Truth or Dare


They were at a party.

It wasn't a big party — just some friends at someone's house, but it was fun.

She was just nearly tipsy enough to allow herself to admit she really liked the shirt he as wearing, but managed to avoid looking at him that he noticed.

It was about that time that someone suggested playing Truth or Dare.

In her earlier days, it was a game she had a lot fun with at parties. However, now all grown up, it made her a bit nervous.

Before the game started, rules were discussed. She asked that if someone got a truth question, they could opt for the dare instead. The rule was accepted. And the game started.

About ten of them sat in various spots around the room, and initial questions were rather harmless. No one had asked for a dare yet. Then they got to her.

And when she chose truth, someone asked her if she could sleep with anyone in the room, who would it be — male or female, to much laughter.


She could feel their eyes on her. But especially his eyes on her. And there was no fucking way she'd be sticking with truth on this one. She started to blush and couldn't stop it.

"Dare, please!" she said.

More laughter.

"Well, I guess there is AN answer, just one we won't ever know?" someone said.

"Can we move on to the dare?" she said, trying to derail the embarrassing moment. She couldn't look in his direction, but somehow, she knew he was smiling. For more reasons than anyone else in the room.

"Ok, here's your dare," someone said.

And of course, wouldn't you know it — it was to kiss him. Nothing major. But anything was bad enough.

"Come on," she said.

"That's the dare!" someone said.

She considered. It was actually a good thing this was the dare, as it was probably because people thought it was the last thing they'd be likely to want to do — no one realized the truth was she wanted to do this more than anything.

She still couldn't look at him.

"Can I get another dare?" she said.

"You're taking up half the game already! You've got your truth, you've got your dare! Now pick one," someone said, teasing her.

The blushing started again.

"Doesn't he have to agree? He didn't pick a dare?" she said.

"I agree," he said.

"Unlike some people, I play the game according to the rules," he said, laughing.

She gave up. Now she had to do it because backing out would make things super obvious.

"Ok, you win. Crap, I was much better at this game when I was 17," she said.

She was sitting on the floor and he was sitting on the couch. She quickly crawled over, her blushing likely out of control, trying not to look in his eyes.

But it was too late. She caught them. He was entirely amused at her discomfort.

"I can't imagine this is the worst thing you've ever had to do in a Truth or Dare game?" he said.

"Shut up," she said, and kissed his mouth quickly — feeling it so soft on hers — pulling away. Trying to breathe.

"Lame!" someone yelled.

"I did it! Move on please," she said, laughing.

But of course, now that she was an easy target, the game continued in that manner.

Repeatedly, she was dared to kiss him when her turn came around.

"Why doesn't he ever get this dare?" she said, protesting.

"Because he doesn't blush insanely every time it comes up," someone said.

He laughed.

"This time it has to be longer though," someone said.

"Not fair," she said.

"I thought you were good at this game?" someone else said.

And she was. She had kissed people, skinny dipped, stripped down to her underwear, and other things she'd probably have preferred doing right now than kissing him in front of all these people.

"You can't stop till we say," someone said.

She looked at him now, once again smiling at her reaction. And he winked at her. She felt faint.

"Ok," she said, resigned.

"You don't have to sound that miserable about it," he said.

This time he came down to her level on the floor.

Someone made a big show of looking at his watch.

"Ok, ready? Go," he said.

She leaned in for the kiss and tried to keep her eyelids from fluttering, unsuccessfully. His mouth moved on hers, and she struggled to keep her hands in her lap, and not move one to his neck.

This time it was a real kiss, a different kiss. She tried to pull away.

"Not yet! Time's not up," someone said.

Of course there were whistles and what not, which would have embarrassed her except she lost awareness of almost all but that kiss. Only the two of them were aware of the difference in this one than before — although before made her heart race too.

His mouth moved strong on hers, teasing her lips with his, and she could feel him responding, hearts beating.

It was when she felt their mouths almost open, knew there would be no turning back, that she pulled away.

"Cheating!" someone said.

"Ok, I'm out," she said.

"I accept the loss, with dignity," she said, getting up.

"And I need a drink after that ordeal," she said.

"Thanks a lot. I'm insulted," he said.

