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Trying Bi


All characters in this story are over 18.


I'm lying in the sun, completely naked with my two best friends, Kirk and Kendra. The sun is shining brightly down on us three, tanning our bodies. It is a perfect day and I cannot wait to tell them about my time over spring break. I met some interesting people and I figure now would be the best time to tell them about it.

We would do this quite often. Just head out to the country, throw out a big blanket and take off everything and bask in the sun, while telling each other stories about our sexual adventures. Today I decide to start the conversation and just get right into it.

"When I went home to my parents for spring break, I found a great beach where swimming and sunbathing naked is legal. I guess since I have been away from home a few things must have changed. I decided to strip off my clothes and go skinny dipping to see what it was like in the ocean...

I felt the water and it felt cool. I waded in up to my waist. With the water being so cool, my cock started tingling with anticipation and the excitement of being seen when suddenly I heard a splash behind me. I turned in just in time to see a guy getting ready to splash me this time. At first I thought that it wasn't good being totally naked with a guy in there with me.

I headed to shore to find my cloths, but as I ran to them, this guy followed me. He too stood on the beach naked. He introduced himself as Shawn. He said his girlfriend and he were playing around in the next sand dune and he wanted to know if I wanted to join them.

"What happened next," Kirk asks.

"I joined them of course," I reply.

Kirk's cock is beginning to grow as I sit back and tell them about my expedition. Kendra is busy running her fingers through her small patch of pubic hair before dipping her finger into her pussy. With me telling the tale, they are getting horny at the same time.

Kendra reaches across and touches my cock, but I move her hand away and tell her, "Let me finish and then we can have some fun, just the three of us."

She nods, but pouts at the same time.

"Alright, where was I..."

Shawn told me to grab my stuff and follow him. I did just that and followed him across the beach, over the sand dune and down the other side. Shawn's girlfriend was sitting there waiting for us. He introduced me to Chelsea and after introductions were made, Shawn breaks out a tube of lube and beckons me to join them on their blanket.

My heart was racing as Chelsea grabbed my cock and took it into her mouth as Shawn got between her legs, parted her pussy lips and licked her with his tongue. He kept up the pace until she almost bit my cock as she exploded. If my cock wasn't in her mouth, I'm sure her cries would have been louder.

She stopped sucking my cock and had me lay on the blanket. My cock stood straight up as Chelsea planted her pussy on my face, giving me no option but to lick her pussy. It tasted like honey. As I was licking Chelsea, I felt a hand cupping my balls as a mouth closed over the head of my cock. It felt wonderful and then I realized it wasn't it wasn't Chelsea's mouth.

I kept licking Chelsea's pussy while my cock was being worked on. Shawn's tongue was sliding up and down my cock, teasing me as he played with my balls. I didn't want to cum just yet, but my cock grew harder and harder and with him working on it and as I was about to shoot my load, he stopped. Shawn knelt behind my head and pushed Chelsea forward so she could continue sucking me and as she did so, I watched as Shawn slid his cock into her pussy.

She took her mouth off my cock so she could beg him to fuck her hard. All I could see was his thick, long cock as he fucked her long and hard as he pulled his cock out. Her pussy held on tight, not wanting to let go. Her juices were coating his cock, making him slip in and out of her pussy easily. His cock was huge and I wanted some of it. As he moved his cock in and out, y tongue licked his cock too. It felt wonderful. Shawn was as horny as I was. He felt me licking his cock and he pulled out of Chelsea and had her kneel to one side.

Shawn tells her to watch and join when she could. She did as told and got on all fours and watched. Shawn came around again and licked my cock. He sucked on my balls before taking my cock deep into his mouth. It went in so deep, I could feel my cockhead hitting up against the back of his throat.

He stopped sucking and kissed me deeply, his hands played with my ass. He slid a finger in, but I stopped him. I told him I wanted to feel his cock buried deep in my ass. With Chelsea watching, he lifted my legs and raised them so they were over my shoulders. Chelsea handed him lubricant, which he slipped over his throbbing cock before pressing his cockhead against my tight ass. Both he and I were breathing deep, waiting for his cock to slip into my virgin ass. He told me to relax and he pushed harder. I relaxed as much as possible as his cockhead slipped in. I could feel his thick cock throbbing as he waited a couple seconds before inserting it deeper and deeper. It was an incredible feeling.

Chelsea was watching as Shawn fucked me. It didn't take her long to realize that there was still a free cock. Her mouth found its mark and her teeth brushed across my throbbing cockhead. Shawn fucked me harder as he watched his girlfriend sucking my cock at the same time. He told her to sit on my face so that she could climax at the same time before he fucked her too. She did as she was told, jumping up and once again planting her hot pussy on my face and waiting mouth.

She grabbed hold of my cock and pumped it, stroking it in the same rhythm as Shawn's fucking of me. He fucked me harder as she pumped me harder. My balls were starting to tingle and I couldn't scream that I was cumming, but they both sensed it. Chelsea pulled on my cock, stroking it faster and faster. Shawn was breathing faster and faster too and within seconds he pulled out of my ass. His hot cum spewed out over my chest. Chelsea came at the same time as I licked her pussy, flicking her clit before lapping up her juices. Shawn grabbed hold of my cock and pumped me hard until my cock exploded onto my chest to mix with his.

It was a great day at the beach. We spent the day laying in the sun and fucking some more. I even had Shawn's ass to fuck and I fucked it hard like he done to me and it was perfect.

"You guys it was amazing and I want to share that experience with you. And if it all goes well and you guys like it, then we can go out there to the beach and play with Shawn and Chelsea too."

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