well as herself, two mojitos.

This woman was beautiful as anything I had ever seen. She had obviously been at work because she adorned a perfectly fitting gray pinstripe suit with sexy black heels to boot. She had shimmering blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair, which I absolutely loved. Her lips were full and pouty and I of course noticed her beautiful breasts from her cleavage in her lavender button down shirt.

"Hi my name is Laura, I come here a lot, I don't know if you've seen me but I've definitely seen you."

"No I don't think I have because I would remember seeing you," I said.

Just as the words escaped my mouth I couldn't believe that I had said that, I was flirting with this woman and it was exciting. I felt confident and relaxed all of the sudden.

"Oh, thank you," Laura said. "I just got off, I work at the school across the street, I teach second grade over there."

A teacher. I all of the sudden found myself imagining her in glasses, a tight blouse and a pencil skirt. I wished my own second grade teacher had looked like Laura. Maybe this is what I needed, what I had always wanted. An opportunity to let loose and be free. I told myself that this time, if the chance arose; I was going to take it.

"Really, gosh I wish my own second grade teacher had looked like you, I probably would have gone to school more," I said boldly.

I was nervous waiting for her reaction, this was it. She began to giggle and smiled gently and I knew everything was alright.

Laura and I began talking about our lives and our futures; we talked as though we had known each other for years. She made me feel so comfortable, so relaxed and yet I was anxious and excited at the same time. Laura was funny, witty and of course very smart. We talked for hours, all the while drinking a lot I had noticed. But I wasn't worried about that, the martinis had seemed to take down my walls a bit and let me enjoy the night. After what seemed to be only minutes Blake was telling us that he had to close down the bar now, it was 2 am already!

"Oh wow, we've been talking for five hours!" Laura said giggling.

"I know, I've had such a great time too," I said, not really knowing what I wanted her to say.

"Me too," Laura said. "I don't want the night to end either," she continued, letting her hand rest gently upon my thigh.

I took in a breath and I knew that is exactly what I wanted her to say.

"I don't want this night to end either, how about you come over to my place. We can pick up some wine on the way there and continue our conversation."

"Sounds perfect," Laura said.

We bid farewell to Blake for the night laughing and stumbling a little too out the door. Luckily I lived just down the street so we didn't need to drive at all.

"There's a convenient store on the way, we can pick up some drink and munchies there," I said.

We stopped at the store and got a bottle of cheap wine, which I now know seems to get you tipsy much quicker than expensive wine for some odd reason, and made our way to my loft. I live in a quaint but very cute loft apartment, which I have always wanted. My home is furnished in a modern style and I knew that Laura liked that as well from our long conversation at the bar.

"Nice place, it's very...urban."

"Thanks," I said. I wasn't sure what was supposed to happen now really.

Laura sat herself down on my black sectional and began to pop open the bubbly.

"I think it's time to continue the party," she said, sporting a naughty look on her face.

"I agree."

We opened the wine and began to talk and laugh about our past relationships and our work. We started to get into more taboo talk eventually, letting out our embarrassing sexual experiences and even our sexual fantasies.

"There is one fantasy that sometimes I think I'm never going to be able to fulfill though," Laura began. "I've wanted to experience what it would be like to be with another woman for so long, not in a romantic relationship sense, but in a passionate sexual way. I thought I would never find a girl I could want to be with in that way, well that is until I saw you at the restaurant. The way you are so nice and gentle with everyone made me want to know you, and now that I've gotten to all I can focus on is your gorgeous mouth and never ending legs."

After hearing all of this I had no idea how to respond, or I did but I was too nervous to. We sat in silence for a minute and then I notice Laura leaning in closer to me, she placed her soft hand on my bare thigh again and I quivered.

"Are you alright with this," she said.

"I want to be," I replied anxiously.

"Here, how about we play a game then, we'll play...hey, let's play truth or dare."

"What, are you crazy, I haven't played truth or dare since like fifth grade," I said.

