Tucker's Studio Ch. 23


"You two have fun," she said. "I'm gonna work on that front garden."

"Well," Kelsey said to Raymond when she was gone, "you got your excitement for the day."

It took him a minute to snap himself out of the hallucinogenic spell Kay had cast. Before he'd gathered his wits Kelsey slipped her hand inside his bathing suit, underneath the water. Raymond didn't know what to do. Kelsey had never been so bold with him out in the real world, and certainly never at her house. She could sense Raymond's confusion. She massaged his cock gently and spoke softly, with her mouth close to his ear.

"You heard what Mom said. She knows all about us. I told her. She's giving us some privacy."

"I don't know Kel," Raymond said. We shouldn't...here...should we?"

"If you're too nervous I'll just give you a nice blowjob. You need that, right? After everything?"

He did. His balls were aching. Kelsey slipped his suit down his legs and had him sit on the edge of the pool. She stayed in the water and took his hard cock in her wet hands, squeezing and stroking it ever so gently. When he was rock hard and moaning she took him into her mouth. He tasted like pool water until she got going. Raymond leaned back on his elbows. The hot sun beat down on him as Kelsey worked her magic. It didn't take long. Kay had fibbed a little and was right around the corner of the house, silently pulling weeds as she eavesdropped on the soft moans. Raymond's quiet, grunting release made her smile.


"I wanna have a party," Kay said to Bobby that night in their room.

"What kind of party?" Bobby asked, already pretty sure of the answer.

"With the gang," she said. "Whoever can make it. What do you think about bringing Kelsey in on it?"

"Whoa! What makes you think that's a good idea?"

"She knows, Bobby. She's known for like, five years. She used to sneak in the house and watch from the third floor window, and she's seen the picture books. It's all out in the open between us now. I'm happy about it really."

"Wow! This is...big, huh? I mean I guess I figured she'd know someday."

"So, I was thinking it would be good, for all of us, if we at least invite her. To make her know that we're all happy about everything, you know? To make everything...I don't know. I just think it'd be really special."

"You don't want she and I to...you know. I don't want that," Bobby said, shaking his head.

"No, I don't want that either. But she's watched us before, and always felt sneaky and detached, like she was doing something wrong. I want those memories to go away. We can replace them for her, with new ones, ones were she feels welcome. It's a big part of our life Bobby, and I want her to feel welcome in it."

"Well, you're making a powerful case. You should be a lawyer," he chuckled. "Yeah, I can understand what you mean. What about our friends though? You don't think they'll think we're exploiting her, do you? Because she works in porn?"

"Oh. I don't think so. Would they? They're all intelligent people. They know us. No, I think just the opposite. They'll find her enjoyable, don't you think?"

"Well that goes without saying! It just might be a little weird at first."

"Weird is good," Kay said. "It'll spice things up. So, should we bring it up to Kelsey? See if she's interested?"

"Yeah, we can at least talk it over with her. Maybe she'll be freaked out by the idea, but that's cool. Yeah, let's run it by her."

"I'd love to!" Kelsey said, her enthusiasm bubbling over like an overfull glass of Champagne.

"No, we want you to think about this honey, for a day or two," Kay said.

"It's a big decision Kelsey," Bobby said. "I know it won't exactly be new to you, that kind of thing, but having us there will be. And some of our friends are quite a bit older than us. Keep that in mind too."

"No Daddy, I wanna be there. Really. This is so cool! I always dreamt of being a part of it. So is it gonna be a big orgy, or do you guys do pair-off parties too. I always wondered why we had so many guest rooms in this big house, with beds that never seemed to get used. Is that what they are? Party rooms?"

"I guess there's no more secrets around here," Kay said. "Yes honey, that's what they're for."

"I knew it!" Kelsey said. "Did you use my room too?"

"No!" Kay said. "We had a strict rule about that."

"There was that one time," Bobby said. "Since we're being honest."

"Oh. Well, I wasn't happy about that," Kay said.

"No you weren't!" Bobby chuckled.

"It happened without us knowing. We should have though. I'm sorry honey. Do you remember when your favorite little teddy bear disappeared? His head got pushed into...well, somewhere it shouldn't have gotten pushed into. I couldn't get the smell out, so I threw it away."

"Oh my God!" Kelsey said, laughing in disbelief. "Teddy had anal sex? That's hilarious!"

"We're getting away from what we should be talking about," Kay said, eager to change the subject away from bad parenting.

