Truth Will Set You Free


Sam groaned, his dick starting to get hard again. It hadn't yet for Kristy, as entertaining as fingering her ass and watching her play with herself had been. Hearing Alexa's words were all that it took to get him going again. He cupped her cute little face between his hands, ignoring the frustrated and outraged sounds that his ignored ex was making on the bed.

"Alexa, you are absolutely beautiful and sexy. I always thought you deserved way better than Blake. I can't wait to see you get naked, and I'm going to have Kristy pleasure you as much as she's capable of."

Then Sam kissed her, gently... softly.. the way that he liked to kiss. A gentleman's kiss that was passionate but controlled, respectful and full of promise. Alexa pressed back, parting her lips a little, and his tongue teased its way inside her mouth. After a few moments she pulled away.

"Ok, I think I can get naked now." She giggled a little as Sam's eyes lit up. He really did find her attractive! Part of her wanted to do a happy dance, but it seemed a little inappropriate.

Sam looked at his ex. "Kristy, you are going to take orders from Alexa too. Whatever she tells you to do."

"Have you ever fantasized about being with another woman?" Alexa asked. Kristy moaned into the comforter on her bed.


"Does it turn you on that you're going to be forced to have sex with me?"

"Yes." Kristy let out a little whimper and wiggled her butt. God her pussy was so empty and aching... she needed to cum so bad. The abject humiliation of being controlled by two people that she had wronged so horribly was making her entire body throb. Lust for fulfilling this final fantasy - being forced to pleasure a woman - was like a physical need now that Alexa was here.

"No wonder you aren't feeling guilty," Alexa half-laughed as she stepped towards the bed, looking over her shoulder at Sam. For a moment he looked slightly abashed, but he knew what she meant. Kristy so obviously wanted her choices taken from her, it was hard to feel bad about forcing someone to sexual perversion when they were enjoying every minute of it. "I always wondered what it would be like to kiss a girl. Roll over Kristy."

Seeing his ex on her back, straining to touch Alexa's sexy body as the other girl leaned down for a kiss, was so incredibly hot. Sam's dick was pretty happy about this entire situation. In some ways it had been a little hard to get it up for Kristy, even though he was enjoying his grudge fuck, but now that Alexa was on the scene he wasn't having any trouble becoming aroused for a third time.

The girls kissed, Kristy was practically rubbing her body against Alexa's. Then Alexa pulled her lips away.

"Undress me, you bitch," she said. Hearing the sweet girl call his ex a bitch... Sam was fully hard as Kristy began to peel off Alexa's clothes, revealing her gorgeous body. Small firm breasts with puffy pink nipples, a tight little ass, and a completely shaved pussy.

Alexa was enjoying Sam's reaction to her naked body, he was staring at her as he fisted his cock, pumping up and down. It was quite a compliment, since she'd always thought Kristy was prettier than her. And also a turn on. Sam was the nice guy that every girl dreamed of... he must have been terribly hurt to even have considered taking advantage of Kristy. Not that the bitch made it difficult.

She felt her lips thin into a hard line. Kristy was enjoying this almost too much... it didn't really seem like punishment. On the other hand, the humiliation factor was pretty high. Alexa had never told anyone, but she sometimes fantasized about dominating another woman. And apparently Kristy had fantasized about being dominated. What a perfect combination.

Sliding a small glance at Sam and his eager face, Alexa thought that she wouldn't mind being under his control for awhile.

Once Kristy had her naked, Alexa lay back on the bed.

"Come here and suck my nipples," she ordered her former friend. It felt a little weird, but she was feeling some pressure to perform well in front of Sam, and the eager look on Kristy's face as she hurried to Alexa's breasts wiped away the very last bit of her hesitancy. You just couldn't fake a reaction like that.

Moaning, Alexa enjoyed the gentle sucking of Kristy's mouth and the way Sam was looking at her in complete awe. He muttered something under his breath and she thought she heard the word 'beautiful.'

Meanwhile Kristy was in heaven. Humiliated, abused heaven. Even though her pussy was in complete Hell because she needed to cum so badly, she was distracted by that need as her fantasy of being forced to pleasure another woman was culminating. The fact that Alexa was the woman in question felt, deep down, like richly deserved karma. And that just turned her own even more.

