Tucker's Studio Ch. 23


Jess's tits gyrated wildly, and as she pulled up her thigh-length dress, playing it up and down as she danced, it was clear she didn't have anything on under the summery cotton shift. Her well trimmed pussy showed itself more than once.

Marsha was more of a sensual dancer, but the driving beat carried her away and soon she was gyrating too, her hips swiveling like a sixties go-go dancer. Her smile lit up the room and drew more dancers up off their chairs. Albert took Olivia's hand and the handsome man had the school secretary grinding against him in no time.

Kelsey leaned against a doorframe and took in the scene. She smiled and sipped her drink. She'd watched her mom suck cocks before, but always from way up in the third floor window. Being just ten feet away was thrilling for her, and the fact that it was Tucker's cock made it extra special. He was clearly enjoying her mom's technique.

Kelsey's horniness was bubbling to a froth. She downed her drink, chewed up the cherries and joined her mom at Tucker's chair. First was a long, wet kiss, giving him a nice taste of her cherry flavored tongue, and then she settled in next to her mother, Tucker spreading his legs wider to give her room. Her maraschino-red colored tongue extended and Kay laid Tucker's cock on it. Kelsey sucked it in, Kay's mouth went for his balls, and the two redheads were off to the races. Tucker's groan was one of the only things that could be heard above the music.

Rich and Bobby sipped their drinks in the kitchen doorway, keeping an eye on all the action. Olivia was the first of the women to show some skin. The fifty-year-old tossed her dress to the couch and continued her sexy, grinding dance with Albert. His hands went right to her slippery satin panties. From the look on her face it wouldn't be long before her ski-slope tits were out from behind her bra and in Albert's hands.

Jess knew Marsha had lingerie on, from running her hands all over Marsha's dress as they danced. She wanted to see it.

"Aren't you warm in that pretty dress?" she asked.

She danced around behind her and lowered the zipper. Marsha was well aware Rich and Bobby were watching as Jess lowered the dress and let Marsha step out of it.

"You look so hot," Jess breathed, with her cheek pressed against Marsha's ear.

Marsha turned her head and they kissed. The boys watched as Jess's hand slipped down into the front of Marsha's panties, her fingers squishing through already wet pussy lips. Marsha's legs were parted, and her knees and hips worked in conjunction to move her pussy against the blissful intruding hand. She looked oh so sexy in her all black ensemble — bra, panties, garter belt and stockings.

"Fuck," Rich said as he watched his wife play with the sexy new girl's clit.

Jess was skilled with the girls. She held her warm body against Marsha's back and quickly took her to an orgasm. The throbbing, funky dance groove swirled in Marsha's mind as she came. It was an unexpected turn of events. If you'd told her the year before that she'd be going to sex parties and she'd be the first one at the party to orgasm, she'd have told you were crazy. But James Brown's sweaty words were ricocheting through her head, a skilled woman's fingers were in her pussy, two attractive men were watching, and her lover's moans mixed with the music as his cock was expertly sucked. It was the perfect storm. Tucker came a moment later, his own release triggered by Marsha's lovely noises.

So the party at Kay and Bobby's house was every bit as interesting as Marsha and Tucker had thought it might be — within a half-an-hour they'd both cum with glorious intensity. Kelsey smiled. Kay smiled after she'd swallowed Tucker's warm gift. Jess and Marsha smiled. The spectators smiled too. It was a feel good moment if there ever was one.

The thrill of the moment triggered more, as was wont to happen at an orgy. The slippery, squishy sounds; the earthy, carnal smells; the moaning, rapturous vocalizations. It was all to much to deny. School secretary Olivia's panties were down around her knees and Albert's cock plunged into her, bent over the side of the couch.

Kelsey was inspired.

"Sorry Daddy, I need Mr. Coulter," she said.

Rich wanted to tell her to use his first name, but words failed him. Kelsey led him to the couch.

"Lick my pussy," she said as she pulled her dress up, revealing her sweet little slit. She sounded both young and experienced. That was one of the magical things about her — the youthful innocence mixed with the highest possible sex appeal.

Rich was on his knees. He looked up at Kelsey's freckled, blue eyed face and lapped his tongue up through her wetness. Her pussy was sopping after sharing Tucker's cock with her mom.

"Oh God yeah!" she sighed. "Are you gonna fuck me hard tonight Mr. Coulter? I need you to fuck me really hard."

