tagIncest/TabooTrying to Understand Ch. 02

Trying to Understand Ch. 02


Sarah lay in her bed, staring at the ceiling for over an hour after Gideon left. The sex hadn't been completely horrible, but she was definitely still on edge. Earlier when she had seen Gideon in the kitchen door through half closed eyes she had thought that being with him would be more like being with, well, like being with Seth, sweet and gentle, loving. But her brother and her father were two very different people. She rubbed her wrists, still a little sore from being held so tightly and felt a tingle of arousal low in her belly. She slipped from bed and into her bathroom, cleaning up from Gideon, then pulled her pajamas off and slipped into a robe before quietly creeping down to her father's room. She entered silently and removed the robe at the foot of the bed before sliding in next to her father, completely naked. He awoke instantly and pulled her close, kissing her for a moment.

"Sarah, baby girl, you know we can't."

"Gideon knows, Daddy. He saw us in the kitchen. He was shocked and left pretty fast." She took a deep breath. "Then I let him know that I knew he was there before we went to bed, and he got a little drunk and came to my room. I'm sorry, Daddy."

Seth cuddled her for a while, stroking the smooth skin of her upper arm. "Was it good?"

"He wasn't really thinking, Daddy. It was a little rough, and well, I'm still kind of horny. Please, Daddy?"

Seth slipped a hand between her legs to play with her clit while she pressed her body tighter to his. "You never did really answer my question, baby."

"It was different. He wasn't as sweet as you are."

"I'm sure it was a shock to him, Sarah. And he didn't have all of the fantasies I've had about you over the years." Seth continued to play with her clit, watching her face for the signs that she was nearing orgasm. When she was on the brink he stopped and kissed her forehead. "Go to him, baby girl. Ask him to take care of you properly this time, and leave the door cracked. I want to peek in on you. Maybe I'm just a perverted old man, but the thought of seeing you with someone else is exciting to me."

"I love you, Daddy," she whispered before kissing him deeply.

"I love you, too. Now go seduce your brother."

Reluctantly slipping out of bed, she gathered up her robe and slipped it on, then crept back down the hall to Gideon's room. She opened the door as quietly as possible, and left it ajar behind her so Seth would be able to watch. Her robe came off again, but this time she left it in the floor and walked silently to her brother's bed. He was laying on his back, and she thought maybe he was still awake. When she tripped on one of his shoes and stumbled, falling against the edge of his bed, he popped up, his chest bare and eyes bleary and unfocused.

"Sarah, what's wrong?"

"I'm naked in your bedroom, Gideon, what do you think is wrong? I'm still really horny. Maybe you can't keep a girlfriend because you aren't that great of a lover." She squeaked as he grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him, rolling quickly to pin her lush body beneath his.

"I'm a very good lover, generally, you just had me all flustered and mad and I couldn't concentrate."

Sarah giggled huskily before his lips met hers in a scorching kiss. "Can you concentrate now?"

"I will do my absolute best." Gideon slid his body down hers, smiling as she shuddered, then laughing against her thigh when the first stroke of his tongue against her clit made her swear. "I thought you were the good kid," he said. "Do you use that kind of language at choir practice."

"Hush and get back to work," she said, already beginning to breathe more heavily, her fingers tangling in his hair, anticipating the next flick of his tongue.

Gideon was eager to pleasure his sister. He really did feel guilty about the callous way he'd screwed her earlier. He could feel the slight quiver in her legs as she braced against the mattress and the soft moans coming from her were driving him crazy, especially when combined with the sweetness of her pussy. She wasn't completely hairless like many of the women he knew, but it wasn't out of control, and everything was so soft and warm and wet. He brought her through several small orgasms before slipping two fingers deep inside her, stroking the walls of her vagina, searching. A quick catch of breath, and her fingers tightening in his hair told him when he had found the spot his was looking for, and he pressed and rubbed it until she screamed his name, and squirted.

"Oh jeez," she said. "I'm sorry, I don't know why—." Sarah was on the verge of tears, and even in the dim room he could see her blushing as she pulled away and moved to take the sheets off the bed.

He came up behind her and nibbled at her neck, his arms circling her at shoulders and waist. "Calm down, baby. You didn't pee, you just came really hard and squirted. It's called female ejaculation."

"Mom said that was a myth."

"Mom didn't know everything. I've been with several girls who do it. It's really kind of sexy to me." He kissed her, his tongue slipping between her lips to let her taste herself. "You have a very sweet pussy," he whispered into her ear as he began to finger her again. After a moment he lifted his hand to her mouth and coaxed her into sucking his index finger, cleaning her juices from him.