Playing with Alexa's boobs was more than hot, it was fun. They were smaller than her own and she enjoyed squeezing them and playing with them, even without orders from either Sam or Alexa. She was too horny and had gotten too into it to even notice that she was going above and beyond to pleasure Alexa. The perky nipples in her mouth were so much bigger than a man's, such much easier to nibble on and flick with her tongue... Alexa's breasts were firm and soft... and off to her side she could see Sam masturbating about both of them. That was pretty hot too.

The enjoyment of having Kristy playing with her breasts and nipples was getting to Alexa, she was thrusting her hips up under the other girl.

"Get between my legs and eat me out," Alexa ordered. "Make me cum with your mouth."

This was the part that Kristy had always hesitated about, the reason why she had never experimented with another girl. Vaginas were just not her thing. But having an unyielding compulsion to do it anyway? That was hot as hell, and she could feel her own pussy spasming eagerly in response as she knelt between Alexa's legs, ass high in the air and began to lick her first pussy.

Sam thoroughly enjoyed the sight of his ex muff-diving on Alexa... what she lacked in experience she was definitely making up for in enthusiasm. Alexa's sexy moans as Kristy pleasured her were really getting to him. He started slathering some lube on his cock as he watched Alexa start humping Kristy's face, her hand on Kristy's head as Kristy's tongue slid up and down Alexa's bare slit. Bless the girl for shaving all her pubic hair... it gave him the most amazingly unobstructed view of her pink pussy and Kristy's mouth on it.

After a few minutes of watching he decided it was time to join the party and he got onto the bed, kneeling behind Kristy. His excited ex was so absorbed in orally pleasuring Alexa that she didn't even notice, but Alexa watched him. In fact, she looked a little jealous. Maybe he was just imagining that... but it was a nice thing to pretend.

Carefully he lined the wide head of his cock up with Kristy's virgin asshole and began to press in. Immediately she started wiggling back and forth, as though she was trying to buck him off, but her mouth was stuck like superglue on Alexa's pussy because she HAD to keep eating Alexa out. Apparently the noises she was making must have felt pretty good because Alexa's moans got even louder.

Despite the urge to slam himself into Kristy's anus, Sam gently began to pump himself slowly in and out, trying to give her time to adjust. Her hot hole shivered around him, squeezing and massaging his greasy cock. It felt incredible.

He would have been surprised to learn that, despite the uncomfortable feeling of having a cock in her ass and the slight cramping pains it gave her, Kristy was more turned on than she'd ever been in her life. Sure, part of it was that she'd been playing with herself beforehand, but her body had already started to come down from the edge of orgasm. Another large part of it was that she was being forced to do the two most depraved parts of her fantasies. But biggest part was because she was now the focus of not one, but two people, as she pleasured them. At heart, Kristy was an attention whore and she reveled at being in the middle of this sex-fest.

Eating Alexa out wasn't nearly as unpleasant as she had feared... Alexa's pussy was kept very neat, the soft folds of flesh were fun to tease and suck on, and the sweet juices coming from her hole didn't taste bad at all. Kristy was thoroughly enjoying it. And the feeling of her ass being spread open... oh God that was hot. Especially because she had no choice. It hurt a little, especially every time Sam stabbed a little deeper, but the fact that she couldn't stop it just turned it on more. In fact, all this stimulation was working her back up to orgasm levels again. She felt like if Sam just touched her little clit, she'd explode in pleasure.

When he finally bottomed out Sam just admired the sight of his ex's ass being filled with cock. It was so tight and hot in there, so many new sensations... and the squeeze over the base of his cock, at the entrance to her tunnel, was fucking fantastic. Kristy's noises were sounding rather enthusiastic, in fact, as she kept munching on Alexa.

"Kristy," Sam said, struck with inspiration. "You can cum when I cum in your ass."

Kristy moaned and kept licking and sucking at Alexa's pussy. Then Sam began to thrust, shoving her face between Alexa's legs as he started to slowly but firmly fuck Kristy's ass. Fortunately he was well lubed, or the tightness of her backdoor would have slowed things down considerably. Because she was so slick, he was able to really start getting some momentum going, and her moans into Alexa's pussy were getting louder and louder.

Grabbing Kristy's head, Alexa kept the girl's face firmly buried in Alexa's pussy. She was getting so close to cumming... the rocking of Kristy's body had actually deterred her a bit, because it had effected Kristy's movements.

