tagAnalTryst with my Chinese Darlings

Tryst with my Chinese Darlings


(Please read: "My Tryst with a Chinese Angel" and "Tryst with my Angel's Daughter" first, for continuity.)

It was two years since Kerry had been to India. There were lovely memories of her stay. Both she and her mother, Alice, kept in touch through email. One day Alice wrote to say that Kerry was getting married. She and her fiancé had decided to marry in China. She asked me to ensure that I attended with my family. Later, the same day, Kerry mailed me and insisted I attended with my family. She added, "Uncle, I'm not going to accept any excuse. The day is still two months away. Enough time for you to make your plans."

I discussed with my wife and daughter. As my wife's health was always an issue we decided that I alone attend and that my daughter would look after my wife in the meanwhile.

I arrived in their city a couple of days before the big day. Alice was there to receive me at the airport. It was a very emotional moment for us; meeting after twelve years. It brought back all the lovely memories of the times we spent together. She hugged me and led me to her car. She said it belonged to her father.

She drove me to the hotel I was booked in. Once my baggage was brought in and after I tipped the porter, Alice closed the door and came into my arms. She was crying softly and I let her pour out her emotions. I patted her back till she quietened.

She looked up at me and smiled wanly, "I'm sorry. I promised myself to remain in control, but...."

I wiped the tears on her cheeks with my thumb and hugged her. I raised her chin and kissed her tenderly on her lips. She sighed contentedly and kissed back. We broke our kiss, looked at each other and smiled.

"You kiss in the same way, with tenderness and passion," she said.

I pulled her back into my arms and resumed kissing. Soon we were completely engrossed. We lay down on the bed and continued, allowing our tongues free rein. My hands were moving all over her body; on her breasts, her back, her ass and her thighs. She was kissing back with the same passion and mewing. Her hands were on my thighs and then she was moving them on my aroused member. He hands softly squeezing and stroking it brought it to full attention.

I raised my lips from hers, looked into her eyes, saw acquiescence, and softly started to unbutton her shirt. She was gazing into my eyes with passion while I removed her clothes. Soon she was lying naked on the bed. I removed my clothes and joined her. Our bodies met, my hard cock against her still flat stomach, and she moaned with pleasure. I started kissing her while she stroked my cock lovingly.

My ministrations to her breasts soon had her moaning with want. I cupped her mound and she whimpered. I pushed my finger in her and she shuddered and moaned loudly. I pumped my finger in her slowly increasing the tempo and she was gyrating her ass. I rubbed her sensitive spot and she screamed out and orgasmed. She was trembling and I clasped her to me till her trembling subsided.

"You love the same way you used to. I become uncontrollable in your hands," she whispered.

I hugged her and caressed her ass. We started our kissing session and were soon filled with desire. I quietly took her hand and put it on my cock. She started to stroke it and I moaned in pleasure. I closed my eyes and lay back while she moved down and mouthed my erection. My ass bucked and I moaned. She licked and sucked me till I was ready to burst. I took it out of her mouth and she protested by grabbing it again. I turned her over, got her on her knees and entered her from behind. My darling angel mewed with desire as I started to pump hard and vigorously. She kept on crying, "Oh! God, Oh! My darling, Yesss! faster, faster," and I obliged her.

I knew I would not last long and started to finger her already sensitive clit. She cried out and bucked back into me. I pinched her clit and rubbed it furiously. She soon reached the end of her tether and screamed out as she orgasmed. I was also ready and unloaded. My first spurt hit her insides and she whimpered. I kept on pumping till I stopped coming. I pulled out my half hard cock and my lovely angel put it in her mouth and sucked and cleaned it off.

She lay next to me, satiated, and I engulfed her in my arms. I tenderly kissed her.

"How is Kerry?" I asked, "She must be terribly excited."

"She is. You know, when Kerry came back from visiting her grandparents, she told me all about you. How you had treated her with tenderness and love. Also how you punished her. She deserved it. She was already, then, going steady with her now fiancé, but she said she always wanted you to be her first. She told me that after you she could never think of having an affair with another man. She also told me she has not done anything with her fiancé and he agreed to wait till they are married."

She was silent for some time and then added, "So like her mother is Kerry. One lover woman. Both of us can never think of a second lover, even if we are sharing that one lover."

I clasped her to me and kissed her. We were hot with passion, but had to stop as my Alice had to go back.

