tagErotic CouplingsTruth or Dare Ch. 01

Truth or Dare Ch. 01


Authors Note: This is my twenty-fifth story. It is a true-to-life account of on an experience I had a short time ago (May 2005). Enjoy and please remember that all feedback is greatly appreciated! Also, a HUGE thank you to all the friends who edited this for me, ya'll are the best!!! *hugs and kisses*


We had been working in the same office for a few months and I had always noticed him. For the longest time I didn't know what it was about him that would always grab my attention...then one day it hit me. It was his voice! He sounded frighteningly similar to one of my best friends Steve!

Steve and I had been friends for years and our friendship had always been very open in all respects. We often engaged in discussions about our fantasies and sex lives, and once he was in the process of getting a divorce, our friendship expanded to include phone sex, cyber sex, and the planning of meeting face to face just to see what might happen.

I had grown to love and adore Steve over the years. I trusted and valued his opinion, I turned to him for support, advice and a swift kick in the ass if I was being an idiot, and for a very long time he had been a big part of my sexual fantasies.

Once it dawned on me that I found myself attracted to Greg because he reminded me of Steve I started feeling guilty. I'd find myself watching him, listening for his voice, finding reasons to walk past his desk or even flirting with him...then once I realized what I'd done I'd feel horrible because I felt like I was only acting that way because he reminded me of Steve.

A solution to this problem came in the form of advice from my best friend when she said, "So spend some time with him and see if it's HIM or Steve your interested in"

So...one day I took the initiative and asked him out for coffee after work, and to my surprise...he said yes!

After spending only about a half hour to an hour with him I knew that it was all him. The way his voice reminded me of Steve got me to the point of asking him out, but when I was around him my reactions to him and desire to find out more about him were all about him and had nothing to do with how I felt about Steve.

We met up after work...went out to eat...drove around and talked...sat in a park and talked...and eventually ended up back at his apartment. We sat and talked about all kinds of things. Eventually I made some comment about my writing and it came out that I had stories posted here on Literotica. Greg asked if he could see them, so I went on his computer and pulled up my profile. He read a few stories and we discussed some aspects of both our sexual experiences.

Conversation went back to less sexual topics. After a while I asked why he had a deck of cards on his chessboard, since I didn't recall ever having played chess and having cards involved.

He said the cards were for playing truth or dare.

The rules were as follows: Person A cuts the deck and person B calls high or low, then flips over the top card. If the card is what they called then they win the hand and get to give a truth or dare to Person A. If they loose then Person A gives them a truth or dare. You have to alternate between truth and dare and alternate the person cutting every time.

The truths right from the beginning were sexual...how old were you when you lost your virginity?...how many people have you slept with?...when was the last time you had sex?...what's your favorite position? And so on.

It didn't take long before the dares became sexual too...use the chess piece to tease your nipple...wear my bra on your head...lick my nipple...take your pants off...and so on.

Finally I worked up the guts to dare Greg to kiss me. I told him to stand up, take his glasses off and kiss me...which he readily did. There was definitely passion in his kiss...but there was also a tenderness that made my knees weak...made me feel safe, comforted and made me not want to stop kissing him. However...I made myself pull back and continue with the game.

He dared me to use my mouth in his groin area (keep in mind neither of us had pants on but both still had our underwear on) to turn him on. So I knelt down on the floor between his legs and kissed from his right knee up to the edge of his boxers. Then I flicked my tongue along the edge of his boxers, rubbing my cheek against his cock as I snaked my tongue under his boxers up his leg just a little.

I dared him to use a candlestick holder to simulate jacking himself off...which he did with gusto, not only using hand movements, but also adding sound effects to the mix that only made me hotter!!!

The next dare he gave me was to reach into my panties and get my fingers wet and taste myself...which I did eagerly since I've always enjoyed my taste and was definitely wet from all the sexual tension.

I don't even remember how we ended up this way...but thanks to one of us daring the other I ended up on the couch beside him with him using his hand to tease my pussy while making sure to keep the fabric of my panties between his fingers and my very wet and very eager pussy. After only a couple minutes of his gentle rubbing and teasing I made him stop because I was painfully close to cumming.

Not long after I was again kneeling on the floor in front of him using my hands and mouth to tease his cock through his boxers. I would rub my face across his cock through the boxers, tease my tongue as far up as I could, take the head of his cock into my mouth through the boxers and I could feel and taste the precum as it started to leak onto the fabric of the boxers.

Eventually I gave up on the whole over the boxers thing and pulled his cock free and quickly brought it to my lips. His precum tasted divine...not too salty but not too sweet...and his cock felt so hot and hard in my mouth. I couldn't get enough! I don't know how long I spent on my knees licking and sucking and teasing his cock, but I would guess somewhere in the area of about a half hour, maybe more. Whenever I felt he was close to cumming I'd slow down or pull back. I loved teasing him and enjoying his cock and wasn't ready for him to cum and end my fun.

Finally he asked me to stop so he could return the favor. I got up on the couch beside him again and this time he slipped his hand inside my panties to tease my pussy. Within seconds I was moaning and screaming as he teased his finger up and down my slit and began rubbing my throbbing clit slowly. After only a minute or so of him teasing my clit I came hard and loud.

His finger slowed on my clit as I came down from the orgasm and he moved that wondrous finger down to slip it inside my pussy. He started to finger fuck my wet pussy, making me moan even more as I pushed against his hand...then like a pro he found my g-spot and in seconds I was cumming again, biting into his shoulder to keep from screaming too loudly. Admittedly I held back a little...unsure how he'd react to a full blown g-spot orgasm from me since I'm one of those women who can "squirt", or as I like to call it, "make a puddle".

Again his finger slowed and he removed it from my soaking cunt to tease at my clit again. Once more it took only a minute or so for his finger rubbing my clit to bring me to the edge and send me screaming as another orgasm wracked my body. Greg was eager to please and didn't want to stop...but after three such strong orgasms so close together I was just too sensitive to keep going.

As I caught my breath and came back into myself I confided something of a "fetish" of mine to Greg. My love of having a man cum on me, of watching him stroke his cock, watching it explode all over my body. Then rubbing his hot cum into my skin, feeling it dry on me, putting my clothes on over top and walking among people knowing his cum is all over my body while I interacted with them.

Greg agreed to appease my desire to have him cum on me and I quickly returned to my position kneeling between his legs.

As he stroked his cock I kissed his lips, ran my nails up and down his thighs and teased his balls. Within minutes he was cumming all over my tits. I moaned as I rubbed his hot cum into my tits, teasing my nipples with my wet fingertips and then bent to take his cock into my mouth and suck it clean.

We stayed there like that for a few minutes, his head resting on the back of the couch as he came down from the orgasm, my head resting on his thigh as I felt his cum start to dry on my tits.

Greg glanced at the clock and noticed that it was after 5AM...which meant we'd spent more than twelve hours together. Not to mention that I needed to be at work in two hours and him in three!

He offered to let me crash there, but I needed to get home and get ready for the weekend so we scrambled to put clothes on and he drove me home (thankfully only about a five minute drive) and we kissed goodbye.

As I sit here now and write this...all I can think is how thankful I am that he reminded me of Steve because without that I wouldn't have had the drive to ask him out and that wonderful experience would never have happened. Not to mention that if date #1 was that explosive and amazing, I can't even start to imagine how we'd top that on date #2...but I know I can't wait to try!

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