tagGroup SexTruth or Dare

Truth or Dare


The evening started off innocently enough. My husband, Bill, and I had a dinner party for a bunch of our friends. We all enjoyed the food, companionship and some great wine. As the night progressed the guests started to dwindle. Some had babysitters waiting, others had to work the next day and some were just tired. Eventually it was just Bill, me and our friend, Jake.

We were sitting around talking, enjoying some more wine and telling jokes. As it often does, the conversation turned to sex. I proposed a game of truth or dare. The rule was that you had to choose truth or dare before the question was asked and if you chose not to do a dare, you had to remove a piece of clothing. Both men were up for the game. Things started mild.

Where is the kinkiest place you ever had sex? What is the first thing you notice about a member of the opposite sex? Have you ever done role playing during sex? Who was the first person you performed oral sex on? All these questions were quickly and easily answered. Several times the dare was chosen and these were mild as well and quickly completed. Jake dared me to kiss Bill on the inner thighs. I dared Jake to lick the back of my neck. Bill dared Jake to demonstrate his favorite sexual position, while acting out an orgasm for 45 seconds.

As we grew more comfortable with each other, the questions and dares grew riskier. Have you ever tasted your own cum? You enter a room where two girls and two guys are having sex all together! They notice you and then continue, do you then leave, watch or join them? Would you consider joining an orgy? The guys were not embarrassed about answering these at all. The next question came to me and I chose truth. Bill asked me to describe a sexual fantasy for them. Knowing this would create a stir for them I replied, "I have always wanted to be with two men at the same time." Both men groaned.

The next question went to Bill and he chose dare. Jake dared him to strip me down to my underwear. Bill eagerly came over and removed my boots then started to undo my jeans. He slid his hands inside the waistband and eased them down over my hips. His palms slid down my hips and legs until he reached my ankles and then my feet. His touch was slow and gentle but incredibly erotic. He reached for the waist band of my shirt and started to lift it up. Rather than simply lifting it up, he slid it with his hands so that his palms were in constant contact with my skin. As his hands slid over the thin material of my bra I shivered with excitement and my nipples stood out hard and waiting to be touched more, but he did not. He removed my shirt and tossed it aside.

The next round was to Jake and he chose dare as well. I dared Jake to moon me so I could see his nice firm ass. He dropped his pants and bent over giving me a little bump and grind show. He had lowered his pants far enough that I could see his balls and I wanted to lick and suck on them. He pulled his pants back up and fastened them without me getting a taste.

Again the question was back to me. Since I was turned on after the caresses I had received from Bill, I chose the dare. Bill dared me to give Jake a lap dance for 5 minutes. Jake took his place on the couch and I straddled his lap and started to run my hands over my body and grind slightly into Jake. Then Bill told me that when women give lap dances, they are normally topless. Jake wasted no time unhooking my bra. Since it hooked in the front, he used this opportunity to push the cups to the side to reveal my nipples and slid his hands across my nipples and tweaked them gently. My panties were thin and my juices were starting to flow, leaving a damp spot on Jake's jeans. I ground hard onto him and was greeted with his hardness pressing into me. This spurred me on further and I got sexier and sexier with my moves and ran my hands all across my chest and played with my nipples. I could see Bill rubbing himself through his jeans. He announced that time was up and I gave Jake a long deep kiss and climbed off his lap.

It was back to Bill's turn and he quickly chose dare. I don't think anyone was in the mood to answer questions anymore. What I said next aroused both men instantly. I told Bill that I wanted him to help me give Jake a blow job. Jake couldn't get out of his pants fast enough. I got on my knees in front of Jake and Bill got behind me. He put his hands on both of my cheeks and guided me onto Jake's cock and slowly pushed my head down until I had Jake fully in my mouth. I pulled my mouth back slightly and used my hand on the bottom of his shaft. I told Bill to put his hand over mine and guide me while I sucked Jake. Jake started to fuck my face and his strokes became a little faster. I pulled back completely, turned to Bill and with a wicked smile said, "Your turn." He started to protest saying this isn't what he had in mind with helping. While he was talking I positioned Jake's cock at his lips. It slid in and Bill could no longer talk. Both Jake and Bill had a look of surprise on their faces as they saw Jake's cock in Bill's mouth. I gave Bill the same treatment he had just given me. I gently pushed his face down onto Jake's cock and Jake groaned to feel a mouth on him again. Then I told them that I was going to suck Jake's balls while Bill sucked his cock. Bill must have been enjoying himself because he started to suck Jake's cock like a pro.

