tagNovels and NovellasTumbling off the Cliff Ch. 02

Tumbling off the Cliff Ch. 02


Some people are walking disaster areas, so what would happen if a very together and successful man falls for a ditzy but sexy woman?

Sparks fly between Mitch and Lisa in this romantic story.

It is a slow build to hot sex in later chapters, with lots of clashes of personality and misunderstanding in-between.


Ellie was explaining to Lisa what she would have to do this morning, handing her the list of names and phone numbers to call and make the arrangements for the Mitch's visit to Dublin next week. Explaining that they would all be leaving by one o'clock this afternoon for a press junket in a London Hotel organised by the Production Company that had made his latest film, Ellie told her she would be coming with and that after that they would all go onto the Charity Fund Raising Event that Mitch was supporting that evening.

Lisa listened, trying to take in all the instructions that Ellie was telling her in her fast and clipped voice. Sitting down in the small office at the back of the large apartment behind the desk she picked up the phone and started working her way down the list, a large one page a day diary and notepad in front of her, making the calls to ensure everything would go as smoothly as possible next week in Ireland.

The morning went fast and not once had she seen another human being as she worked on the directives given to her. Thirsty she wandered out of the small room and into the apartment proper, looking for a kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee.

That's where Mitch found her, standing leaning against the counter, sipping from a large mug. Walking into the kitchen, his body dripping with the sweat from his daily workout, widow beater vest clinging damply to him, his hair sticking to his head, he walked up to the enormous fridge and grabbed the bottle of energy drink and greedily drank it down.

Lisa stood staring, a little flutter of attraction in the pit of her stomach at the very masculine body standing only five feet away, his long back towards her as he tipped his head back to drink. Wide shoulders with rounded and smooth muscles ran into corded and long arms sprinkled with dark hair. One of his arms was bent at the elbow, the hand resting on his slim hips, his tight bum was encased in damp black shorts topping strong masculine thighs, legs spread out, the picture of a sexually attractive man in his prime.

Eyeing his body, one she had seen stripped off and rolling around in bed in one of his movies, but now up close and in person made her heart beat a little faster, and she suddenly felt hot under her purple printed chiffon top. Blurting out she asked him artlessly, "Aren't you embarrassed stripping off naked on camera for everyone to see?"

Mitch turned around, lowering the bottle of drink, his smile wide, eyes sparkling, "Nope. Have it written in the contract now. Don't do a film unless they allow me to expose myself fully to the public. Perfect solution for an exhibitionist and flasher. Next movie I'm aiming for a full frontal."

"You're kidding?"

"Of course I am. I've only stripped off totally in one film, and only my naked ass could be seen. The other two I just showed my chest."

"But weren't you embarrassed? Exposing yourself in public like that?"

Mitch walked over to lean against the counter next to her. "Not really. How about you? Do you go topless on the beach? Do you get embarrassed then?"

Lisa answered in a slightly acerbic voice, "It's not the same!"

"Of course it is. The only difference is I'm getting paid a lot of money to strip off, you do it for free."

Turning towards him, the cup of hot coffee forgotten in her hand she started to argue, "No it's not......." But the coffee had splashed over the edge of the mug, onto Mitch's front, and she watched as the brown stain spread over the white of his top.

"My God woman, is that your answer to every argument we're going to have, throwing a drink over me?"

"Whoops, sorry."

Reaching behind her for a cloth she started to wipe down his front, trying to take out the stain.

"Leave it, it's all right, the top goes in the wash anyway."

Self consciously Lisa stepped back, realising what she had just been doing. Looking up at him she spat out, "It's not the same anyway. I've never gone topless on the beach." Then turning on her heel she walked out of the kitchen, her impossibly high heels tapping along, her black stretched jersey legging covered long legs capturing Mitch's attention as he watched her leave. Biting his lip to stop from laughing out loud he shouted out after her retreating back, "That's a fiver deducted and you haven't even finished your first morning yet. At this rate you're going to have to pay me to work here!"

The answering disembodied voice came back at him, "Fuck you Mr big fucking movie star."

Lisa heard his deep laugh all the way back to the small office where she sat down, a big smile on her face.


Running up the corridor, the clip board in her hand, Lisa scurried past the security men and waiting magazine reporters. She had lost the next person on her list, and she was frantically trying to find him. The afternoon was a revolving list of faces, all coming in to interview Mitch or Alicia, both in their respective rented for the afternoon Hotel suites, surrounded by Studio people, various hangers on and their own staff, one of which she was. It was her job to get the interviewers in and out in their allotted thirty minutes, and in order. Ellie was briefing Mitch on who they were and a little about each person before they came in so that he looked like he knew them and made a good impression.

She was exhausted, they had started at two o'clock and it was now five thirty, and there were still three more interviews to go, including the lost reporter. Poking her head into the suite that Alicia was in she whispered to the PR person standing near the door "Is that Simon Farrow from 'Inside Movies Monthly'?

