tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTS 01: Could Have Been Awkward

TS 01: Could Have Been Awkward


The following is a true story. Names have been changed.


I'm a voyeur. I don't know why, it's just one of these odd personality traits I have that I can't explain. I suppose it's not that odd; it's really exciting to watch two (or more) people getting it on. I've been lucky enough in my time to see a couple people in real-life sexual situations, but this story isn't about that. This story is about the time that the tables turned on me, and I became, for one fleeting moment, an exhibitionist. Oh, and you can call me Will.

It was summer time, and I was back home on leave from university. I was, in fact, dropping out of university, but my summer employer (who was only hiring students for the summer) didn't know that. It was, I believe, a Saturday, and as with any gathering of university-age kids on Saturday evening, we were getting loaded. There were only a few of us: my girl; the love of my life who we'll call Dana, and a couple really really close friends. Walt, Renee, and Derek.

We had, as a group of friends, become very close. It's a weird thing about summers. It's like, with all the school stuff on hold, you're free to deal with all the silly drama that goes on behind the scenes when you've got real life-stuff to deal with. There was this whole "emotional truth and openness" vibe between us, which I kinda miss now. But suffice to say we were, the lot of us, very close.

Walt had recently broken up with his long-term girlfriend, so he was single, while Renee and Derek were engaged in a weird sort of open-relationship. The two of them, who were only vaguely attached to other people completely, were fooling around while their pseudo-significant others were out of town. I happen to know they never had sex, but other stuff happened before it all fell apart at the end of the summer. They're still friends, however, so that's cool.

Oh man, I'm getting boring with the self-indulgent reminiscences. Sorry, I'll get to the dirty stuff soon, I promise.

So we're hanging out at Walt's place, drinking and talking in the loft-like upstairs part of his house (which was very strange in its design). I can't remember exactly what sparked it as a topic of discussion that night, but somehow the idea of playing strip-poker had come up.

Now, I should mention that depending how you look at it, strip-poker, when combined with drinking, is either a brilliant idea, or a terrible one. There is no middle-ground here. There are no stories of drunken strip-poker games that got mediocre. I should know, I've played a lot of drunken strip poker. So we started playing. Luckily for us, this happens to be a good story about strip-poker and booze.

Some of the details are hazy, so I'll make up whatever I can't remember. I do remember Batman playing cards.

We were using the rules by which the person with the worst hand had to lose an article of clothing. I was pretty well-adorned, I think Derek already had his shirt off (Derek doesn't like wearing clothes most of the time). The girls, Dana and Renee had the most clothing on, but fortunately neither was good at poker.

Dana was (and is) a beautiful girl of 21 years, about 5'4 or 5'5, and petite. She had black hair, worn shoulder-length at the time, thick plastic-rimmed glasses, and the most adorable overbite. Her body was small and well-proportioned, toned up from ten years of karate lessons. Her breasts, however, were full and round, any bigger and they'd be out of proportion to the rest of her. I remember she was wearing tight jeans that heightened the shape of her round little ass.

Renee was in a skirt, I believe, showing off her curvaceous legs a little. Renee was a bigger girl than Dana, though not what you'd call a "big girl". She was just a tad slenderer than what you'd call voluptuous, with nice soft curves and broad hips. Her breasts were ample, though smaller than Dana's, and she was (as she often does) showing a lot of cleavage.

I'm a nice-enough looking guy. Let's leave it at that. I've got a nice face, though I'm rather short and a bit stocky. I'm about Renee's height at 5'6 or 5'7.

A bit nicer looking than me, in the body department at least, is Derek, who is about 5'10" and slender as a reed. I mean the guy is skinny, probably 125 pounds soaking wet and carrying books. But, he's got a nice slim build, and a hairless chest and back (bastard doesn't grow hair there!). His hair is sorta mousy brown, where mine is dark. And like myself he wears it very long, just past the shoulder.

Walt is of the balder persuasion. Poor fella has had receding hair since he was 17. Now, at 22, it's crawled back a good ways. He's still a good looking guy though, and disturbingly tall to someone as short as myself. He's 6'2". He's not particularly out of shape, while at the same time not really in-shape. He's somewhere in between, and also he's basically blind without his glasses. His hair, which he keeps fairly short, is a reddish kind of light-brown, a little darker than Renee's strawberry blond hair.

