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All the way to 18 and Sally had never even kissed a boy, yet here she was standing in the lounge room of the new kid at school this year.

Classes had finished at half-eleven because of a teachers union meeting. There was a twenty minute home-room session and then everyone was free for the day - but Sally's home room teacher Mr Thomas was the school's union leader. He needed to go early so Sally, the class' student association rep, was told to check everyone off the roll before leaving.

Sally's friends had planned to meet at the Quadrangle Tree, a giant willow near the front of school, then work out their day from there. It was summer, it was the last year of school, first exams were gone. For once this was a genuine afternoon off. Everybody, even the most do-gooder of study-heads was planning a day off.

Group by group, Sally's classmates came to homeroom, checked off and left earlier than the rest of school. Sally expected to be at the Quadrangle Tree before anyone, but it didn't turn out that way.

Ten minutes past midday and three students had still not checked in, those ratty north-side girls. They would be off smoking cigarettes, but where? Surely she could just leave, surely she couldn't be chastised for not signing them out - Mr Thomas knew them well enough. A quick look around, if she couldn't find them in five minutes, she would go.

12:35pm at the Quadrangle. She hadn't found the north-side sluts, and she was so late her friends had gone. Fuck. Sally didn't swear a lot, but now was a good time. Her friends had left. The bitches! At least they could have told her where they were going. No, actually they couldn't, she wasn't in her classroom, she was out looking for.... Fuck. They could be at one of a dozen places. Fuck. Those three witches, ooh she would suck up to Mr Thomas and have him flay them for fucking up her entire day. Fuck. What the hell was she meant to do now?

It was then Sally noticed Greg, sat alone on the cement border of the lawn, watching her mumble and pace under the tree. The look of bemusement on his face made Sally realise how animated she had been. Embarrassed, she stopped in her tracks. It was Greg who had come over...

Now Greg was somewhere in the rear of the house changing his clothes while Sally walked the perimeter of his living room, making a show of looking at all the wall hangings and shelves. She sat on the sofa then stood again, conscious of how short her skirt was when she sat down.

It had seemed like twenty minutes since Greg had said he'd be back in a second. Where was he? She felt a sense of anxiety. Sally had never been alone with a boy, and it would be hours before she was accountable for her whereabouts. Part of her was hoping that Greg was interested - she was kind of old to not to have kissed anyone. She knew most of her friends had, some had done more than just kiss. Part of her felt the need not to get it wrong. It was difficult for a teenage girl to know exactly what to do and not to do when it came to boys.

Breaking her thought was Greg, appearing suddenly at the doorway behind her. He had taken a shower. To Sally's shock he was wearing only a towel around his midriff.

"Are you hungry?", he said, handing her a plate of sandwiches matter-of-factly.

"Sure", was all Sally could say, stunned at the situation. Greg was certainly being calm, she thought. Wasn't there something a little unusual about this?

Greg sat down cross-legged on the living room floor. He put his own plate down on the carpet along with two bottles he carried under his arm. Sally looked at him and slowly sat on the floor herself. Greg wasn't watching, he was unscrewing the tops from the bottles. She sat opposite with her legs crossed, conscious that possibly her skirt and his towel were the only things in the way of them staring right at each other. Was he wearing anything under that towel? She tried not to look, afraid of being caught.

"Do you like Ruski?", Greg asked.

"I don't know. What is it? What's in it?"


Uh-oh. Sally tried a little bit. Ooh, delicious, that was nice. At least he had told her. Vodka, though. She would drink it slowly.

"It's okay", she said.

They ate, they drank. Conversation was oddly natural and comfortable, belying the fact that she was sitting across from a half-naked man. They finished lunch, spread out on the floor and talked some more. Sally liked him, she felt attractive, she felt interesting.

After time chatting, Greg sat upright and called her over.

"Sit up", he beckoned. This was going to get messy, she knew it, and yet she sat.

"Come closer".

This wasn't a good idea - and yet she found herself moving closer.

"C'mon, more, more". Sally moved in a toe-length.

"C'mon, closer". Sally moved in some more, only a couple of feet away, her legs now crossed over the top of his.

"A little bit more", he said.

Sally's stomach churned as she shuffled further toward him. Something was going to happen.

