tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTurn Around, Look at Me Ch. 04

Turn Around, Look at Me Ch. 04


Kate was busy with her studies that night and well into the next afternoon. But an hour or so after lunch she could focus no longer on her books, and finally lay down her efforts to keep Seth off her mind. His bare skin had felt so wonderful against hers, and she knew now he was just stringing her along but she didn't care. She was enjoying the game, she knew she would get what she wanted soon enough, and along the way she was becoming a lot more comfortable with her body.

With those thoughts in mind, Kate stood up from her desk and undressed. She had every intention of masturbating again, but by the time she had all her clothes off, she realized the time wasn't quite right. Standing nude by her bed, she looked around the room wondering what was next, and then knew. She walked around the small bare space between her bed and her dresser, unabashed and enjoying the air on every inch of her body. The path led to the full-length mirror in her closet door, where at long last Kate stopped to take a hard look at the body with which she had become so good at teasing Seth.

Not bad, Kate allowed after looking herself up and down from her small firm breasts to her flat tummy (thanks to all the dancing) and on down to the classy wisps of hair flaring just a bit upward from between her thighs. It was too late in the season for tan lines, but there were a few red marks from her bra straps and a couple of acne scars and other imperfections here and there. These gave Kate some pause until she remembered there was nothing here Seth hadn't seen, and he still seemed enthralled with her. What a relief!

There came a knock at the door. Julie, no doubt. "Come in!" Kate called with a confident smile, making no effort to cover anything up.

It was Julie as Kate had assumed, and she was looking down at the utility bill as she walked in, thus not noticing right away that her friend was naked. "Hey, Kate, we need to divide up the – " Her voice broke off abruptly as she looked up, and she immediately pulled back. "Kate! Geez!"

"Julie, relax!" Kate came after her friend. "It's okay. I don't mind."

"You don't mind! Maybe I mind! What if that had been Scott at the door?"

Kate had to admit to herself that she hadn't thought of that. "Okay, that would be a problem," she admitted. "But it wasn't him, and you know, we're sisters! There's nothing to be ashamed of."

Julie looked her friend up and down, and laughed. "Kate. I just don't get what's happened to you. You used to be so conservative and shy, and now here you are prancing around your room naked and you don't even care who sees? Has this Seth guy brainwashed you?"

"No! It's just that I've had, I guess, an awakening. It's such a rush being seen like this, and the more it happens, the more I realize it's a good thing. The human body is so beautiful, and we act like we ought to be ashamed of it or something. And besides, it is my room."

"I guess," Julie admitted. "But you know, Kate, I do find it kind of weird all the same."

"And I find that sad, Julie. You have no idea how gloriously free I feel right now." Kate kicked up one heel and turned a pirouette for her friend. "It's a shame you can't feel that yourself." With a wicked grin she added, "And you know Scott would get a kick out of it."

"That's another thing, Kate. I'd rather you don't let Scott see you naked if you don't mind."

Now Kate was getting annoyed – did Julie expect Scott to barge into her room or what? Trying not to sound too defensive, she asked, "What are you afraid of, that he'll like what he sees?"

"Hate to break it to you, Kate, but Scott is a breast man. It's no contest." Julie was a generous 38C, so Kate couldn't argue with that. "But if he knows you're turning this place into a nudist camp, sooner or later he's going to want me to act like this too."

"It'd probably be good for your relationship if you were both more in touch with your bodies," Kate opined. "It's certainly done wonders for communicating between Seth and me."

"Seth isn't even your boyfriend yet, remember?"

"He will be, soon."

"And then will you keep your clothes on?"

"That makes no sense at all, Julie!" Now Kate was laughing, although due to the sour turn in the conversation she was also starting to wish she wasn't naked. But she refused to cover anything up.

Julie turned to go. "I just hope this guy is worth you making such a fool of yourself, Kate." And she shut the door.

Kate stood, still nude, in the middle of the room and thought about what had just happened. Though slightly embarrassed and very sorry for her uptight friend, she felt more turned on than ever. Maybe Julie would have been able to relax if she hadn't been hiding in her clothes! There was plenty of time yet before ballet, so Kate once again took her place on the edge of her bed and humped her way to two orgasms before curling up for a nap.

She slept later than she had planned, and arrived at ballet slightly late. Class hadn't started yet when she blew in the studio door, but Seth was already dressed for rehearsal and was helping a couple of the girls with their warmup. He looked relieved to see Kate, and she was sure she sensed a bit of disappointment that they had missed the usual show with each other today. Kate thought with a smile that she would just have to make it up to him after class. She took the left hand dressing room for the first time in days, and hurriedly changed and put her hair up.

Perhaps because she had overslept, Kate found class positively energizing. The more she danced, the more awake she felt. By the end of class, the panic of having awoken late was gone, replaced by tremendous desire for more fun with Seth. She couldn't help sensing double meaning in his words as he dismissed the kids: "Three more days, I can't wait! This is going to be terrific. Okay, let's go get cleaned up!"

Kate stood off to the side, drinking her water. As soon as the last of the kids was out of the studio, she swallowed and shamelessly took Seth's arm in her hand. "Yes, let's go get cleaned up. I'm so sorry I was late today."

"I'm sorry you were too," he agreed. "Will you make it up to me by letting me wash you off?"

"Oh, Seth, I've wanted you to do that so many times!"

"You have?" He stopped in the changing room doorway and looked genuinely surprised.

"Seth!" Kate cried out. "You are so frustrating! You're joking, aren't you? You aren't really surprised that I wanted to get intimate with you after all I've done the past few days?"

Wordlessly Seth beckoned Kate into the dressing room, where he locked the door behind her. He gestured to the one chair, and she sat down. Standing over her, he pulled off his top and then his leggings, and stood naked before her. His dick was soft, the first time she could recall seeing it that way.