"No, this is some guy from 'Movies On-Line Review', why have you lost your body?"

Leaning back against the wall as she watched the tiny and very beautiful Alicia giggle and answer a question that the man opposite her was asking her, she admitted, "Yes, and he's due in to Mitch in five minutes."

"If you can't find him, send in the next if they're around. If not just tell them he's not turned up. I bet Mitch would like the break about now."

Running back to where Mitch's suite was she looked around wildly, not seeing any waiting reporters, and then entered in just as Ellie was gently easing the last one out across the room. Once he was gone, Lisa told Ellie that the next one was missing, no sign of him anywhere.

"Have you tried the men's loo down on the floor below?"


"Well don't just stand there, go look for him there. Mitch can have a break while you look for him, but we need to keep on time as the Charity thing starts at eight, and he needs to get changed and get cleaned up before we leave."

Running down to the men's Lisa stood in front of the door taking a deep breath before entering in. Two men stood their backs to her, peeing into the urinal, and one of the cubicles was closed.

"Anyone here called Simon Farrow?"

A fat middle aged man turned towards her, his penis sticking out of his fly, his hand holding it, "Hello.....is this a new service the Hotel is offering, women on tap with the toilets." Laughing the guy next to him turned around zipping himself up, "If you want me to be Simon Farrow I could be!"

Looking the idiots up and down Lisa told them, "Not interested guys, your cocks don't look big enough for me." and started to back out as they started to walk towards her, the face on the fat one flushing a deep red with anger.

"I'm Simon Farrow." She heard the voice in the cubicle say, "Are you ready for me?"

"Mr Farrow, please can you hurry, you're holding us up."

"No problem love, be right there." and the cubicle door opened as a skinny man in leather jacket and jeans walked out. Assessing the look on the two men' faces, he grabbed Lisa's arm and told her, "Show me the way up love."


Lisa stood at the back of the crowd watching as Mitch posed in front of the large marketing screen proclaiming 'Fashion fighting Fibromyalgia' written all over it, the camera bulbs flashing, a big smile on his face, photographers shouting at him to turn this way and that.

She was exhausted, it was now eleven o'clock, and she had sat through the fashion show as she watched Mitch acting as compere and working the star studded crowd. There were so many people floating around that she had only ever seen in the movies or in the papers that her eyes hurt from staring, and Ellie had laughed earlier in the evening at her expression when at one point she had noticed Alicia Turvey kissing Ellie and holding hands with her round the back of the screen, out of the sight of the public and cameras.

"Close your mouth Lisa." Ellie told her, a look of pure pleasure on her face, "Never seen two women in love before."

"But I thought... Mitch and her....Ellie, does he know.... this will break his heart....how could you!"

"Oh sweetheart you're such an innocent. Of course he knows. Alicia and I have been lovers for over a year since we met on the set. Mitch is used as a smoke screen so no-one guesses about Alicia and to drum up publicity for the movie. It's good for business."

"But the Press....."

"They report what they're supposed to. Now go on, get the seats inside for us, we're at the back. But it's always a push to get the best ones at the back for the assistants so hurry or we'll have to stand for the next hour whilst the show is on."

Lisa felt a small flutter of relief, so Mitch and Alicia weren't really lovers. Interesting, but she wasn't quite sure why she felt relieved.

The evening had gone at fast pace, and now she was exhausted and wanting to go home and climb into bed. It had been a real baptism of fire on her first day, and she marvelled at the energy that Ellie and Mitch seemed to have as she watched him move around the room, shaking hands and making small talk as the famous faces mingled and enjoyed themselves relaxing. Drinks were being handed out by waiters and grabbing one off a passing tray she knocked it back, coughing as the sharp taste of the alcohol hit her. Quickly grabbing another she walked over to Ellie and asked her, "When do we get off tonight?"

"I've called the car, Mitch is tired and we should be leaving soon."

Lisa looked over at Mitch who seemed to be totally happy and listening to a television soap star whispering in his ear. "Can you drop me off at the nearest tube station on the way to the apartment; I need to get a train home."

"Don't worry; Mitch has already said he'll drop you home. I'm going back with Alicia."

Nodding Lisa sipped at the drink in her hand, watching the crowd swirl in front of her, waiting along with all the other minions to the stars along the edge of the room, waiting for them to give them the nod to summon the cars.


Mitch watched the sleeping woman as she slumped opposite him in the big limousine. He was tired as usual, his head thumping from all the small talk he had made today. Loosening his tie around his neck he undid the top button and settled back as the car glided along to his apartment. He had told the driver to go straight there before taking Lisa home, but he felt bad looking at her as she obviously was more shattered than him, and he started to lean forward to change the instructions when an idea drifted into his head. Leaning back he smiled to himself. Maybe the night wasn't over yet!

