tagMatureTuition Time Ch. 04

Tuition Time Ch. 04


A woman and younger man had met earlier in their lives and now meet again a few years later...now as more than teacher and student.

Ms. Mathews and young David awake to a new morning and a new beginning...


My sleep was erratic, and several times I thought I heard moaning creep into my head. I opened my eyes to discover the source of the awakening noise. I found my new lover laying on his back, asleep, but snoring. Any other night I may have thought this annoying. That night my body felt so satisfied nothing would disturb me.

I knew I must have passed out. All I could remember was screaming out in a climax that seemed to explode within my body. After that I did not remember a thing. Only now I felt so very relaxed as I lay my head on my lover's chest. I could hear his heart beating calmly as my head raised and lowered with his breathing.

I lay there until I drifted off to sleep once again...


When I finally awoke the next morning at sometime after 10:00, my house was quiet. I looked over at the empty pillow next to me and realized my new young lover was already up. Of course, at that last, I had to giggle out loud...since he first walked in the door at Jenna's last night, when wasn't he 'up'?

I laid there in my warm bed a few moments more knowing I felt more refreshed and relaxed than I had in a very long time.

Then I suddenly had this awful thought that David may have gotten up and actually left. I sat up losing my breath again.

But when I finally did inhale I smelled the wonderful aroma of coffee brewing. I also heard my utensil drawer open and close. David was still here.

I smiled inside as well as out.

Feeling more than giddy at the thought of finding my young man in my kitchen now caused me to feel that youthful feeling I went to sleep with last night. I bounded right out of bed.

I left the sheets in a tangled mess as I walked around the foot of my bed. My foot came down on something soft and silky and I looked down to find my toes perched cozily in my pair of black panties. I lifted my foot and I eyed the smear of dried cum on the dark material. My body shivered as I thought about how I had caused that and how he had caused my body to totally convulse and scream in an obvious mind numbing climax.

I calmed my breathing, picked up my robe from on my hope chest and wrapped it loosely around myself.

I padded down the hall to the kitchen and found David standing naked at the counter, pouring two cups of coffee.

I had seen his bare butt before, but standing there biting my lip admiring how his muscles flexed back there as he rocked back and forth busying himself being domestic. I ran my tongue around my lips trying to decide my best course of action, go up and slap those cheeks hard, bend down and nibble those taut butt muscles or just go all out and kneel down and lick all over them. I chickened out and did none of the above...

"Just making yourself at home aren't you?" I commented more than asked.

He didn't even jump as if he was surprised I had walked in on him. He didn't even turn around. "I figured I had helped myself to the lady of the house, I could have some of her coffee, too."

"You're a bad boy." I said to his back or was it his lovely manly butt. Okay, I was becoming overly obsessed with that gorgeous feature.

I went up behind him, and wrapped my arms around his body, my fingers spreading across his chest.

"Ummm, that feels good," he said, "but don't make me spill this hot coffee, it may ruin something important." He swayed his hips back into me, his taut young butt pressing into my belly. Yes, it was so very taut!

"Oh, no we don't want to do anything to hurt that important special part." I said as I slid my hand down his stomach and over his crotch. It may have actually been the first time I had ever touched him there that he was not at least somewhat hard. Even in that state, I realized my small hand could not hold all of him.

"Keep doing that and we'll have more than one problem here soon." He turned his head back to me and looked down over his shoulder at me with a sly smile. "Go sit down and I'll bring you a mug of morning brew."

I gave him a gentle swat on his bare behind and went to the bright sunny breakfast nook. Maybe I'd nibble and lick that same spot later!


I heard the soft patter of her feet come down the hall behind me. I knew she must be at the kitchen door as I reached for two mugs and then the coffee pot. I wondered if she was standing there checking me out from behind. My mind was still picturing her naked in bed. I also pictured my beautiful teacher...

I was a normal thirteen year old and those days revolved around school and riding my bike. I wasn't much of a jock back then. I played little league a couple of years, but didn't do well and really didn't like it at the time. It was at that age at night though my sexual awareness started to grow.