Greg reached out with his right hand and took the top button of her shirt in his fingers. Sally was taken aback. Did she want this? He started to undo the button, slowly enough to allow her to object. Sally looked down at his hand and said nothing. The top button was undone, her collar falling slightly away to show the base of her neck. Sally couldn't look Greg in the eye, she could only watch as his hand slowly moved on to the next one.

Time was motionless as the second button fell open. Sally felt breeze hit the v of her neck as the shirt dropped away some more. As Greg moved to the third button, the back of his fingers brushed against the top of her breast giving her goose bumps. Her heart was racing. Sally looked up. Greg was checking her eyes for problems but she quickly looked back down, neither approving nor disapproving.

For what seemed an eternity, Greg moved from button to button until finished. Her small breasts and their small white bra glimpsed through the gap in her shirt. Her stomach was flat, even sitting like she was. She looked up, absorbing confidence from the glow on Greg's face.

Greg lifted his hand and pulled her shirt back over her left shoulder, opening her bra to full view on one side.

"Stunning", he said. Sally smiled nervously. With the right side still covered, Greg pulled down the the exposed strap of her bra and ran the back of his hand along her naked collarbone. His fingers ran along the edge of her bra and over her breast as Sally closed her eyes.

With both hands, he slid Sally's shirt down to her wrists and moved both bra straps down to her elbows. Her breasts were almost exposed, but when Greg pulled down the front of her bra, daylight spilled onto her nipples.

Sally couldn't believe what had happened, how had it come to this so quickly? Her breasts were out. She was with a boy and her breasts were out. She was excited, nervous, anxious, apprehensive, she felt attractive, embarrassed - even moreso as she looked down with a blush at how much padding was in her bra.

Considering the situation, Sally thought she was handling it well. But could she go any further?

Greg sensed the need for a pause and left the bra there, down around her stomach, and began to run his hands through her hair. It was bizarre, sitting on a living room floor in the middle of the day, breasts covered in goose bumps, nipples standing erect only inches from a towel-clad boy from school. And now he was making her feel wonderful by massaging his hands through her hair, almost putting her to sleep.

Having sensed consolidation, Greg pushed back down to Sally's naked chest. He brought his hands down and cupped her breasts, gently rubbing his thumbs over her nipples. Sally could feel herself slipping away. Her body was responding independently of her mind, influencing her behaviour. She didn't know how to stop, or how to explain why they should stop. He was squeezing her breasts, her nipples, her rocky nipples. It was all so new. Just the thought of it, a male running his hands all over her breasts, what would her friends say if they could see her now? Sally was the last person they would expect doing this on a Tuesday afternoon.

She was getting all the attention. Did Gary expect something in return? Sally couldn't tell. She wouldn't know what to do anyway. His touch fluctuated from gentle to gripping. She thought of her conversations with her girlfriends, she decided Greg could do what he liked as long as it was above the waist, that was okay wasn't it?

Almost intuitively Greg's mouth leant down onto her right nipple.

Oh dear, that was... her body was taking charge, but it was okay. Everything would be okay, she could enjoy it, just as long as they stayed up top.

Sally fell back to the carpet and Greg's lips remained latched to her breasts. She ran her hands through the back of his hair, squeezing on clumps as chills electrified the muscles in her chest. The breeze on the saliva that covered her nipples accentuated her feeling of nakedness. Greg reached around and removed her bra completely, kissing her stomach as his hands retained their grip on her breasts. His chest was pushing between her legs and her vagina twinged. This was borderline, any more and she would have to find a way to stop. Her skirt sat high on her hips, stopping Greg from moving his tongue further down.

Thankfully he moved up, spending more time on her breasts, then her neck. Sally ran one hand over Greg's back as he sucked harder and harder on her shoulder, leaving a love-bite. He went down and did the same near her nipple, and once near her cleavage. She had swim class tomorrow, people would clearly see what she had been doing today.

"Give me some more."

"More what?"

"Of those."

Greg smiled and went back to her body. He covered her breasts in bruises, most of which would show out the sides of her swimsuit. Greg sat on Sally's hips and admired his work.

"They've had a workout", he said looking at the mess he had made of the top half of her body. Sally looked down toward her breasts, then realised that Greg's towel had come away. She could clearly see the top of his penis pushed against his stomach. It was the first time that Sally had ever seen an erection.