"Humor me for a minute then."

"Alright," I said. "What did you have in mind then?"

"Well first rule of the game is you have to pick truth or dare Ivy."

I knew where this was going and where I it could lead to and I was actually getting aroused even at the thought of it.

"Dare," I said confidently, looking right into Laura's eyes.

"Alright then, dare it is. I dare you to kiss me Ivy."

I had a feeling that was what she was going to ask me and I was preparing myself to do it. I didn't really even have time to think, I wanted to touch Laura so bad, to feel her soft fair skin on mine. I leaned in and began to kiss her. At first it was a little awkward and new but as we began to get into the scene we were soon letting each others tongues slide together and nibbling one another's lips. Laura stuck her tongue out and I met it with mine as we let our tongues dance together. I was becoming so wet and so turned on, I felt myself wanting so much more.

"Let's go upstairs to the bedroom, there's more space up there," I said.

We both made our way up the spiral staircase and layed down on top of my white down comforter. I lay beside Laura and began kissing her again but letting my right hand roam free. I started by teasing her over her clothes, running my fingers over her swollen nipples and now wet crotch. She had taken her jacket off downstairs but was still in her pants and button down blouse. I slowly undid each button all the while licking and kissing her neck and ear. I heard her moan with pleasure as I opened up her shirt and felt beneath her white lace bra. Her nipples were hard and erect and I just had to have my mouth around them, now.

"Get undressed for me," I said to her seductively.

Laura stood up and took off her shirt, she undid her bra and let it fall to the ground. Her breasts were large but still very perky. She then took down her pants and stood there in her white thong, her ass was amazing too.

"Come here," I said.

She walked over and I took each side of her thong and brought it down to the floor allowing her to step out of it. She began to sit on the bed again but I stopped her.

"No, stay standing for a bit if you can," I said.

"Of course I can," she replied.

I sat on the edge of the bed, Laura standing in front of me naked and beautiful. I began to reach my hands up and play with her hard nipples, rolling them in between my fingers. I then worked my hands down her stomach and over her curvy hips to find her very wet inner thighs. I parted her legs a little more and softly worked my fingers over her bald pussy. I slowly felt and flicked at her clit and pussy lips.

"Oh, oh yeah, that feels so good," she whispered.

I then began to finger her very slowly, first entering one finger into her wetness but then using two and going much deeper. Her legs were far apart enough now that I could use my tongue to flick at her swollen clit. So I did just that.

"Oh gosh, oh Ivy, lick my pussy,"

"Mmmmm...you taste so good Laura," I said.

She did too. I had to have more of her so I told her to lie on the bed. She layed down with her feet at the edge and I place myself on the floor in front of her. I first licked along her inner thighs and teased her a little but then began to lick over her pussy lips and clit, up and down her entire vagina. I parted her lips and allowed myself room to lick and flick my tongue on her clit allowing her to pant harder and harder.

"Yeah, that's it Ivy, right there, keep doing that."

I then lifted the hood of her clit and got direct sensation to it with my flicking tongue and Laura moaned louder.

"Oh gosh, oh baby, I'm gonna come, oh you lick my pussy so good."

Right when I thought she was going to orgasm I plunged a finger into her soaking wet pussy while still flicking and sucking at her clit. She began to shake and arched her back and I got even more excited watching her.

"Yeah, yeah, oh yeah...oh Ivy, don't stop, I'm coming baby...lick up all my juices for me, don't stop," Laura yelled.

I moaned with her as she came so hard, well harder than I myself had ever even come. She then relaxed and let out a big sigh.

"Wow Ivy, that is seriously the best orgasm I've ever experienced, thank you so much."

"The pleasure was all mine, trust me," I said.

She leaned forward and kissed me hard tasting all of the sweet juices left on my tongue.

"Now it's your turn," Laura said.

So I of course calmly replied...

"Truth or dare then?"

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