So this is the bunch of us, getting pretty soused and playing strip-poker with a batman deck. There's laughter and cheering as the first hands come through, Dana losing the first and Renee the second. Socks only (though the pair counts as one item), but we're on our way. I've seen Dana naked, we've been together for almost a year at this point, but I'm still thrilled to see her with no clothing on. I'm telling you, karate tones the body in all the right ways. Not to mention that there's something hot about a woman who could kick your ass. Dana loses the third hand, in fact, and there's more cheering as the shirt comes off. Her beautiful breasts, still encased in a black push-up bra, are clearly in view. We made a stringent no-covering rule, so nobody was allowed to cover themselves once the clothing was off. Otherwise, what's the point, right?

Anyway, we play a few more hands. I'm playing conservatively at this point, handing in pairs and three of a kinds, but not going for anything remarkable. I'm not quite drunk enough yet. I was pretty excited when Renee lost again, because I hadn't to that point seen her in any state of undress (despite many many friendly innuendos). She took off her skirt first, though, which left Dana wishing she had chosen that option, because most of Renee was obscured from sitting down.

Anyway, we played for a good long while as the girls got naked. Either they had shitty luck, or just didn't know how to make a good hand, the two of them were naked while Walt and Derek had like, three articles left. I was naked next, because I drunkenly kept going after straits and flushes, and occasionally a Royal Flush. Stupid, stupid. But I didn't care, the girls were naked and we were all getting a nice show. We had all talked about playing strip poker before (right, that's how we got on the topic, it was kinda planned!), and all of us were trimmed. Dana's pussy was neatly trim, while Renee's was shaved bare. Drunk as we were, and with the no covering rule in place, we were all free to look. Myself, I started getting hard after a certain amount of time, and as I was now naked as well, the girls were both staring at my cock, which is staggeringly average in length and girth. But you know what they say, it's how you use it. Renee was looking hot; everything I'd expected from long appreciation and sneaked glances. Her tits were pert and pale, with small pink nipples that stood out in the cold air of the room. Her pussy was a deeper pink between her shapely legs.

Eventually we were all naked, and we sat about casually, staring and being stared at, commenting and comparing. Derek's cock was longer than mine, and Walt's wider, Dana's tits were bigger than Renee's, etc.. However, as supportive and very-close friends we complimented each other's differences, although not without the occasional lewd comment from me. And so we sat for a good long while, until Renee and Derek, whom I had mentioned were casually fooling around at that time, decided to go off into Walt's sister's room for a little fun. Drunk as I was, I wasn't having that. The three of us were laughing as I pounded on the door they had locked behind them, telling them that there were to be no shenanigans (unless I could watch). Eventually, with a handy butter-knife, I managed to slip the doorknob from the side, and push the door open.

Sadly, I didn't see anything, but from that point the party got a little more interesting. Dana and Walt joined me as I moved into the room, collapsing on the bed between the would-be lovers, or at least the would-be cock sucker, and the other would-be pussy eater. We were all laughing, as drunk people do, and eventually the five of us were on the bed in hysterics.

Now I know what you're thinking, but no. This is an exhibitionism story, not a group sex story. We were all jut lying about for a while when I suggested that Renee and Dana make out. I'm a bit of a perv, and this isn't uncommon. Dana's not exactly bi, but she does like making out with girls. Especially at parties, so she was game. Renee, who's not usually into that sort of thing, also assented, and from that point on things were fucked up. I was sitting on the floor by the bed, watching as Dana climbed up on Renee, straddling her. Their pale skin was rubbing together as Dana leaned in and began kissing and licking Renee's neck. Their breasts were pressed together, hair swishing about on the bed above them as they began kissing. It was hot, and I was hard. I began stroking my cock unabashedly as I watched these two girls locking lips, their tongues intermittently swirling into view. Dana reached up and grabbed Renee's left breast, Renee sighed audibly. I watched for minutes on end as the pair kissed and licked, earlobes were sucked and hands roamed over soft, supple flesh. But eventually, much to my dismay, they stopped.

Right after they stopped there's an event which is neither sexy nor really interesting, though somewhat funny. Suffice to say me and Derek made a deal to get them to go a little further, and there was penis touching involved. After that, the two of them went back at it, this time with Dana's exploring hand delving between Renee's legs. This went on for a little while, but eventually came to a rather anti-climactic end, as Dana rolled off Renee, and the two hugged and laughed. After that we all just lay around talking again for a long while, and here the events are a little hazy. They become clear again about the time I started eating Dana's pussy on the floor, under a blanket, with Derek, Walt and Renee looking on.

