tagGroup SexTucker's Studio Ch. 23

Tucker's Studio Ch. 23


All people and places are fictional. All characters are over eighteen.


Cinnamon Sugar in the Summertime

Not long after shooting the fun scene with Josh at the University, Kelsey had to take a break from work to buckle down on her Art School studies. Freshman year was coming to a close. Finals were taken, grades were handed out, and Kelsey smiled as she thought about how amazing the last nine months at school had been. It had been almost twelve months of flying high, really, when the previous summer's epic virginity obliteration orgies were taken into account.

Her grades were good, school was a blast and work was even better. She decided to take three weeks and go home to recharge her batteries. The end of the school year had taken a lot out of her — she slept for the entire bus ride home.

"Hi Honey!" Kay said, greeting her sleepy-eyed daughter at the bus station. "Your hair looks amazing!" she said, fingering the waist-length tresses. "I know you were proud of never cutting it, but this looks so much better, and it's still long like you like it. Oh honey, you look tired. Let's get you home and relax by the pool."

The big old house looked wonderful to Kelsey. Slightly disheveled as always, with spring flowers blooming profusely in the gardens, it looked like an overgrown fairy tail house — too big for its intended purpose, but somehow perfect. She had been home briefly for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, but in the early summer, with no snow on the ground and fresh green leaves on the trees, that's when the place really felt like an oasis from the madness of the world. Kay took off her clothes just moments after walking through the front door, and the beautiful picture of home that Kelsey carried in her minds-eye was complete.

"You're way ahead of me this year," Kelsey said as she shed her own clothes, showing her creamy white skin and pale freckles. "I've been so busy I haven't laid out at all."

"Oh honey, you're gonna burn," Kay said. "You'll have to be careful for a day or two. But at least you don't have any tan-lines to get rid of. You'll be nice and even."

Mother and daughter spent the afternoon by the pool, shifting between sun and shade, gradually bringing Kelsey's lovely freckles into more relief, closer and closer to the color of her mom's sexy speckles.

Kelsey found her mom's body more interesting than she had in the past. Being an enthusiastic bisexual had given her a greater appreciation of a woman's parts and pieces, and laying languidly in the sun gave her a chance to appreciate the details of her mother's lovely body as she never had before. The color and texture of her areolas, the shape of her nipples, the delicate waviness of her smoothly shaved pussy lips, the eye-poppingly sexy curves of her ass when she lay on her stomach. They were things Kelsey had seen thousands of times growing up, but that day it all struck her different. She was seeing her mother as a beautiful sexual creature, and not only that, one who looked almost like an older twin.

"How's work going Honey?" Kay asked. They were both lying on their stomachs in the strong sun, facing each other. "Is that Tucker still as nice as I remember?"

"He's great," Kelsey said. "Everybody loves him."

"Have you?" Kay asked. "Loved him I mean?"

"So...we're gonna talk about everything?" Kelsey said. She had a funny look on her face, like she didn't know how to handle a conversation like that with her mother.

"I hope so honey. You're an adult now. I talk with my girlfriends about these things."

"You do?"

"Sure. It's part of being sexually open. Sexually aware. Sexually...alive. You're certainly all those things on your own now. I hope we can talk about it all."

"Okay. Yeah, I'd like to. I just...wasn't sure."

"Let's just...bust it wide open," Kay said. "Then it'll be easy and we can be girlfriends who talk about everything."

"Okay Mom.That sounds nice."

"So tell me all about Tucker," Kay said, with a dreamy look in her eye.

"He's just the best boss. Do you remember Marsha? She does the hair and wardrobe and stuff."

"Sure honey. I liked her. She's married right?"

"Not anymore. She and Tucker are together. They've always had a thing for each other, and now..."

"Oh, that's so nice! So...Vegas must have been extra fun with that going on. Is that when it started?"

"Yeah. It was pretty nice," Kelsey said, with a 'that's an understatement' smirk.

"Ooo! I had a feeling you had a good time there," Kay said, recognizing the look.

"I didn't tell you something about that trip, because I didn't know what you'd think. Tucker said I could bring a friend, so...I brought Raymond went with me."

"Oh my God! Little Raymond's all grown up? Wait'll I see him," Kay said, looking like she'd give him a good ribbing about his new manhood. "Remember when he saw me naked in the yard?" Kay laughed. "Wow. So...Vegas, with Tucker, Marsha and Raymond. Gosh, it sounds better than one of your scenes at the studio."

