Turn About's Fair Play


"Fuck me! He begged. "Yeah, fuck that ass hard." And as he pressed faster and deeper she heard his ass slap against her hips and she was there. Her body tensed as she came but then the pulling of the straps against her clit stopped, so she pressed again. She rocked the plug into him and he pressed back to her. She was the one speechless now as the orgasm pulled at her thighs and pussy. He was pressing his ass back against her and she gripped him. Fucking him with every ounce of strength she could muster. She was sweating, she was fucking him, she was cumming. He legs were weak. She felt it in her abdomens. He was almost whimpering.

"Cum for me, baby!" She worked it faster, shorter strokes for speed.

"Oh please. Please make me cum!" he whimpered back at her. She pulled at her hips. She had no speed left, she had no strength left. He was leaning forward and moaning, the plug still pushed deep into him.

"I can make you cum!" She pulled back from him. The plug resisted at first and then with a push was released and she fell back onto the bed. With a tug she released it from her hips. "Roll over."

Step 7. Conclusion. Rolled onto his back, his erection was monstrous. She did so love his cock. He clearly hadn't cum. He had earned it. She leaned forward over him, her legs jelly, and took his cock into her mouth. She moaned as she pressed him as deep into her as she could and he moaned back.

"Oh, fuck yeah." he cooed. She reached her fingers between her own legs and found her lips dripping. As her tongue ran circles around his head, her fingers ran in the same small circles inside her lips, dancing over her swollen clit. Fuck, she was cumming again. She moaned and felt his cock pulsing.

"Mm hmm." She moaned into his cock. Pulling back just a moment. "come for me!" She took him back in her mouth, her tongue pressed to his head and shaft. It came slow at first but as it exploded she gripped at her pussy and felt herself cum again. He had had it stored and as it hit her throat her lips broke seal, there was too much. His hot cum burst from her lips and she fingered her wet pussy as she swallowed all she could. He had been a good little fuck toy. His load on her lips was his reward.

He groaned loudly as he came, his hands wrapped around her head as he pushed just a little deeper, giving her every bit she had. The moaned lightly as he pressed into her, fucking her face. Her orgasm finally subsiding she released his cock. Wiping the cum from the corners of her lips she wrapped herself around him. Resting her head on his chest she felt his heart racing. His breathing deep and steady.

"Mmmm, what a good little mistress you are, my love!" He praised her as he stroked her hair.


"Um, yeah. wasn't it obvious! Good for you?"

"Oh yeah!" she replied. She grinned to herself. She was proud of herself. She wondered just how she would top it.

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by Anonymous02/26/18

love 4anal

Hoping to get my wife to do that to me very soon.

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