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Truth or Fiction


Talk about making up for lost times, it seemed as if no time had passed at all as I walked into the hotel room, and yet, all my insecurities came rushing back. I suddenly feel shy. Instead of the smart ass comment I had ready, my mind can't come up with any coherent thing to say. Maybe talking is overrated. I drop my purse on the floor and walk to where you are sitting on the bed.

You smile at me, and my nerves calm down a little, even as my heart rate picks up. You reach your hand out to me, and pull me close. Your head falls forward to lean on me, and my fingers lace into your hair, holding you there. You tilt your head back to look at me, and I still see indecision in your eyes. "You know we don't have to do this, I can leave now, if you want me to," I whisper, hoping you want me to stay as much as I want to stay.

"No, I want you. I want this. It just doesn't make it right," you tell me, and I know you are right; I love my family as much as you love yours, and they would be terribly hurt if they knew.

I tried to step backwards, prepared to leave if I needed to, but you reach out and hold me in place, your hands running up and down my legs, and I sigh at the feeling. I have always enjoyed your hands on me, I only regret my legs aren't more toned, that they aren't better in some way, I think of the weight I've gained through the years, and how my legs are not amazing anymore. Without even being aware of what I'm doing, I'm backing away again, thinking that if you aren't touching my legs, my thighs, you won't be disappointed in them, in me. But you pull me closer still, "Quit thinking so much, did you know you bite your lip when you think too much?" Your words bring me back to the moment, and I forget about my thighs that are heavier than I want them to be, and concentrate only on the feel of your hands slowly caressing higher and higher up my thigh with each stroke you make.

I tilt my hips in, instinct takes over, my body takes over, and my thoughts now are completely on you, on what my body is so longing for. Your palms come up to cup my ass, and squeezing gently, you pull me even closer. You reach with your teeth and pull my shirt away from my stomach, and begin kissing my stomach, licking and biting as much as you can without removing my clothes. My hands have never left your hair, it seems I am unable to move, only experience, only feel, only enjoy.

Your hands leave my ass, and reach up to grab the hem of my shirt, and holding tightly, you pull it apart, ripping the buttons open, and one goes flying across the room. You pull it down my arms, but pull it tight against me so that my arms are pinned behind me. You continue your slow assault across my stomach, and up my torso. My knees threaten to give way, but you are holding me up, making sure I can't move away, only closer to you. Keeping my arms pinned behind me with one hand, you reach for the front clasp of my bra and with quick fingers you unfasten it and it quickly falls back down my arms, joining my shirt bunched at my wrists. Now that my breasts are free, you move to them, licking, biting, teasing until I'm squirming against you, wanting more. I open my mouth to tell you that I want more, need more, but all that comes out is a soft moan, barely more than a whimper.

Again, with your free hand, you reach behind me and slowly drag the zipper of my skirt down until the skirt drops to my hips, then all the way to the floor. Figuring you've tortured me long enough, you pull the shirt free of my hands, and let me reach for you again. I hold on to your shoulders, and lightly dig my nails in as I feel you begin to lower your head to kiss down my stomach again, not stopping until you reach my pussy. I sigh again, wanting you to touch me more, to make me scream with pleasure. Inside my head, I hear myself chant "more, more, more, more" so loud I swear I'm saying it out loud, but my mouth has done nothing more than sigh. Your hands slide to my hips, and you slide off of the bed. As you do, I grab at your shirt, and try to pull it off over your head. You help me, and once it is off, you toss it to the side, letting it drape across the back of a chair. I grin as I realize I'm standing there in nothing but my heels and you are still dressed but for your shirt.

You press your mouth again to my pussy, dragging your tongue in between my lips, finding my sensitive clit begging for attention. My head falls back in surrender; my entire being is lost in what you are doing to me. My hands grasp at your shoulders, digging my nails into you as I try to remain standing. You push me backwards until the backs of my knees hit the bed, and you continue pushing until I fall backwards. You pull my hips towards you, spread my legs farther apart as you continue your assault on my wet pussy. My back arches, pushing my hips forward, pressing me harder against your mouth. You are in no hurry, choosing to tease and prolong rather than allow me to cum quickly. Before long though, my body is caught up in the sensations, the feelings, and I feel the tremors start deep within my body, and then they explode as I arch up off the bed, my hips bucking wildly as I lose control.