Greg noticed the shock on Sally's face.

"What?", he asked, knowing full-well what the issue was.

Sally just looked at the ceiling. Greg stood up, holding out a hand for Sally to stand as well. Sheepishly she took it, but even Greg could tell they had reached an awkward moment.

Sally let Greg pull her to her feet and for the first time she stood face to face with a naked male with an erection. She couldn't look at his body, and didn't want to get too close. She was a skirt and panties away from a tricky situation. She would see what Greg was doing before reacting. The situation had become tense.

Greg spoke first.

"C'mon, let's do something else", he said and moved away, expecting her to follow.

Do what, she thought. Sally reached for her clothes.

"You don't need those, come on", Greg told her.

He took her hand and led her through the house. Aware of the open curtains, Sally held her hand over her chest as she followed along behind this naked boy. This had better not be leading to his bedroom, she would leave straight away.

Past the kitchen the hall opened up into a billiard room facing the outside deck and rear garden. Walls on three sides were mostly glass sliding doors, draping the room in brilliant sunshine. Again there were no curtains, but the yard was private.

Greg brought her attention back inside. "Can you play, or do I have to show you how?".

Sally looked around the room and at the table. "I've played before".

She noticed that Greg was more relaxed, his erection had fallen away. When she thought about it, now was the first time she had stood in front of a naked male who didn't have an erection. He set up the balls on the table and Sally watched his body as he moved over and took two cues.

"Any preference?", he asked, showing her both.


Greg walked behind the bar and took two more Ruski's from the fridge, opening them and leaving them on the counter. Her mouth was dry, Sally drank half a bottle. She could feel the alcohol. She could hardly believe what she was doing. Dressed only in her skirt, her body covered in love-bites, about to play billiards with a naked boy and no idea where this was going.

They played. Sally had her breasts kissed every time she potted a ball. It was wonderful, she stuck them forward for him each time he came over. She drank her drink and opened another. Greg would stand behind her and wrap his hands around onto her chest. She could feel his penis pushing against her skirt, erect again. She watched him moving around the table, Greg touching and sucking every time they came near.

Sally finished another drink as Greg leant over to play a table-length shot. She moved around into his line of sight. With her back to the window, she undid the button of her skirt and slowly pulled down the zipper. Greg didn't move, only lifting his eyes from the shot. With a flick of her hips the skirt fell to the ground. He looked at her, she looked back. Small and shapely hips wrapped in the smallest of soft white panties, her mound pushing noticeably forward as you find with flat-stomached girls. Sally's hands moved to her hips, inside the elastic of her panties. After just a moment's hesitation, she pulled them to the ground.

"Stunning", said Greg as he stared at the tuft between her legs, the daylight between her thighs silhouetting the lips of her vagina. "Stunning". He played his shot without taking his eyes off her.

Sally looked down at her own naked body. Why had she just done that?

Greg didn't get too close, but followed her like a puppy. She was in every way a brilliant nude, even more so in motion. For her part Sally was amazed that she had just taken her clothes off in front of a naked boy. She knew that a line had been crossed. But for the moment she was in heaven having a boy flaberghasted at the sight of her. It was extraordinary.

They played like this for at least another half hour. Greg's game disintegrated, his eyes and thoughts followed her nakedness everywhere it went. He knew the naked body in front of him had not been seen before by a man, not like this.

After winning a game, Sally stood at the table. Greg came to her from behind. He kissed the back of her neck, one hand reaching around taking a breast, the other to her stomach, his erect penis for the first time touching the bare skin of her backside. Having taken off her own pants, Sally knew she would struggle to control the situation completely, but she still had thoughts they would only touch.

Invariably Greg's left hand moved down between her legs. They were closed, but he motioned them open. Sally was unsure of what he would do. What do boys want with vaginas? A finger ran along her lips. It was dry and uncomfortable, but then the finger found its mark and came out with moisture. Suddenly the movement was fluid and smooth. She opened her legs further. A finger was sliding along from her clitoris to her vagina, dashing inside and then back again, the other hand squeezing her breast, pulling her nipple. This was a revelation, it was hard to imagine such a feeling existed. No wonder people were obsessed with sex. Sally's pelvis swayed involuntarily back and forth.