"There's nothing more to talk about," Kelsey said. "We're having a party, and you're the coolest parents in the world."

"Well, there's the guest list to think about," Kay said. "Your father and I discussed inviting Raymond and Brie, but we've decided against it. We feel they're still too close to high school age, and if their parents found out it wouldn't be good. We just don't feel comfortable with that yet. When they graduate college, if we're all still doing this, then yes, we'd love to include them."

"Yeah I...I wasn't gonna ask you to invite them. It's nice of you to think about it though. Oh my God Mom, can you imagine you and me double teaming Ray? I don't know if he'd survive. He thinks you're so hot," Kelsey smiled.

"Yes, well, it's...something to look forward to, isn't it?" Kay said, obviously excited by the thought of it.

"Even though we decided against them, we would like to include some friends from your life," Bobby said. "We were wondering if Tucker and Marsha might enjoy a little weekend getaway."

Kelsey's face lit up. She immediately reached for her phone and sent Marsha a text.

"That's the best idea ever," Kelsey said. "So when are we doing this?"

"A week from Saturday night," Kay said. She was thrilled at Kelsey's enthusiasm, and her heart fluttered at the thought of Tucker joining them. "Looks like it's happening, huh?" Kay said to Bobby. There were about six different emotions showing on her pretty face.

"Oh, it's happening," Kelsey said, still typing out her text message. "It's gonna kill!"


The warm, early summer days went by in a blur. Deep talks between mother and daughter, gardening, shopping for clothes for Kelsey's upcoming semester, and lots of no tan-lines pool time. Raymond was a regular visitor, slowly getting more and more comfortable with the two naked redheads. He never got to the point of sunning with them au naturel though — his boner was too unpredictable.

As the day of the party drew closer Kelsey helped her mom get the guest rooms cleaned and ready. She cleaned her room too, thinking it was a perfectly good bed that someone might as well use. The thought of wild sex going on in her childhood inner-sanctum turned her on something fierce. Her stuffed animals got tossed in a box and closeted though, just to be safe.

Tucker and Marsha accepted the invitation to the party. They politely turned down Kay's nice offer to stay at the house, choosing a nearby motel instead. Kelsey drove her mom's car over to see them after they checked in.

"Hey you guys!" she said, kissing them both on the cheek. "I'm so glad you came!"

"We're so happy to be invited!" Marsha said. "So, this has gotta be something new, right? You, and your folks, and the party?"

"Yeah. I'm sooo excited!" Kelsey beamed.

"How'd it come about sweetheart," Tucker asked. "I mean it's...not exactly normal."

"My mom and I have been having these awesome talks. It was, like, the first day I guess, I told her I knew everything about them, their parties and stuff. They decided that they wanted me to feel included, if I wanted to be. Of course I do! It so cool! I can't wait!"

"Wow," Marsha said. "I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but your family is fascinating."

"It's kinda cool being different," Kelsey said.

"So are you enjoying your vacation?" Tucker asked.

"Oh, yeah! Most of my friends are home for the summer. Raymond's home. If you guys were gonna stay longer we could..."

"We gotta get back tomorrow sweetheart. Sorry," Tucker said. "If he visits you at school sometime we'll all get together, all right?"

"Yeah! He'll like that. Whenever Marsha's name comes up he acts all funny. It's so cute."

"You did give him a run for his money," Tucker said, smiling at Marsha.

"I think it was the other way around," Marsha laughed. "That was so much fun."

"So, eight o'clock tonight. I've got the directions, but we'll text you if we get lost," Tucker said.

"Okay. I can't wait!" Kelsey said. "Take your pill Tucker, we're gonna go all night."


Tucker turned off of a country road onto a long, informal driveway that curved gently around the side of an old apple orchard, the Cadillac's tires crunching quietly on the gravel. The big old Victorian house loomed ahead through the trees, every window lit up bright in the fading light of the overcast evening. A grassy area served as a parking lot for the four cars already there. Marsha took a deep, nervous breath, and she and Tucker started the short hike to the house. The smell of an approaching summer rain shower was in the air.

"We're so glad you could come!" Kay yelled from the big porch as they approached. She was a vision, in a short, slinky dress with nothing on underneath, her nipples already at full attention and visible from the yard.

She and Bobby met Tucker and Marsha on the stone walkway at the base of the steps, hugging and cheek kissing, with twinkling eyes that gave away future possibilities.

