tagNovels and NovellasTumbling off the Cliff Ch. 10

Tumbling off the Cliff Ch. 10


Some people are walking disaster areas, so what would happen if a very together and successful man falls for a ditzy but sexy woman?

Sparks fly between Mitch and Lisa in this romantic story.

It is a slow build to hot sex in later chapters, with lots of clashes of personality and misunderstanding in-between.

This chapter is for all those who felt that Lisa gave in to Mitch too quickly after he was unfaithful with the make up girl.


Wandering into the kitchen after his morning work out, Mitch looked around for Lisa but she was nowhere to be seen. Grabbing his energy drink from the fridge he left the kitchen calling out her name, and strolled through his apartment to the part that was the office finding Ellie, the phone wedged between her ear and shoulder as she typed on the keyboard of her computer.

Sitting on the edge of her desk, swigging at the bottle in his hand, Mitch waited for her to finish her conversation and put down the phone. "Have you seen Lisa?"

Without looking up at him Ellie told him, "She left about half an hour ago."

Sliding off the desk, Mitch wandered back to his bedroom to strip off his workout kit and have a shower. Over the last week Lisa had always come in to give him a kiss and a hug before leaving for her job, so the fact that she had left without saying goodbye was unusual. Mitch shrugged, thinking back to their last conversation. Had he said anything that could have set Lisa off on one of her tantrums? He didn't think so.

Life with her was anything but smooth, and as he stepped naked into the hot spray he smiled. He loved the way she kept him on his toes and the way she treated him with a healthy dose of disrespect. No other woman since he had become famous had done that. Grabbing the sponge and shower gel he lathered up over his chest, then raising up his arm he rubbed the soft natural sponge down the side of his torso and under the raised arm. Her off the wall personality really appealed to him, especially as he had worked so hard to get where he was and with her he was rediscovering the fun and teasing side of himself that he had recently lost due to the hard and political side of show business.

Moving the sponge down he rubbed it over his belly and then further down to his groin, his other hand lifting his balls and letting the sponge clean around his scrotum and penis. Smiling as he remembered the fantastic blow job Lisa gave him last night he started to get hard again, the friction of the sponge and his memory acting on his body. Leaning back against the cream tiled wall and closing his eyes he pictured Lisa as she knelt before him and gave himself up to his right hand and some personal relief.


Lisa stood feeling miserable on the tube as she travelled to her job, the rush hour crush meant she was wedged in tight between a middle aged man whose briefcase was sticking into her hip and a teenager in a dark grey hoody, the smell of stale beer rising from him, making her feel nauseous.

Was what Ellie said true? Was she just the flavour of the moment with him? Did he just see her as one in a long line of easy and available women eager to sleep with the big movie star?

And how was she ever going to tell him now about the baby.

Trying to manoeuvre through the crowd of people towards the doors for the next stop she found the people just ignoring her quiet "Excuse me please.....excuse me...can I get past...excuse me." Until in her anger she poked the man in front of her who was blocking her way and hadn't moved and shouted.

"Move out the bloody way you prick."

Fifty odd pair of eyes all looked at her as the man moved and she reached the doors just as they opened. Rushing out of the crowed train she ran up the station platform trying to make it out into the daylight before she was sick, but failing. People streamed past her as she threw up, many of them commenting on how disgusting she was, but no-one stopping to help.

Straightening up, feeling hot and clammy she made her way up the escalators and the office. She knew she was going to have to do something about the situation soon before it was too late.


Sitting on the side of the bed, the towel wrapped around his waist, Mitch sat speaking on the phone to his agent George. "Put the feelers out for me George. Either the West End or Broadway. Something meaty and cutting edge. Something that will stretch me."

Listening to the reply in his ear, he waited patiently for George's tirade to finish before telling him, "Make it a twelve week run, sometime next year. We can fit it in the schedule along with a film next year. Do it for me George."

Cutting off the call he sat there unsure whether to call Lisa to find out what was wrong, but decided whatever it was he might as well let her cool off and find out later tonight. Getting up and taking off the towel he started to get dressed ready for a trip to the recording studios to do an overdub for a film he had done last year and was in the editing stage.


Lisa walked along at lunchtime window shopping. Standing in front of the display of shoes she stood drooling over a pair of shoes with a thick soft ankle strap, three inch stiletto heels, and long pointed toes, just the kind of shoe she loved. Starting to walk into the shop she suddenly stopped, her hands covering her tummy.

Muttering to herself, "Oh my God, I'll have to start wearing flats soon, or I might topple over once the I start to get bigger." The shock of what she had just thought registered with her. She suddenly knew she had made her decision. She was going to have the baby.

She was going to have Mitch's baby.

A big grin broke over her face; she was going to have the baby, Mitch or no Mitch.

It was time to grow up and start planning.


Mitch waited in his apartment for Lisa. It was getting late, almost nine and there was no sign of her. Picking up the phone he dialled her mobile, only to get her voicemail. Putting down the handset he walked across the room, running his hand through his hair, trying to think if he had said or done anything that might have upset her since last night, but could come up with nothing.

Stalking back across the room he grabbed his keys and stormed out, running down the stairs rather than wait for the lift, his temper starting to rise. She was driving him mad. One minute hot the next cold. He muttered to himself that there was lots of woman out there that would be easier to deal with. Reaching the private car park below his building and climbing into his car he turned on the ignition and screeched out onto the road, turning left towards the South of London where Lisa lived.


Shivvy heard the car pull up and looked out of the window, "Oh fuck, here we go again!"

Walking up to and opening the front door as Mitch stormed up the front path, she held the door open wide and pointed up the stairs, "She's up there." watching as he ran up taking two stairs at a time calling out "Lisa....where are you?"

Slamming the front door shut Shivvy just walked into the lounge, sat down and shook her head. "Damn idiots."


"Why didn't you come back to my place tonight? What are you doing here?" he growled at her.

"I live here."

Mitch stepped closer to her as she stood by the bed in her room. "Don't be obtuse. I thought you were coming, I sat there waiting for you."

"So what Mr big movie star Lawson. We didn't make any plans. You don't own me. I'm sure you can entertain yourself. Or maybe find someone to entertain you like you did in Canada."

Cursing under his breath in frustration he told her, "I thought we had sorted that out. I made a mistake. I'm sorry. Why are you bringing that up again now?"

Lisa folded her arms across her chest and just stared.

Mitch ran his hands through his hair in frustration, "As long as I live I'll never understand you women. I said I'm sorry. It won't happen again. I thought everything was going along alright."

Lisa narrowed her eyes and lifted her chin.

"What is it you want? Jesus woman you're driving me insane."

Still the silent treatment.

"Ok, you want me to beg. I'll beg." Stepping up to her he whispered, "Please forgive me. Come back home with me," taking her hands in his he told her "Lisa please......baby whatever it is, I'm sorry. Come back."

Lisa sat down on the side of the bed and asked him, "Why me Mitch.....why me. You can have anyone you want....so why me?"

Smiling down at her he told her, "Damned if I know baby.....you're a bundle of trouble, and you drive me round the bend, but I need you and want you and that's enough for me."

"And when you get fed up with me, what then?"

"Lisa, you really have it all wrong.....in this relationship you have the upper hand....don't you know that yet."


Later that night Mitch lay in bed next to Lisa watching her sleep. He knew he was falling in love with her, falling in love with this crazy woman who kept him on his toes, made him laugh, made him angry, made him beg. She turned his whole life upside down.

With all his success, all his money, all his outward appearance of confidence, inside there was still the young man from the midlands of England who craved someone to love him for himself and not who he had become, and he hoped that Lisa was that someone.

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