tagNovels and NovellasTumbling off the Cliff Ch. 12

Tumbling off the Cliff Ch. 12


Some people are walking disaster areas, so what would happen if a very together and successful man falls for a ditzy but sexy woman?

Sparks fly between Mitch and Lisa in this romantic story.

It is a slow build to hot sex in later chapters, with lots of clashes of personality and misunderstanding in-between.


Laying in bed staring up at the ceiling, Mitch's mind ran over and over again the fact that Lisa was pregnant with his child. That and the fact that she ran hot and cold on him. Until he met her he never would have believed himself to be a masochist, but damn it he was attracted to the way she didn't seem to give a damn, that one minute he thought he had her and the next he was running after her retreating back.

The thought slowly began to sink in that she was playing him, reeling him in.

Lots of women played rich, powerful and famous men; they just didn't do it quite like Lisa. And then there was the matter of the baby. Did she deliberately fall pregnant to entrap him? But if that was the case, why did she leave him today just after she had agreed to marry him?

Maybe she wasn't playing him. Maybe the contrariness in her personality and the inconsistency was what was so enticing for him. She was like no-one he had ever met.

And he loved it.

He knew damn well that tomorrow he would be down there at her place making up.

Begging for her to make up.

And how they made up. Each time the sex was more and more exciting, the adrenaline highs building up with each argument, making each making up electrifying. Smiling to himself he realised that was what was so addictive. The to and fro, the back and forth, the never quite knowing what was about to happen with her.

The unpredictability of the woman.

Those sexy shoes that turned him on.

The great sex.

Turning over on his side he started to relax into sleep just as the phone by the bed rang. Reaching over and picking up the handset he heard the voice of his PR man shouting to someone in the background.

"Ivan, is that you?"

"Mitch.....we have a problem!"

Sitting up in bed, the handset glued to his ear, Mitch asked, "What kind of problem?"

"The papers tomorrow....there's going to be a photo in the rags of you and some girl soaking wet in The Serpentine. Seems some enterprising person took some photos and has sold them to the rags. Worse they have put two and two together and linked the woman in the photo as the girl who kicked you in the balls at that restaurant months ago. They're asking for a comment from you......what do you want me to tell them?"

"To fuck off."

"Be a little more expansive in your quote Mitch......we need to keep them on our side."

"OK.....tell them to fuck off and stick their rags where the sun don't shine...."

"I think I'll just tell them that the two of you are good friends......you are good friends aren't you?"

"Fuck off Ivan...."

"It's just that the reporters will be hanging out trying to get a quote from the young lady right about now.....and I think it better if you beat her to it."

Sighing, Mitch swung his legs over the side of the bed and told Ivan, "Any quote they get from Lisa will probably be unprintable. I had better get over there right away before she does one of the reporters some damage."

"Mitch don't........."

But what ever the man on the end of the phone was going to say was cut off as Mitch stood up, slamming the handset down and walked over to grab his jeans and tee shirt to get dressed.


Shivvy watched as Lisa rummaged under the sink for the old blue plastic bucket they kept there. Her jean clad bottom wriggled as it pocked out while the rest of her was hidden from view by the cabinet door.

"It's full of old cleaning stuff....."

Bottles of cleaning stuff flew out from inside the cabinet, along with dirty cleaning cloths and a really grimy pan and brush. Lisa's bottom wriggled backwards, the dirty blue plastic bucket in her hands, and smiling up at Shivvy she said, "This will do nicely......it's even got a lot of grunge in the bottom which should mix up well with the water."

Biting her nails on her right hand and frowning Shivvy asked Lisa, "You sure you should do this? After all it might incense them."

Sitting back on her haunches, bucket on the floor in front of her, the tourquoise, red and brown stripped tee shirt clashing with the bright blue of the object she had found, "I don't care, it might make them think twice about keeping ringing the damn door bell."

"Just give them a quote and they'll go away....."

"If you think that you must be mad."