"If I cannot make it, I'll have you picked up. You're having dinner with us at my parents' home."

I thanked her for the invitation and kissed her tenderly.


Kerry called from the lobby that she had come to pick me up. I asked her to come up. She came in accompanied by a young man I assumed was her fiancé. She introduced me. We made small talk and soon left.

I met Alice's parents, her husband, and some other relatives. Her parents were simple small town people. We could only converse with Alice or Kerry interpreting. After all these years in Africa, Kerry's father could still not speak and understand English. Alice helped him in his business and with his books. Kerry's fiancé was not there. He had to be home to attend to his relatives.

The meal was a simple affair and quite delicious. They offered me some wine but I asked Alice to politely refuse as she knew I did not take alcohol. There was some discussion about what they were to do the next day. It was decided that Alice was needed for some last minute shopping expedition and Kerry could take me around the town. It was decided I would have meals with them again the next evening.

I tried to protest but Kerry said," You're fighting a losing battle, Uncle. I'm sure you don't want to offend my grandparents."

Kerry volunteered to drop me at the hotel. In the car she took my hand in hers and kissed it.

"Kerry, take care. Keep both hands on the wheel," I laughed.

She held on and still drove skilfully. Then she quietly put my hand on her thigh and left it there. We looked at each other. I caressed her thigh and she sighed with pleasure.

We reached the hotel and she insisted on seeing me to my room. I knew she wanted to be alone with me. She closed the door behind her and clasped me from behind.

"I missed you so much, Uncle. Thanks for coming." She moved her hands on my chest and hugged me hard from behind. Suddenly she took one hand down and stroked me.

"Kerry, my darling, you're getting married in a couple of days. What are you doing?"

"Uncle, you are and will always be the only 'other man' in my life. You gave me so much happiness and love. Please.........let me love you a bit."

I turned around and looked at her. I sighed while she was stroking me. I held her by the chin and kissed her softly. She hugged me hard, went down on her knees, and unbuckled my trousers which soon hit the floor. She pulled my underwear down and mouthed my aroused cock.

She licked and sucked and was drooling all over my erect cock. I was straining with passion and was soon ready to gush out. I put my hands on her head and made love to the mouth of my sweet little darling. She relaxed and let me love her mouth as I would her pussy. I pumped gently, vigorously, hard, slow, fast and soon spurted in her mouth. She drank up all that I offered and then licked me clean.

I lifted her up and embraced her. I felt such love for both Alice and Kerry. Both were very special to me. They gave me more than they took from me.

"I'll have to leave otherwise they'll all wonder, except Mum of course, what's keeping me," she winked at me, then added softly, "Uncle, if you get a chance please make Mum happy. Let her re-live those wonderful days."

"Kerry," I warned her, showing her my palm and pointed at her ass.

She laughed out loud, and said cheekily, "But Mum picked you from the airport, didn't she? Don't tell me she didn't take advantage of that!"

I slapped her ass and she grinned. Then she kissed me and assured me she would be early to pick me up.


She was early the next morning. I had just finished breakfast and was returning to my room when we met at the lift. We rode up together. She clung to me as there was no one else in the lift. As soon as we entered the room she hugged me and I caressed her back. My hands on her ass squeezed her hard spheres and she moaned.

We kissed passionately and our hands were exploring each other with abandon. I put my hand under her skirt and cupped her mound through her leggings. She whimpered and dry humped my hand. I sat down on the bed and she was standing between my legs. I held the elastic band of her leggings in both my hands and pulled it down. She lifted her legs one by one and the leggings were discarded. I raised my hands and caressed both her thighs till I reached her bare mound. I inserted one finger in her pussy and she mewed with pleasure. I pumped slowly as she got wetter.

I withdrew my hands and she protested, "Please....no!"

My hands went to the zip at the side of her skirt and I unzipped it. I drew her skirt down and my lovely beauty stood naked from waist down. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her in. I tongued her pussy lips and her legs bucked. I increased the pressure on her lips and my stiff tongue hit her pussy hole. I lapped up her juices and caressed her ass. My finger was tracing her ass crack and she was whimpering. I brought her down across my lap and bent down to kiss her ass cheeks. I bit them softly at first and she mewed. Then I bit one cheek hard and she cried out. From between my knees she stroked my cock and soon it was pushing hard against her crotch. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and massaged her ass hole. She cried out in pleasure. I wet my middle finger in her juice and entered it in her ass hole. She whimpered and shook her ass.

