Try Not To Get Burned


"More please more. Punish me for what I have done, punish me until I deserve your cock," she whimpered. Part of her was almost sick at the words flowing out of her mouth, but she hoped it was what Charlie wanted to hear. It must have been, because she felt the riding crop on her skin again. This time he was making lazy figure eights around her breasts. Karen gritted her teeth, her nipples were so swollen it was almost painful, but at the same time she could feel her climax building again. The muscles in her belly moved the balls around. Karen wondered if Charlie had forgotten about them, or if he had any idea how much she enjoyed them.

As he maneuvered the riding crop around his wife's tits Charlie watched the tip press into her flesh. This was hardly punishment, it was really just teasing. His cock ached to be inside her, but he needed a little more time to recover before he would be hard enough to fuck Karen. His flaccid penis was the only thing keeping him from giving in to Karen's begging for his cock. Despite what she had done he still wanted her. He had no desire to share her with another man, but knowing that he had competition was forcing him to go beyond his normal limits. Her behavior was also the reason he was doing things he had dreamed about but never mentioned to Karen. He raised the riding crop a few inches above Karen's skin and then swiftly swung it until the leather slapped against her skin. The sound of leather on flesh excited him more than he imagined it would.

"Fuck!" Karen cried out, surprised that Charlie had actually it her. She wondered if he would do it again. Her curiosity was answered seconds later when she felt the sting of the leather tip against her skin again. The next blow was much lighter, but the impact was on the very edge of her nipple. Karen felt a lightning bolt of arousal course through her body.

Each time he hit her Charlie tried to gauge her response. Contrary to what he expected, she seemed to be enjoying what he was doing. Even more surprising was his enjoyment. He marveled at the streak of pink the riding crop left on Karen's breast after each blow. Charlie alternated between stroking the top of Karen's breast and slapping the side but never quite touching her nipples. She cried out each time he struck her, but never told him to stop.

It hurt, but somehow it was in a good way. It was cathartic, washing away the guilt she felt for having another man fuck her, but she also found Charlie's aggressive behavior exciting. Even though he had not touched her below her waist she could feel her muscles beginning to contract in a most wonderful way. She felt Charlie drag the riding crop along the side of her breast, then down across her belly until it rested on her hip. She tried to roll to the side so the riding crop would be between her legs, but she was bound too tightly. Despite the fact that her pussy remained untouched, or maybe because of it, Karen felt her climax continue to build. Warmth was pooling between her thighs. She wasn't ready to come yet. She wanted Charlie inside her when her orgasm arrived.

"I'm going to come," Karen whimpered, hoping Charlie would stop teasing her and give her the hard fucking she desperately wanted.

It had never occurred to him that Karen could have an orgasm without being touched below the waist. Charlie swung the riding crop again, turning another spot of Karen's body pink. She writhed on the bed, pulling on her restraints.

"Not yet, not yet," Karen moaned. Part of her wanted Charlie to quit, but that part of her did not have enough control of her mouth to say stop. All she could manage was a guttural moan as she felt the smooth leather move frustratingly close to her pussy. The next blow landed between her tits, then moved toward her navel. The riding crop diverted to the side and finished along the inside of her thigh.

"Please, please..." she begged, trying to stop Charlie from making her come. But she could not say it. Her body wanted release more than her mind wanted Charlie's cock. She felt the shaft of the riding crop on the upper portion of her breast. Slowly she felt it sliding across her skin. When the leather touched her nipples Karen's orgasm erupted.

For a brief moment Charlie thought something was wrong with Karen. Her entire body tensed and her eyes rolled back in her head. It was the way she moaned that made him realize she was coming. He had heard that sound before. Charlie dropped the riding crop and pinched both Karen's nipples between his fingers, then tugged on her breasts. He watched her thrust her hips up as she climaxed. Finally she relaxed, whimpering softly until he released his grip on her nipples.

One by one Charlie released the restraints that held his wife to the bed. When her arms and legs were free he removed the blindfold.

"I still want you inside me," Karen moaned, blinking her eyes as they adjusted to the light.

"Well, then you have some work to do, " Charlie replied, looking down at his still limp cock. He had thought that toying with Karen's naked body would give him another erection, but he was still worn out from the blowjob and jerking off.

"Can't you make it hard again?" Karen asked, mystified that her husband's cock was still limp.

"No, but I bet you can," Charlie replied.

Karen sat up and put her hand around Charlie's dick. It was still pretty thick, but nowhere near stiff enough to penetrate her. She lowered her head and took him into her mouth. Karen felt him twitch. The feeling of a soft penis in her mouth was not very arousing. Karen slipped off the bed and kneeled in front of her husband. She lifted his cock up and pressed her mouth against his balls. Karen felt another twitch from Charlie's cock. She began to stroke him, and was encouraged as she felt his dick begin to stiffen. Karen opened her mouth and sucked on off his balls past her lips. At least it was firm. Karen sucked on one of Charlie's balls and caressed the other with her fingertips. With her other hand she stroked Charlie's cock. She could feel it getting harder. She looked up at Charlie; he had a smile on his face. She smiled back as best she could with his balls in her mouth.