We had been kissing on the floor initially, and I could feel the pent-up sexual tension in Dana as she forced her lips against mine, her tongue probing and pressing against my own as we made out. It is, as I said, hazy how I got from kissing her to licking and sucking her pussy, but there I was. The lights were on, and showed through the white blanket over me as I lapped at her pussy, which was incredibly wet. She was breathing hard, moaning and grinding her hips upward against my face, and I didn't even have my fingers in her yet. Dana's somewhat unusual, in that she prefers penetration to clitoral stimulation, and penetration was what she got as I licked two of my fingers and pressed them slowly into her slick opening. Once they were in I began slowly fucking back and forth with my fingers, and immediately her hard breathing turned to loud moaning as I rammed my two fingers into her pussy. My fingers were pressing strongly into her g-spot, sliding across it, as I began to rapidly finger-fuck her.

As my fingers did their work I flicked my tongue across her clit at the same pace. That pace I maintained, increasing only the pressure I applied, both how hard I fingered her and the pressure of my tongue, as her reactions intensified. I kept this up until her moaning, which had for a time been actual screaming, died off, and she gestured for me to come back up.

This I did, and I lay next to her as we talked about what had happened. About half-way in Renee had retired to the couch in the other room, and was on her way to sleep, but Derek and Walt remained, now standing on either side to watch the show. I had a diamond-cutter. In the first place, I love eating pussy, and the thrill of doing it in front of people was new and incredible. The boys, bless them, started talking reciprocity: how she shouldn't leave me hanging. But not in a threatening way, it was all very casual. She was looking at me, still flushed from the finger-fucking I had given her, and groaned, "Pass me my purse" to Derek. He slid it over to her, and she dug through it, coming out with a condom. Having expected a handjob or blowjob, I was both very happy and very nervous at what this meant. Under the blanket I had been completely safe from scrutiny while I ate her pussy, plus I knew I could do that well. Now, with the promise of fucking my girl in front of two people, I was concerned about my staying power. I had been horny all night, and now I would be put to the test. But, thankfully, I'm never one to turn down a challenge. I slid the slick condom over the head of my cock, and rolled it down over.

She was still very wet, her juices and my saliva co-mingled on her cunt, and she motioned for me to get on top of her, pulling the blanket up over my back. When I thrust into her, she pressed her head back into the carpet, her eyes rolling briefly, and her moans resuming. Her pussy was hot and tight, radiating heat through my hard cock as I slid in and out of her, going in all the way and pulling out until just the tip remained inside. She was moaning loudly again, her eyes closed as I fucked her. I began thrusting harder, faster, using my powerful hips to pound her hard, even shaking the bureau next to us. I kept fucking her, slamming her pussy hard, our flesh slapping, sweat glistening across my back and shoulders, dripping off my balls. "Yes, yes" he groaned low, and I just kept fucking. My nervousness and performance anxiety granted me an unexpected stamina as I kept ramming into her tight wetness. Eventually, however, I felt the need building in myself, the tightness, that unplaceable feeling somewhere between my balls and the tip of my cock, which was buried to the hilt.

"I'm gonna cum," I warned her. "It's okay, but fuck me hard," she responded. And I did, pounding into her with renewed frenzy as I felt my orgasm approaching. I watched my breathing, keeping my breaths shallow, and fucked as fast as I could. I heard something fall off the bureau, but I didn't slow, and then it came. I held my breath as a the surge of my orgasm overcame me, my cock throbbing madly in her cunt, my back still thrusting me in and out from pure need, as the sensations danced down my cock and flooded over my body, just as a flood of cum was rushing into the condom I wore. I felt all my muscles tighten, my lungs on fire as waves of pleasure radiated from my cock to my head and back again. I held myself there for at least a full minute, not moving, occasionally exhaling sharply only to inhale again and hold it. Finally, when the impact of my orgasm had receded, I flopped down on Dana, feeling her soft breasts against my chest. Then there was the applause. Seriously. Derek and Walt actually clapped as I pulled myself out of her and lay down beside. We had been fucking for a good 20 or 25 minutes, and for most of that I had forgotten they were there.

As it was, soon after our evening came to an end, me and Dana eventually falling asleep in Walt's sister's bed, with Renee and Derek on separate couches upstairs, and Walt in his own room. Luckily, the next day we all talked about everything, and nothing was awkward. Like I said, we were very close friends, and remain so to this day (though that was only last summer).

Anyway, that's my first true story. Tell me what you think, and maybe I'll submit a few more. Thanks!

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