As the big car pulled up in front of the old building, he bent forward and got out of the car before turning around and scooped up the sleeping woman. She was as light as a feather, her slim body draped in his arms, her head nestled against his shoulder. The driver went up to the door and opened it using Mitch's key that he took from the his hand holding her legs, and helping him get the lift they went up to the door of his apartment, where Mitch turned to the driver and told him, "Thanks Graham, see you tomorrow."

"No sweat Mitch," giving him a man to man look, "enjoy the rest of your evening."

Going into the hall, Mitch carried the sleeping Lisa into his bedroom, laying her on his extra large bed, and stepping back stripped off his clothes, looking down at the sprawled out body in front of him. She lay there, one hand gently up near her face, the other laying next to her body, her face sweet as she carried on sleeping, totally unaware of the completely naked man standing staring down at her.

Climbing onto the bed, he slowly lifted her top up and over her head, lifting her arms up, guiding the sleeves off her and her head through the loose scoop neck. Her body was slim and long, with small breasts encased in a white lacy bra, and Mitch sat back just staring for awhile before gently peeling the tight leggings down and removing them along with the crazy shoes with the really high heels she seemed to favour.

Manoeuvring her so that he could get her under the duvet, he held his breath as she moved, rolling over onto her stomach, an unintelligible sigh escaping her mouth, revealing a Tinkerbell tattoo at the base of her spine slightly above her right buttock, which was enticingly covered with a small pair of white lace panties. Lying down next to her he pulled her closer to him, his arm snaking under her head, settling her against his side just as she murmured, "Oliver, don't forget to let the cat out."

"Oliver, who the fuck was Oliver?" Mitch thought, her body snuggling into his, very warm and very inviting. She hadn't said anything about a boyfriend, or even that she was married. He hadn't even thought about that. Damn, she was going to kill him when she woke up. Slowly extricating himself from her, he slipped out of bed and grabbing his trousers from the floor padded out the room and down to one of his spare guest rooms where he flopped out on the bed, disgruntled and angry.


Lisa woke up and rolling over looked around her at her strange surroundings. Where was she? This definitely wasn't her bedroom. Her bedroom had her clothes and things hanging from every available space, this was a room that was big and tidy, done in the same muted colours as the rest of the Mitch's apartment. Checking to see if she had anything on, she saw to her relief she was wearing her bra and pants, but who had undressed her?

Looking to find a clock, she found one on the bedside table, and gasped when she saw the time. Eleven O'clock. She should have been at work by now. Sitting up she looked for her clothes, and finding them on the floor by the side of bed, she quickly slipped them on and rushed out to the small office and looked for Ellie.

What she found was a sweaty Mitch in his workout clothes drinking from a bottle in front of the fridge in the kitchen. Seeing her come in he told her, "Stay over there. I don't want to take the chance of you throwing anymore drinks over me!"

"What am I doing here? Why wasn't I taken back home last night. Who put me to bed?"

"You're here because it was easier than taking you home last night, we were both shattered and I thought it would be better."

"Who took off my clothes?"

"Who's Oliver?"

"None of your business...."

"Yes it is..."

"No it isn't." Moving towards the fridge she opened it and finding a carton of Orange drink went over to the cupboards and started looking for a glass. Reaching up to the cupboard behind him Mitch took out and handed her the glass.

"Who is he?"


"Because if we're going to sleep together I want to know who my rival is."

Spluttering as she took her first mouthful of the juice, it sprayed out at him, hitting him dead centre in his chest. "What did you just say...?"

"Jesus, can you just stop soaking me with any liquid you get your hands on woman. My cleaning bill has doubled since I met you."

"What did you just say you creep."

"I said we are going to sleep together and I wanted to know who this Oliver is."

"I'm not going to sleep with you, you overblown twerp. Who do you think you are? Gods gift to women. Not every one you meet wants to jump into bed with you. We're not in one of your stupid movies. Piss off."

Slamming down the glass of juice on the counter so that it splashed him again, she started to storm out the kitchen, only to feel her arm grabbed and her body turned towards him. Her hands went out automatically pushing against his chest, as his mouth came down to hers, their noses knocking as he positioned his face, his lips open, kissing her, softly.

"If not now, soon. Believe it Lisa Preston, you and I, we are going to make real sparks together, and I don't believe I'm God's gift to women, just a man who really fancies you, and wants very much to have a chance to show you how much."

"In your dreams." Stepping back she looked up into his eyes, "and take the money off my wages for cleaning up your dirty clothes, and even dirtier mind."

Mitch watched as she stormed out of the kitchen, back ramrod straight, calling after her, "I take it that's a no then?"

"Take it however you want, if you need me I'll be in the office....I take it I still work for you?"


"Then listen to your employee, the boss does not get to fuck the staff. It's against the rules."

It seemed he was always destined to watch her storming away from him, with her getting in the last word.


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