Rick moaned into her pussy. Young and smooth, it tasted fresh and sweet. His hands went up the velvety softness of her body, pushing the slinky dress as they roamed. The tits that he dreamed about were in his hands, but he needed to taste them. He kissed across her heaving belly, peachfuzzy hair catching the wetness and leaving a glistening trail. He moaned as a big tit squeezed softly into his mouth, the hard nipple playing across the wetness of his tongue.

"I watched you fuck my mom," Kelsey breathed. "I've always wanted you to do it to me."

Rich moaned at her words. It was music. Kelsey was music. Her body was a beautiful melody. And her pussy! Oh God, her pussy!

His mouth was on it again. In it. All around it. The smell, and the taste, was intoxicating. Kelsey was serenading him with a moaning giggle, adding to the musical magic.

"Fuck me," she said, in a pleading sigh. "Please fuck me."

Needless to say, Rich was rock hard and ready. He pulled her ass off the edge of the couch cushion, folded her legs back against her and thrust into her tightness. He half expected a sloppy porn star, but he got the tightest bit of heaven he could imagine, and let out a moaning cry that overwhelmed the room.

"I love your cock!" Kelsey gasped when she was full. "I knew I would!"

It was one of the sweetest fucks in the history of mankind. That's the way it felt to Kelsey and Rich. Sex didn't get any better. Just a simple fuck. Nothing fancy. Big cock in tight pussy, thrusting hard. Fireworks result.

"Wow honey!" Kay said when she saw how intense it was for both her daughter and Rich. "Wow!"

The others were captivated too. Marsha was taken by the beauty of Rich's flexing ass, and the exquisite, heavenly sounds Kelsey was making as she flew close to the flame. Larry and Albert were mesmerized, astonished that Cinnamon Sugar's performances on Tucker's website weren't acting. Kelsey really was a sexual dynamo, and she was right there for the taking.

Her orgasm was a roiling, muscle spasming delight. Everyone was tempted to applaud when it was over, but didn't. They just hoped they'd get a turn with the sexy little thing. Rich, he couldn't hold on like he'd hoped, and pulled out in the midst of her orgasm already spurting, making a mess of Kelsey's writhing crotch and the old couch.

"Fuck little girl!" he groaned, holding his spewing cock in his fist as his body spasmed. "Damn!"

"So beautiful honey," Kay said. "So beautiful."

She flung her little dress off and kissed her daughter. It was instinctual, both their tongues lapping together in the sexual heat. Then Kay was on Rich, a longer deeper kiss as she unbuttoned his shirt. Clothes were being discarded all around the room.

And so it went. Kay's desire to have a party led to a glorious outpouring of raw sexuality. Kelsey was in heaven. Wild sex with handsome men, right in her own house! It didn't take too long for her to go all the way and spread her naked legs in her own childhood bedroom.

"I'll be in my room if anyone wants me," she'd said, with a wicked look of seduction before climbing the old staircase. Larry was quick to follow, seemingly drawn up the stairs like a magnet by her sashaying little ass.

Kelsey went right to her hands and knees and Larry did the deed. Feeling a cock slip into her on her own bed, on top of her pink chenille bedspread, surrounded by her posters and her cheerleader pom-poms hanging on the wall — it just about blew Kelsey's mind.

And then it continued. Rich stopped by to pay his respects — and fuck her hard. So did Uncle Albert. Jess and Marsha stopped in and helped to clean Kelsey up, licking up the juicy cum that was oozing out of her holes. She'd had half a dozen orgasms already when Tucker went up to see how she was.

When Kay appeared in the doorway Kelsey was splayed out on her back with Tucker half under her — a spoon fuck that had rolled a bit. Her legs were wide and Tucker's nice cock was fucking her slowly.

"My sweet baby's a woman," Kay said, sounding both happy and sad. She walked over and sat on the bed. "Your daddy doesn't want to, but I do. Is it okay honey?"

"Yes," Kelsey said, somehow sounding exhausted and raring to go at the same time.

Tucker held her on top of him with a gentle embrace, her big tits oozing against his forearm. Kelsey was wide open to her mother, with a lovely smile on her face. Kay's mouth went to her pussy, tentatively at first, more on Tucker's slippery cock than Kelsey.

"God that's hot!" Kay sighed as she felt the hot, fucking shaft slip past her tongue.

She tickled Kelsey's pussy a little with her mouth, moaning as she took in the taste of her daughter. She settled in at Kelsey's clit, massaging it with the tip of her tongue as Tucker fucked her slow and deep.

Kelsey knew she was in for a big one. It had been an extraordinary night, with some of her favorite orgasms ever, but what was building was truly breathtaking.