"It was sooo much fun!" Kelsey said, gushing like a teenager. "I told you about the awards banquet. That was so cool, everybody dressed up beautiful and slutty. And I told you about that amazing suite I was in. You know, Tucker's room wasn't nearly as nice. He did that special for me, giving me the nice one. It was sooo cool, with this huge round bed right in front of the big windows, almost right out on the balcony."

"So did you guys pair off right away? Marsha and Tucker? And you and Raymond!" Kay almost squealed. "I still can't believe that!"

"I know!" Kelsey said happily. "I love that I've been able to do this for him. He was pretty lost when it came to girls, before last summer."

"Last Summer?"

"Oh. Yeah," Kelsey said sheepishly. "I, um...I didn't want him to go to college without...you know."

"Oh, honey! He's a lucky boy to have a friend like you. So, back to Vegas. Did you guys pair off?"

"No, first was sort of...all of us," Kelsey said, sounding embarrassed again.

"Don't worry. The more we talk the easier it'll be," Kay said, reaching over and patting Kelsey's bare butt. "Oooo, you better roll honey, you feel warm."

Mother and daughter rolled onto their backs, both of them smoothing the perspiration into their warm breasts in an almost identical way.

"So, some nice group lovin' on your first night in Vegas," Kay said, like it was the most natural thing in the world for her daughter to have done. "Tell me about it."

"Tucker must have gone broke buying Champagne," Kelsey said. "The whole weekend must have cost him a fortune. Champagne's really cool, isn't it? I got so...it's not like drunk, it's more like high or something. It made the sex really..."

"You can tell me honey. Did you cum really good? I always do when I drink Champagne."

Kelsey smiled at her mom. All kinds of new ground was being broken in their conversation, and she was enjoying it.

"I did," she said, feeling relieved when she said it. Time to go all in, she thought to herself. "Raymond's still learning. He's way better than you'd think, but Tucker, he's good."

Kay's imagination was firing on all cylinders. She was on her side, head in hand, nipples hard and pussy getting wet. She'd had a strong reaction to Tucker when she'd met him, and getting to fuck him vicariously through her look-alike daughter was thrilling to her.

"He was with Marsha first," Kelsey said. "That was good 'cause we could all tell they were gonna be a couple, you know? But then Marsha gave Raymond a fun time, and Tucker and me, we went out on the balcony. It was so beautiful, with the lights of the city and all the windows that could see us. Marsha and Raymond could see us too. It was super hot Mom."

"How'd you do it with him?"

"He was behind me, sort of standing up."

"Oh, I love it like that. Did he play with your tits and your clit while he was doin' it?" Kay asked. It was pretty clear she was imagining Tucker doing it to her, and it took all her willpower to keep from rubbing one out right there on the lounge chair.

"Yeah, he did. It was a killer orgasm. I'd already had a big one. All three of them used their mouths on me on the bed."

"Nice! Oh, honey...God...I wish I was young again. Promise me you'll tell me these kind of stories when I'm old."

"Mom! You're not even close to old! And what about your stories? Are you ever gonna tell me any?"

"Sure. That's what this is all about. We're best friends now," Kay said proudly.

"Tell me about Jamaica," Kelsey said, with a twinkle in her eye.

"Oh Kelsey! How long have you known about that?"

"I guess I have to admit something that I'm not proud of. I've seen your pictures."

"You little snooper!" Kay said, slapping Kelsey's thigh. She had a smile on her face though, so Kelsey wasn't too worried. "Oh my God!" Kay said as she thought about it some more. "All of them?"

"Yup. Sorry Mom. I shouldn't have."

"So what else do you know?"

"The parties here. I...sorta watched...some of them. From up there." Kelsey pointed to a window in a small room on the third floor of big old house.

"Kelsey! You...shouldn't have done that! Oh God...am I a terrible mother? I'm a terrible mother, aren't I?" Kay asked, suddenly looking like she was on the verge of tears.

"Mom! Are you kidding? You're the best mother. The coolest parents ever."

"But Kelsey! What did you think of me when you found those pictures? How old were you?"

"Fifteen I guess..."

"Oh...well...that's not too bad...I guess. Oh God. I told your father we should lock those up, or put them...somewhere. He wanted them where we could enjoy them."

"It's okay Mom. Really. It is. It was like an education."

"Ha! I guess it was! Holy craaapp! I'm trying to think what it would have been like for me to find something like that of my mother and father's. I can't even imagine."

