tagGay MaleTruth or Dare

Truth or Dare


Matt had the biggest boner of his life. He was sitting in the living room with his friends Andy, Kate, and Stacey, and he was watching Kate give Stacey oral sex.

They'd all gone round to Andy's place for a drinking session, and after an hour or so and several levels of inebriation, the night had turned into a game of truth or dare. It had started out light enough, with normal boring questions and silly dares, but had eventually turned more adult as the game went on and the drinks went down.

Everyone was now completely naked, everyone had kissed everyone, even Matt and Andy, which they'd both been very reluctant to do, but had relented due to the fact the girls had and they were both very drunk. Matt was also fitted with a buttplug.

It had taken several minutes to convince him to fulfil the dare from Stacey, but he'd finally done it, and after a generous coating of lube taken from Andy's bedroom, had squeezed the plug that Stacey had pulled from her bag into his arse. It had taken a while, but he had finally gotten used to the discomfort and now barely registered it if he sat still. Whenever he moved, however, he became very aware of it. He even had to admit it had come to feel rather satisfying nestled several inches deep inside him.

A few turns later, Andy had dared Kate to eat out Stacey. Now it was Kate's turned to try and work her way out. Stacey had kept silent the whole time; maybe she wanted it? But nobody could tell. While Matt was very much looking forward to the show, he was actually quite scared. If the girls had to do it, then surely they'd dare the boys to do it, and there was no way Matt was going to suck Andy's dick, and he was pretty sure that Andy felt the same. But Andy kept at it, and Kate pouted and said she'd do it, and here they were, with Stacey flat on her back on the floor, Kate between her legs, lapping at her clit like a professional.

She hadn't wanted to do it originally, but she must've been enjoying it, because she was eating her out quite passionately, Matt noticed, running her hands over Stacey's naked body, with her lips wrapped around Stacey's entire cunt. Matt couldn't see what she was doing with her tongue, but it must've been good, because Stacey was caught in a never ending moan, and her legs and body kept throwing out little spasms, her stomach tightening as her clit was relentlessly pleasured.

After about only five minutes, the moans turned rapid, and her legs straightened out as the muscles in them tightened up, and Stacey's entire body convulsed as she came. Kate fulfilled her dare well, licking her all the way through the orgasm, until she was well and truly done.

Sitting up and wiping Stacey's juices off her face, she smiled and grabbed her drink. "That wasn't so bad I guess."

"Yeah, we can tell. Stacey certainly loved it". Stacey was unable to respond, just offering a dreamy smile and nodding slowly.

"Alright Andy, your turn. Truth or dare?" Kate asked.

"Truth. Haven't picked that for a while."

"Alright then. Hmm. What was the last thing you jerked off to?"

"A porno of some chick using a dildo to get herself off. Pretty plain, but she was really hot"

"You boring shit!" she said, laughing.

"Haha yeah I know, oh well. Your turn Stace. What're you up for?"

Still recovering, Stacey sounded out of breath when she replied. "Truth. I'm too out of it to do a dare at the moment", making everyone laugh.

"Ok then. When I dared Kate to eat you out, you went silent. You wanted her to do it, didn't you?" This prompted Matt and Kate to round on Stacey, silently demanding her answer. They got one in the form of a very red face.

"Um...kinda?" she replied, embarrassed, before bumbling out more words. "Not that way, I don't mean I wanted Kate to eat me out, but getting head is getting head, y'know? It's gonna feel awesome whoever does it"

"Hmm, yeah I guess."

Stacey asked Matt what he chose, and he followed suit and picked truth. "How's the buttplug? Do you like it? I want details."

Matt squirmed uncomfortably, unintentionally shifting the plug, sending a shiver up his spine. He could feel his face starting to burn. "Um, it's gotten alright I guess. It was really uncomfortable at first, but I've gotten used to it. I wouldn't say it's 'good', but I don't hate it," he said, looking at the floor the entire time.

Stacey just smiled seductively. "Yeah, it gets like that".

They all reached for their drinks as one, and went back to the game. When Stacey had finished her dare of walking down to the mailbox naked, she came back inside shivering, then looked at Andy and asked "truth or dare", and got "dare" in response. Matt wondered why she chose him, as he hadn't had a turn for a while.

Stacey looked Andy dead in the eyes. Matt's stomach dropped. He knew it was coming. She was going to dare him to suck Matt's dick. Although he partially agreed with her assertion that it feels great whoever does it, he wasn't exactly happy about getting a blowjob from a guy.

"I dare you and Matt to fuck"

"WHAT?!" Both Matt and Andy had cried out at the same time, before spewing out refusals as fast as they could, but Stacey just held up her hand. "Hey, rules of the game. And Kate did her dare, and I didn't even get asked about it either." Before Matt could assert he wasn't asked either, Stacey said "this'll just count for your next dare as well Matt".

Matt and Andy both looked at each other, then subconsciously, down at each other's dicks. Matt's dick had more girth, but Andy had length in his favour, clocking in around 6-7 inches Matt guessed. They were both assessing whether they could take the other's inside them. They both realised what they were each looking at, and their eyes snapped up at once. Matt stuttered, but Andy blurted out "I'm top!" before Matt had a chance.

"Wait, what?! Are you fucking serious?"

"Hey, I want to do this the same amount you do, but they're not gonna let us get out it, and besides, you've had that buttplug in for ages, so it'll hurt you less." Hating Stacey for what he now thought was a preparatory dare, he realised the logic was sound, but that made him feel worse. A minute ago, he was worried that he might get his dick sucked by a guy, now he was facing the prospect of taking that guy's dick in his arse. He could simply refuse, but the copious amount of alcohol he had ingested had lowered his inhibitions just enough to contemplate it.