I pumped my finger in her ass as my other finger was attending her pussy. I touched her sensitive spot and she hit the roof. She screamed in pleasure, "My Godddd! Oh! My Goddd! Please do it again." I rubbed her sensitive spot again, a little harder and she writhed in passion. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhh!"

When her trembling stopped I raised her and laid her on the bed. I unbuttoned her shirt while she was coming down from her high. Her eyes were shut and her breathing heavy. I had her shirt off and my mouth on her erect nipple. I tongued, sucked, bit, and tugged her nipples and she was soon squirming all over the bed. I kept my lip pressure on her nipples and inserted my finger in her pussy. I pumped fast and she was moaning endlessly.

I swivelled and my cock was near her mouth and my lips attached to her pussy. She started sucking me as I lapped up her juices. I thumbed her clit and her pleasure was beyond her control. "Oh! Please....don't stop....please....stop!.....please....yessss! Don't stop," she continued uncontrollably.

I moved my lips to her clit, raised her right leg up on my shoulder and entered my middle finger into her asshole. She bucked hard and moaned loudly. When she was thrashing about, I removed my finger from her ass and inserted into her pussy and rubbed her sensitive spot. She screamed loudly and orgasmed continuously. I inserted my finger back into her ass and she moaned loudly and cried, "Please....stop....enough......please."

I went up the bed and held her to me. Her heart was thumping hard in her chest and I clasped her to me till she quietened and her breathing became normal.

She looked up at me, her eyes still unfocused and glazed. I kissed her tenderly and held her to me. She dozed off.

She woke up after nearly an hour. She was still clasped to me. I kissed her on her cheeks and then her lips. She kissed back.

"Thanks, Uncle. I needed that. It's been two years and I was starved."

I kissed her and said, "Soon you'll no longer have to starve, my darling. I'm sure your young man will keep you sated."

"I hope so, Uncle. We've never done anything except a quiet kiss once in a while."

I patted her on her ass and assured her she would be alright.

I caressed her ass and she said, "I never let you have me here, didn't I?"

"Yes, baby, you were afraid of the pain. Maybe your young man will get a chance to do it there."

"No way! I'm still afraid. Also no one else can be more gentle than you."

I pushed my finger into her ass and pumped it. She whimpered and fidgeted.

"Then now is your last chance, baby. Tomorrow will be too late. You know I'll be happy to do your ass," I said as I continued pumping.

She looked up at me with a strange look in her eyes. Then she said, "Let me think. No promises."

I kept on pumping and started kissing her. She was moaning with pleasure. I wanted to do her ass, but not without her free consent. I pulled out my finger and she mewed in protest.

"Quiet, my darling. Let's dress. You are supposed to show me the town."


We left and my lovely companion showed me around town. Time passed and soon it was time for lunch. I asked her to call Alice to see if she was free and could join us for lunch at the hotel.

She spoke to her mother for a few minutes and passed the phone to me, saying, "She doesn't agree."

"Alice, dear, why don't you join us for lunch? We'll free you soon and you can continue with your shopping."

"I don't know. We've finished most of it. There are still some things to pick up. But that'll be a little late in the evening."

"Then join us, my dear. We'll wait for you in the hotel. We'll order room service. OK?"

"OK, my dear. I'll be there in a few minutes."

I returned the phone to Kerry and asked, "Why did she not agree when you asked?"

She smiled and said, "Mum said I had only today as I would be away on my honeymoon tomorrow after the wedding. She asked me to make the most of my little time with you."

She sighed and added, "She is very understanding and knows what I want. I love you, Uncle."

"I love you, too, my darling. I'm so lucky to have two beautiful and understanding women."

We waited in the room for a few minutes before there was a knock on the door and Alice walked in. She gave me a hug a little self-consciously as Kerry was in the room. I hugged her back and led her to the sofa.

We decided on the menu and ordered with room service.

We talked while we waited for the food to arrive. The conversation was a little strained as Alice and I couldn't talk as freely as we would have liked to, especially with Kerry present. Kerry understood the undercurrents but blessedly kept quiet. Then when her patience gave up she said, "Look Mum, I know you both want to talk a lot of things to each other. I'm in the way, so I'm off while you relax and talk."

"No, baby," said Alice, "There's nothing stopping us from talking to each other."

