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Tub Time


It's an overcast, windy and dreary day. As day turns to evening, I decide to indulge in a soak in the tub. I light a few candles and fill the tub with hot water.

I slide into the water and it is soothing, but I want to get the bathing business over with first.

I wash my hair, soap up and shave from head to toe. Something about being freshly shaved makes me feel very feminine.

I drain the tub and refill it using a liberal amount of scented bath salts and slightly hotter water so I can soak for a while. The warmth seeps into and soothes my muscles and bones.

I lift my legs out of the water and place them on the end of the tub. One good thing about this shallow tub is that this position lifts my legs and pussy out of the water.

I drizzle some milky white bath soap onto my nipples, enjoying the sensation of the cool liquid hardening my nipples as I gently rub it over and around them.

I drip soap onto my pussy lips. It oozes over and between, cooling as it travels. I spread the soap into every crevice, the slipperiness is heavenly and I moan. Keeping one hand on a nipple, I tease it as I rub up and down over my clit.

Harder, then softer; faster, then slower; up and down; then circles. I get closer, but can't climax.

My lover has come in to watch and is sitting on the toilet next to the tub. He can see I'm getting frustrated getting so close but not cumming. He reaches over and slips first one, then two fingers in my tight, oh-so-slippery pussy.

I cum right away, but its not satisfying. My lover knows I still want a clitoral orgasm after this work-up. He holds out his hand, palm up, signaling me to get out of the tub.

He helps me out, then pulls me into him. He's still seated, and his mouth finds my swollen clit easily. He slides two fingers into my pussy, but moves slowly, letting me feel the fullness, but not letting me climax. He knows what I want; what I need. He sucks on my clit as his fingers find my g-spot. He brings me, nails dug into his shoulders, thrashing and bucking against his tongue.

He sits forward on the toilet lid and pulls out his cock and eases me onto it.

Oh God, it feels sooo good. My pussy is still spasming from my orgasm and I cum as soon as he's inside me. My head thrown back, I get lost in the sensations. I slow down, then forget to keep moving as I catch my breath, so he grabs my hips, moving me on his hard cock. This intensifies my orgasm and I am screaming my pleasure.

He takes my hands and brings them around to my back, holding both wrists with one hand. I moan, enjoying being restrained. With his free hand, he holds one breast, squeezing gently, and pulls my nipple in to his mouth. He can feel my pussy spasm hard around his cock. He keeps his mouth on my nipple, but moves his hand to my other breast. He rolls that nipple between his fingers while he licks and sucks the other.

"Oh, yes, baby, yes, make me cum," I say.

He increases the tempo and pressure just a bit and over the edge I fall, bucking back and forth on his cock. He keeps it up, knowing I will ride and ride this wave of sensations for several minutes.

As I start to come down, he lifts me off him, stands up and leads me out of the bathroom and into the bedroom.

He turns me around to face the bed, puts his hands on my waist, nuzzles my neck and whispers "I'm going to fuck you hard and deep, baby. Are you ready?"

I nod my head vigorously.

He turns me around, pulls me into him and kisses me deeply. Then pushes us both onto the bed.

He slides that beautiful cock into me, pulling up my legs onto his shoulders so he can fuck me deep.

He takes my breath away when he's this deep and intense. He pile-drives to orgasm after orgasm, then eases back onto his knees still inside me.

He pulls my legs straight up, lifting my hips off the bed, and hits my g-spot with his cock over and over.

I am in an orgasmic haze.

He puts me back down on the bed and rolls me over. He gently caresses my back, letting me relax for a minute, then pulls my hands up over my head and handcuffs my wrists together. He's so sneaky that way.

"I want to cum while you're like this," he whispers.

"Oh, yes, baby, fuck me," I respond.

He pulls the handcuffs backwards so that my elbows bend and my hands are now behind my head. Then he places his hands on the bed, his arms at the top of my shoulders, locking me into place between his cock and his arms, and starts pounding into me.

I am completely at his mercy, unable to move, unable to do anything but submit and cum. I am screaming in ecstasy and groaning through another orgasm when he finally finds release, grunting in time with his thrusts.

He eases onto his side on the bed and pulls me up against him.

Spooning me, both panting, until our breathing softens.

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