Both the girls were now sitting on the couch, eager to watch it seemed. Andy stood up and walked out of the room, and reappeared a few moments later with a condom. He held it up sheepishly.

Matt swallowed the lump in his throat, then his body took control of itself and sat forward and got into a position on his hands and knees, while Andy put the condom on and slathered the whole length with generous amounts of lubrication.

He stared at the floor, wondering why the hell he was going through with this, when Andy piped up. "Hey dude, you think you can maybe, um, take out the buttplug?" He'd completely forgotten, his mind was so consumed with what was about to happen. He absentmindedly reached behind himself and grabbed the base and slowly pulled it out. When he felt it pop out, his arse suddenly felt completely empty, as if it was missing something and desired what had previously filled it.

He felt Andy kneel behind him on the floor, and place one hand on his arse, pulling the cheek open to expose his bud. He heard him take a deep breath, then felt him place the head of his cock at the entrance to his backdoor.

He was instantly struck with the sobering realisation that he was about to be fucked up the arse, but before he could say anything, Andy pushed. Due to the buttplug that had been inside Matt for near an hour, there was little resistance, and he could feel the head pop as it entered him, causing a sharp intake of breath. Andy stopped pushing for a moment, as if summing up the will to keep going, then started pushing deeper, then eventually came to a stop when he was all the way in.

With Andy's cock about 6 inches deep inside him, Matt stared ahead, his mind swimming. He was bigger than the plug, so the empty feeling he'd felt when it was removed had now been replaced by an even fuller sensation than before, and he was ashamed to admit that he didn't hate this either. It was just as, if not more, satisfying. He tried to reason that his body had just become accustomed and wasn't used to nothing being there, but when Andy slowly pulled back, he knew it wasn't a valid defence. The sliding across his ring felt good. Very good.

Andy reached the end of his shaft, then began to push back in again, and stopped when he was all the way in again. "Does it hurt? It's so fucking tight I can't tell if I'm doing it too hard."

Matt didn't want to reply in case they could tell by the sound of his voice how much he was loving this, but he thought no reply would reveal this even more, so he simply said "no".

Andy started up again, sliding out then pushing back in, at a slightly faster pace, repeating the pattern and settling into a steady pace until he was properly fucking Matt. Matt could hear Andy's breaths growing; he was clearly enjoying this. Matt wasn't anymore though. His arse was starting to burn slightly, and he had a feeling he knew why. "Um, Andy? I don't suppose those condoms are latex free? Cos I'm allergic and it's starting to hurt"

Andy stopped and blurted out "oh shit, sorry dude, I had no idea!" and quickly pulled himself out of Matt, causing Matt to involuntarily push back, his arse already missing Andy's hard cock.

Before he even realised what was happening, Andy had pulled the condom off, then quickly coveted his now naked cock in more lube, and lined up with matt's arse and plunged back inside.

The difference in the feeling was unbelievable. Matt could now feel every vein, every bump, and best of all, the warmth. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he let out a "hnnngggg" without meaning to, causing the girls on the couch to gasp. He'd forgotten they were watching this. He soon forgot again when Andy pulled out and started fucking him again, with heavy breaths coming from him with every thrust.

Matt was breathing heavy now too, the naked cock feeling divine, and he noticed his cock was now growing quite plump and beginning to leak precum.

With the cock pounding away at him, he lost himself in the feeling until he heard Kate speak. "Having fun, are you boys?"

Matt was indeed, so much that he couldn't even reply because he didn't want to let out the moan building in his throat. Andy didn't reply either, but his breathing soon turned to short grunts, and he started going harder, holding tight onto Matt's hips and driving his cock into his arse.

Matt couldn't help it. He moaned. Loudly. The girls gasped again, and he thought Andy might react, but he just kept fucking Matt as if nothing had happened, causing the moans to start pouring from his throat.

Matt was having the greatest sex of his life, and his dick wasn't even being touched. It was hard as a rock though, sticking up and pointing straight ahead, with a small puddle of precum underneath it.

His hips started bucking, pushing himself back onto Andy's amazing dick, the both of them moaning and grunting and covered in sweat, fucking each other with primal lust. Andy's grunts began to rise in pitch, and he started crying out with every thrust. Matt could feel his arse start to pulsate, and he felt a tickle growing inside his cock, and after a few more thrusts he heard Andy scream out "oh fuck I'm gonna cum!", and he felt his cock grow thicker as it prepared to empty itself inside his arse. The extra thickness sent Matt wild, and right as he felt warm liquid shooting out of Andy's rod, his own cock exploded, shooting cum out of it.

Matt's groaned long and loud, and his body started spasming. Andy grabbed him so he wouldn't fall, wrapping his arms around his chest and pounded away at his arse, milking the rest of the cum out of his cock. Matt's dick twitched all the while, spewing out the last remaining residents of his balls onto the carpet.

Andy slowed down, and eventually came to a stop, still deep inside Matt. They knelt in their embrace for a few moments, before Andy slowly withdrew from Matt's arse, then lay down on the floor, breathing heavily. Matt did the same, his skin tingling all over his body, his brain throbbing at the intensity of his orgasm. He could feel Andy's jizz slowly leaking out of his arse, but he didn't care. He had just had the best sexual experience of his life.

After a moment of silence, Kate burst out "that was the hottest thing I have ever fucking seen." Stacey nodded in agreement, a look of awe plastered across her face, then added "you totally have to let us watch next time you do that."

Matt looked over at Andy, and was met with Andy looking back. The look on both of their faces said what their mouths didn't need to: 'next time' was definitely something that was going to happen.

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