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Tuesday Lunch


I need to give many thanks to a wonderful editor, rickyboxen. Without his help, there would have been gaps large enough to drive a truck through.


"Tuesday lunch," written in block letters with permanent marker on office stationary, sat on Amanda's desk. That's all the note said – no name to indicate who wanted to arrange this tryst. Amanda looked outside of her cubicle. She had only left for a few minutes. Who could have left the note and disappeared so quickly? Could she wait until tomorrow to find out?

She flirted a little with Marty from accounting. He seemed cute in a shy, nerdy way. They shared coffee every morning; maybe this is his way of advancing things. Amanda decided that it couldn't have been Marty. His fifth floor office wouldn't let him know when she was away from her desk.

Maybe it was Terrance. As a security guard, Terrance could wander the building at will. She openly admired him every morning as his deep brown eyes checked her badge. Amanda took to removing her jacket as she entered the lobby so Terrance could get a good look at her ample bosom. From the sly look in his eyes and how he licked his lips whenever he saw her, Amanda knew that the attraction was mutual.

Amanda pushed her chair tight against her desk. The metal pressed into her soft belly. No one could see her hands this way. Amanda rubbed her thighs, pretending that Terrance's large, rough hands played over her clothing. She imagined his smooth brown skin under her hands. Amanda wondered if he tasted like the cocoa his skin reminded her of.

Amanda's hands pressed against her mound, and she pinched her lower lips together. Would Terrance be a slow lover? Amanda imagined he would be soft and sweet the first time but that wouldn't be enough for him. He would be ready for something rougher within minutes.

Amanda's nipples contracted painfully. Slowly she rubbed a thumb against one areola and then the other to ease the tension. Her fingers whispered against her blue cotton blouse. Amanda felt a shiver deep within her belly. She rubbed herself harder, wishing that Terrance could help her.

Having an isolated cubicle had its advantages, Amanda decided as she looked around. No other cubicle looked into hers and very few people walked past her. Slowly unbuttoning her Khakis, Amanda fantasized that Terrance would just rip her clothing off. Unhurriedly, she pushed her hand into her pants and under her cotton panties.

Stroking her thick bush, Amanda closed her eyes and dreamt that Terrance knelt below her. His white teeth would flash for a moment as he looked up at her. Those long arms would encircle her waist. Then he would deeply kiss her clit. Gently pulling her inner lips with his plump lips, Terrance would moan into her. Amanda's hands would pull him onto her. Her legs, spread wide, would invite him to take anything he wanted.

Amanda's hand moved quickly over her clitoris. She tried to control her breathing, just in case someone walked by. Her fingers furiously rubbed her little nub. Instead of quelling the desire in her, her little orgasm seemed to ignite something more. She wanted to be filled. She needed more than what a few fingers could provide. Frantically, she searched her desk for anything suitable... the stapler – too unnatural... the mouse – too short... a stack of pencils? Amanda knew that she was going crazy. Grabbing a tissue, she hurriedly dried her hand and then pushed her blouse into her hastily buttoned pants.

Amanda knew that she couldn't wait until Tuesday. Something needed to be satisfied now. Quickly, she rose from her desk and left her cubicle. This would be settled now.

"Amanda, are you okay?" Lynn, the office mom, inquired. "You look flushed." Amanda really liked Lynn and socialized outside of work with her, but Amanda didn't want to be detained just now.

"I'm fine. Just gotta do something quick." Amanda didn't even break stride. Impatiently jamming the elevator button, Amanda pressed her thighs together and rocked ever so slightly. Her clit throbbed as the pressure built. Her eyes closed, Amanda leaned on the wall.

Alone in the elevator, Amanda imagined what she and Terrance could do. He would not need to bend too far to kiss her. Amanda was about average height and looked into Terrance's neck if she stared straight at him. What she loved seeing at the most, though, were his haunting green eyes, which seemed to float against his brown skin.

Amanda imagined his thick fingers sliding through her auburn hair. He would pull her to him and crush her body against his. Their lunches, abandoned in the new cafeteria, would grow cold. Her fingers would trace paths of desire along his body. Unable to control himself, he would rip open her shirt and bury his head in her breasts.

Amanda's hand unconsciously ran up her body pulling the tail of her blouse loose. Closing her eyes, she could almost feel Terrance's breath against her skin. She felt herself begin to flush with delight.

In her mind, Terrance worshipped her body with his tongue and hands. She would deny him final consummation until he begged her to let him cum with her. She would be in complete control.

The elevator's lurching stop dragged Amanda out of her reveries.

Marching purposefully to the security desk, Amanda deftly straightened her hair and smoothed a few wrinkles out of her blouse. "Terrance, are you free? I need your help." Terrance's smoldering eyes traveled lazily up and down her body before he slowly stood.

"Sure, Amanda. Reg, cover for me, will you?" Terrance's baritone voice sent chills through Amanda's body.

The older guard nodded to Terrance, "Just remember, I have to leave for my granddaughter's recital at four."

Amanda put an extra swag in her walk as she led Terrance to a seldom-used copy room. Before the company took over the entire building, this cell had been the office conference room, information center, and break room. Although the equipment was outdated, the higher-ups preserved the room in order to remind them where it all began. The black and white copier constantly jammed. The coffee pot had long since given up the ghost. Even the phone was rotary. Amanda knew she'd have some privacy. Holding the door open, Amanda motioned for Terrance to enter first. After closing the door softly, Amanda locked it and then leaned against it.

"I know what you want," she purred as she unbuttoned her shirt. "How about a snack before our lunch meeting?"

