tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTuesday Nights Ch. 02

Tuesday Nights Ch. 02


Chapter 02: Second Dinner

I cooked a dinner of roast lamb with roast potatoes, roast onions, artichokes and a small tomato salad with feta cheese. The wine was a fairly cheap, but good zin. Emma, Margaret, and my girl friend Lois all very much enjoyed the food. The conversation harked back to last week. I had hoped it was all forgotten. Somehow I had let myself be talked into stripping and modeling a rubber for the girls. I was quite humiliated, they had all the power and I was just a performer.

The conversation was much more explicitly sexual, "Peter, you have such nice thighs. Are they sensitive?"

Nervously, I nodded yes.

"How about your butt?"

Yes again.

"Lois, do you like you nipple sucked?"

"Love it!" she said with unexpected forthrightness that made Peter suspicious.

Mostly Margaret and Emma tried to tease me, while Lois tried to keep her cool.

Towards the end of the meal, Margaret asked Emma "Do you ever shave you pubic hair?"

"I don't usually need to in order to wear a bikini." Emma answered and looked at Lois. Lois was a little embarrassed because the girls probably knew her hair grew well above the normal bikini line. Lois, forthright again, said, "Yes, I hate it. I have to shave every summer, it is itchy."

Margaret seized on this, "Yes, this is another stupid convention forced on women by men. We are supposed to shave under our armpits and any part of our body that might show and detract from our appearance for men."

Emma nodded agreement, "Peter, do you ever shave your pubes?"

I was beginning to suspect a put up job. "No, men never shave down there. Why should we?"

Margaret said, "Well, lets do an experiment so see how itchy it is for men. This will teach you what we suffer."

I was hoping that Lois might put a stop to it, but she said: "Oh, yes Peter. I hate shaving, it will be fun for you to be shaved." I knew this was a put-up job. They had planned this.

"Ok, Peter, time to strip."

I was caught between the humiliation and shame of performing naked antics before clothed women at their slightest whim and the admitted thrill of appearing sexually in front of 3 very attractive girls. I had no idea what they had in mind. Now I was going to be shaved, what else could they come up with? Would my girlfriend Lois protect me?

I tried for a way out, "OK, but to be scientific we should do a comparison with a women. I will let you all shave me, provided that we can also shave Emma".

I was felt sure that Emma would balk, and that Margaret would veto the idea based on sexual politics. There was a lull as the women exchanged glances and turned to look at Emma for her reaction.

"What would I tell Michael?" Emma finally asked. She was clearly intrigued by the idea.

"Tell him, you did it to make yourself more sexy for him", said Lois with a grin.

"OK, but this is a pretty big deal for me. We need some more concessions from Peter."

"What?" asked Lois?

"Peter, in return for letting you see and touch my body, you will agree that, you get naked first, get completely shaved wherever we feel like it, and you remain naked for the rest of the night."

"More", said Margaret, "You have to strip before dinner next Tuesday night and stay naked. I really want to be served by a naked man."

In for a penny, in for a pound, I thought that I had at least achieved some female participation.

Margaret went a got some towels, hot water and various shaving implements. She even got an electric shaver. Emma laid out some of the towels in the middle of the living room floor.

I looked at the women, and felt some excitement. I removed my shirt and my shoes and socks. I was the center of attention, standing in just my slacks. I looked at them again, enjoying the gaze and yet knowing that they were really enjoying the power of having me strip and perform for them. I knew that they were enjoying my humiliation.

She had a coy smile. "Before we start, Peter. You enjoy showing your body to us, don't you?" "It gives you a thrill?" There was a hint of an accusation. I hesitated to answer. Emma looked at Lois. "He loves it, doesn't he?" She nodded.

I was undercut by my own girlfriend.

I stood embarrassed and ashamed in front of the three clothed women. To cover this, I quickly removed my shirt.

Margaret said: " Lois, can I undo his pants?"

After the nod, Margaret, the man hater, undid my belt and pulled down my brown slacks. Leaving my exposed white briefs with a bulge and small damp spot.

As a move to assert some slight ownership, Lois moved the tableau forward, rather than let me stand there frozen before the dramatic moment, she peeled my briefs down at the front and back, then slowly pulled them down my legs.

