tagLoving WivesTrying the 'Permission Slip' Game

Trying the 'Permission Slip' Game

byGrey Eagle 286©

I found several stories in a dusty corner of mu old lap top that I had never submitted so I thought I would send them off. Grey Eagle 286

With apologies to Wolf Bennington , who wrote two entertaining stories that gave me the idea for this very short story. Please read 'Sex Text News Service' and then, 'Permission Slips ' before reading my effort for a better understanding. This story will stand alone however.

Matthew Murphy heard his wife, Judy, enter his den, her heels tapping on the hard wood floor. He looked up and her soft warm lips pressed against his. Her little hand gently held his face turned towards hers. He could faintly smell the perfume she had put on that morning before she left for work.

She smiled and said, "How is your work going, did you finish the revision to that old program?"

"Yeah Honey! I just finished it up and uploaded it to the customer. We'll be getting a very good check for that."

"You make more in a couple of hours with your computer than I do in a month."

"I have told you to quit that job at the factory Office, nothing is selling now. I don't know how they can afford to keep paying you at all."

"Well things are looking up a bit; our new line of accessories is starting to take off finally. The boss wants each of us to attend a three day meeting at the headquarters offices in a week or two. The dates are not firm yet."

He looked quickly at her. "Maybe I'll go with you, I can do my work from anywhere."

"We'll see what comes up." It can all change this week as the arraignments are finalized."

"OK, Babe, I put pork chops in a Chipotle-Citrus marinade for tonight. I thought we could bake some of those yams we got yesterday and open a can of black-eyed-peas."

"Sounds good, Honey, I am going to change. Why don't you fix us a couple of drinks while I change into something comfortable?"

"OK, but you look smokin' hot in that little suit and those heels."

"Thank you Lover, a pair of short shorts and a T-shirt ought to keep your interest up too. I want to talk to you later."

"Oh! What's up?"


After dinner and everything was cleaned up, Matt said, "Well, what is on your mind, Sweetie?"

"OH! Did you read the sequel to that "Sex Text News Service" story on Literotica today?"

"Yes, I did, what did you think of it? It was the wife's point of view of the affair and it is an interesting concept."

Judy moved over and slipped into Matt's lap, "It wasn't an affair; she had his permission to try out a few other men to perk up their sex life and to let her experience a man with a larger cock."

"I guess you want to try the same thing, right?"

"I want us to think about it a little."



"I have thought about it quite a bit. If that is what you really want to try you had better examine all the possible consequences of doing that."

"If you give me permission, I don't see a problem."

"Then you haven't thought it through. Start at the equality of the idea, I deserve the slips, not you. You are the only woman I have ever had sex with, you had a prior marriage and were not a virgin when you married the first hubby. In the story he had long wanted her to fuck other men because she had little prior experience. You never even mentioned it until now."

"I hadn't thought of that. Is that what you want, other women?"

"You don't seem too enthusiastic about me screwing other girls. I also have reservations about your need for bigger cocks. I guess that is a polite way of telling me I am unable to satisfy you because I am not large enough. Are you searching for my replacement? Or have you got someone in mind? Are you advocating an open marriage where we fuck anyone we want and come home when we feel like it, or just bring our lovers home with us? Why even be married? What if you find a man that completely fills you up and is the man of your dreams, where does that leave me? How long will you keep searching? If you screw some guy nine time in two days what will you be thinking about the next time I fuck you? I will know you won't be thinking of me. How will I get that out of my mind? Will you want a divorce then? I need a hell of a lot of answers before I can think about anything but what I realize is this; that you are telling me that you no longer love me and want out of our marriage."

Matt stood and dropped Judy on the couch. He looked at her mournfully. "I need to get away for awhile, write down what you want above half of everything. Give the information to Charlie Davis, he will be drawing up the divorce papers. I'll call you in a few days." Matt turned, walked away, and out the front door.

Judy heard his car start as she hurried after him. She saw his tail lights as he peeled out of the drive. She ran back in the house. She grabbed the phone and dialed his cell phone number. She heard the ring coming from the den and walked to his desk and saw his cell phone on the desk. She collapsed into his chair and wept.

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by Anonymous

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by Just_Words01/04/19

He didn't want to keep a wife that wanted other men?

Who would? Consider all the time he saved by not drawing it out. Good story.

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by 26thNC01/03/19


One of your best stories. I enjoyed.it.

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by Anonymous08/23/18

Great story, but could be a little longer.

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by Schwanze108/01/18



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by Powersworder07/14/18



She was serious about cheating on him, so he took care of business like a boss.

This wasn't a fantasy any more, she wanted the real thing. The wife obviously wasn't happy with himmore...

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