"I love your dress!" Kay said to Marsha. "You look like a femme fatale from an old movie."

"Yours is amazing," Marsha said, fingering the clingy, slinky fabric of Kay's little dress. "It doesn't leave much to the imagination, does it? I can see you and Kelsey are almost twins. What do you think Tucker? Kelsey's sexy older sister?"

"Yes," Tucker said. He was as close to speechless as he had ever been.

"Shall we Marsha?" Bobby asked. He put his arm around her and escorted her up the wide steps to the open door. Kay took Tucker's arm and followed them inside.

"Hi you guys!" Kelsey's bright voice squealed. She bounded out from behind a happy looking group of guests, wearing a dress identical to her mother's.

"Gooood Looorrd!" Marsha said when she saw the two petite redheads together. The way their nearly identical tits and nipples were draped by the thin fabric was quite possibly the sexiest thing she'd ever seen. She could only imagine what was going on in all the men's heads.

"Isn't it fun?" Kelsey said happily, looking down at the two dresses and the four hard nipples straining to get free. "When we saw 'em at the store we knew we had to do it."

"That may be the best thing I've ever seen in my life," Tucker said.

Kay's body betrayed her when she saw the way Tucker was looking at her. A quick breath fueled a tingle that emanated outward from her lungs, threatening to engulf her if she didn't get a grip. Bobby noticed and smiled.

"Well, it looks like my girls are ready to burn the place up," he said. "Should I call the fire department honey?"

"Don't you dare douse me. Not with water anyway," Kay said. She winked at Tucker. The tingle shot through her again, and it infected Tucker too.

Marsha still had hold of Bobby's arm, leaning her shoulder in against him. She'd liked him when she met him at the studio, but it wasn't the ignitable spark kind of feeling Tucker and Kay had felt. Holding his arm there in the big, slightly bohemian house felt different. They all knew what they were there for, and sparks were already flying. Bobby's muscular bicep felt good in Marsha's hands — strong and warm. The swinger dynamic was still relatively new to her, and she had been nervous when Tucker's Cadillac rolled into the driveway, but holding onto Bobby like that was nice. Really nice. There was an energy flowing between them that quickly grew. Kay noticed and smiled.

"Looks like we're not the only ones ready to burn," she said.

She took Tucker's arm again and introductions were made. It was all a bit of a blur to Marsha. New faces, new names, lots of sly smiles and knowing looks as everyone sized she and Tucker up — two new playmates added to the group. Three if you count Kelsey, but she was a slightly more known quantity. All of the partiers knew Kelsey, at least a little.

Rich and Jess first met Kelsey when she was nine. They own a restaurant that Kay and Bobby frequent, and used to make special alcohol-free cocktails for Kelsey, with two or three maraschino cherries in the bottom of the glass speared with a tiny plastic pirate sword.

Olivia, at the party with her husband Larry, knew Kelsey from high school. Being the secretary to the Principle, she didn't know the girl well, but it was a small school and Kelsey was a stand-out. Everyone knew the sprightly redheaded cheerleader at least a little.

And then there was Albert and Trinny. Albert worked with Bobby, and the couple had been regular visitors to Bobby and Kay's parties for as long as Kelsey could remember. They'd vacationed together a few times as well, all of them enjoying the nude beaches together at their destinations. Those vacations were from a time before Kelsey discovered her parents swinger parties. She was astonished, spying from the third floor window the very first time, to see "Uncle Albert" and "Aunt Trinny", fucking their way wildly through the group at the pool that night. It was one of the biggest "Holy shit!" moments in Kelsey's life.

Kay was hoping for a slightly bigger turnout for Kelsey's coming out party— their circle of swinger friends was quite large — but the seemingly imminent rain would put a damper on an all-out poolside orgy and a smaller group could take advantage of the bedrooms for more of a full-swap type of party. Time would tell how it all played out.

The sound of rainfall disappointed Kay.

"Oh poo," she said. "Kelsey and I had the pool all decorated. I guess that's out. I love water parties, but inside's fun too."

She and Kelsey lowered the old double hung windows, leaving each open a crack to let in the sound and the smell of the early summer rain.

Rich was the designated bartender whenever he was in attendance, mixing cocktails with skill as he did at the restaurant. Marsha was quite taken with him, and eased her way to the kitchen island where he was working his magic.

"You know" he said to her, "all our friends have been very curious about you and Tucker. It's not everyday we meet porn producers."