Greg's right hand was away from her breast and onto her backside, pushing one leg up onto the table. Greg stepped back, taking a quick photograph in his mind before moving in and running his middle finger straight into Sally's vagina from behind. Sally was biting her bottom lip, leaning over the billiard table. She was scared by what was happening to her, but was hardly going to stop. How could she have known that she would love being fingered so much.

Greg pushed two fingers into her, struggling for a while until she opened her legs even further, stretching to take them. He was slapping the fingers in and out as Sally began a high-pitch moan. Greg stopped, took his fingers out and turned her around.

"Are you okay?"

"Uh-huh", was all Sally could manage as a reply, trying to catch her breath, and then "Are you stopping?"

Greg smiled and slid two fingers back into her from the front. He pushed them in deep this time and wiggled his fingertips about. He could see her eyebrows quiver and again she was biting her bottom lip.

"Touch me", said Greg.

"Uh-huh", Sally reached out and took a penis in her hand for the first time.

"Your first?"


"It's okay, just run slowly and softly up and down, move as fast as my fingers in you".

Greg and Sally masturbated each other until their wrists were tired. Sally's hips were vibrating, she struggled to keep standing. Her vagina squelched with the pace of his fingers, recklessly spraying slop in every direction, over both of them and onto the hardwood floor. Her head was light with oxygen as she sucked air with the speed of the fingers slapping into her.

"So, how are we going to get this into you?", asked Greg, wrapping his hand around hers on his penis.

"I don't know", Sally said, slightly disorientated. "Perhaps we shouldn't do this, not today. Let me practice with your fingers first. Maybe I'll get bigger".


"What do you mean..no?"

"You need to be fucked today".

"Greg, come on, look at us, look at me. I hardly knew you before today, I've never had sex of any kind, my entire body is naked, you're naked, my legs are spread, my breasts are covered in love-bites that everyone will see at swimming tomorrow, my hand is wrapped around your penis, you have two fingers in my vagina, during the day, in your billiard room in full view of the yard. This has been kinda a big day for me, don't you think it's enough for a starter? We can do this again, can't we?"

"You need to be fucked today," Greg simply repeated, "Turn around".

"Turn around?", Sally was getting nervous, "Have you heard a word of what I've just said?"

"Turn around, lean on the table and open your legs", Greg calmly ordered.

"Greg...", Sally said meekly. Greg took her by the hips, turned her body around and knocked her legs open with his feet. He pushed her face down onto the green matting of the billiard table. "Greg, I'm dry now, it won't work. C'mon, not today".

Taking a moment's heed of this, Greg moved behind her, knelt down and buried his face between her thighs. His tongue sank as deep as it could and he licked her back to wetness. Ooh, she'd not be saying no to that anytime soon.

He stood up and directed his penis to the opening of her vagina.

"Greg, c'mon, can't we do this next time", Sally begged, her thoughts back on the issue of her virginity.

"Open your legs more", Greg said. Sally closed her eyes. She opened her legs.

Greg's penis pushed against the right spot. He gave tiny thrusts which made little slopping sounds as he coated his penis in moisture. Once wet enough, he pushed the head of his penis inside. It was hard work and Sally wasn't making the bubbly noises she was earlier when being fingered.

Keeping on the pressure and with occasional thrusts, Greg made steady progress inside her virgin cunt. Slowly but surely her vagina gave way and fitted around him, all of him. It took five minutes, but he was in as far as he was going to be. A virgin, now an ex-virgin. He held his penis up inside of her.

"So?", he asked, "What do you think?"

"I don't know", said Sally, face pushed onto the table felt. "Just don't move".

"See, now you've had a big day..."

"I can't believe I'm lying face down on a billiard table with a boy inside me. How did I get here?"

"Through good luck", answered Greg. "Now it's time to fuck".

And Greg did. He pumped her from behind with no regard for her level of experience. Her feet were lifted from the ground with each thrust, she was literally being lifted up by her cunt. Luckily for Sally the angle she was at was the one of least resistance, so despite the constant slapping of his pelvis against her backside Sally wasn't in unbearable pain. If anything, she began to pick up the rhythm.

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