"Do you like that? Does is taste good to you?" he asked, pushing her back down onto his bed.

"Yes," Sarah whispered. She laid back down against his flannel sheets, propped on one elbow facing him. "But now I want to suck you."

"You just get right to the point, don't you?" He laughed lightly again.

"Gideon, don't make me beg for it." Her voice was strained and he could tell that she was getting more aroused by the second. He leaned down to give her a quick kiss on the mouth.

"Sarah, I love it when girls beg for what they want. It really turns me on, so if you want to suck this cock tonight you will plead with me and promise to do what I want. I'm guessing Dad lets you call the shots, but that isn't my style. I'm in control, ALWAYS. Do you understand?"

"Yes," she whispered hoarsely. "Please, Gideon, I need to taste you now, please. I promise I will do whatever you want me to, just please let me suck you."

"Very good, baby. Now get onto your hands and knees facing me. Very nice," he said as she got into position. "You're going to be my little bitch for the night, Sarah." She started to pull back sharply, shocked by his words, but he grabbed her long hair and pulled roughly, forcing her head back so that she looked up at him. "I can send you away right now, horny and needy, or you can do what I say without question and I will get you off again when I'm ready. You already promised me, now are you going to go back on that?"

"No, Gideon." Her voice was small and tight, and the look in her eyes wavered from intrigued lust to mild fear. She was thinking that she had definitely gotten in over her head this time.

"Okay, now that you understand my position on this, open your mouth and take every last inch of my cock." The wet heat as she slid her mouth down his pole made him hiss between clenched teeth and he pulled her hair a little harder. She barely gagged as he bumped the back of her throat and began to fuck her mouth at a furious pace. As he neared his own orgasm he pulled back and shot his load all over her face. He stood back for a moment, admiring the way the thick goo slid slowly down her cheeks and forehead, then called out towards the door, "Come on in, Dad, and take a look at this sweet little slut."

Seth pushed the door open and slipped inside, a sheepish look on his face and naked with a jutting erection. He came over and stood next to his son, looking down on his baby girl, as she stared up at them, lust overcoming the fear and uncertainty of what she'd promised Gideon.

"She's a gorgeous little girl," Seth told his son as he stroked her hair, and rubbed his son's semen into her skin before he kissed her, moaning.

"I want you both at the same time," she whispered breathlessly against her father's mouth. She looked up at Gideon. "Please, I want to have both of you in me at the same time. One in my pussy, the other in my mouth."

"Such a kinky little slut," Gideon told her, pinching a nipple hard, then twisting as she moaned and leaned into him.

"Please," she begged again. "Please, Sir." Gideon looked at her closely. With her parted lips, heavy breathing and unfocused eyes, and pulling back just a bit, making her tit hurt more, there was no way he could refuse her.

"Okay, sweetie, you can have us both. You'll suck Daddy off while I fuck that hot little cunt again." He kissed her deeply, then moved to kneel behind her, while Seth touched his erection to her lips. Sarah kissed it, but waited until Gideon's cock was buried inside her before taking her father into her mouth. She sucked and nipped lightly with her teeth the way he liked, and rocked between them moaning in pleasure. She had never imagined being in this position before, and could hardly believe how good it felt. She loved having the two men share her body, her father stroking her hair and whispering his love, while Gideon pounded her hard from behind, smacking her ass from time to time.

Seth came first, shooting his cum into her mouth for her to swallow before he sat down in a nearby chair to watch his children. He wasn't sure he liked how rough Gideon was with his sister, how he called her names, but Sarah seemed to be enjoying herself immensely, screaming as another orgasm tore through her. He loved watching her get fucked, her large breasts swinging freely, her hair mussed and mouth swollen from kisses and blow jobs. His dick tried to stir, but he was not a young man anymore, and had taken her twice earlier in the day, so he was done for several more hours.

With a loud cry Gideon came at last, pressing himself tightly into Sarah as the top of her body collapsed to the bed, shoulders heaving, ass still high. He couldn't resist a few more swats as he pulled out, then helped her roll to her side, situating her on the pillows and motioning his father over. Gideon cuddled into his sister's back, as their father slid himself against her breasts and pulled the blankets up over them.

"Wow," the girl whispered sleepily, "thank you both so much. Thank you, Gideon." She drifted off thinking "how lucky could a girl get, having two sexy men to snuggle with?"

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