I open my eyes and find you smiling at me, standing now as you begin to unfasten your pants. "Since when do you not wear panties?" you ask.

"Just something I've started doing this week, it feels so good, and so naughty all at the same time, plus it allows for easy access," I say as my own hand wanders down my body and delves into the warm wetness between my legs.

You reach for my hand and pull me up so that I'm sitting on the edge of the bed as you stand in front of me, now free of clothes. Your dick seems to know exactly what it wants, and bobs just in front of my lips. I open my mouth, and run my tongue around the head, moving slowly, carefully, barely touching at all. I lean forward to press light kisses up and down the shaft, and enjoy the smooth soft skin as it touches my cheek. My hand reaches up to wrap around the base, as I move the head back to my lips, this time, taking you inside my mouth, lightly sucking, then move back to let it pop out between my lips.

"Where do you want me?" you ask, your voice not completely steady.

"Inside me," I whisper as I continue to tease the head of your dick with my tongue.

"Inside you where?" you demand.

"Here," I say, as I drop my hand down to my pussy and lightly rub my fingers over my clit and lean back to my elbows on the bed.

"How do you want it?"

"Hard, fast, make me cum," I grin as you lean forward to follow me down onto the bed.

"As you wish," you say as you reach for my hips, pull me up off the bed to impale yourself deep inside me. I cry out, my body shocked at being filled so quickly. You hold me up, only my shoulders and my elbows support me on the bed as you hold me tightly against you giving it to me exactly as I asked for it, hard, fast and a little out of control. Almost immediately, I feel another orgasm building inside of me. I let it overtake me, wave by wave shaking my body.

"Oh, oh wow," I manage as my heart still struggles to keep up with the blood racing through my body.

"Now what do you want?" you taunt me.

I rolled over onto my stomach, and raise up to my knees, "Right here," I say as I again dip my fingers into my wet pussy.

"Are you sure?" you question, as you rub a finger lightly across my ass.

"Positive, I want to feel your dick sliding into me, now please."

As you do just as I ask, I reach underneath my body, and cup your balls in the hand still wet from so recently touching myself. I enjoy the weight as I hold them in my hand, lightly squeezing them, massaging them ever so softly. Then, my hand returns to my clit as I rub it lightly as I feel you pushing deep into me over and over. I push back against you, knowing that I'll not last as long this time, already feeling the tremors starting to start again. You reach around me and move my fingers out of the way as you tease my clit as I ride the waves of ecstasy of another orgasm. "Ooooh, wow."

I feel you pull out of me, and I feel the large head of your dick probing so lightly at my ass. "Now?" you ask.

"Yes, now," I murmur. You waste no time as you push firmly into my ass, stretching me. My muscles tighten in instinctive reaction, but I force them to relax, allowing you in, inch by inch. Once you were completely inside, you pulled out and pushed back in, harder this time, and soon, you were fucking my ass just as hard and fast as I had begged you to fuck my pussy. I started to scream as another orgasm rocked my body, so fast, without warning. "Wow, wow, wow, OH WOW" I chanted.

I felt you pull out of my ass and you push me over so that I am laying on my back and after a few swift movements, you spray cum across my stomach, up to my breasts. Just as some hits my open lips, I hear music begin to play. I shake my head, trying to clear the cobwebs, confused about where the music is coming from.

Then it occurs to me, my alarm clock. It was all a dream. An amazing dream. I'm still panting from the last orgasm, and I reach up expecting to feel cum across my tits and on my face. Disappointed when I find none, I crawl out of bed on weak legs and stumble to the shower. "Wow," I say one more time, and allow myself to long for the reality.

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