The tip of her mom's tongue flattened, putting more gentle pressure on the overloaded clit, puffy and engorged and red-hot from hours of attention. Kay was massaging Tucker's balls too, and the whole scene was more than he could take.

"I'm gonna cum baby!" Tucker breathed in Kelsey's ear. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum!"

The powerful throb of Tucker's cock deep inside her as he let loose, and the relentless, glorious pressure of her mother's tongue took Kelsey over the edge. It was a massive orgasm that looked like it might never end. Tucker and Kay never stopped driving, both of them whimpering while Kelsey wailed.

"That's my baby," Kay mumbled into Kelsey's steaming pussy. "That's my baby."


"Tucker has such a nice cock, doesn't he?" Kay said, as she dished out scrambled eggs to Kelsey the next morning. "Certain ones just feel special, you know?"

"Yeah," Kelsey said. She smiled, thinking about how trippy it was to have a discussion with her mom about such things. "You really killed it with him on the couch. I've never heard you scream like that before."

"Did I kill it?" Kay said with a big smile. "God that was fun!"

"How are my sweethearts this morning?" Bobby asked when he walked into the sun-filled room.

"Good morning honey," Kay said. She kissed him and ran her hand inside his bathrobe, all over his hairy chest.

"Mornin' Daddy," Kelsey said.

"You sound tired little girl," Bobby said. He kissed her on the top of the head and sat down at the table.

"Your male friends wore her out," Kay said.

"My male friends? I think you've got that backward honey. They're your male friends and from what I saw they wore you out too. Having Kelsey and Marsha here really heated things up, didn't it?"

"It was pretty incredible," Kay said, sounding dreamy. "And you, my sweet man, just about wore Marsha out single handed. We're all supposed to share you know."

"Was it that obvious?" Bobby asked. "She's...got something."

"Yes, she does," Kay said.

"Should I tell her you guys are in love with her?" Kelsey said, with a mischievous smile.

"I think she knows," Kay said wistfully. She wondered if Bobby had noticed that Marsha's pussy tasted young, but she decided not to ask. "So honey," Kay asked Kelsey, "I don't think I even need to ask you this, but, was everything...okay? I mean it's not exactly a normal party for a family to have."

"It was way better than okay Mom. Best night of my life." She got up out of her chair and hugged Kay from behind. "Thank you," she said. She went to her dad and squeezed him from behind in his chair. "Thank you. Thank you for trusting me with your wonderful life. For letting me be a part of it."


"So you gotta go back next week?" Brie asked.

"Yeah, back to work," Kelsey said. "I wish I could stay here all summer with you guys."

The two girls were sitting on a low concrete wall on a bridge over a rocky creek, dangling their legs over the side.

"Back to work," Brie said, shaking her head. "Back to fucking all kinds of cool guys you mean." She threw a pebble into the churning water and watched it disappear. "Why didn't you tell me about the party the other night?"

"Oh...I...didn't wanna be like, braggy or anything."

"So it was worth bein' braggy about?" Brie asked. It was clear she was disappointed she missed such a thing.

"I didn't tell you what my mom and dad said last week," Kelsey said. "They said they would have liked to have invited you and Raymond, but they don't feel comfortable with it until we're out of college. But they want to then, if...you want to."

"Really?" Brie said, looking stunned and thrilled. "Your dad said that?"

"You wanna fuck him?" Kelsey asked, easily reading between the lines. "How come you never told me?"

"Kel, he's your dad. You wouldn't tell me if you wanted to get with my dad, would you?"

"No, I guess not," Kelsey said, thinking about all the steamy sex she'd had with Brie's father the summer before. "Well anyway, he wants to fuck you. I could tell. And my mom's dyin' to get with Raymond. You should see it when he's over at the pool. She teases the crap out of him. She loves gettin' him all hard."

"Really?" Brie giggled. "Is he naked in front of her?"

"Not yet. She'd love it though. Maybe I'll work on that this week. That'd be fun."

"Can I come over? I've got Wednesday off, and it's supposed to be hot I think."

"Yeah! We can get him out of his suit, right? Oh God, Mom'll flip!"

"So are we good for the dunes this weekend?" Brie asked.

"Yeah there's gonna be nine of us. Four girls and five guys. Austin's in charge of the tents and stuff. He says all we've gotta do is show up."

"Sweet," Brie said. "I'm bummed we haven't been able to do anything at my house, but this is gonna be awesome."


"Hi Raymond!" Kelsey said. She was waving from her lounge chair next to the pool, her already naked body soaking in the strong early summer sun. Raymond walked to her, still surprised by the sight, but strangely almost used to it. "Brie's on her way too," Kelsey said. "She's got the day off."