My favorite fantasy soon involved Ms. Mathews. She always seemed to like me and especially when I would participate in class. On many nights she would sneak into my thoughts as I'd drift off to sleep and my boy sized cock would rise under the covers as she played across my mind. I can still remember one particular thought I had about her after I had sneaked a peak at my Dad's Playboy one weekend and saw a pictorial on sexy panties. I found my mind wandering during her class, trying to decide whether she wore sexy panties like those girls in the magazine or those plain white types I saw in the family laundry that my own mother wore.

But what I had quickly noticed last night just was how hot she was and how the years had only perfected her. Even all my fantasies and wet dreams did her no justice. Ms. Mathews, Reese, was down right the most shapely, sexy, and desirable woman I had ever met.


David walked to me with his big hands carrying two mugs full of coffee. But his stride and the look on his face made it seem as he was very proud of himself. Why not, everything had been a perfect fantasy for him so far. But in fact, things seemed to be working out more perfect for me, too. How would I have ever thought I would make love to my former student? It no longer seemed wrong at all. In fact, far form it. The night had been and now the morning was turning out to be so wonderfully for both of us.

There was no mistaking the lustful gleam in David's eyes as he looked at me. He made me trembled with just that look and it made me unconsciously back up against my kitchen table.

"You come here and bring me my coffee young man." I tried to be somewhat commanding at the moment, but realized as I leaned further back my robe fall open. I saw him pause and saw a very huge smile grow across his face.

I knew I had a smile on my lips. Before I knew what I was really doing I parted my legs slightly and knew I was going to perform for him now. I wanted to perform for David. I ran my hands down over my little boobs and cupped them in my palms. I lifted what little I had in my fingers and felt my own nipples grow hard quickly.

"You are such a hot woman," he mumbled, standing there naked himself, two mugs of hot coffee in those big hands of his.

"I'm twice your age, David." I said. "You know that don't you?"

He walked up, reaching both arms around me, and put the mugs down on the table behind me. He then placed one of those large warm hands on my bare shoulder. I felt the heat of his strong fingers burn into my skin just like they had last night. His hand stroked down my arm. Then slowly, as if I was drawing them to me, his fingers inched over to the swell of my breast.

"Reese, look at me, I can't stop thinking of you," he said nodding down.

He evidence was indeed obvious. 'Little David' was pointing his one tiny eye directly up at me already. How did that thing grow that fast?

"What do you expect me to do about it?" I asked with what I'm sure was a huge grin on my face.

"Reese, please, I know you don't want to make love, you know, in that way. But I know if you let me, let me touch you, and make you feel like I know I can make you feel, you will not regret it. Please," he begged.

"David, I'm thinking last night may have been a fun, but I don't know if we should continue this. I had had more than a couple of drinks, okay I wasn't drunk, but the mood was just crazy with all those horny women in one room. And I have a girlfriend." I added the last point rather weakly and I think we both knew it.

"It was you I wanted to show off to last night, even though all those other girls were there, I masturbated in front of them only because I knew you would see me. I'd do anything for you right now, Reese, anything." he said.

David grabbed me, pushed me back up against the table and kissed me with a hunger I could not remember experiencing before, from a man or a woman. His mouth all was over mine, his tongue wildly thrusting between my lips.

"Oh gorgeous," I eeked out a hoarse whisper, "I'm all yours, lover." I arched my back to give my entire body over to him. His hand slid between my legs and cupped me and I moaned, "Oh baby, you, you...you make me so hot."

"So beautiful," David whispered, as his fingers entered me roughly, but exquisitely, "You are so beautiful, so beautiful."

Then he broke off his kisses and stepped back from me. There I was left leaning backwards over the table.

I remembered how it had turned me on last night when David had first exposed himself. I had that same feeling as he stared up and down my naked body now. I needed him still. I need you David!

My knees felt weak my bottom rested firmly on table's edge, holding me up.