The three of them moved together, creating their own rhythm that the three of them could fuck to. Kristy pushed back up against Sam's body as he pounded her ass, his momentum buried her in Amy's pussy, and Alexa scooted down the bed, her knees in the air so that she could keep Kristy's mouth firmly on her pussy.

Sam was treated to the wonderful view of Alexa's small breasts bouncing in time with his thrusts into Kristy. As he watched her, he forgot that he was inside of his ex's ass and started to think about what it would be like to actually see Alexa beneath him, her breasts bouncing as pleasured her.

Staring up at Sam, it was almost easy to forget the girl between them. Even if it was a mouth on her and not Sam inside of her. Alexa writhed at that fleeting thought, her orgasm cresting as she and Sam stared at each other. With a passionate cry she put both of her hands on the back of Kristy's head and pulled, forcing the girl's mouth down onto Alexa's clit.

Kristy pulled the tiny nub into her mouth and sucked hard. Rapturous cries filled the air as Alexa came, her body quivering, her thighs closing on Kristy's head as she convulsed with pleasure.

Seeing Alexa reach her fulfillment, the beautiful sight of her creaming herself, Sam felt his own orgasm approaching. He slammed in and out of Kristy's ass, his hard cock penetrating deeply into her bowels.

When the first spurt of cum hit the inside of Kristy's body she howled in orgasm; it blasted through her and made shriek with overwhelming ecstasy as the long-denied relief shuddered through her body. Her impassioned cries into Alexa's pussy set Alexa off on another wave of orgasmic bliss. All three of them were crying out, their own passion feeding the others until all three of them felt weak with release.

"Stop licking me," Alexa finally managed to say, hoarsely. Immediately Kristy collapsed between her legs, her asshole twitching around Sam's shrinking cock.

Alexa panted, her breathing finally slowing now that Kristy had stopped stimulating her. Sam almost looked a little surprised as he pulled out of Kristy's ass. In truth, he'd been so focused on Alexa that he'd almost forgotten there was a third participant, despite the fact that she'd been between them.


Staring at each other for a moment, the silence between Sam and Alexa was broken by Kristy's whimper as Sam's flaccid cock finally left her ass. Sam blushed, unsure of what to do or say.

"So... want to take a shower?" Alexa asked.

"With you?"

"We don't have to if you don't want to," she said hastily.

"No! I mean, yes, I do. I'd love to take a shower with you." Sam grinned like an idiot while Alexa blushed and giggled. "Um, Kristy stay here. In fact, just rest on this bed until we're gone." He glanced at the clock. "You only have about half an hour or so before it wears off anyway."

To her surprise, Kristy felt a wave of jealousy as Sam and Alexa headed off to the shower together. Why hadn't she been invited? Her body was achingly sore and incredibly satisfied, but she wasn't happy to be left out of the denouement. As far as she was concerned, this had been about her, hadn't it? Getting back at her? So why were they going off on their own?

As she lay on the bed, Kristy started to spin a whole new set of fantasies based off of Sam and his overpowering drug.

The bathroom was a little awkward as Sam and Alexa both got into the shower.


"Uh, yeah."

"Can you scrub my back?" Alexa asked, picking up the bar of soap.

"Sure!" Sam was eager to get his hands on her in any way possible. He tried to think of something suave to say... but suave just wasn't his style. "I hope that wasn't too weird for you."

Alexa giggled. "It's not something I'd want to do on a regular basis, but it was kinda hot for a one time deal," she confessed.

"Yeah, not really my cup of tea for an every day thing," he replied. "I honestly don't even know what got into me. I'm starting to feel a little guilty again."

"Don't," Alexa said immediately. "I could see how much she enjoyed it. Sometimes thinking about not having a choice is really hot... in fact..." She gave him a shyly sly look over her shoulder. "I really wouldn't mind if you showed up on my doorstep and did something similar to me one day."

Well didn't that just pull the rug out from underneath Sam's feet. It absolutely took his breath away. And made him feel 100% better. A thousand percent better in fact.

"Can I take you to dinner first?" he asked.

Alexa's eyes lit up. "I'd love that. When?"

"Now? I mean, after we get out of here?"

"Perfect." And then she turned around and pressed her naked, soapy body against him. Sam leaned his head down, feeling wonderfully blessed, and they shared their first kiss.

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feeling free

This story was surprisingly sweet as you found a lovely balance between justice and revenge and kindness and anger. Thank you for the fun story.

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