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Try New Things


Becca looks around, assessing the people in the lounge. Trent was at her side, studying the bodies in the room. People milled around in the lounge, some talking, others eating or watching TV. None of them were the right material. "Dead end" Becca says disappointed. She pushes a stray strand of hair back and turns to Trent. "Maybe later"

"Wait!" Trent whispers when Becca turns to leave. He points at the door where two people were making out. "We could try them" he whispers when the girl daringly reaches for the man's crutch.

"Go then!" Becca comments, pushing Trent ahead of her. She follows behind him, praying the couple were willing to try new things.

The sliding doors open and Becca watches the couple as Trent closes in on them. The male was tall, not quite as tall as Trent, but well built. Her eyes slide down to the man's crutch which the girl had quickly released at Trent's approach. He was big, and Becca doubted he was erect yet. She bites back a smile, looking at the blond girl Trent was talking to.

Slim and tall, killer curves and legs that model wished for. She was pretty and had a don't-give-a-shit-attitude about her.

They were exactly what Becca and Trent wanted.

The girl looks up at the man, seeming to consider Trent's offer. "What do you say"

The guy's eyes slide over Becca, taking in her low cut shirt and tiny shorts. "I'm all for it" he says.

"Follow us" Becca grins and takes hooks an arm threw Trent's. "Who do you think will be willing to play first?" she whispers.

"The babe, for sure" Trent grins. He glances back at the couple. The girl had a nice body, and she knew it. The guy, he knew would have a big cock, just from glancing. It was hanging like a rock in his pants, not erect but already big.

Becca waits as Trent opens the hotel room door and turns to the couple. "What's your names?"

"Emily, and this is Vic" the girl grins, following Trent threw the doors.

Inside the room, Jess and Ryan were making out.

"Um..." Emily trails off, looking away from Jess's exposed breasts.

"You said you wanted to try new things" Trent smiles and pushes Becca towards Vic. Becca instantly sets to work, pulling the man's head down to her so she could kiss him. Her hand slides down his body, feeling all the tensed muscles. She pushes herself against him, grinding her hips against his cock.

Vic didn't know what to do. The sexy minx was kissing him, and Emily was standing not even a meter away. What could he do? He could feel his dick hardening, but couldn't push the girl away.

But Vic didn't know that Trent was already preoccupying Emily with his tongue and the promise to shed clothes.

Becca pushes Vic's shirt off, not really caring what he thought. She wanted to feel his dick, wanted to eat him and get him to fuck her. She fumbles with his zipper, ripping it off him in her hurry to free his hardening cock. Slowly she trails down, getting on her knees and licking his chest, down his stomach until she reaches his jeans. With a jerk she pulls down, along with his briefs. "Well hello!" she grins.

Vic feels embarrassed as his dick lolls out of his pants, semi-hard. But the chick didn't seem to care. She grabs him with both hands and takes him into her mouth. Instantly his cock hardens, aroused by the girls wet mouth, hot on his shaft as she licks and suck. He casts a glance at Emily, only to see her shirt and bra gone and only her shorts still on her. He knew if they were removed there would be no underwear. She was a bit of a slut.

Becca glances up, only to see Vic not looking. Not liking that fact she stands up, pushing him back til he hits the bed, falling onto his back in surprise. "Jess, some help?" she asks and gets back to work on the fat cock. She was going to make him fuck her, and if Jess helped, it would happen so much quicker.

Jess bounces off the couch and slinks onto the bed beside Becca, looking down at the huge boner. "Ohh, nice" she purrs. She crawls up to the guys and quickly discards her shorts. "What's his name, Bec's?" she asks, knowing he wasn't going to be able answer while Becca was sucking him.

"Vic" Becca reply's as the other girl takes Vic's hand and slides it between her legs.

Vic tenses, the girl –Bec or whatever- was giving setting of every nerve ending in his cock, and now this other chick was letting him feel her shaved pussy? He didn't care what Emily thought anymore, he wanted to fuck them. Inserting a finger into Jess's pussy, he starts to finger fucker her, watching her boob's swing she grinds onto his hand. Becca continues to bob on his shaft, deep throating him as much as she could. It was too much, the pressure in his balls releases and Becca instantly sets to work lapping it up.

"Let me have some too" Jess whines and crawls onto Vic's chest, straddling him. She leans down, joining Becca in licking up the gooey sperm while facing her cunt at Vic. It wasn't long before he shoved his fingers into her hot cunt. She moans pushing back on him and catching Becca's mouth with hers. She could taste the cum on Becca's lips, in her mouth. Jess grabs Becca's boobs, squeezing it.

Becca wanks Vic's dick while kissing Jess. The dark headed chick really knew how to kiss, and not just on the lips. She was tempted to roll over and open her legs for Jess, to tease Vic as much as for her own pleasure but she suddenly feels hand on her ass and a fat cock slide into her cut. She groans, pushing back on the guy as he thrusts into her.

Becca moans loudly as Jess pulls away. Becca's keep wanking Vic, feeling the dick inside her pound away, unforgiving as he assaults her. Pleasure builds inside her, making her tremble. Suddenly she feels un ass at her pelvis and grips at Jesses ribs as she lowers herself onto Vic's shaft. The cock in Becca thrusts harder, driving her to Jess's ass. She could see Vic, hear him groan as Jess grinds into him hard. "Oh, fuck yes!" Jess moans as Becca reaches around to play with her clit.