"I've had some pretty messed up stuff in my past, Kate. Dance-related, too. I had a crazy instructor who, you know..."

"Oh, Seth, I'm sorry!" Kate was horrified. "And to think the way I came on to you..."

"No! It's okay, Kate! You're not her. You're nothing like her, believe me. And I'm loving our little game. It's just that, every time I want to take it to a new level or I'm expecting you to, there are these bad memories that bubble up and I get so scared."

"So that's why you've been moving so slow with me."

"Well," Seth replied. "That, and I have to admit this one-step-at-a-time thing is kind of fun."

"It is," Kate admitted. "But it's also kind of frustrating. I so want to make love to you, Seth." She stood up and gently took his soft cock in both hands, and could feel it hardening at her touch. "But only when you're ready."

"I'm getting closer to ready all the time. Just let me beat these demons down, okay?"

"Of course!" Kate drew back, and wondered if she should go to the other room to shower separately.

Seth, sensing her uncertainty, added, "Now, if you would do me the honor of letting me wash you down today..."

Kate grinned in relief and pulled her leotard straps down.

The shower was no hotter than the day before, but it felt a lot steamier to Kate as she anticipated feeling Seth's delightfully soapy hands all over her body at last. "Now, tell me if I touch anything that makes you uncomfortable," he told her. Kate nodded but suspected there was no way that could happen.

She was right. After working up a lather while Kate stood under the tap, Seth rubbed his soapy hands against both her shoulders at once, then worked his way first down her left arm and then her right. With the soap washed off, he worked his way back up to her shoulders and then inched around behind her to scrub her back. Kate held her wet hair out of his way while he soaped up her neck, shoulder blades, and on down to the small of her back and finally her behind, which he seemed almost afraid to touch at first. When Kate didn't flinch, he rubbed both cheeks harder, and finally allowed himself a laugh at the latest line they had crossed. She turned to look him in the eyes and joined in with the laugh, and then turned around to face him and hugged him. "You're quite the washing machine, Seth," she reassured him.

"And I'm just getting started!" he replied. Picking up the soap again, he now worked his way down her front – shoulders, chest and belly. He avoided her breasts at first, and Kate wanted to scream in frustration. But she had a feeling he would work up the courage to touch them soon enough. In the meantime, she struggled to stand still as he tickled her belly – not on purpose that she could discern – with the suds and his too-light touch, and thrilled to his tender attention so close to the most intimate part of her body. Kate knew, of course, that he wouldn't touch her womanhood just yet, though that would need to be washed. Sure enough, faced with that prospect, he finally bit the bullet and cupped his soapy hands over her breasts. Barely making contact with them at first, he soon rubbed harder as he realized she was enjoying his touch.

And she was indeed enjoying it. "Oh, that feels so good, Seth. Thank you!" Sensing that he might pull his hands away as soon as her breasts were clean, she added, "Don't stop. Please don't stop." She pushed down on his hands so that they were rubbing harder. "Mmmmmmmoooooooohhhhhhhh. Seth, that's wonderful." Kate realized her eyes were closed to better savor the sensation, and she opened them to see Seth looking pleased but surprised at her reaction as he continued to rub in pleasant circles. The soap being mostly gone from his hands by then, he stood back to let the falling water rinse her off, then leaned over and kissed her gently on both nipples. "Oh my," Kate sighed contentedly.

"Now the legs," Seth said, squatting down.

"You forgot one other part," Kate teased.

"Oh, I haven't forgotten!" Seth was at eye-level with her pussy. But he didn't touch it, and Kate accepted that maybe that was too much for him just then. Once again he soaped up his hands, and scrubbed both her legs up and down in turn. He reached up far enough on both legs that Kate could feel her pubic hair brushing against his hands, but he stopped there both times. Then he straightened up and reached for the shampoo bottle. Kate's hair was long since wet by then, and he eagerly lathered it up, rubbing her scalp pleasantly all over as he did.

When he had scrubbed her hair throughout, he scraped two handfuls of the suds off into his palms, and to Kate's delight he reached down. Careful not to reach all the way between her legs, Seth shampooed her pubes gently, stopping just at the opening of her vulva but still sending waves of joy through her body at his touch. After scrubbing playfully at the hair for a minute or so, he rinsed off his hands in the falling water and carefully washed out the suds. Then and only then did he reach between her legs and flick at her labia, and only briefly. Someone obviously told him how you're not supposed to get soap there, Kate thought to herself. Maybe he knew more about women than she thought he did.

With his fingers finally between her legs, Kate wanted much more. But she knew not to push him, and expressed no disappointment when he drew his hands back up to her head to wash out the shampoo. With that done, he rinsed off her body one last time with gentle splashes of water everywhere. Then, with Kate feeling as keyed up as she was clean, he set about washing himself. Kate stood off to the side, admiring the view and wondering if she should now offer to scrub him down. But the look on his face made it clear that he wanted this job to himself for today. He was far more efficient with his own body than he'd been with hers, something Kate understood perfectly, and he was done in perhaps half the time he had taken on her body.

Once the water was off, Kate patted herself dry leisurely while she enjoyed the sight of Seth doing the same. "That was beautiful, Seth," she reassured him.

"So my touching didn't make you uncomfortable?"

Where Kate would have been exasperated before this afternoon, now she was understanding. "Not at all, Seth. It felt wonderful. You have a real talent for being gentle. I'm just sorry someone might have made you think you didn't. And if you wanted me to wash you too..."

"No, that's okay," Seth said. "I promise, that's okay. I feel much more secure with you know, though, and maybe soon..." he smiled sheepishly at her.

Kate dropped her towel and gave him a naked hug. "Definitely soon," she told him, and they shared a kiss.

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