"Tucker's the producer. "I'm just..."

"She's just awesome!" Kelsey said as she swung the french doors to the pool patio closed, to keep out the rain. "She's a genius at haircutting and makeup. She dresses us too. It's amazing what she does with the amateurs when they come in. She makes them look so good, it's a big part of why they can relax I think."

Kelsey got up on her tiptoes, kissed Marsha on the cheek, squeezed her tit and her ass, and scampered away into the living room.

"It seems you have an admirer," Rich said.

"Yes," Marsha blushed. "We...admire each other."

"I've gotta say, she's sort of blown all our minds," Rich said. "Jess and I have known her since she was this high," he said, holding his hand about three feet off the floor. "Seeing her on your website has been...one of those things you don't soon forget."

"I can't even imagine," Marsha said. "And here we all are. As a woman I'm trying to put myself in Kelsey's place. There were men, when I was a girl, friends of my parents. When I went through puberty they all started looking different to me. I can't even imagine a party like this. What's going on in her head I wonder? I'm burning up just thinking about it."

Rich's lips curled into a gentle smile. His eyes twinkled as he stirred a big pitcher of margaritas.

"Here's to a memorable night," he said as he poured two. He clinked glasses with Marsha and they both let some of the magical liquid warm their throats.

"Ooo, those look good," Kelsey said. She danced her way into the kitchen to the beat of the James Brown funk Bobby was playing on the stereo. "Pour me one?"

"Can I see some I.D. young lady?" Rich said.

"I don't have any sir," she said with a sly smile, "but I'll let you fuck me if you give me one."

"You drive a hard bargain young lady," Rich said as he poured.

"Cherry please," Kelsey smiled.

Rich dropped two into her glass. His smile grew into something bigger, with a hint of mischief in it.

"Thank you Mr. Coulter," she said, looking like a well practiced seductress. She turned, thrust out her ass, and flipped her little dress up, showing off her naked crack. "Would you like me now, or later?"

"Jess might not like it," Rich said, looking a bit flustered, "if I seem too anxious."

"I hope it's not too much later. You got me all wet," she said. The teenager Rich used to know was gone, replaced by a margarita gulping sexpot. She turned and walked out of the room, her perfect ass shimmying under the slinky little dress.

"Wow!" Marsha said quietly when she'd left. "That girl never ceases to amaze me. Tucker says he's never come across anyone sexier in his life, and I know I haven't."

"How well do you know her mother?" Rich asked.

"Kay? Not very well," Marsha said.

"It's hereditary," he said. "I'd love to meet Kay's mother sometime. Bobby tells me she's one hot sixty-five-year-old."

"What are you two gabbing about?" Jess asked as she walked into the kitchen.

"Sexy women," Rich said. "Wanna drink honey?"

"Yup. I'll have whatever this sexy women's having," she said. She came to a stop next to Marsha and put her arm around her waist. "Tucker tells me you two are kinda new to these kind of parties."

"Yeah," Marsha said. Jess's hand felt good, warm and gently caressing. "We, um, we're still kind of getting used to the group thing. It's funny, 'cause we watch that kind of thing so often, at the studio, but being involved is...so much more..."

"Yes. It's so much more. Richy and I both love it, but we try and moderate it. Not too often, you know? Tonight's special though. Not only you guys — it's kind of a small town and we love meeting new people — but Kelsey. This is just so wild with her here. It feels like there's electricity in the air. It's one of those wow nights."

"Kelsey just wowed us a few minutes ago," Rich said.

"So do you know about her history with everybody?" Jess asked Marsha. She filled her in on all the years at the restaurant, the high school secretary, and "Uncle Albert" and "Aunt Trinny".

"Oh my God!" Marsha said. "This is beyond wild and crazy isn't it?"

"That's what makes these parties extra special," Jess said. "A little extra something. Like you. Come dance with me?"

Jess led Marsha away by the hand, out into the funky music that was kicking everyone into gear.

"Look at Mom go!" Kelsey said to Marsha when she saw her.

Tucker was in a big, comfortable chair and Kay was on her knees between his legs. She'd just unfastened his pants and was scooping his cock into her mouth when Jess and Marsha walked in.

"She's always the first to get things going," Jess chuckled.

Within the blink of an eye Jess was dancing, as if the music hit like a jolt of energy.





You could almost smell the sweat on James Brown's face as his growling words pumped out of the speakers. The beat was relentless.

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