Becca was close to orgasming, her muscles shaking and the pressure in her core building. She cries out pushing back onto the dick inside her. Suddenly the pressure releases and Becca screams in repute, still being fucked mercilessly. She couldn't rest with the cock ramming into her, wave after wave of release washing over her.

Jess grinds onto Vic's dick, practically being fucked from behind by Becca. It was so horny, her skin was flushed, her core hot and wet. "Oh shit" Vic curses and empties his sperm into Jess's hot cunt. She moans, grinding down relentlessly. Their juices squelch, running down Vic's fat, hard cock and onto his balls. Becca was still playing with her clit, making her muscles jerk and her pant with pleasure, but she wasn't quite at orgasm yet.

Becca moans as the dick pulls out of her, leaving her free to roll onto the bed. She looks up at Ryan as he strokes his fat cock, already thinking about going for Jess's ass.

But Jess had other ideas. She crawls off Vic and pushes Becca's legs apart. She motions Vic over, flashing her pussy at him as an invitation. She didn't care if he ate her, or fucked her, either would do.

Ryan moves around to Becca's head, presenting his swollen cock for her. "Eat it up" he mutters as Becca grabs hold of it, sucking on him while she still trembles from her orgasm he's given her. Sweat beads Becca's body, making her shine as Jess eats her and Vic shoves his fat cock into her cunt. He moans pushing deeper into Becca's mouth. Her tongue was teasing him, every nerve sensitive to her skilled tongue.

Jess's groans made Vic even more eager. Her face was buried in Becca's cunt, eating her out. It was so hot made him so horny. He drives into the girl's cunt, feeling her hot, wet walls constrict him again. Now that he had his way, he was going to drive her overboard, make her scream his name. He rams his fat dick into her hot core, ruthless as he beats her. His hard dick appears out the girls cunt, only to slide back in. He reaches around, playing with her clit while he impales her over and over. His balls tighten as the girls walls constrict him. Jess screams into Becca's cunt, trembling as she orgasm, and then he shoots his load into her, welcoming the new wetness and squish from her pussy as he hammers it.

Becca crawls out from under Jess, pushing Ryan away to see what the other two were doing. Trent was eating Emily's pussy, making her moan. She leaves the others, wondering over to assist. Emily gasps as Trent simulates her clit. Becca crawls onto the bed, throwing her leg over Emily's face. "Eat me" she demands, lowering her cunt to Emily's mouth.

Trent glances up, surprised to see Becca over Emily's face. Last he'd seen she was being eaten herself and sucking Ryan's cock. Trent pulls his head out from between Emily's legs but keep playing with her clit while he repositions himself. He rubs the tip of his dick down her slit before impaling himself into the wet cunt.

Emily cries out in shock, jerking as Trent plunges his cock into her core. "Eat me" Becca demands and grinds onto Emily's face. She keeps eating, feeling both dirty and horny for eating the other girl. She tastes good, and the smell makes her aroused. Trent keep driving into her, momentarily distracting her from the cunt above her. She continues licking, breathing in the girls smell as she gets fucked.

Becca looks up when the bed dips, shaking under them. Everyone was migrating to the one bed, all looking ready to rumble. Vic crawls up behind Becca, pushing her forward onto her hands and knees. Emily ignored, Vic drives his huge cock into Becca's cunt from behind, instantly getting to work fucking her.

Jess crawls between the other two girls, licking Emily's stomach, tasting the salty sweat on her skin. She opens moves up, licking and nipping Emily skin til she was at the girl's breast. She buries her face in the girls tits, turned on by moaning and jiggling boobs. Overhead more boobs swing, Becca panting as Vic pounds into her pussy. The room was full of moaning, smelling of sex and sweat. Jess welcomes the hands on her waist the thick dick that rams into her willing pussy. She rocks back and forth, sucking Emily's breast's as Ryan impales her. Becca screams, clutching at Jess as she orgasms, shuddering wilding.

Emily joins in, thrusting down on Trent, waves of pleasure and release crashing over her. She could hear the squish of fluids; feel them on her legs and ass, filling her cunt. She knew Jess was licking her tits as Ryan fucked her. She knew both girls were going through their own orgasms, yet couldn't help but not care. She was too hot, flushed and feeling exhausted. She needed to go to sleep, but Trent keeps on pounding into her, relentless as he fucks the shit out of her.

Becca collapses, falling onto Jess who in turn falls to. They crash onto Emily, laughing weakly and still panting. Vic pulls out of her spent pussy and falls onto the bed. Becca roll off the girls, stretching out of the bed as everyone else finishes up, crawling around to find somewhere to lie.

Jess crawls up beside Becca, too exhausted to think about a shower or clothes. Her muscles shook, her cunt throbbed –both in a good and bad way. No one had the energy to do anything. Vic's huge erection was waning, leaving his cock to slowly soften. She had a feeling in 10 minute everyone would be rearing to go again, they guy's erections back at seeing her, Becca and Emily all naked and angled on the bed. It was just a matter of time.

Jess moves up, kissing along Becca's collar bone weakly. She tastes salt, smelt the sweat and sex on the girl's skin. She knew cum was stuck to their thighs, dripping onto the sheets. Jess rests her head on the girls shoulder, closing her eyes and slowing her panting. She needed to be ready for the next session, otherwise she won't keep up with all the fucking, pussy licking and blow jobs.

And no one wanted to miss out of that.

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