But she knew he knew better. In fact, he wanted to follow her as she walked out of the room, but thought it would look strange.

It worked out well. She felt she walked away with her true feelings securely intact, able to keep composure until she was out of sight in the kitchen.

Only then did she lean against the wall, eyes closed, trying to get the feel of his mouth out of her head.

She poured herself a shot of something strong and lifted it to her mouth with a shaky hand.

A few minutes later the Truth or Dare session broke up. At that point she was ready to leave. She didn't think she could recover her coolness after that. Plus she was sure to be teased mercilessly and had already gone way over her blushing quota for the year in one night.

She headed upstairs to get her coat and was pulling through the piling when she heard him behind her.

"Hey," he said.

He was leaning against the doorway.

"Leaving already?" he said.

"You think? Thanks for coming to my aid down there. Way to have my back," she said, turning back to the coats.

He laughed.

"Come on. It was just a game," he said.

She closed her eyes.

"You know it was more than that to me," she said, not turning around.

"Was it?" he said.

She turned around with her coat.

"Truth, or dare?" she said.

"Truth," he said.

"What were you thinking during that last kiss?" she said.

He'd moved into the room, and was closer.

"What was I thinking?" he said.

"Forget it," she said, turning to leave.

"I was thinking that if that kiss lasted one minute longer, I wouldn't have been able to control myself, audience or no audience," he said.

She stopped short.

"It took everything I had to not open my mouth and find your tongue. How about you?" he said.

"You didn't ask me if I wanted truth or dare," she said, still not turning around.

"Ok. Truth or dare?" he said.

She turned around.

"Dare," she said.

He smiled.

"I dare you to kiss me. Now. With no one around," he said, stepping toward her.

"No safety net. No outside boundaries," he said.

"You think I'm scared now?" she said.

"Yes, I do," he said.

"You're wrong. But I don't think it is necessarily private..." she said, looking at the door.

"Ok," he said, glancing around.

He opened a closet door and pulled her in, shutting the door behind them.

She laughed.

"Just to confirm that we are behaving like 12 year olds at a party?" she said in the darkness.

"Dare," he said.

Oh, it is on, she thought. When all else failed, she knew she could deliver a hell of a kiss. And in his case? Oh, fuck yeah.

She looked in his eyes, shimmering in the dark. With both hands, she stroked his face, lingering at the back of his neck, teasing there. Her mouth grazed his, her lips gently teased his mouth.

After the night they'd had, his mouth was dying to open. He was aching for her tongue. But he waited. Waited.

His fingers buried in his hair, and her mouth caught his, easing into the kiss, still teasing, teasing, soft lips opening, gently opening, so slow, so hot, so soft, until he felt her tongue reaching for his.

Their mouths opened, so slowly, tongues meeting, teasing. Her hands left his hair and her arms wrapped around his neck, her back bending, pulling him deeper, deeper. He turned her body to him, and their kiss just went there. It went there.

His back pushed against the wall, both of them unable to breathe, that kiss that they'd held back throughout the game, throughout the last several years, really, overwhelming, hot, wet, her up on her toes, him squeezing his hands on her hips, tongues twisting, hot, so hot.

"Ummmmmm," she whispered, licking, sucking, his fingers moving now, under her shirt, up and under, their kiss so deep and unbreakable, cautiously but naturally finding her nipple through her bra, working it hard and sweet.

Her hand moving to his pants, to his dick through his pants, feeling it hard, breathing hard, his head turning to catch her mouth harder, deeper. So deep. So wet. So hot.

"I always knew it would be like this," she whispered.

"Me too," he whispered.

Her hand stroking his hardness. Her nipple in his fingers. Her leg wrapped around his waist.

He pushed her back, breaking the kiss.

Still in the dark of the closet, they stared at each other, catching their breath.

"Let's go," he said.

"Where?" she said.

"Anywhere. Somewhere," he said, teasing her mouth.

"Somewhere we can spend more than seven minutes in heaven," he said.

She laughed.

The end.

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by KevinandNina06/28/17

Felt like I was there

Nice story. Great detail.
In school they always said "write what you know".
The author rights as if she's reliving an event.

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