Shivvy shook her head. "how the hell did it end up like this Lisa.......why couldn't you just find yourself someone a little normal.....be a little normal.....why is it you always have to live your life as if you're tumbling of a cliff......one disaster to the next......"

Standing up and picking up the bucket Lisa asked her friend, "Just keep your eyes open and let me know when the next reporter is about to ring on the front door." and running up the stairs to the bathroom she filled the bucket with cold water.


Mitch pulled his car up at the end of the road, and getting out stood watching the group of reporters and Paparazzi standing in a small group in front of where Lisa lived. Starting to walk towards the house he watched as a couple of the reporters went to the front door and rang the bell. Slowing down as he reached opposite the house on the other side of the road, he watched fascinated as the upstairs window opened and Lisa's head poked out, followed by what looked like a blue plastic bucket.

He felt himself stare in shock as he watched her tip the bucket, and the water cascade down upon the head of the reporters standing at the door, soaking them as the other reporters shouted out warnings and some of the Paperazzi's camera's flashed capturing the moment for prosperity.

Mitch burst out laughing, at the sight of the annoying press being soaked, and at that moment Lisa looked down and across at him, a smile on her face. Their eyes met, and the connection of conspiratorial fun changed to one of love and bonding.

Shouting down to Shivvy to stand by to open the door as Mitch would be coming through, she watched as all the heads turned around as Mitch started to walk towards them, then pushing through the small crowd, up to and past the soaking wet pair standing in the front garden.

"Welcome lads to the world of Lisa. Send me the bill for the ruined clothes and camera." and strolling past Shivvy who held open the door, looked up at Lisa who now stood at the top of the stairs.

"I knew you'd come......"

"Put down the bucket Lisa, just in case. I'm not taking any chances."

Bending down and putting the empty bucket on the floor she straightened and asked him. "So what have you learnt.............."

"That I can't just take you for granted."


"That I need to discuss and compromise with you on any plans......."

Taking a few steps up he whispered.

"That I'll be the best daddy I can be........."

Taking a few steps down towards him she smiled.

"That I'll never cheat on you..........I wouldn't dare."

Taking two more steps down she was now face to face with him.

"Damn right.....if I ever catch you poking it in someone else I'll cut it off with a rusty razor blade while you're asleep. And I won't use an anaesthetic."

"Oooh that's a little drastic......"

"If you want more than one kid, you had better behave yourself....."

Moving closer to her, his hands slipping around her waist he kissed her softly. "Does that mean the engagement is back on?"

"Think you can handle me Mr big bloody movie star Lawson?"

"I love you Lisa Preston........and I don't want to handle you. I just want the chance to spend the rest of my life with you."

Encircling his neck with her arms she told him, "Take me home Lawson....and if you expect me to live in the apartment, Ellie and the office is out......get an office set up somewhere else.....I don't want to have people working where we live."

"Yes my love...." And with that he picked her up and hauled her over his shoulder so that she hung bent over, facing down the stairs and hit her bottom very hard with his palm, smiling at the sound of her loud squeal. "By the way you haven't heard my rules.......I expect to watch you walk naked wearing nothing but those damn sexy shoes every so often, you keep away from water when near anyone but me, and I never want you to change......."

Turning around and giving her bottom another smack he walked down the stairs, to the front door and opened it. The crowd of reporters watched, camera's flashing as he walked up the path towards them, a big grin on his face, the wriggling and giggling Lisa hanging over his shoulder, "Guys, meet Lisa, the future mother of my child and one very dangerous woman. So if I was you I'd keep my distance and only write nice things about me. You really do not want to get on her bad side."


Laying in bed the next day, Lisa laying back against Mitch's chest, her bottom nestled between his spread out thighs, as they read the morning papers. On page four, taking up the whole page was a series of photos that made them laugh.

"If these are the engagement photos, I hate to think what the wedding photos are going to look like!"

Wriggling around to face him she asked, "Ever been to Niagara Falls? I hear there's plenty of water there."

The look of horror on Mitch's face was all she needed to see to burst out laughing.

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