tagNonHumanTryst With An Alien

Tryst With An Alien

byvampy vixen©

Carol was a divorced woman, still good looking and in shape but no love life to speak of.

She had even considered hiring a gigolo so that she could get off once in a while but was too embarrassed and felt frivolous paying for sex.

Blind dates although pleasant, were bland, with no chemistry to speak of. Plus it was so complicated to consider starting over with someone after so many years of being with the same person. She told herself she was content with her career, dog and her neatly appointed home.

One night she found herself suddenly awakened from her deep sleep because her dumb dog would not stop whining. She got up to let him out the back door and groggily waited for him to return. “Have to invest in that automatic dog door opener” she reminded herself. Strangely enough, her dog would not leave the back stoop and she tried pushing him away from the house with her foot. He whined and retreated into the house again.

She noticed the strange pinkish glow outside but attributed it to her neighbors—they were DJ’s after all. When she turned around after locking up the back door she found herself face-to-face with a male stranger. She almost screamed but for some reason she was just frozen, her vocal cords seemingly paralyzed. Carol seemed to have no ability to speak or make a move. He was definitely male and was not quite human. His body was lean and his face nondescript but not the scary face you’d think of when it comes to aliens. Her dog just cowered in the corner. “Some guard dog!” she thought.

The male alien reached out for her and she could not make a peep—it was as if he had a power over her but not with mechanics or lasers or anything of the sort.

His body gave off an incredible heat which she felt when his hand brushed her hair off her shoulders and removed her nightgown over her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She felt afraid but still could not move. She was naked aside from her slippers.

His hand moved to both her tits and caressed them in a way that aroused her quite easily.

She felt ashamed to be aroused and probably was beet red. She still could not protest, and remained standing in one spot. His large alien hands dropped to her small waist and felt up her ass and her hips. She had heard of alien abductions—was he checking to see if she was a fertile female? His long fingers parted her pussy lips and she suddenly felt him probe her cunt with an incredible heated finger. She gasped and felt embarrassed because she was getting wet and she was after all, standing in her kitchen naked with a stranger.

Carol was still unable to protest when he lifted her up effortlessly and place her sitting on her kitchen counter, her legs spread against her will. She closed her eyes and felt something warm and wet exploring her pussy but was afraid to look down. She actually was able to lean back on her elbows and relax and enjoy the sensation with a sigh. The alien male picked her up again and placed her on the itchy wool rug in her living room. She opened her eyes for a second to catch a glimpse of what he was doing. She was placed on her back with her knees drawn back. She caught sight of his huge appendage—it was a giant cock and in fact he had two of them! The second one was hung just below the larger one. Carol did a double take! Why the hell was she here with this, this thing? The huge alien cock pressed up against her pussy lips and eased it’s way in. She let out a gasp, it was so hot and filled her up to the hilt. She had never been fucked by something so big and couldn’t believe this was happening to her. She felt a sudden warmth fall over her and she relaxed again—more unknown powers on her?

The huge throbbing cock pumped into her tight underused pussy and stretched it fully and she was so horny she was enjoying every thrust. She was never so wet and her nipples stood up hard. Carol even held her knees back to get full penetration. She could only moan, as no words could escape her lips since the alien arrived.

She felt herself cumming hard already, her face scrunched up in relief. She felt embarrassed thinking how she wanted more of this alien. She was on her hands and knees now, her body unable to protest again and her horniness strangely making her passive.

She felt a hot liquid shoot onto her ass cheeks and drip onto her puckered asshole that had seen little activity in the anal sex area. She felt panicked but curious and horny, driven by needing to cum more. She felt one cock easily slide into her wet pussy and the other one having a life of its own pushing into her virgin ass. She willed it not to go in but it was so slippery it spread her asshole quite easily. The sensation of being full of two cocks made her moan. The alien effortlessly pumped her with both cocks, no sound coming out of his mouth or body. Carol was amazed at how good it felt to be double fucked and closed her eyes. Her body responded with another huge orgasm that seemed to never end.

Strangely the alien somehow had known what she needed and there was no awkward banter or messy cleanup afterwards. He picked her up and placed her gently in her bed and left through the same door he arrived. Carol was definitely a believer in alternate universes now! She drifted off to sleep not even bothering to put her nightgown back on. Maybe next time her alien would bring a friend she thought with a giggle.

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