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Trying Something New


Well, my name is Alice. My boyfriend's name is Ben. And Ben had a secret fetish he decided to let me in on recently... We're living on the same residence hall floor and have basically just been staying in the same room for a bit now... yeah, with his roommate in the room as well. Dorms suck. But knowing he might come home at any time is interesting on its own... Our heights complement each other very well, and my thin build, 34B, mostly leg frame work well with his muscular build from years in crew, and his domineering personality. We just happen to suit each other pretty well.

It all started with a conversation about how I had never really had a full blown orgasm before.. and it was probably because of the mundane sex I had had, and he made me guess until I figured out what his real kinky secret was because he wasn't going to just admit it... Stubborn.. It was something like this:


Nope. Well.. maybe. Yeah, probably but that's not the big one.

Okay, uh, humiliation?

Nope. Well I mean not that I'm being humiliated, well wait, that'd be nice too, but it's more about her..

Hm. (Google fetishes because I can't think on the spot ever.) Is it a panties thing?

Yeah, it's something done with them.

You like smelling them don't you?

Well I mean that's nice too, but it's doing something else with them...


And that's where it started. Before we had even kissed, I had the seed planted in my mind, that I would probably enjoy most of the fetishes we brought up in that conversation, but the last one really made me curious.

Let's fast forward now about two months later, when he no longer was in a relationship, and I was clearly through with my prior relationship and the crappy college freshmen selection around me, and we're in his room with his roommate gone, probably at work because he works for a caterer which means he's gone for the night. Thankfully. We now look forward to the weekends and wedding season... But anyway, our first encounter was intense. We had been friends for a long time so this was new territory, and at least on my part a huge amount of sexual tension had built up. Hell, we lived in the same hall so seeing him after working out, or on the way to a shower was not too easy to put up with. I was still thinking about all the conversation we had about our quirks previously and it made me interested to get to experience the way his fetish worked.

We were in bed, with the lights off, and our faces inches from each other, his hands resting lightly on my hips, nervously I suspected. He tried to inch his fingers to my waistband. You know, I'm going to give you permission to touch my ass. I had to say it. His hands on my hips were making me want it entirely too much. He slowly got his hands between my thong and leggings and squeezed and caressed my butt until we kissed for the first time right there and things immediately got much more heated. I felt my hands running across his back, my nails pressing into his skin with every handful of my ass he grabbed. It was overwhelming. His hands worked their way to my thighs and back up over my ass to venture to my chest. He quickly slid my bra under my breasts, my perky B cups resting on the fabric waiting for his warm mouth to capture my now protruding nipples. It was all I could do for the sanity of his neighbors to lowly moan into his ear as quietly as I could. He played there for awhile switching back and forth between my boobs, with me fighting myself not to thrust my breasts into his mouth while he was switching between them, and running one hand through his hair and the other down the outside of his shorts to feel what was building up for him. I found myself grinding my hips over his waist to press my dampening self against his growing member.

Right then, he ran his hands past the waistband of my leggings to return to caressing my bottom half, bare besides the black lacy thong I had put on in hopes that this would happen after hanging out that day, and ran his fingers under the two thin strips resting on my hips, gently pulling up, to bring them above my waist and ease the strip between my aching thighs between my now clenching cheeks. I had no idea how I'd enjoy it and I was nervous but I felt myself let the thin lacy fabric slip farther until it was gliding into my newly wet slit. That is how you introduce someone to the concept of a wedgie getting you off. I never thought the feeling of the rough stitching rubbing against my clit could be so satisfying. All I could do was groan quietly into his neck and slowly sink in my teeth. He tugged on the front of my panties while we made out and felt each other up for the rest of the session we experienced that night and realized that it was a great idea that I spend the night in his room, where we could sleep spooned so he could have his hands in my pants gently tugging my thong back and forth between my thighs while I could get off on that and feeling his hard dick pressed against my cheeks and back.

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