"That's because they're old-fashioned. You and Dad have always been different. The pictures sorta fit. It wasn't like a shock or anything."

"Well, that's...good...I guess."

"Let's go with that. It was good," Kelsey said. "So...what about Jamaica?"

"Oh Jesus," Kay said. "All right, let me...God, my head is spinning. Yes...okay...best friends, telling each other about their lovers. Okay...you remember the trip. You were eleven, or twelve?"


"Yeah. Well, your dad and I met Glenmore on the beach. He was alone, and, I guess we were...anxious. I guess that's the right word. We were leaving for home the next day and...God I was just so horny that week. So many beautiful men. Women too. You dad was hoping for...well, I don't know if you want to hear about him. We were hoping to meet a couple, you know? But the trip went so fast, and our last full day there we happened to meet Glenmore. Do you remember the beach? It was clothing optional with kind of a mix."

"Yeah, I remember. Some of the kids had suits. But it was cool. No one seemed to care that I didn't."

"Yeah, it was real mellow. Laid back. People getting high and stuff. So Glenmore, he had a little speedo kind of suit on, but I sweet-talked him into taking it off. Do you remember him at all?"

"I guess, maybe a little. I didn't realize he was the guy in the pictures."

"Yeah. So do you remember later that day, when you were down at the pool with your friends from the resort?"

"That's when you were with him?" Kelsey said. Her eyes were wide as she put two and two together.

"He was in our room. At first I was so worried you were gonna knock on the door, but then...well...I kinda got swept up in things. Your dad was taking the pictures."

"Yeah. I kinda figured Dad did that. You know, there's one picture that was always my favorite. The doggie-style one, with you looking over your shoulder, all sweaty and wild."

"Yes! We love that one too! Your dad always said we should enter it in a contest!" Kay laughed.

"How's my little nature girl?" Bobby said as he rounded the corner of the house.

"Daddy!" Kelsey shrieked. She bounded across the grass and embraced him.

"Hi kiddo. I've been counting the days until you got here," he said quietly in her ear. "How's life treating my precious girl?"

"So good Dad." Kelsey said, still squeezing him tight.

She finally let him loose, took him by the hand and led him to the pool patio. Bobby gave his wife a nice kiss and settled into a lounge chair.

"Mommy and I are telling each other secrets," Kelsey said, sounding like a teenager again.

"Ahhh," Bobby said. His eyes flashed with understanding when he looked at Kay's lovely smile. "Good. You know your mom always hoped you guys could talk freely about things when the time came."

"Really Mom? You thought about that?"

"Sure honey. A mother dreams of a daughter who's her friend. It doesn't always happen you know."

"So how was your bus ride?" Bobby asked.

"I slept," Kelsey said. "I'm so glad to be home."


Brie and Raymond were home for the summer too, both working summer jobs to earn some money. The old friendship patterns picked up like nobody had been away, although the vibe between Kelsey and Raymond felt different after all the sex they'd had. There were times though, when all of that left their minds and they were just kids again.

Kelsey tried to get the old pattern reestablished with Brie's dad too. She'd looked forward to being with him again, but the way he acted toward her had changed. He treated her less kindly, and even tried to bring in a weasely male friend for a threeway, assuming the porn girl wouldn't mind. Kelsey did mind, mainly because of the way it came about. She stopped going to Brie's house when her father was home. It was a bit of a relief, really, because Brie had never caught on to what was happening between her dad and Kelsey, and Kelsey had always felt bad about the sneaking around. Brie was her best friend after all. She would have hated for anything to mess that up.

One beautiful, early summer morning the two best friends sat around Brie's pool, both of them naked, working on their tans.

"Does your dad have any business trips coming up?" Kelsey asked, wondering about the possibility of a pool party.

"No," Brie said, sounding dejected. "I checked his calendar. He'll be here the whole time your home. I'm so bummed."

"What else could we do?"

"What about your house?" Brie asked.

"My mom and dad'll be there," Kelsey said. The fact that her parents were swingers and had their own pool party orgies was one of the only secrets Kelsey kept from Brie. She'd often wondered how Brie would react if she found out about her mom and dad's wild sex life. "I could...ask them...maybe."

"Ask them what?" Brie said, looking quizzical.

"Yeah, you're right," Kelsey said. "There's always the dunes. We could all camp out."

Brie's eyes grew with her excitement. The kids had camped there a few times, but it was back before they were sexual. The thought of a wild orgy on a beach in the moonlight made Brie's heart flutter.

