tagIncest/TabooTrying to Understand Ch. 04

Trying to Understand Ch. 04


Seth sipped on his coffee as he watched the snow fall onto the backyard in the early February evening darkness. He had thought that selling the home he'd made so many memories in would have been more difficult, but now that he was here, in a new town where no one had ever heard him preach, sharing a house with his children he felt more alive, and more himself than ever before.

"Hi, Dad. Gideon bounded into the kitchen, shaking snow out of his bleached blond hair and shrugging out of his parka. He put his arms around his father and kissed him deeply with cold lips. "Mmmmm, Bailey's," he murmured, before kissing him again. The young man nipped at Seth's neck, then looked around.

"Where's Sarah?"

"She fell asleep working on her homework in the den, so I made her go to bed. I hate to say it, but I think we're going to have to make her take a year off from school. Being pregnant is making her so tired, and I'm worried about her."

"She sees the doctor this week. Go with her, and see if he thinks she needs time off. If so, I'll make sure she withdraws. I'd rather she not have a chance to run into the sperm donor anyway."

"I appreciate it, Gideon. You've got a firmer hand with her than I do, and she'll actually listen." He pulled his son closer and stroked his back with his free hand.

"I watched those movies again today." Seth felt his son's cock harden against his stomach. Gideon had invested in some male on male porn to help his father get more comfortable with the idea of them being together intimately, and knew that Seth was starting to love the movies, as he had accepted several blow jobs from his son in the past few weeks, and had even fucked his ass a couple times. Gideon enjoyed being bottom for his formerly strict, pious dad, but was really looking forward to the day the older man was on his knees for him, taking his son's cum anywhere Gideon was inclined to leave it.

"Good," the younger man said, "so do you want my lips or my rear?"

"I want your cock, son. Tonight, I want for you to come in my mouth and my ass. It's a perfect night for it really. You want for me to be as close to you as I am to Sarah, and you weren't there for my first time with her, you came in later. I feel like the first time I take you into me, it should be just us, so I can prove once and for all that I love you both equally." Seth's eyes were tearing as he finished speaking, and Gideon had to swallow a lump in his throat in order to speak.

"I'd love that, Dad. Do you need another drink to relax before we start?"

"No, I just need you." He set down his cup and pulled down the zipper on his son's pants. "Anywhere you want, Gideon. Tonight I'm yours alone."

Gideon kissed his father fiercely, his fingers tangling in the man's gray hair, relishing his moans, the feel of his mouth and stubbled cheeks, the taste of coffee. "Let's go take a shower. I need to warm up a little more. Whose room is she in?"

"Hers. We'll all pile back into one bed tomorrow."

"Good, let's take my room then." The two men kept their hands linked as they walked upstairs together. Gideon was so excited he wanted to scream, and Seth was eager and nervous. It had almost been an epiphany when he sent his daughter to her room to get some rest. He loved his son, and was willing to do anything for him. There was no reason to put it off any longer. When they reached Gideon's master suite, they quickly began pulling each other's clothes off, kissing and touching every inch of exposed skin as they stumbled into the bathroom. Waiting for the shower to heat up Gideon took the opportunity to suck his father's cock to a steel-hard erection to match his own.

"I'm going to have to start working out," Gideon said once they were under the steamy spray, slicking soap over his son's lean and muscled body. I'm envious of the way Sarah drools over your abs." He knelt and kissed the six-pack as he rinsed the soap away. "You deserve to be with me looking good too."

"I love you no matter what, Dad, same as Sarah, though I would love for the two of us to work up a sweat together and then get even sweatier fucking around with our girl. I bet the two of us all hot and slick against her would make her cum in no time." Gideon had braced his hands against the tiled wall, and was panting, since Seth had decided to start off with a soapy hand job.

"You're no doubt right about that. You've made her such a sexual, kinky little slut. I didn't like it at first, the way you talked to her." Seth continued to squeeze and stroke his son's thick dick, his mouth watering, knowing he would soon be filled with every inch of it. "Now though, I can see how much she likes it. She's so sweet and so dirty at the same time. She's perfect." He hand slowed slightly as he looked up. "But this is about us, not her."

