tagNovels and NovellasTumbling off the Cliff Ch. 04

Tumbling off the Cliff Ch. 04


Some people are walking disaster areas, so what would happen if a very together and successful man falls for a ditzy but sexy woman?

Sparks fly between Mitch and Lisa in this romantic story.

It is a slow build to hot sex in later chapters, with lots of clashes of personality and misunderstanding in-between.


The Irish interviewer asked the same questions that everyone else always asked him, and Mitch trotted out the same old answers, smiling and delivering them as if this was the first time he had been asked them. Standing watching Lisa yawned, bored, the publicity for the movie now just a part of her job, a lot of waiting around, interspersed with frantic running around getting the right people in front of Mitch and then away from him when it was required.

The studio PR man nodded towards her, pointing up at the clock on the wall, and Lisa walked over to the small table in the Hotel suite, picking up the bottle of water and walked towards Mitch and the interviewer, standing behind the camera out of shot as they wound up the recording.

"Thank you Mitch and I know I can say that the sparks between you and Alicia on screen are hot enough to start a fire, so if people want to see the two of you mirror real life chemistry on screen they should go and watch the movie."

Giving the man a smile Mitch shook hands and told him, "She gives a great comic performance in this film, and even the poodle played it for laughs. It was real fun working with her, she's a lovely lady and very talented,"


"Thanks, great interview."

Getting up Mitch walked towards Lisa, taking the bottle of water and taking a long drink, "How many more?"

"Last one coming up."

"Thank God, freedom for the rest of the day. Fancy a drive out into the surrounding countryside. I need to clear my head and get some work done on my lines with the new script."

"Alright, I'll call the driver."

"No, just the two of us, I'll drive, I need to cut loose."


Lisa sat watching the amazing scenery out of the car window as Mitch guided the car up the hill, rolling barren hills with craggy rocks, a waterfall tumbling down into a river down in the valley below, and only the occasional sheep could be seen. They had been driving for about an hour out of Dublin, leaving people and the bustle behind, and each mile they drove Mitch seemed to relax more, his jacket thrown on the back seat of the hire car, shirt sleeves rolled up. Pulling the car over at the top of the hill he got out and walking over the uneven ground to the top of a drop, and stood taking deep breaths filling the fresh clean air deep into his lungs. Lisa followed tottering on her high heeled and very unsuitable shoes, wobbling in her usual tight short skirt, her heavy jewellery jangling as she tried to balance on the uneven ground.

Holding out his hand towards her, she took it and he steadied her as she took the last couple of steps to stand next to him. Looking across the valley Mitch asked, "Isn't it magnificent, the raw beauty of it all?" Sitting down he leaned back.

Getting down next to him, Lisa asked him, "Don't you get fed up always being surrounded by people, no privacy? People staring at you, talking to you as if you're a character in one of your films?"

Laying back Mitch plucked out a blade of grass and put the end in his mouth, "I'm not surrounded by people right now."

"No your not, but this morning all the people kept talking to you as if they knew you, and you have never met any of them, and they all asked such personal questions. I know it would drive me mad."

"Part of the trade off you make." Turning his head towards where she sat next to him he told her, "Even you assume I'm like you expect me to be, not how I really am."

"I do not."

"Yes you do."

"I do not."

Taking a deep breath Mitch asked her, "Are you always so argumentative, or is it just with me?"

"I'm not argumentative!"

"Who's Oliver?"

In the ensuing silence Lisa sat wondering whether to tell him about her disastrous last relationship, whilst Mitch lay there looking up at her, her back as usual facing him, body language prickly, waiting to see if she would tell him what he wanted to know. Picking up a blade of grass and shredding it she started to tell him about Oliver.

"Oliver and I were at Art College together. We met there and moved in together soon after we met. He made the most amazing paintings, very vibrant, full of passion, very avant-garde. I make portraits, collages out of everyday things, textural, full of depth. His work started to sell, mine didn't. He became more successful, his work selling well, people noticing his talent, I felt in his shadow. One day I came home and found him in bed with two women."

Eyebrows raised high, a look of male alertness on his face, "Two!"

"Yes." Glancing back at Mitch's interested look, "Everyman's fantasy, two at the same time."

"Don't knock it, fantasy that is. For some of us fantasy keeps us going."

Moving sideways to face him square on, leaning on her right arm she looked down and told him, "You probably could just snap your fingers and have any woman you wanted."

"How boring is that. I'd rather have the one woman I really wanted." Lifting his hand he stroked the side of her face, "Don't be like the others, and don't judge me by the image that's sold."

Sitting up Mitch leaned towards her, kissing her sweetly, and then whispering against her lips, "Judge me as a man, one that really likes you and would like to make love to you very, very badly."

Staring into his deep brown eyes, Lisa felt herself melt, her arms going around his neck as she opened her mouth and closed her eyes, his mouth closing over hers in a deep wet kiss. Feeling herself pushed backwards, the kiss deepening even more, she lay back as Mitch raised himself over her,

Moving his hand up to her face, Mitch touched her tenderly, the taste of her sweet on his tongue, her hands around his neck pulling him down towards her, the feel of water hitting his back....!


Breaking the kiss he turned his head to look up at the sky, "Oh no, rain." Looking down at the woman under him, her eyes full of passion, her mouth open, lips glistening wet and shiny, he told her, "I don't know how you manage it, but even out here in the middle of nowhere you're getting me soaked. Come on, let's get back to the Hotel and finish this," Getting up, he held out his hand pulling her to standing and hand in hand they walked back to the car.


Sitting on the bed, her foot in his lap, Mitch took the sexy shoe off her foot, then holding her foot resting on his lap he started to massage her sole, his thumbs rubbing up and down her sensitive skin, "I love your taste in footwear, very erotic. Since I met you I've started to get a shoe fetish, each day waiting to see what crazy footwear and how high your heels are going to be. Each day you haven't disappointed me."

