tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTurn Around, Look at Me Ch. 03

Turn Around, Look at Me Ch. 03


On the walk home, Kate suspected she might well be glowing. She certainly felt that way, and she fully expected Julie and Scott to notice and ask more nosy questions. Fortunately (or not), they weren't home when Kate arrived. So she made dinner for herself and ate in pleasant silence. After dinner she was still much too excited with the memory of the kiss to think about doing anything serious, so she poured a glass of wine and settled on the living room couch.

The television was on, but no channel could hold Kate's attention against the memory of Seth's embrace and the promise of more tomorrow. Again and again she could sense the memory of his had body close against hers at long last, his hard cock straining to break out and poke her so delightfully below, the thrill of having been stark naked in his presence twice now. Nothing else had any chance of holding her attention. As the wine lowered her inhibitions, Kate could resist no longer. She uncurled her legs and stretched out on the couch, and unbuttoned her jeans.

For all her interest in Seth, Kate had never fantasized about him before. It felt too much like sullying a pure feeling of affection, or maybe she had just never believed things would come to this with him anyway. Whatever the reason, she had focused her fantasies elsewhere up to now. But with the ice broken, there was no inhibition at all as Kate reached down and imagined it was Seth's fingers tickling her vulva instead of her own, that he was lying there nude and rock hard on the couch with her, easing one finger inside...

Kate's breathing had grown so heavy she was barely aware of the key turning in the door. It registered with her just in time to pull her hand out of her pants, but not in time to re-button them. So she hastily pulled her sweater down over the waistband and hoped Julie and Scott wouldn't notice. She crossed her legs, doing her best to ignore the moist longing between them, and sipped her wine as incongruously as she could.

"Kate! You look happy."

"Hi Jewels, Scott. Yes, I am happy." She pointed to the wine bottle and hoped they might opt to take it into their room.

They didn't. Scott poured himself a glass and sat beside Kate on the couch. "Getting an early start on the drink? No wonder you're happy."

"Mm, I'm not sure if that's it," Julie told him. Kate gave Julie a look, but it didn't stop her bigmouthed friend. "Or maybe you're drinking to celebrate? More progress with Seth?"

At least that was steering the conversation into safer waters. "Yes," Kate said. "There has been progress."

"Progress from yesterday, when you didn't have sex in the changing room but it was something like that?" Julie recalled. "Does that mean today you did have sex in the changing room?"

"No, but we might tomorrow," Kate said brazenly, pleased with herself now for having not been caught with her pants down.

Scott nearly spat out his wine. "Wow. I mean, I'm sorry, I know it's none of my business, but wow!"

"Yeah, what's gotten into you, Kate?" Julie asked. "Or is the problem that Seth still hasn't gotten into you?"

After the laughter died down, Kate admitted, "Maybe that is it. Sexual frustration will do funny things to us. Even quiet conservative little ol' me." She thought of elaborating, but was enjoying the enigma she was creating too much to do that, and took a long sip of wine instead.

"So just how did you get through to him?" Seth asked. "If you have actually, I mean."

"Oh, I have," Kate acknowledged. "And I owe it to you, Scott. I took your advice."

"What advice?"

"You said 'Show up naked.'"

Julie howled with more laughter, then stopped when Kate didn't join her. "You're not serious, Kate?"

"I am, and it's working. He's got some shyness issues, but we've nearly worked through those. Today he kissed me, after class."

"Whoa, wait a minute," Scott interrupted. "You've been naked together, but a kiss is still a big deal?"

"Well, we haven't been naked together yet. Just me." Kate felt herself blushing, but she felt more proud than embarrassed.

"Kate!" Julie screeched. "What if it's all just a trick to get a no-strings-attached look at your body? Don't you feel used?"

"Not at all," Kate said. "I like it, actually. It's a huge turn on, just standing there and having him see everything. Besides, he did finally kiss me today."

"Wow," Scott said. "Kate, I like your approach."

"You're not helping, Scott!" Julie complained.

"Julie, what's to be angry about? She's happy!"

