tagIncest/TabooTruth or Dare

Truth or Dare


I decided to have Sasha crash at my place during spring break. College had been rough on us so we wanted to just relax and get away from it all. My dad was home, but my mom was out of town on business. I knew my dad wouldn't care. I had been a daddy's girl for years. I think it went beyond that sometimes, but I didn't dare let Dad know that I saw the way he looked at me.

So Friday night rolled around and Sasha showed up on the doorstep with her bag.

"Hey Girl!" I gave her a big hug. She was dressed in cut off jean shorts that clung to her body. Her long tan legs seemed to go on forever. Her beautiful little tits looked fabulous in her tank top. "Let's take your stuff up to my room."

"Awesome!" Sasha and I started up the stairs. Dad poked his head out of the kitchen.

"Hi Sasha. We're making pizza for dinner. It should be done soon." He smiled as we ran up the stairs. I could have sworn his eyes were boring a hole in my ass. I had known for some time that my dad wanted me. He had a great body and I'd be lying if I said I didn't fantasize about him too. I couldn't think about that now though. Sasha was here!

We got into my bedroom and closed the door. Sasha dumped her stuff on the bed and I turned around to look at her.

"Those shorts make your ass look great!" I walked up behind her and grabbed her ass. I knew what she liked and I had every intention of giving it to her tonight. She giggled and turned around to face me. I pulled her in close to me and kissed her. Just as I was going to grab her tit, my dad called out to us that the pizza was ready. I smiled at Sasha and told her we'd have to wait.

We ran downstairs to eat. After dinner, Dad suggested we watch movies. Dad was sitting on the couch so us girls sat on the floor in front of him. Part way through the movie I complained I was cold so I grabbed a blanket and covered up. Shortly after Sasha crawled under with me. It wasn't more than ten minutes before our hands were slowly exploring each other's bodies. We tried to act calm like nothing was going on so as not make Dad suspicious.

After the movie we told Dad we were tired and were going to bed.

"Ok. Oh, hey girls. I need to get up kind of early tomorrow, so please don't get too loud tonight, ok?" He smiled. We nodded and took off for my room.

Once inside we decided to play a little game instead of fucking right away. We each got changed into our pajamas and crawled into bed. Sasha looked at me and said "Truth or dare?" I smiled and said "Dare."

She smiled at me and thought for a moment. "I dare you to play with my tits."

I slowly reached under her tank top and began massaging her B cup tits. I rolled her nipples between my fingers. She moaned softly. I knew how she liked it, but I was going to make her wait.

"Truth or dare?" I asked while still rolling her nipples between my fingers.

"Dare," she moaned at me.

"I dare you to play with my tits." And without hesitation, she reached over and grabbed my tits through my tank top. She gentle ran her hand across them, making my nipples hard. She knew I didn't want this. I pinched her right nipple between my fingers and twisted gently.

Sasha moaned loudly. I smiled at her. She slid her hands down my chest and slowly lifted my tank top. I grabbed her left nipple and squeezed harder. She moaned louder and moved her hands quickly to my tits. I laughed out loud.

There was a knock at the door. We pulled the covers up over us. Sasha moved her hands, but I didn't.


Dad opened the door.

"Girls, I asked you to keep it down. Please don't make me come in here again."

"Sorry Daddy." I pouted at him hoping to appease him. He smiled at me and walked out.

I squeezed Sasha tits and watched as she tried to keep her moan quiet. This turned me on even more. She reached under my tank and started playing with my tits again.


I could hear the girls in my daughter's bedroom. Abia and Sasha thought I was clueless. I knew that all through the movie they were fingering each other under that blanket. The thought of the two of them together turned me on. My dick was getting hard at the thought of the two of them fucking each other.

I had wanted Abia for years, but only recently had really started fantasizing about it. She was legal now, so it was ok. Well, other than the fact that she was my daughter.

Several times I had cracked open the door to her bathroom while she was showering and masturbated while watching her. Sometimes during her showers she would finger her pussy and we'd climax together. Then there was the night that her mother was out of town and I went in to check on her. She was laying there naked, only half covered by her bed sheets. Her beautiful tits were exposed. I softly said her name and she didn't respond. I knelt next to her bed. As gently as I could I leaned over and allowed my tongue to drag across her tit. She moaned softly. I pulled back and waited to see if she'd wake up. She didn't. I leaned in again, and this time sucked her hard nipple into my mouth. I wanted so bad to pull the sheets off of her and bury my face in her pussy, but I didn't dare. Not yet.

I heard Sasha moan and then heard Abia giggle. I knocked on the door.


I opened the door.

"Girls, I asked you to keep it down. Please don't make me come in here again."

"Sorry Daddy." Abia gave me that little pout that made me melt every time. I just smiled and walked out into the hallway. I stood by the door for a moment waiting to hear what happened next.

I slowly opened the door and watched as Abia sat up allowing Sasha to take her tank top off. She knelt there in her panties. Sasha was still in her tank top and panties. Sasha leaned over and sucked Abia's nipple into her mouth while slowly pulling her panties down.

I stepped back slowly and undid my pants exposing my long hard dick. I looked back in Abia's room and saw that Sasha was nearly naked at this point. Abia and Sasha were kissing while their hands groped at each other's bodies.