"What are ..." Terrance's eyes grew wide as he looked at her. Her purple, lace bra highlighted her alabaster skin. Capturing his eyes with her own, she walked over to him and roughly pulled his mouth to hers. He hesitated for a moment before plunging his tongue into her mouth.

His warm, wet tongue explored her mouth. Amanda faintly tasted chocolate. Terrance wrapped his strong arms around her waist, picked her up and set her on an old photocopier. She wrapped her legs around his waist. His strong hands unfastened her bra and then slid along her skin. "I want you to take me," she moaned into his mouth. His brown hand grabbed a length of her silky hair and roughly pulled her head back. Licking her neck, he growled deep within his throat. Amanda ran her hands along his close shaved scalp. When Terrance took one of her breasts in his mouth, Amanda pressed herself into him. She felt his excitement grow and clumsily unbuckled his belt.

Terrance pulled his head from her breasts and smiled evilly at her. Amanda felt lopsided with one nipple painfully hard and the other barely poking out. As if reading her mind, Terrance pinched her neglected nipple. Amanda's body arched as she roughly drew breath.

"They're even now," teased Terrance.

Finally getting his pants opened, Amanda was pleasantly surprised to see that Terrance lived "au natural." Because Terrance's head blocked her view, Amanda couldn't see if his big, black cock was as marvelous as she imagined. Instead, Amanda grasped its width. Her hands barely fit around his semi-erect shaft.

"I guess it's true about black men," Amanda giggled. Amanda's hands flew to her mouth in an attempt to take back that offending words. "Ooo, that's really not PC. I shouldn't have said that."

"You obviously don't have enough to do with that mouth of yours." Terrance lifted Amanda off the copier. Amanda gleefully knelt in front of Terrance's rod. A few dark curls adorned the base of his shaft, but otherwise he was hairless. Amanda stretched to reach Terrance's cock with her mouth. Tentatively, she licked the dark, brown head. She wanted to tease him and draw out this pleasure, but she couldn't help herself.

Opening her mouth wide, she took as much of him as she could into her mouth. She twisted her head so that her tongue touched everywhere. Using her hand to hold his penis against his belly, she quickly licked along his thick vein. Her lips teased his head. Terrance grunted and gently ran his hands through her silky hair.

Amanda watched as a dark blush suffused his cock. She sucked his balls together in her mouth. She ran her tongue between them and under them. Amanda rubbed her face on Terrance's wet cock. Relaxing her throat, Amanda tried, but was unable to take all of him into her mouth. Instead she gently massaged him with her tongue. Amanda felt a shiver of pleasure surge up her spine as she realized how close Terrance was.

Without warning, Terrance pulled away from her. "My mother always said 'ladies first.'" Terrance helped Amanda to her feet and gently removed the rest of her clothing. Leaning her against a wall, Terrance knelt and put Amanda's legs over his shoulders. His soft tongue entered a torrent. He delved into her slit before playing with her clit. His velvety tongue entered her gently. His tongue rubbed the rough spot near her entrance. He drank like a man just out of the desert.

Amanda tried to control herself, but his tongue pushed her over the edge. She bucked against him and clamped her thighs against his ears. Still his tongue continued his ministrations. Amanda felt her fingers and toes tingle. Unable to control her body, Amanda trusted Terrance to not let her fall.

Terrance moved his mouth to her clitoris while snaking one hand between her legs. His forearm spread her ass cheeks as his fingers sought her vagina. Two of his fingers filled Amanda. She pushed against his fingers finding her rhythm.

Terrance twisted and bent his fingers as Amanda rode him. His tongue teasing her clit, Terrance began to softly hum. Amanda felt an explosion near the base of her spine. A chain reaction detonated along her spine. Thick, sticky fluid flowed out of Amanda. A scream escaped her throat. Terrance's free hand covered Amanda's mouth as he disentangled her legs from his neck.

"None of that now; if someone walks in, we'd both get fired," he warned her. Terrance shifted so that his mouth covered hers. His tongue muffled her noises. She tasted herself on him. Normally, she disliked when guys did that, but her scent combined with Terrance's acted like an aphrodisiac. Pushing him onto the floor, Amanda mounted Terrance.

As she pushed him deeply into her, Amanda felt pain as Terrance's large rod stretched her. After a few soft thrusts, which covered him in her juices, Amanda began moving quickly on top of him. His large hands captured her bouncing breasts and squeezed them violently. Sweat ran down Amanda's face and between her breasts.

Terrance's cock curved slightly and pressed into Amanda's G-spot.

"Oh ... oh, God ... Oh, Terrance ... I'm ... Oh, oh ..." Amanda cried as her body shuddered. Her rhythm broke. Her arms twitched and her muscles shivered frenziedly. Her vagina clenched uncontrollably. Terrance grunted as he came. His fingers brusquely dug into Amanda's hips. His hot seed caused Amanda to come again.

Terrance smiled up at her. "Why didn't you ever ask for my help before?" Amanda lay on top of Terrance and he gently kissed her. She murmured noncommittally into his chest. "I need to get back to the desk. If Reg misses his granddaughter's recital, he'll be in the dog house." Looking at his wet shirt, Terrance added, "Guess I'll have to make a stop in the locker-room."

"I'll see you Tuesday," Amanda called to him. Terrance raised an eyebrow.

"Amanda, I'll see you anytime you want." He kissed her gently before leaving.

Amanda dried herself with rough C-fold paper towels before dressing. Without knowing how, Amanda was back at her desk.

"Oh, Amanda!" Lynn peered around the cubicle wall. "Did you get my note about the Tuesday lunch meeting?"

Amanda's face paled. "Your note ..."

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