Yes, she certainly is happy, Kate thought to herself not long afterward when Julie and Scott had retired to their room. Not wanting to risk being caught again, Kate followed suit and went to her own room. With the door safely locked -- and locking it gave her a chuckle -- Kate hastily pulled off her jeans, which she had never re-fastened. Feeling a bit too warm now, she also removed her sweater but left her bra and panties on. Her bed was just high enough off the floor for Kate to take her favorite position, which she had used at least since middle school: bent over the edge, elbows resting on the mattress with one leg on the bed and the other over the side. Once again she conjured images of Seth there in bed with her as she began grinding against the edge of the bed.

The room was dead silent, and Kate having taken a few minutes to wash the wine glasses, she could hear Julie and Scott going at it in the next room already. She paused long enough in her play to think of putting on some music to drown out the noise, but promptly thought better of it. If Julie could moan and screech, so could she! Kate was accustomed to masturbating as silently as possible thanks to years of communal living, so voicing her pleasure out loud did not come naturally to her. But as she humped the mattress, she caught herself holding her breath now and again to avoid moaning out loud, and once she was aware of that, opting not to hold her breath soon became such an easy choice she did not have to remind herself. Soon she was expressing her pleasant sensation quite boisterously as she imagined Seth tenderly undressing her, his hands caressing every inch of her body and hers touching him as well, the rubbing becoming less ticklish and more firm and intimate and intense, and Seth teasing her nipples and pushing himself gently inside and rocking back and forth into her again and again...

Kate came so hard Julie and Scott heard her yelping in the next room, where they were done with their own lovemaking. "Wow, this Seth guy must be something else," Julie snickered.

"He's not here, is he?" Scott asked.

"That's just it, he's not. Just imagine how loud he'll make her scream when he is!"

"If she ever gets him in bed, you mean," Scott said.

"Oh, she will," Julie said. "I've never seen her go this hard after anyone. No way she'll give up now."

Kate awoke hours later for a mid-night pee, courtesy of the wine. After returning from the bathroom, she removed her underwear and opened the dresser to retrieve her pajamas...but then reconsidered and got into bed nude instead. She was enjoying that state more all the time, and was soon off to a sound sleep unencumbered by clothing or inhibitions.

The next afternoon found Kate wondering just how she could top yesterday's show with Seth, or if she would even have to try. She arrived at ballet practice undecided about just what to try next, figuring it would come to her in the heat of the moment. There was no question that there would be heat in the moment, for she was smoldering down below as she made her way down the hall to the studio.

To her surprise, the light was on when she arrived. Kate checked her watch: she wasn't late, it was the usual beat-Seth-to-the-punch time she'd taken to aiming for. The studio was empty. Kate concluded that a previous class must have neglected to turn the lights off. No big deal. With an eager jaunt in her step, she made for the right-hand changing room, thinking nothing of the fact that the door was closed.

Kate was aware of another person's presence in the room before she was fully aware that the light was on inside. Light, movement and bare flesh came into focus one on top of another, and Kate stepped back with a jolt. With a mild gasp, instinctively she began to pull the door shut, before she realized the person in the room wasn't rushing to cover up, indeed that he was welcoming her presence. It was Seth.

Seth, standing nude by the shower stall, with a grin. "Hi, Kate," he said.

"Hi..." Kate was so relieved and titillated and overcome with sensory overload of desire and tension that she barely remembered to shut the door behind her. Shut it, though, she did, and locked it for good measure before turning her attention back to Seth's lithe firm body, his face a wide grin of vulnerable welcome, his cock standing at attention just for her. "N...nice view!" she finally said.

"Fair's fair," Seth said. Like Kate the day before, he made no effort to cover anything up. He even seemed to welcome her hungry attention to his dick. Kate longed to play with it, but class was beginning so shortly. And she remembered how he hadn't touched her at all yesterday. They would both know when the time was right, she trusted; but it wasn't yet.

She would not, however, be deprived of a naked hug. "Well, I guess I'd better change for practice too," she said matter-of-factly as she set her bag on the chair. "Fair's fair, as you say." It occurred to her now that although he'd seen her nude twice, he had never seen her undress. Now she welcomed the opportunity to do so. She was wearing a white cardigan sweater, matching denim skirt and a blue and white striped blouse. The sweater came off first, and her face broke into a salacious grin as she draped it over the chair, never taking her eyes off Seth, who was still rock hard and still focused on her. Next she unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt and slid it down over her hips, kicking it under the chair in a graceful swoop of her ankle. For the blouse she would have to break eye contact, but maybe she could draw him in with it. She raised her arms. "Help me off with this?" she invited Seth.