He came back and leaned over me. This time his mouth came up and his lips pressed softly against mine, just his lips, soft, warm and gentle. His strong body pressed hotly and firmly over mine. I could feel his now familiar hardness press against my stomach. I shut my eyes and was suddenly flooded with even naughtier pictures of David doing wonderful things to my body.

Now all I could think of, all I wanted was to feel this young man deep inside me. "Oh David," I heard his name leave my quivering lips.

I looked up at him with pleading eyes. Tears filled them as I realized I was hopelessly in desperate need. It was not because it had been so very long since I had been with a man. No, David had sparked something deeper. I wanted David, only David, to take me here and now.

"David, please make love to me." I moaned his name again and provided him the open invitation.

He not reply with words, but rather with his big strong hands he cupped my small breasts. He squeezed them gently and his rough thumbs ran up over my taut nipples. I felt the hot excitement growing within me for this young man. My fingers trembled as I reached down to feel for his hard cock. I felt for him with my left hand and traced the length of his still growing rod with my index finger. I finally wrapped all my fingers around his member and gave him a squeeze. His hot body pushed forward and pushed me backwards onto the table even more as if he were trying to climb up over my body. My feet left the floor as I rocked back with his body pressed tight to mine.

"Reese," he replied, looking into my eyes, "do you want me? Do you really want me, Reese?"

"Yes," I heard my voice as if it were another woman, then still louder, "Yes! I want you!" My legs were twitching uncontrollably.

"Oh please, please David," I breathily whispered, sounding almost desperate I know. How could such a young man have such a strong effect on me? "Oh please, David, okay, have my body, just take me, please," I pleaded with my new lover.

"You really want me to be inside you?" he asked.

"Yes, yes you can do it to me," I raised my voice, not quite in a desperate sounding scream, but excited enough to let him know I was truly serious. "Just please be careful. It's been so long for me. And, well, you are so big down there."


I was completely blown away hearing these words from a woman I adored, a woman I had fantasized over for so many years. But I still was not sure this was what she really wanted.

I held her eyes steady and still needed to know more. "Reese, is it me, or is it just my cock you want inside you?"

I saw her face cringe.

"Yes, David, it's you. Please do me, please," she said.

"It really is me you want?


I felt his stare and my stomach tightened in anxiety. How could I answer his question? How could I tell this boy, no this grown man that I wanted to experience a sweet, heart stopping orgasm with him, yes with him inside me. And that I wanted to lay with him afterward and share in the bliss of our mutual lust. How could I tell him?

"Reese, now tell me, do you like me?" he repeated.

"Yes, oh God, yes, I like you. I need you. I want you to make me happy." I nearly did scream out now. "I can't stop thinking about what happened last night, what you made me feel; what I feel now."

My body shook with the extreme anticipation as I realized David was going to have his way with me. My heart beat rapidly and my breathing was suddenly very short, I felt I was gasping for every breath.

"I need it," I begged him. "I need you. Please! Please put it in me. I need you so badly."


I couldn't refuse her. I had never been as strongly attracted to a woman as I was for Ms. Mathews, I mean Reese, as I had been at that very moment. There was something so much more than sexy about her. Something that made more than just my manhood swell, I wanted her more than I had ever wanted her in any of my fantasies, more than any woman I had ever known.


I watched as David took hold of his extremely hard shaft and scrunched down to rub the head over my wet labia. I groaned out loud when he brushed across my little clit.

I could not resist and I reached down and took his manhood in my hand. I couldn't believe I was doing this, but as I let my hand glide up and down his swollen member all I could think of at that moment was how it would feel nestled so snugly up in my burning wet sex.

Suddenly, I heard him sigh heavily and I looked up to see a small grin across his lips turn into a huge smile. At that my heart melted and my insides gushed. He was so damn handsome.

Most men, I knew either from personal experience or from magazines or movies were either long or thick but seldom did you find a man with both attributes in that department. Looking at, no ogling, David's massive endowment, he was one of those rare men. The width of his cock was incredible. All I could think of was one of those cans of Arizona Ice Tea, yes, it looked to be just that thick. Only as tall as those cans are he must have been even much taller.