Lisa sat on the bed, the feel of his warm hands holding her foot, his strong thumbs relaxing the tender muscle that the very high heeled shoes had put pressure on, "My dream is to one day own a pair of Jimmy Choo's." she explained, "or Christian Lauboutin's."

Smiling Mitch removed the other shoe, rubbing her other foot before kissing the ball of her big toe and then taking the digit into his mouth and sucking. The feel of his wet warm mouth surrounding the toe sent a tingle down her leg, and laying back she stretched her body out, inviting him to follow. Putting down her leg, Mitch knelt crawling up and over her, lowering his body over hers, pressing her down on the bed, his mouth finding hers as her arms swept around his back. Running his tongue over the edge of her teeth and then into her mouth, he curled it stroking her tongue with the tip of his, lost in the taste and feel of her, his hips pushing against her, his hard length behind the material of his trousers seeking and finding purchase to rub against.

Breaking the kiss he moved his mouth to nibble and kiss at the side of her neck, his hand sweeping up to cup her breast over the crocheted silver bolero and silky pink camisole, "You remind me of a exotic bird I once saw in a zoo as a child, exciting and colourful, always seeming just out of reach. I wanted to capture that bird and take it home," moving his mouth down as he pulled at the material of her clothes and bra exposing her breasts to his mouth, he whispered "stroke its multi-coloured feathers, watch it take flight," his teeth nipped her nipple, "then cage it for myself."

Lisa melted as his mouth started to suckle at her breast, taking it deep into the velvety depths, the echoing tingle in her chest pulsing deep in her belly and between her thighs.

Moving down and pushing her top up to expose her belly he kissed her naval, his tongue plunging into the small dip, swirling around, "train it to only respond to me, and me alone."

Pushing her small tight skirt up to bunch around her hips, his head moved further down, settling between her thighs as they opened for him, and ripping the small white thong from covering her mound, "and making it fly as high as it can before coming back down to earth and sit in my hands."

Just before his mouth closed over her sex, the tip of his tongue finding her clitoris he whispered, "Fly for me Lisa, hit the heights and come back to me."


Lisa snuggled deeper back against Mitch's warm body curved against her back, listening to his slow sleeping breaths as they tickled her neck. Her body felt gloriously languid, their love having eased every muscle in her body, her orgasm had indeed made her fly, high and swirling, before she had come down to find herself holding on to him.

His hands and mouth had worshiped her, pushing her upwards before he had undressed and replaced them with his hard shaft, pressing into her with a forcefulness that took her breath away. Moving inside her, his body arched up on his arms, his muscles had moved under her hands, and she had felt herself swept back up as his manhood had slid back and forth, the rhythm steady and sure.

Gasping as her legs had swept up encircling his hips, her body bucking up to meet his thrusts, she had let go as she had reached the sky once again, the colours exploding behind her closed eyes, feeling him stiffen and still as he joined her to flutter high in the clouds before their bodies had tumbled back down to lie tangled together, replete in the sweet afterglow of sexual release.

Content wrapped up in his arms, she lay her fingers stroking his forearm as it lay across her holding her body to him, her mind wandering and thinking of nothing, but filled with Mitch, his smile, his teasing, and his wonderful lovemaking.


Next time she awoke she turned over in the bed to find it empty. Sitting up, she looked around the Hotel bedroom, listening for any noise in the large Hotel suite.

"Mitch....where are you?"

"Out here." Came his voice, deep and warm, "in the sitting room."

Getting out of bed and grabbing his discarded shirt she slipped it on, doing up a couple of buttons, and wandered out into the main entrance area of the suite. He sat in the chair, a pair of jeans pulled on, the script in his hand.

"Come over here." and opening his arms he invited her to settle on his lap. "You're just in time to test me on my lines. Here you read the lines for the parts of Miller and Fuentes, and I'll fill in my bit... that's these under Matthew Brink."

Settling down, her head on his shoulder she read from the script in her hand as he answered her with his lines, sometimes nailing them on the head, sometimes forgetting parts of lines. Each time he got a line wrong she would laugh and hit him playfully on the shoulder, and each time he got it right he would kiss her nose. They did this for an hour until he had ten pages of script down pat, covering three separate scenes in the film.

After that they sat, Lisa curled up on his lap, talking into the small hours of the morning, until the long silences between words told them it was time to sleep, and getting up they wandered back to the tangled sheets, wrapping themselves around each other and drifting down into dreamless slumber.


Lisa sat in the economy class seat, just as she had on the flight out to Dublin, Mitch in First Class, but this time she felt hurt. She knew that the tickets had been pre booked by Ellie, and it was before they had become lovers, but it felt like she was being treated as less than important to him.

That morning they had awoken, touching each other, kissing and smiling as new lovers do. Eager to learn what gave each other pleasure, to discover and give gratification, to take from each touch, each nibble, each kiss the ultimate thrill.

Showering together she had laughed as he pointed out it was the first time he had gotten her wet instead of the other way around as he massaged the lather into her hair, watching as the suds trickled down her neck, over her small breasts and trailing little lines of white bubbles over her belly to mingle in her blond pubic hair.

He loved the little tattoo of the fairy, kissing it, rubbing her bottom with his big hands, telling her that he had loved watching her ass as it switch back and forth as she had stomped away from him each time they had argued over the last weeks. Lisa had glowed in the playfulness, her heart melting, but now she sat, cramped between a large man with bad cold, and a woman with bad breath, whilst Mitch sat up the front of the plane, engrossed in the script, planning out his interpretation and learning his lines, the woman he had made love to last night and this morning pushed to the back of his mind.


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