For the second time, the full attention of three attractive women was focused directly on my naked crotch.

"He is not very hairy, is he?" said Emma.

I lay down on the towels to await my fate.

The girls kneeled beside me, Margaret and Emma on either side with Lois a little in the background. Emma gently held my cock as Margaret thoroughly soaked my crotch and stomach with hot water. Emma got the shaving cream and sprayed it all over. It was a ridiculous white fluffy blob of cloud with the tip of a spire poking out at an angle. Emma sprayed once more, to cover all my manhood in fluff.

With a devilish glint in her eye, she said: "Margaret, Lois will never forgive us if we cut the wrong thing. You hold him well out of the way while I shave."

Despite the water and the scary shaver, my cock was standing moderately high. Margaret was not used to male organs and was nervous. She reached out and held it hard with two fingers.

Emma shaved down to my penis and around the base. Her other hand was a counter balance between my legs. Margaret grabbed more firmly, it was slippery from the shaving cream. I got harder each minute with her squeeze.

When every hair of my crotch was gone, I looked like a 13 year old kid. But, they were still not done. I had to roll over and kneel like an animal. I was completely helpless. Emma opened my cheeks as Margaret, carefully -- thank god, shaved all the little hairs.

Lois decided it was time to show some kindness and got some skin cream from the bathroom. She and Emma rubbed it all over the shaved area.

Feeling very exposed and silly, I got up and walked to the kitchen to get a fresh beer.

The three ladies watched me and laughed.

But, soon it would be Emma's turn.

Margaret and Lois had colluded before I got back into the room. Emma was sitting on the couch, starting to look a little nervous.

Margaret commanded the room and spoke directly to Emma. "Are you really ready to forward with this? You can fink out now, we really do not owe anything to Peter, he is just a man! He has already got his jollies by exhibiting himself to us."

Margaret was not really trying to make it easy for Emma, she was shaming her into being locked into baring herself in a most intimate way.

Emma said responded, "I am OK, lets do it -- but just a trim -- so I can explain it to Michael"

"All right, Emma", said Margaret, adopting the same hard voice she used with me, "step into the middle where Peter performed. We will each take off an item until you are naked."

I tried to compare this to when I first stripped for the group. I had taken off my own clothes, as the three women sat back in comfortable chairs and smirked. Now I was stark naked and smoothly shaved -- still very vulnerable. Yet Emma had even less control.

Margaret stood in front of the rather shorter, and prettier Emma, and began unbuttoning her pale blue blouse. After freeing the front she slipped it over Emma's shoulders and revealed her full, black bra. Emma smiled but looked pale.

Why was she submitting herself to this exposure and humiliation? What was inside her that had caused her to volunteer to have her pubes publicly shaved? She thought about her ten year, rather staid marriage. What was missing that drove her to do this in front of another man, when her husband was not even present? What drove her to do this in front of women?

Lois, ever practical, removed her shoes and socks. Not very romantic.

Now, I had my chance. Emma had been kind to me. I could have gone for the full black bra with the front catch and released the encaged mounds. But, in my nakedness, I avoided Sestos and Abydos and took the safe path of unclipping her skirt and letting it fall to the ground. Emma lightly stepped out of her skirt. Her pale briefs looked very thin and insubstantial. The shadow of her black mound could be clearly seen.

Emma felt strangely liberated. She was standing in only her underwear in the middle of the carpet. She was not in her own house. The people around her were not her family. These were comparative strangers, two clothed women and a naked man.

She was liberated by accepting the thrill, recognizing the moisture flowing and the nipples hardening. She had the strength to overcome the taboos left from her conservative catholic upbringing. She had the strength to overcome the shame, the strength to look forward to being fully naked.

Margaret stared at Emma's pallor but saw the resolve. She saw a very attractive woman with long black hair, blue eyes, large breasts held back by a black bra and a narrow body and short legs. Again she stood in front of Emma and very deliberately reached for her bra cups. Her fingers closed on the cups and pulled them together to release the clasp. Her fingers slid over Emma's skin and stroked her nipples as the bra was dropped to the floor.

Emma pushed her breast forward, and stared around the room. She dared anybody to make fun of her body or her shame. We all just stared at her body and admired her resolve. I could not hide my physical reaction.