Okay, David, I need you now!

I wrapped my small hand as far around his big cock as I could. It had been awhile, but normally when I wrapped even my small hand around a cock I could touch my thumb against the tips of the other fingers. With this one, I couldn't. I gave it a squeeze and almost giggled just a little as I realized I could hardly move it. He was rock hard!

I'd never had anything of a man or even a toy in my hand this big before. It almost felt too big, but now that I had had it in my palm for a few moments, I was actually getting used to the feel and weight of it. I really didn't know how much action this young man saw but with a cock like that, I figured most young women who weren't immediately scared off by his size likely could only focus on his cock.

I grinned as I held his massive tool and pointed it at my wet sex. I firmly pulled on him and was quickly rewarded with a gush of clear pre-cum that oozed out over his mushroomed head and ever so warmly down over my fingers. Although I needed no other lubrication I was sure, this just added to my excitement as I pulled him between my thighs.

...and then some reality slapped me in the face.


"I'm sorry but I think we should use protection," she said, her hands pushing me back but not releasing me, "I'm sterile now, that's a long story, but you or I neither one can be sure the other is perfectly safe." She laughed a nervous laugh. "It would be best for the both of us."

She gently pushed me back away from her now. She stood up and went over to a drawer on the opposite of the kitchen. She pulled several dish towels out and moved others aside. Her hand reached to the very back and it came out with a small box in her hand. As soon as she turned around and held it up in front of her I recognized it as a pack of condoms.

"I know this may sound very awkward and it's rather embarrassing to admit, but I've had these in here for over three years." She said as she gently shook the box. She opened the box as she walked back over to me and pulled out a strip of foil packets. "I have not been with a man in that long, and well, I had bought these before then and never got around to using them. I want us to use them now."

With that she tore off one small green foil packet and my heart pounded with anticipation as I watched my naked former teacher rip it open. She pulled the yellowish colored condom out and smiled as she took hold of my hard cock.

"How are we going to get this big thing covered with this skinny thing?" Reese said as she slipped the condom over my cock head and grabbing my shaft firmly she determinedly rolled the latex down over its length. I had only used a condom three times in my life. Not because I was too big nor that I was irresponsible, but rather that I had only had three opportunities to use one with a girl. I was not your stereotypical jock that had had a lot of girls. And most of the girls I had been with I didn't have the need for a condom as we didn't have intercourse. Even the few dates I had gotten with the sorority girls from my dancing gigs only ended up in one need for a condom. But now as Reese nearly finished covering my cock fully and I watched as my cock swelled in her hand, I knew I wanted to do this with. I really did.

Reese smiled up at me as if she was actually reading my mind.


David did not protest me wanting to use a condom. And when I had rolled it most way down its length, it just wouldn't reach all the way, I looked up into his eyes once more. He smiled down at me. I hoped he was reading my mind and knew just what I wanted of him now. With his big thick cock covered I walked around my former student laid back on my kitchen table.

I knew I was more than wet enough to receive him, but I was still wondering if it would fit. No, I didn't know if I could take it but I knew for damned sure I was going to do my best to take as much of him as I could.

I hoped he would find my burning opening quickly. Two, three times he thrust into my upper thigh, until he found my slick opening. He groaned as he tried to push into my pussy. I groaned, just remembering how it had felt so big in my hand the first time I had held last night at Jenna's party. He pushed again. I pushed down over him and gasped as he stretched my insides. Slowly he pushed again and I took a little bit more of that hard cock.

Then suddenly I said to myself...What was I thinking? I hadn't had a cock in there in years and now I was accepting the biggest thing I had ever seen or felt. The only thing I had had in there in the last three years or so was my vibrator. It was nowhere this big, this thick. David was so big, so very big, but I had to get used to it. I had to feel him in my sex.

For David's part, he was being a patient young man as he did not press into me faster and harder than I could take. He let me take his cock at my pace. He obviously knew he was big and he knew I had not had a man in me in too long.

I rocked my body back and forth on his cock and moaned. "It's so big," I groaned. "It's so big."

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