"Oh. Cool," he said. "I saw your mom's car..."

"I'm sure she'll be out," Kelsey said, smirking at Raymond's awkwardness. "She wouldn't want to miss you."

"Oh," Raymond said. He'd seen Kay naked four times already, but the thought still gave him butterflies.

"So, you ready for the big weekend? Trina asked if you were gonna be there."

"She did not!" Raymond said.

"Hey, she likes the way you fuck her," Kelsey shrugged. "What can I say."

Raymond looked at her like she was crazy. The hottest girl from high school said that about him? He often wondered if his life the past year had been a dream. It almost had to be. The next hour of his surprisingly charmed life did nothing to sort out that mystery.

"Hi guys," Brie said. She strutted across the lawn toward the pool, showing off her perfect posture and her new bikini, just the top of it, worn above her usual faded blue jeans.

"Nice suit! That's cute!" Kelsey said. "Show me the rest."

Brie pealed off her jeans, almost baring her pussy in the process. Raymond's butterflies churned again. He hadn't seen Brie naked in many months, and the thought of it still surprised him. He'd fucked her numerous times the summer before, but none of that seemed real anymore. Watching her strip off her jeans right next to him...now that was real!

"That's cute," Kelsey said matter-of-factly when Brie struck a pose in the new bikini. "Where'd you get it?"


"Nice. I shoulda went there this summer," Kelsey said. "But I guess I don't wear suits too often anymore."

"How's it goin' Ray?" Brie asked, giving him a cheek kiss before settling onto the lounge next to him.

"Good," Raymond said. The two girls had him tongue-tied again. It made Brie smile.

"So, it's just your mom home? Nobody comin' over?" Brie asked Kelsey.

"No. Just us and Mom."

"Good," Brie said. She reached behind her and whisked off the colorful bikini top.

"Nice!" Kelsey said. "How come you've never laid out with me and Mom before?

"I don't know. I guess I'm more comfortable with my body after...last year," Brie said. "You don't mind, do you Ray?"

"No!" he said, a little too enthusiastically. The girls giggled. They loved that he was still a nervous geek.

"You'll get tan lines if you don't take the bottom off," Kelsey said. "Raymond'll lotion us, right Ray?"

His nervous geek heart pounded. He wasn't able to muster an answer.

Brie slipped off the bikini bottom and put it under her chair next to the top. She followed Kelsey's lead and flattened her lounge, and rolled onto her stomach like her friend had done.

"Do us Raymond," Kelsey said. Do our bottoms good. They burn more 'cause they stick up." She winked at Brie and they smiled.

Ray sat there for a moment, unable to shift his overloaded brain into gear. In the hallways at school he and his socially awkward friends used to dream about Kelsey and Brie's sweet asses, and there they were, laid out for him like a buffet, and the hands at the ends of his very own arms were about to massage them with lotion.

"Raymond?" Kelsey said quietly. "You okay honey?"

"Yeah," Raymond said feebly.

Kay was changing the sheets in her bedroom when she saw the kids from her window. Ray picked up the suntan lotion and knelt next to Kelsey. He started on her shoulders and worked his way down her back. Kay pulled a chair next to the window, anxious to see how the boy was going to handle the situation.

Kelsey spread her legs a bit as Raymond's hands glided over the hump of her lovely ass, onto the back of her thighs. His was a two-handed attack, and as they slid back over her daughter's ass Kay felt the tell-tale heat building inside her. She knew Raymond was hands off for a few more years, but damn the awkward kid made her horny!

As Kay watched, Kelsey reached back and spread her ass cheeks, showing off her pretty pucker hole and a little bit of her pussy. She was instructing Ray on getting the lotion everywhere, lest she get a sunburn where it might really hurt. Raymond moved slowly, his fingers slipping into the widely spread crack, tickling the perfect little hole, and lotioning the smooth flesh between it and Kelsey's glistening pussy.

"That's nice Raymond," she sighed, still holding her ass cheeks wide. "Do Brie now."

Ray's cock was at full attention, but the girls couldn't see it and he didn't know Kay was watching, so he stood and shifted positions with the big tent showing in his bathing suit.

"Raymond, you naughty boy!" Kay said under her breath, careful to stay quiet next to the open window.

He knelt next to Brie. Her skin jumped a little when she felt his touch. She was surprised that he started at the small of her back, but he loved that part of a girl, especially on Brie, with her narrow waist that he could almost get his hands around. He worked up to her shoulders — a little bonier than Kelsey's but still womanly — before sweeping down the slipperiness and up onto the hump of her sweet little ass.

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