After Dad walked out of my room, I didn't hear the door close all the way. Sasha was playing with my tits and I had an idea that Dad might come back in. If he did, we were going to give him a show. I leaned into Sasha and whispered in her ear.

"I think he's watching us. Let's show him what we're up to."

Sasha giggled. "Sounds good to me." Sasha had wanted to fuck my dad for a while. If she had the chance I'm sure she'd give him the time of her life.

We sat up and Sasha started taking my tank off. Sasha started sucking my tit while pulling my boy shorts down. I immediately started pulling Sasha's tank top off. Once her tits were exposed, I pulled her panties down. I pulled her up to me and kissed her deeply, passionately. Her hands caressed almost every part of my body. I pulled back and started kissing her neck. I knew Dad was watching us now. I whispered in her ear that I was going to try something and that she should play along. I grabbed her ass and she moaned in agreement.

I pushed her sideways and down on to the bed. Her knees were bent and so I pulled them apart. I crawled up slowly and started sucking on her tits. I kissed her abdomen. Then I kissed her inner thigh.

I asked her, loud enough for my dad to hear, "Truth or dare?"

She smiled and answered just as loudly, "Dare."

"I dare you to come and fuck my pussy while I eat out Sasha," and I turned around to see my dad standing there with his dick in hand, furiously jerking off.


She turned and looked at me and I nearly lost it. I could feel my balls tighten up and I wanted so bad to just let it all go.

"Are you sure that's what you want?" I asked Abia.

"Daddy, I dare you to fuck Sasha and me." She smiled as she slowly pushed two fingers up inside Sasha's clean little pussy. Sasha arched her back and moaned. "Come on Daddy. Please." Abia pouted.

God her tits looked great. I wanted to get my around them. I wanted to fuck Abia so bad. I wanted to lick Sasha's pussy. I wanted them both and I needed them now.

I walked over to the bed and both girls got up. Abia pulled my pants down while Sasha started pulling my shirt up. Sasha got my shirt off and started kissing me. I could feel her tits against my chest. Suddenly, I felt someone grab my dick. I moaned. Whoever had their hand wrapped around my dick started slowly jerking me off.

Sasha kissed me deeper as I grabbed her tits. I decided to be gentle. She put her hands over mine and squeezed hard. In that moment, I knew two things. Sasha liked it rough, and my daughter was jerking me off. Just as this realization hit me, I felt her mouth close around my dick. I didn't think I could hold it any longer. I reached down with one hand and grabbed my daughter's head. I held her in place and shoved my dick in her mouth as I spewed cum down her throat. I could feel her swallowing it. After I was done cumming, she licked me dick clean.

Sasha had stopped kissing me and was smiling. I pushed her back on the bed. My daughter laid down next to her and started kissing her.

"I can taste him on you."

"Doesn't he taste good?"

"Oh Abia, I wish I could have sucked him off first." Sasha started fingering Abia's pussy. I leaned down and did something I had wanted to do for a long time. I started kissing my daughter's tits. I kissed down her belly to her pussy. I started kissing her lips. Her clit was swollen and she was so wet. I glanced up just as Sasha brought her mouth down on Abia's tit. I flicked my tongue across her clit. She moaned and lifted her hips. I put my arms under her and lifted her up to my face. I pushed my tongue inside of her wet pussy and heard her gasp.

"Daddy," Abia moaned. I pulled my tongue out and sucked her clit into my mouth. I licked her wet pussy until she came all over my chin. Sasha giggled as I licked Abia's pussy clean.

"It's your turn Sasha," Abia said sitting up. Abia leaned over and started fingering Sasha. She turned and looked at me. "She's mine first." And with that, Abia leaned down and buried her face in her best friend's pussy. Sasha arched her back and grabbed Abia's head. The sight of my daughter eating out another girl made my dick grow hard again. Abia's ass was in the air, so I took advantage of this position.

I got up on my knees and pushed into her wet pussy. I heard Abia moan into Sasha's pussy. I started pumping in and out slowly, matching my speed to Abia's. The entire time, Sasha had her eyes on me. Abia sped up and started getting rougher with Sasha, so I sped up too.

Sasha exploded and cum was dribbling down Abia's chin when she moved slightly forward and kissed Sasha. My dick slid out of her pussy. I wanted so bad to finish inside of her, but the girls had other plans. Abia started to roll over and as she did, Sasha wrapped her legs around me. I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her. Abia started sucking her tits. Sasha moaned.

"Abia, come here. I want to taste you!" Abia swung a leg over Sasha and sat on her face. She put her hands on the wall behind the bed and gave in to Sasha's warm tongue. I continued to pump in and out of Sasha and I watched her eat out my daughter. I reached around Abia and grabbed her tits. I squeezed and kneaded them. I was ready to cum. Abia leaned back against me, and I rolled her nipples between my fingers. I could feel my orgasm building up inside my balls. Abia's body started shaking. I could see Sasha grabbing her hips and pulling her down onto her face. The sight of my daughter cumming on her best friend's face was enough to make me cum inside of Sasha.

All three of us collapsed on the bed. I knew that this was the beginning of a very fun relationship. Things would never be the same between us.

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