Gideon flashed him a sexy smile and quirked and eyebrow. "That's right, it is about us. Start sucking my cock now, Dad. Take every inch of your son's dick into your mouth, and make me cum so hard I gag you." Seth shivered with pleasure at his child's take charge tone of voice, and before the last of the soap bubbles had been rinsed from the base, his mouth was on the smooth head, his tongue playing with the small opening, before he moved forward to take even more. His lips were stretched wide and he felt dizzy, acting out this secret fantasy from his adolescence with his own flesh and blood. Without a doubt, he felt he was doing the right thing. He moaned as his son slid the last couple inches in, and pulled his hair, fucking his mouth hard and sure.

"Oh, hell yeah, Dad. You're such a good cock sucker. I love your mouth. Mmmm, you've got a natural talent. It's like you were born to suck big dicks. You like it, Dad, being on your knees for me?"

Seth nodded and put his hands on his son's firm ass as the younger man's rod began to jerk and the back of his mouth and throat were coated with sticky cream. He swallowed every bit, and did not take his mouth from his son until his cock was limp again.

The water sluicing down on them had begun to cool, and Gideon weakly turned the faucets off before they stepped out and began drying each other off. The bathroom was quiet, and they whispered to one another, praises and adoration that had formerly been reserved for Sarah. Gideon held his father closely as they stared at themselves in the mirror.

"Are you sure you can handle the last step tonight, Dad?" Gideon asked, uncharacteristically tender with him. He was really the alpha of the family, determined to be in charge and get his way, but tonight he understood the gift he was given with his unconventional family, and willing to bend a little.

"Yes, my son, I want you so much. Just please go easy on me to start. I hadn't gotten around to trying out those butt plugs you gave me before I made my decision today."

"Virgin ass," Gid said with a cocky smile as he lightly smacked his dad's rear. "I've never had to pop a guy's cherry before, but I'm glad I get to do yours. Before you know it, you'll be every bit as kinky as your kids." They both laughed and retreated to bedroom, snuggling under the blanket and making out while Gideon's cock recovered enough to perform again. When he was nearly hard enough he pulled a tub of lubricant from the night stand drawer. As he did, his hand brushed the cold steel of his handcuffs and he got an idea and pulled them out as well.

"The first time I was with Sarah, I had her pinned to her bed," he said softly. "She couldn't fight, couldn't resist, not that she wanted to for very long, and I remember wishing I'd had my cuffs so I could play with her tits while I fucked her." He took a deep breath and leaned over his father, their lips brushing as he spoke. "I want to look into your eyes while I do your ass, and would be very grateful if you would let me restrain you."

Seth kissed his son deeply, and placed one half of the cuffs on his left wrist before raising his arms to the headboard. "Anyway you want it, Gideon, this is your night, and I am yours to control."

Gideon looped the cuffs through the wooden slats of the headboard and finished securing his dad to the bed. Slowly, he applied lube to the man's asshole, taking his cock head into his mouth as he pressed first one, and then two fingers into his tight hole. He played for a while, teasing and relishing his father's moans. At last, he applied lube to his own cock, and settled between his father's legs.

"I love you, Dad." He pressed forward slowing. "Open for me, stay relaxed," he encouraged softly, watching the older man's face. Once the head of his dick was firmly lodged he pushed a bit more and began to pulse.

"Oh God, baby, please," Seth panted. "More. Give it all to me, please," he begged, his eyes locked with his son's.

Gideon gently pushed his entire length into him, and gave his father a long wet kiss. They fucked slowly, neither in a hurry for the experience to end. When Gideon finally went, the feel of cum filling his ass caused Seth's own orgasm, the cum covering his chest. Gideon licked him clean again before releasing his father's hands, and nestling in behind him.

"You okay, Dad?" he said softly.

"Yes. That was amazing. The only regret I have is that I didn't let you do it sooner. I'm sorry I was so stubborn, son."

"I forgive you, babe. All that matters now is that we can have each other from this point on. Thank you." They kissed again, and neither saw Sarah standing in the doorway, smiling before she turned to go back to her own room. Tomorrow would be soon enough for her to rejoin them.

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