He stood up and did as directed, and Kate could feel his pleasant heat as he pulled her blouse gently off. Though still partially clothed, Kate once again felt the rush of sweet naughtiness as she stood before him in her underwear. "So beautiful," Seth whispered as he looked her up and down, adding to her intense pleasure.

"And I'm not even done," she added saucily. Wiggling a bit to relieve the sexual tension but also to tease Seth, she reached back and unhooked her bra. Slowly she pulled the straps down and shrugged it off one side, then the other, finally plunking it firmly on the chair. With a final exultant flair that was miles from her reluctant private strip just two days before, Kate slid all her fingers inside her panties and pulled them uninhibitedly down. Nude at last, she sauntered up close to Seth and put her arms around him, not waiting for an invitation.

"Oh, Kate!" he exhaled as they were wrapped in an explosion of skin-on-skin intensity. It took a second, but he returned her hug and squeezed her appreciatively. The embrace was short but sweet, and his firm lovely body against hers was all that Kate had hoped for. It was only the knowledge that soon the students would arrive and it wouldn't do for them to see both teachers emerging from the same changing room that gave her the strength to let go of Seth. He must have had the same thought, for he said, "I guess we'd better hurry up and get dressed."

"Yes, let's," Kate agreed. Putting on her dance clothes, and especially watching Seth do the same, was nearly as pleasurable as undressing had been -- such wonderfully casual intimacy! Both were presentable before long, but Kate took it upon herself to emerge first so Seth would be free to do something about the erection he still sported. Poor guy would have a hard time hiding that in class now, she mused.

A few of the girls had already arrived in the studio when Kate emerged. Luckily, she managed to engage them in conversation facing away from the mirror long enough for Seth to emerge undetected. Once he was out, Kate reasoned that some of the kids had seen her come out of the right-hand changing room and some others had seen Seth emerge from the same, but they'd be fine as long as the kids didn't compare notes. It hadn't occurred to her before that the kids might have wondered if anything was developing between her and Seth. But given kids' propensity for talking about such things, she guessed probably not.

Class was nearly like old times now, with Kate and Seth on equal footing in terms of tension and secrets. With just four more days to the recital, the kids were all on the ball and practice was a breeze. But for all that, it seemed to drag as Kate could hardly wait to get back to the changing room with Seth, and from the looks of it he was feeling the same. When at last the hour was up, his usual words of encouragement rang truer than ever: "Great job, everybody! I'm going to love seeing you all at the show. Let's keep it up until then!"

"Let's keep it up?" Kate repeated with a grin as soon as the kids were off to the showers.

"Well now, I don't know what you could be referring to," Seth replied. "But I'm ready for a shower. Aren't you?"

"Am I ever!" She hooked her arm through his and they walked together to the changing room. Seth locked the door behind him, and Kate had no reservations now about undressing. No need to put on a show this time; it was all about the shower. While Seth finished removing his clothes, Kate turned on the water and tested it with her hand. She liked her showers hot, and hoped Seth would be of like mind.

He evidently was, for there were no complaints when he stepped under the water with her. Despite the narrow confines, they managed to both get their share of the spray. Seth went right to work on soaping himself up. Kate, though slightly disappointed that he kept his hands to himself, followed suit without complaint. She would draw him all the way out of his shell soon enough, that she knew. Instead she went to work on cleaning herself off, but she admired Seth's body throughout, thrilled to know he was also eyeing her. As usual Kate saved her hair for last, and as she rinsed out the last of the shampoo she opened her eyes to find Seth standing back, grinning again.

Kate could restrain herself no longer, and threw her arms around him. "Mmm, a wet naked hug," she said. "Just what I needed."

"Didn't know it, but me too," Seth said.

Kate pulled back. "You didn't know it?" she repeated.

"I didn't know it. I wouldn't have guessed. I'm not good at this sort of thing like you are, Kate, and I didn't realize what a turn-on this would be."

Kate laughed -- a relieved laugh. "Well I never considered myself good at this sort of thing either," she told him as she turned off the water and reached for her towel. "But I guess I am."

"Same time tomorrow?" Seth asked shyly.

"Do you really need to ask at this point, Seth?"

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