"Yes! Can we do it?" she said. "Oh my God, I love that idea!"

"I've got almost three weeks left," Kelsey said, "so if we tell everybody now, maybe they can all get the time off."

The two of them spent the rest of the morning texting all the friends who had been at Brie's sexy pool parties. There'd be at least one summer blow-out, and if all went well, it'd be a doozie.


"Can you camp with us Raymond?" Kelsey asked. He'd stopped by the next day when to spend a little time by her pool. They were reclined on lounges, Kelsey in a bikini and Raymond in a bathing suit that was better looking than the ones he used to wear. He had new glasses too. They were a huge improvement over the King of the Geeks model he used to wear.

"Yeah, I can go. I've got a couple days off. Who's gonna be there?"

Kelsey rattled off a few names, but a lot of their friends still had to finagle time off from their employers. Raymond looked excited though, because Trina, the captain of the cheerleaders, had already said she could make it. Kelsey saw the look on Raymond's face when she mentioned her name, and she smiled.

"What is it with you guys and Trina? I mean I get it, she's super hot, but there's other hot girls. Tell me what it is about her," Kelsey asked seductively. "I want the whole story."

Raymond looked shy. As he was about to speak Kay came around the corner of the house, naked, pushing her wheelbarrow.

"Oh hi Raymond!" she said brightly. "I didn't know you were here!"

"Mom, his car's right out front," Kelsey said, shaking her head at her mother's goofy brazenness.

"Oh. I guess...I didn't realize that was you Raymond." She walked over and sat down in a chair across from the young man, her nice big tits jiggling as the did. "So how's school going?"

"Good," he said. It wasn't easy to get the word to come out coherently with the stunning naked redhead sitting there.

"Kelsey tells me you guys had fun in Vegas," Kay said.

"Mom!" Kelsey said, glaring at her mother. "You don't have to answer her Ray. She's just messin' with you."

"I'm not messin' with anyone honey," Kay said. "We're all adults now, right Raymond?"

"Yeah," he said. That word was another struggle, but suddenly he felt more coming, and let them out into the world. "I sorta feel like an adult, I guess. Do you?" he asked Kelsey.

"Yeah, most of the time. I'm not really used to it yet, but yeah, I do."

"Take that suit off honey. You're gonna get tan-lines today," Kay said to her daughter. Kay was constantly at war with the dreaded tan-line. "Raymond's seen all of you, plenty of times. Right Raymond?"

"Yeah," he said feebly. He was back to struggling with words again.

"Don't worry Raymond, you can keep your suit on. Looks like you need a little cover today," Kay said, glancing at the way his hard cock was tenting his suit.

"Mom! Jeez!" Kelsey said.

Kay got up and went around behind her daughter. She untied Kelsey's little bikini top and whisked it off.

"My mother, the crazy nudist," Kelsey said, shaking her head. "Are you happy now Mom?"

"Bottoms honey. You don't want tan-lines."

Kelsey chuckled and took them off.

"Sorry Raymond," she said. "You okay?"

"He's fine honey," Kay said her. "What boy wouldn't be?"

A nice conversation finally got going, not much different from the ones Raymond had had many times over the years with his childhood friend and her mother. The fact that they were both naked became almost normal, in an odd kind of way. He found himself comparing their bodies, the way Kelsey had done. The similarities were almost uncanny, and Raymond couldn't help but wonder if Kay's pussy, which looked so much like her daughter's on the outside, would feel the same on the inside as Kelsey's gloriously velvety tunnel of magic.

"Raymond's distracted again," Kay said smiling mischievously at him. "Why don't you jump in the pool and cool that off honey?"

Ray thought he was sitting in a way that disguised the boner that had grown rock hard when he was comparing bodies, but apparently not. Kay had a wonderfully happy look in her eye, happy that she could still divert blood-flow in a boy Raymond's age.

Ray's heart was pounding. He had to do something to break the horny spell, so he did as Kay suggested and jumped feet first into the blissfully cool water. Kelsey followed him, and then, a few moments later, Kay dove in, head first. She surfaced in the middle of the pool, swam to the other end, and rose up out of the water on the wide steps. She stopped when the water was halfway up her thighs, her hourglass back and lovely ass sparkling with wetness in the sun. She squeezed the water out of her red hair with her hands, shook the tresses out across her wet back, climbed the steps to the patio and walked casually toward her wheelbarrow.

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