When his erection was almost at full strength Charlie grabbed a handful of his wife's hair and pulled her up until her mouth could reach his cock. He said nothing, he simply let go and she wrapped her lips around his erection. He loved everything about his wife giving him head. He loved the way her lips stretched around his rigid shaft, the wet sound of his cock sliding in and out of her mouth and the feeling of her tongue pressed against the head of his dick. He thought about coming in her mouth again, but decided against it. He wanted to be inside her the next time he came. Charlie put his hand on Karen's head and pushed it down until she had swallowed almost his entire erection. He could hear his wife making gagging noises as he forced his cock down her throat. He released his grip and her head snapped back. She gasped for air but did not say a word.

With a shove Charlie pushed Karen onto the floor face down, and then straddled her thighs. Leaning forward he pressed his cock against her ass, "Ready to get fucked?"

Karen nodded but did not say a word. She spread her legs. In her mind she pictured Charlie's throbbing erection, an eager smile spread across her face. It had been a long time since she had wanted his cock this much. She wanted him inside her, even if it meant getting fucked in the ass again. She could already feel the warmth of her arousal pooling between her thighs.

Charlie planted his arms on the floor, his elbows pressed against her breasts. She felt his breath on her neck. Karen lifted her upper body off the floor, exposing her breasts, inviting Charlie to put his hands on them. She felt one of Charlie's arms slip under her body. His hand snaked its way to her pussy.

Charlie lowered his hips until the shaft of his cock spread Karen's ass cheeks apart. She squeezed him as her muscles clenched. A few drops of precum dripped onto the small of her back. Charlie was unable to resist the temptation of thrusting forward, letting the rigid shaft of his cock glide against Karen's sweat slickened skin. It would serve her right if he came right now, spraying cum along the length of her spine. She had made it quite obvious how much she wanted him to come inside her. Charlie had to decide if he was going to deny her that pleasure.

Karen moaned as his fingers penetrated her. A sense of relief flooded through her as she felt Charlie remove the two silver balls. Time seemed to stand still as she wanted to find out how she was going to be penetrated. Karen clenched her teeth, ready to feel Charlie's throbbing erection stretch her ass or pussy wide open.

"Please, I want you inside me. Please..." Karen pleaded.

Charlie no longer felt the need to punish Karen. He just wanted to fuck her. He pinched her nipple with his fingers. The amber nubs slipped from his grasp, his fingers were still wet from being inside her. He pushed his throbbing erection into her wet slit until his hips were pressed against her round ass. Charlie rammed his cock into Karen over and over, each time a soft moan escaped her lips.

As her clitoris was ground between Charlie's hard cock and the floor Karen felt another climax building. She could feel Charlie's body pressing against her own as he thrust his cock into her pussy.

"That's it, don't stop. Fuck me Charlie, fuck me hard," Karen moaned," Make me come all over your cock. Fuck me hard." She knew her dialogue bordered on ridiculous, but she thought it might please Charlie. More than anything she wanted to get him off. She wanted him to enjoy treating her this way. She wanted him to understand how much she enjoyed being punished and dominated.

Charlie buried his cock completely inside Karen's dripping wet pussy. The slick walls of her wet slit tightened around him as her climax spread through her body. It was only a matter of time until he came as well.

"Give it to me," Karen moaned, "I want you to come inside me, and I want you to come.

That's it, yes, yes, yes. Fuck me till you come."

Hearing Karen beg him to fuck her was the final straw. Charlie felt his orgasm explode inside Karen. He felt his cock jerk as cum flooded into her. Charlie remained still, his hips pressed against his wife's ass, until the last drop of cum seeped out of his erection. Charlie put his hands on Karen's ass and looked down. As he moved his hips back Charlie watched his dick slide out of Karen's pussy. The sight of her wet and swollen labia stretched around his fading erection made he want to fuck her again. Finally the head of his cock emerged from her dripping wet pussy.

"Have you learned your lesson?" Charlie asked as he sat back on his heels.

"Maybe," Karen replied, "Have you learned anything?"

Charlie thought for a moment. It slowly dawned on him that both he and Karen had come quite a bit harder than they usually did. It wasn't her affair that made his orgasm so intense; it was the way she had given in to him. A light bulb went off in his head.

"You like it like that?" Charlie asked, not expecting his wife to enjoy being in a position of weakness.

"Duh," Karen replied.

"So it wasn't about the other guy?" Charlie asked.

"They were just a means to an end." Karen answered.

Charlie looked at her, "So if I said no more fucking around?"

Karen sat up and turned to face Charlie. She smiled and touched his face, "How about no more fucking around with other men?"

Charlie tried to suppress his look of surprise. It had never even crossed his mind that Karen could be interested in other women, "Uh, okay."

"Don't get your hopes, or anything else, up. I'm just saying that I'd like a little wiggle room," Karen said.

"I suppose that would be okay, as long as you are willing to share," Charlie said, wondering if he was pushing his luck too far.

"I guess that's only fair." Karen concluded.


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