"Well, Peter likes you bod!" said Lois.

I t came to my girlfriend, Lois, to fully bare Emma in front of me. Lois may have been wondering about the comparison of body type between her and Emma. "Did Emma really turn Peter on, or was it just the circumstances?"

Lois ran her hands smoothly down Emma's sides to pull the briefs to the floor. Emma smiled and casually stepped out of them. She had the poise of a model but her terror and shame came through in the forced smile and the shaking of her upper body.

Margaret, showing her interests more forth rightly than usual, murmured "Wow!"

Emma looked around, for the first time she realized the curtains were open. "Quick, close those curtains!" she shouted. This too revealed her nervousness. Of course, none of the women worried that I had been standing around naked for over an hour with open curtains. In fact, only somebody coming to the front door could see into the living room.

Margaret got fresh towels and warm water. I went and fetched my own electric shaver with a clipper attachment.

Emma lay down on her back. "Now, remember just a trim perhaps a little shaping but nothing drastic."

I knelt down on her right side while Margaret positioned herself on her left. But Margaret hung back, it appeared that I would do the honors. Emma's pubic hair was fine and quite long. It came up in a vee shape but stopped well short of her waist. I knew that Lois's hair grew a lot thicker and more widely over her body.

"I will shape it into a heart and trim the length. OK?"

Emma smiled, still nervous, but did not reach to stop me as I stroked one hand up her leg towards her mound. Lois glared at me and Margaret frowned at this minor liberty. With one hand on her wonderfully flat stomach to stabilize me, I started trimming. Using the trimmer I cut all the hair to a uniform length. I had to run my fingers through it briefly to check the length. Then I trimmed back the edges of the heart. Once I could no longer safely use the trimmer I switch to the electric razor. This till left stubble and I remember the smooth shave I had been given earlier that evening.

Now it was my turn to apply the warm water and spray her with shaving cream. It looked like a black forest surrounded by white mist. I turned to pick up the freshly washed razor.

But, Margaret intervened. "This is too delicate for a man. Lois you do the shaving while I hold the hair back."

I was disappointed to not feel all of her privates, the way Emma had fondled me. But, knew that Margaret wanted an excuse to be part of the action. This way, I could stand back and watch a beautiful naked girl being intimately shaved by two quite attractive women.

Emma suddenly felt more exposed. Lying on her back, being intimately examined by two women. She shivered a little and wished it were over.

Margaret put her hand on Emma's trimmed pussie and fingered the edges of the heart out of the way. Lois, ready to apply the razor, had her hand on Emma's smooth stomach. The emotions were confused. Lois had never done anything at all intimate with another women before. The air was sexually charged. She wondered how Emma could submit to this. She wondered how far Margaret wanted to go.

Not to be entirely left out, I kneeled, my cock flopping, at Emma's head. I put my hands on her shoulders in a kind of reassurance. She smiled as Lois began her delicate surgery and I inched my hands towards the sides of her glistening orbs.

Quite quickly, Lois was done. Emma now had a trim bush with a clear heart shape. Margaret reached for a towel to clean off Emma's midriff. But Emma stood up. Should no long stand being confined on her back with so many strange hands.

"Thank you for the hair dressing, Ladies and Gentleman, but now I need a shower."

Unexpectedly, Lois said: "Peter needs a shower too. Why don't you wash each other?"

Emma, still shamed in her nakedness and wishing it end, almost refused. But, instead she chose to prolong the public exposure but still assert a lit little control.

"Ok, Lois -- I will wash your man -- but will lead him off to the shower the same way you did last night."

With that, she grabbed my long-suffering penis and walked rapidly towards the master bathroom. I had no choice but to stumble after her while the other clothed women brought up the rear.

Standing in the shower, protected from Lois and Margaret by the clear glass walls, I stroked each part of Emma's body. She did the same intimate cleaning for me. Margaret clearly loved the show. Emma felt she was continuing a public circus act in the nude while being stared at by thousands of people. But she got a thrill by continuing the exposure and by titillating a new man. In front of Lois, her best friend, she was deliberately exciting Lois's boyfriend and defying her bonds to her own husband. She was also cavorting naked in front of a clothed women who she suspected strongly desired her body.

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