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TS Doms Get What They Want

bysheerpty 3002©

Knock knock,

The tall solid oaken door opened. A redolence of musk and a subtle aroma of expensive perfume instantly invade my senses. I like it and I like it a lot. A tall woman wearing extremely sheer stockings, or are they pantyhose, a pair of stilettos with black strappy heels and burgundy red toenails, a long black skirt, split at the shapely thigh and a black gossamer sheer wrap possibly covering a corset hugging her lithe and sexy body, holds out her hand limply.

"I'm Mascha", and I know who you are, she says, blue eyes piercing deeply into mine. It's just then that I see her and smell her fuck me aroma and I know I want to fuck her.

Hi Mascha, I'm Steven. She exudes a soft yet confident sensuality that just takes me to another place.

"Come sit down Steven, she says. Sit on my comfy sofa. I won't bite. At least not right away", she laughs haughtily and deep.

I'm intrigued at this point. She whisks into the room, heels clicking against the oak parquet floor, and I notice her very sheer and elegant wrap barely conceals all her sinful curves.

"Can I offer you something to drink" she says while bending at her tight waist and lifting a long smoothe black nylonned leg to adjust the thin elastic garter strap attached to her stocking.

"Very nice heels Mascha," I say, as she props her shapely legs and sharp stiletto heels on a table not inches from where I'm sitting. "I'll bet you have a lot of them."

I detect a slight view of sheerness beneath her long black patterned slit skirt and she notices me looking.

"A whole closet full darling. Do you like what you see?" she says, arching one of her beautifully shaped black eyebrows at me.

She sits down opposite me in a large black soft leather chair. The leather groans lowly as I hear a shirring whisper and her nylons kiss each other while she crosses her long shapely pins.

"Now I want you to listen to me", Mascha says, leaning forward slightly in the chair I happen to catch a warm musk of her perfumed thighs rising up to assault my senses. "You are thinking you are going to fuck me and that is the opposite of what is going to happen here now." Mascha says.

Very slowly she uncrosses her legs, all the while leaning back in the chair. "I asked you do you like what you see, slut, she adds, while spreading her luscious thighs I notice how beautiful she is. "Or should I call you Steffi?".

Her lips are ripe red for kissing but as she spreads her thighs further her wrap slips out of the way and none other than a big hard cock with balls full and shaft straining against the wispy nylon of a pair of very sheer black panties appears and it looks like it means business.

"I can tell you want this by the way you are looking at me Steffi. Don't you? You want this hard cock in your mouth and there is nothing you can do about it slut, as I'm going to feed it to you" Mascha says, as she stands in her heels towering over me and her hot cock right at the level of my lips.

"Suck it slut", she whispers sharply in to my ear and pushes her soft round hips towards my face. "Because, after my cock, fuck slides into your pussy mouth, I'm going to take your ass and make you my bitch. You'll like it, Im sure", she purrs while her soft nylon pantied hard cock brushes my lips and tries to enter my mouth.

"That's it bitch, lick them as you know you want it. Lick my sheer black panties. My sluts love sucking the hardness beneath them but I want them licked wet first and then I love to hear them squeal as I really give them what they want."

Mascha is good at what she does. She pushes me down on the sofa and straddles my chest. Leaning forward her lips pass over mine, a brief tip of tongue tantalizes my mouth and then she meshes hard against my open lips, plunging her tongue deep into my mouth and catching my tongue wrapping it around hers.

"MMMMM" we moan as her wet lips suck against mine pistoning her sweet tongue deep into my mouth. Breaking the kiss with a loud smack, "that's what my cock is going to do to you next."

Now my slut", she hisses, lowering the diaphanous wispy covering that barely conceals a fight between the nylon and her hard pulsing cock, "you've gotten me so horny".

In no time her fingers have untied the sides of her panties and wisped her filmy panties away to land on the carpet. There is nothing covering her 8" hardness and she wants it lasciviously tended to.

Straddling me, she slides higher on my chest, her big pink cock inching closer to my face. "do you like lipstick honey?" she says as she grabs her dick and squeezes her love jism out as a droplet on the head.

"Im going to paint your lips with my cock" she says while grabbing my face between her exquisite hands and long tapered fingers, moving the head all around my lips and chin, smearing herself in anticipation.

"lick your lips slut, see what it tastes like before you really take it in.", she whispers to me with her full pouty lips as I run my tongue around my own lips gathering her essence and tasting her sweetness.

"You like it don't you slut." She says slowly moving higher on my chest. "I want you to sit up higher so I can fuck your mouth the way you will love," she says as I scoot up higher.

"Steffi, or slut, as I'm going to call you now, suck my cock bitch." Her hips tilt and her hardness enters my lips. Just the head at first intrudes in and it is spongy soft and my lips purse around it.

"Now slut, I'm going deeper into your hot pussy mouth, she whispers moaning softly as her head becomes the shaft and next thing it is all the way and I smell her softly perfumed and musky shaven pubis.

"Ohhhh Stephanie, you are such a slut, mmmmm, suck it", Mascha cries as her cock has a mind of its own now, my tongue swirling around the head as I catch it on the way in and it plunges deep into my hot oral cavern.

"ooooh yes slut, suck it, she cries out now her hips are moving frantically as they build up speed. My hands grab her smoothe firm ass coaxing her and spreading her cheeks in excitement as my finger penetrates her soft tight ass all the way to the knuckle..

"OOOhhh yes, im going to spend now slut, " Mascha says, as she stops deeply imbedded. Take it slut, take it and milk it, ugggghh."

She starts bucking against my slut mouth, coming so much that her cream is spilling out around my lips while her cock continues to fuck my mouth in a blur. Mmmmmm so good, so good" she cries again, twisting my nipples and grabbing my shoulders as she rides it out.

Breathing heavily, she leans forward to kiss me and I taste myself on her lips. Suddenly she is plunging her tongue into my mouth and giving me my love essence right back in a hot wet transference.

"It's good isn't it slut?" she says licking my lips. That's what we call a snowball. And you are going to love them from now on. Now get that hot ass in the air...to be continued

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by Anonymous08/17/17


She comes in his mouth but then spits HIS cum in his mouth? Good grief I hate sloppy writing.

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