tagIncest/TabooTruth or Dare Daddy!

Truth or Dare Daddy!


The Lordes Family was made up of Luke and Ashley, a married couple of thirty years. Ashley was a teacher and Luke was a carpenter. They had two children, a son and a daughter.

Thier son, Trevor, twenty-three, was away at college studying to be a doctor. Thier daughter Trina, who was eighteen and not very much of a go getter, was attending classes at the local college.

Every summer, the family went to a beach house where they roamed the board walk and spent time together as a family.

However, this summer, Trevor was staying at school to finish up his final projects before he transferred to a larger school for his extended schooling.

Ashley had decided to pick up an extra semester of classes, so she wasn't able to take the annual trip. Luke had thought he would just cancel, that is until he saw the look of disappointment on Trina's face.

He couldn't disappoint his little princess, he knew she looked forward to this vacation every year. Why couldn't they go together? Father daughter trips were great bonding time.

After saying goodbye to her mother, Trina sat in the car watching her father kiss her goodbye. She'd love for him to kiss her like that, although her father was almost fifty, he was still dead sexy.

He had rippled muscles and a deep tan, he worked out all the time. She loved to sit and watch him with sweat glistening on his skin. This was why she often worked out with him.

She was glad she'd packed her vibrator, she would go nuts without a way to relieve herself after each one of his workouts.

Then they were off, on thier way to the beach. Trina couldn't help but to fantasize about her father's hot body.

Halfway there, while her father was paying for drinks and gas, she thought of it. She had an idea of how to seduce him.

She pulled her top over her head and flung it into the backseat and relaxed her seat a bit. Once Daddy got back into the car, he wouldn't even be able to see anything but her perky tits!

She put on her dark sunglasses and leaned back, she couldn't wait! Luke got into the car and choked a little. Once he pulled himself together and drove like he never saw a thing.

It was his daughter there next to him. He couldn't imagine looking at her like that. But why was his cock fluttering in his pants? He had to get himself under control.

Arriving at the beach house in the afternoon, Trina headed for the beach, leaving her father to unpack. She spread out a blanket and lotioned up. Her father could view his sexy little girl while he worked.

After unpacking, Luke called Ashley back home and told her about the trip. Although he failed to mention his emotions at seeing Trina in her bikini.

After he hung up, he saw Trina headed back to the house.

"Hey baby girl, want to go for a jog after dinner?"

She was so excited thinking her plan must be working, any uncomfortableness between them was gone. They ate a quick dinner and headed out to jog on the beach.

When they returned home, a storm was brewing, they could hear thunder in the distance. Trina took a shower and used her vibrator. She couldn't believe how sexy her daddy was.

She imagined his cock, flopping out and perking up at the site of her mastrubating. This set her off and she moaned a little too loud.

Her father yelled in, "Are you ok?"

She giggled, then said "Yes daddy, I'm great." She slipped into a tank top with no bra and a short pair of shorts with no pantys.

She was all shaved up and bare, her daddy should like that. When she came into the living room, her father headed to the shower, while she put her plan into action.

After he was happily soaped up, she went to the power box and flipped the switch. Hollering in to her father she said, "Daddy, the power went out from the storm, do you know where the candles are?"

She found the candles and lit a few and then pulled the blinds shut. Heavy drops of rain were falling, her story looked legit. Her father emerged from the bathroom wearing pj pants and a tank top.

He looked sexy. She had to have him!! Part two of her plan was to get him drunk. So she offered him a beer, which he quickly took. She wanted him to think less about what they were going to be doing and more fucking her!

She opened her bottle of wine and poured herself a glass. They sat together on the long sofa. "Daddy, I'm bored!" she said.

He laughed, "Just like when you were ten! What should we do?"

Trina giggled, "Can we play truth or dare like when I was ten Daddy?"

Luke was a little shocked that she was calling him Daddy, she hadn't called him that since she was ten either. He agreed to a game of truth or dare and opened another beer.

He went first, "Truth or dare Trinnie?"

He hadn't called her that in years. Damn, this night was getting stranger.

She smiled, "Dare of course!! You know how much I like dares!"

He smiled, he knew she had never taken a truth before. "I dare you to run out into the pouring rain and then back inside."

She laughed, "Lame daddy!! But ok!"

She darted out to the beach, then back inside, the rain pellets had left her soaked. Her nipples were hard now and poking through her shirt.

His cheeks turned red, "Trina, don't you think you should change into something dry?"

She grinned, "No daddy, I'm fine. Your turn, truth or dare?"

He leaned back before saying truth. A devilish smile fell upon her lips, "Daddy, Are you wearing underwear?"

He chocked on his beer, "Trina, that isn't appropriate!"

"But daddy, we're only playing a game! Who will know? We're the only ones here."

Finally, he said "No! I'm not. Your turn Trinnie, truth or dare?"

She smiled, knowing what he would ask, "Truth!"

"What? You never choose truth" he sputtered.

"That's because I never knew what you'd ask, now I do."

His cheeks were bright red now, but, he kept his composure enough to ask, "Are you wearing underwear Trinnie?"

"Well Daddy, I'm a bad girl, I'm not wearing anything under my clothes."

He was shocked, his baby girl was really saying these things to him?

It was his turn and he chose dare, she dared him to show her his cock. He wasn't sure if he should, but they were only playing a game right?