I knelt down behind Jake and started to lick and suck on those balls that I wanted to taste earlier. I decided to try a little extra and see how it was received. I slid my tongue from his balls back to the opening of his ass. He let out a gasp as my tongue touched him. I moved it further back and went to work on licking his ass. He loved everything I was giving him. I decided I had nothing to lose and took it a step further. I slipped a couple of fingers into my pussy and fucked myself briefly. I then took one of my wet fingers and slowly began to slip it into Jake's ass. I heard him inhale sharply as I gradually slipped more of my finger into him. I slowly stroked my finger in and out of his ass and his rhythm of fucking Bill's face increased. I added a second finger and began to work his tight little ass. His moans came faster and were louder and he was pumping Bill's face in quick time. I heard him groan, "Oh yes, that's it. I'm going to fucking cum." I continued to pump his ass while he unloaded on Bill's face. Bill had never given a blow job so he had no idea how to handle with a mouth and face full of cum. I removed my fingers from Jake's ass and went over to Bill. I kissed him and licked every ounce of cum from his mouth. Then I proceeded to take my tongue and lick the remaining cum from his face. Jake told me how hot it was to watch this.

I told Bill that I thought it was only fair that he get a blow job as well. I'm not sure what he thought was going to happen next but he was excited to see me greedily gobble up his cock. He was lying on his back and I was on my knees taking every inch of him in. Jake knelt behind me and was grabbing my tits, working my nipples, which were still hard. My moans were buried on Bill's hard shaft as I continued to suck him. Jake moved his hands down and started to rub my clit. I was so hot and wet that it didn't take me long to cum. I pushed back into his hand and rode it hard as I drenched his fingers.

I pulled my mouth off Bill's cock and told them that it was only fair that Jake and I give Bill the same treatment that he had gotten. I saw a look of doubt cross his eyes, but when I reached out to his cock and started stroking it, he could no longer resist. I told Jake to lie on the floor and have Bill straddle his face so I could work on his ass like I had Jake. I know Bill loves to have his ass played with so he quickly got into position. Jake was hard again and I was wet, so I pulled off my panties and lowered myself onto him. Bill bent over and I worked his ass while I rode Jake's cock. We settled into a comfortable rhythm. Everyone was moaning and fucking in their various forms.

I was nearing an orgasm, so I eased myself off of Jake and my fingers out of Bill's ass. I ran to the bedroom to get our lube. Bill loves to fuck my ass and I was about to give him the opportunity. I came back with the lube and worked on getting my ass ready. I spread the lube around my asshole and slipped a finger in, doing a slow fuck on it while both men watched. They were both stroking their cocks as they watched. I told them it was time to get back to fucking. I lubed up Bill's cock and then surprised him when I lubed up his ass as well. He put me on the couch with my ass right at the edge. He slipped into my ass and let out a scream as he entered me. He loves my ass because it clamps so tightly around him. He fucked me like he hadn't had sex in a year. I asked Jake to come stand in front of me. I poured some lube into one hand and applied it to Jake's cock. He was fucking my hand and I knew he wanted to bury it somewhere. I told him that if he thought MY ass was tight, he should try Bill's. Bill was busy fucking me I'm not sure he heard what I said. I pulled him down on top of me so that his ass was sticking up in the air. Jake moved behind Bill and repeated what I had done to his ass. He slipped a finger in and started finger fucking him, then added a second finger, spreading his hole further apart. He eased his fingers out, replacing them with his cock. I knew how it felt to have him in my pussy and apparently he felt just as good in Bill's ass because he let out another loud scream as Jake eased into him.

I looked up at Bill and saw the absolute delight in his eyes as he got fucked while he fucked me. Both men were fucking hard and fast and the look I saw in Bill's eyes sent me over the edge. I came hard and my ass clamped tighter around Bill's cock. This brought him to his orgasm as he pumped my ass full of his cum. The fucking continued. As Jake fucked Bill's ass, it drove Bill into me time after time. It wasn't much longer before Jake was ready to cum. He pulled out of Bill's ass and shot his load all over it. I eased myself off the couch and went around to lick Jake's cum off Bill's ass. When I was done, I told Jake that he could clean out my ass. He tongue fucked my hole while Bill went to work on my clit. I came quickly with the feel of both of their tongues on me. They licked me clean and we collapsed in a heap on the floor. We continued to stroke each other as we drifted off to sleep.

I am looking forward to our next dinner party and seeing who our last guest is. Maybe it will be a woman and I'll have a chance to share her with Bill.

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by Anonymous

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by boradda06/19/18

This story to me is what you call a real Truth or Dare
All were up to what was required of them to do
Even into ass fucking

A good story

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