"Then, Uncle, sit with her on the sofa. I'm sure you sit together when I'm not around. Here, look," and she took my hand and made me sit on one side of Alice and she sat on my other side.

Alice turned and smiled at me and then laughed. We all laughed and Alice hugged me and put her head on my shoulder and mewed with pleasure. I put my arms around her and pulled her nearer. Her head was on my chest and I was caressing her back softly. Alice sighed. Kerry was grinning from ear to ear.

There was a knock and food had arrived. We ate happily as the atmosphere had lightened. We had ice cream for dessert. Alice suggested a few more places for Kerry to show me. Kerry reverted to Chinese and said something. Alice stared at me. Then she relaxed and said something to Kerry, who responded, "Thanks, Mum."

I kept quiet as I didn't want to intrude upon their family discussion. Kerry told her Mum that she would bring me over in time for dinner after showing me the other places suggested. Her Mum kissed her on her cheek, and also kissed my cheek. Kerry said impishly, "Mum, Uncle deserves better than just a kiss on his cheek." Alice blushed pink and then turned and kissed me on my lips. Out tongues entangled for a moment and then we parted.

When Alice left I asked Kerry where she was taking me. She said shyly, "Mum suggested a few places but I said that you also wanted to visit one special place," and she patted her ass, adding, "Mum was speechless and I told her I had not yet decided. She told me to do whatever I wished and that if I really wanted to please you I could let you do it."

I looked at my little baby doll, pulled her to me and kissed her passionately. Our tongues were locked in a battle of their own and soon we were breathless. I looked at my sweet little girl and said, "My darling, remember only one thing. Don't think of what pleases me or what your mother said. Only decide if you really want to do it. OK?"

"Yes, Uncle."

We lay quietly, fully clothed, on the bed in each other's arms. I caressed her back and she mewed in pleasure. I pecked her on her cheek and nibbled her earlobes. She sighed and stretched herself. I caressed her stomach and moved down to her thighs. I moved my hand up and brought her skirt up along with it. I caressed her ass cheek through her leggings and traced my finger along her ass crack. She mewed put one leg across my hips. This gave my hand better access to her ass and pussy mound and I made full use of the opportunity. She was getting hot and was moaning.

I hooked my fingers on the elastic band of her leggings and pulled it down till it cleared her ass cheeks. I traced her ass crack and softly inserted my finger till it rested against her ass rim. I rubbed softly till she was mewing and then sobbing with passion. I stopped, got up, pulled her up and started to remove her clothes till she stood totally naked in front of me. She proudly showed me her lithe body with its erect nipples and proud small breasts. She knew I enjoyed looking at her and she was comfortable showing me her all.

I removed my clothes and pulled her to me. We started our kissing session and soon she could feel my aroused cock against her mound. She adjusted her legs and held my cock between her thighs. I sighed in pleasure.

We moved to the bed and I moved down to her breasts. I could never have enough of her breasts and nipples. I sucked, bit, pulled, and mauled her breasts and nipples and she moaned, mewed and sobbed with passion. I turned her over, rolled on the protection, and entered her from behind. She reacted by bucking back with her ass and I started pumping into her. My pumping was vigorous and I applied Vaseline to my thumb and inserted in her ass. She looked back at me as I pumped my thumb in her ass.

Then I pulled out my thumb and inserted my middle finger after applying Vaseline to it. I was pumping in both her holes and she was trembling with passion. She was mewing loudly and held my gaze as I continued pumping. I pulled out my finger from her ass and she moaned, "No...!" As she kept on looking at me I applied Vaseline to my middle and index fingers and brought them back to her ass. I looked at her, waiting to see her reaction. She kept her gaze on me for a moment and then sighed and turned back and put her head on the pillow.

I first inserted my middle finger and pumped. Then I pulled it out till only the first joint was in. I touched her rim with my other finger and she flinched. I pushed in the second finger till it just further spread her rim. She moaned. I pushed and both the fingers were in. She trembled and cried out. I caressed her ass till she calmed down. Then I pushed both fingers in slowly till they bottomed out. She was moaning as the pressure on her rim was much. I kept on caressing her ass and whispered, "Baby doll, it will soon be OK," and slowly pumped both the fingers. She kept on whimpering and said, "It is paining. It is stretching. Oh! Goddd. Oh! Uncle. Pleeaaase."

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