So, he pulled his pants down to his thighs and showed her his seven and a half inch penis. It was getting harder the more he watched her face. She was literally drooling over him.

He quickly pulled his pants back up to cover himself. He didn't want her to see how hard she was making him. Her turn again, "Trinnie baby, truth or dare?"

"Dare me Daddy!"

So, he dared her, "I dare you to show me your tits baby."

So she pulled her top off, exposing her perky tits to him. Her nipples were hard from the coldness of the rain, they poked out.

"Do you like them daddy?," she asked innocently.

He just smiled and said, "My turn and I want a dare."

"I dare you to let me sit on your lap Daddy, please?"

So he let her, her tight little ass was right over his cock. The hardness of him was pressing against her.

She was determined to keep the game going though, "My turn Daddy, I'd like another dare!"

"Well then, I dare you to take off the rest of your clothing baby. It's just me and you, I won't touch, I'll just look."

Trina was all for it! She quickly stripped off her clothes and planted herself right back on his lap. His cock felt like it would rip through his pants if he didn't let it out soon.

It was her turn to ask him, he chose a Dare.

"Well, if I'm naked Daddy, then you should be naked too, so I dare you to take off your clothes."

As soon as he was undressed, she went for his lap. "Now now," he said, "you can't sit on me while I'm naked, things may happen."

She smiled, "I want things to happen Daddy, I want to keep playing while we're naked."

His eyes got bigger, he was shocked that she wanted to go further.

So, he went along with her. His dare for her was to dance on the table for him. So she did, her hips gyrating and as she crouched down she revealed her entire pussy to him.

He could see her clit was throbbing. Her pussy was glistening and he wanted to stick his rod deep inside his baby girl's pussy.

She sat beside him on the couch and ask him, "Truth or Dare?"

So he again asked for a Dare. This time, she dared him to let her suck his dick. He stood in front of her, she grasped his cock in her hands, massaging it at first. She opened her mouth and took his entire length deep into her throat.

As she deep throated him over and over. Her big blue eyes locked onto his and he almost came in her mouth. He quickly thought of less attractive women, other men, anything to get his mind off of cumming.

He wanted this to last, his baby was hot and he was going to enjoy this time with her. She let his cock out of her mouth before she lowered her lips to suck on his balls.

Damn, she gave him a good blow, better than her mother. She took him back into her mouth again, in and out, up and down. Her eyes never leaving his, he loved this.

She released him again, this time using her hands to jerk him a few times before saying, "You're turn Daddy, truth or dare?"

He of course chose Dare.

"I dare you to go down and taste me Daddy. I'd like for you to eat my cunt Daddy!"

He couldn't say no to this hot little thing, he had her sit in the chair. He spread her legs up and over the arms of the chair. She was so wet already.

He could had the perfect view of his horny little girls cunt. He lowered his face to her pussy. She was completely shaved, something her mother would never do for him.

She smiled, "I heard you tell Mom you'd like her to shave bare, so I thought maybe you'd like it if I did too."

With that bit of information, he lowered his mouth to her clit and ran his tongue over her. She moaned loudly. Another thing her mother was not, a screamer. He loved to hear how good he made his lover feel.

Damn, Trina must have been listening to alot of thier conversations to know so much about what he liked. He licked her again, then again. She was moaning and sighing. He loved this.

He ran his tongue up one side and down the other, using his fingers to penetrate her. As he fucked her with his fingers and made her cum, she got louder.

She was screaming "Daddy! Daddy!!" over and over. He loved the sound of it.

When she had cum for the second time, he raised himself from her and said, "It's your turn Trinnie, truth or dare?"

She grinned, "Daddy, you're the best, I dare you let me ride your cock!"

He wasn't sure if they should go that far, having sex with his own daughter? Could he explain this? Did he care to explain this? His erection was full now, if he didn't fuck her, he'd be mastrubating for hours to relieve this.

They'd had oral sex already, why not just fuck her? So he sat back on the couch and got comfortable.

"Baby, why don't you come over here and give Daddy a lap dance? You can show Daddy how badly you want him to fuck you."

As she climbed onto his lap, her pussy was inches from the head of his cock. She leaned over so her tits were near his lips. He sucked a nipple into his mouth, she shook her hips.

Lowering herself to where the head of his dick was touching her, all he had to do was pull her down and he would be inside her.

It wasn't too late to stop, but he didn't want to stop. He released her nipple, pinching it with his fingertips before sucking the other one into his mouth.

She sighed, then lowered herself further. The tip of him was in her pussy, he couldn't stop himself anymore. He pulled her down onto him, putting the full length of his cock inside her.

She gave a loud moan before lifting herself up then back down onto him. She started to move herself on his cock, he was fucking her.

"Oh Daddy, fuck me, fuck me Daddy!"

She was getting louder and louder, the warmth of her made him want to cum. She came again, he knew he couldn't cum into her.

He pushed her backward onto the couch pumping into her a few more times before pulling his cock out and jerking himself a few times before splattering her tits with his juices. His baby girl was covered in his cum.

Just then, the phone rang, Ashley was calling to check on them. He panicked before realizing she couldn't know what was happening, she was home.

So, he answered and tried to sound ok, while his horny little girl lapped the rest of the cum from his cock.

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